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Personal projects are not easy. They might look easy, but if you are trying to make something real and tangible it is quite hard; considering you have full time job and on top of that absolutely no budget.

I am a designer who is obsessed with traveling, maps and photography. What a cliché! I was dreaming of writing my own New York City guide the moment I moved to NYC 7 years ago. Over the years I was making multiple design attempts on this topic: once .NET Magazine asked me to design a concept for city guide that I created for one of their issues in 2010, I also created small magazine highlighting interesting photography spots in New York City where I described equipment I used to take a photo, exact conditions as well as location on a map. But none of that was really tangible.

Knowing my previous attemps, a friend of mine Danil Krivoruchko came to me with the initial idea of what became Urban Walks last March, and all I could hear was “maps”, “photos”, “app” and more “maps”. Sign me up!

There’s no other city in the world like New York. We wanted Urban Walks to be the kind of app that would allow visitors and curious locals to see New York the way we do?—?a city of larger-than-life characters, historical dramas, breathtaking architecture, and rich cultures. With a very small group of people we teamed up to create an interactive walking tour guide for New York and build it completely from scratch. The key thing here is that everyone were commited on working on this app during their free time in the evenings and weekends, since all of us had full time jobs.

Now you can download Urban Walk App in the App Store. As well as visit the for more information.

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