LinkedIn’s CEO Thinks His $1.5B Buy Will Make You Smarter

from Wired

ONLINE JOB-TRAINING SITE Lynda has built a library of more than 6,300 courses that teach business and technology skills from better navigating Excel to using design software. And now that library belongs to LinkedIn. The $1.5 billion acquisition, which is the largest in LinkedIn’s history, is part of CEO Jeff Weiner’s master plan to make LinkedIn not just a resume repository, but a place for professionals to manage their careers and, increasingly, learn new skills—especially in the world’s fastest-growing economies. 

In the last year, LinkedIn has more than doubled its Chinese user base, but still only 9 million of its 347 million members are in China. Weiner believes Lynda could be critical to helping it expand there, and in other areas of the emerging world. “Think about what this coursework could mean for people graduating from school and trying to figure out their career paths in these developing economies,” he told WIRED in an interview today, just after announcing the Lynda acquisition. “We think it could be game-changing.”

Lynda’s customers include individuals, businesses, government and universities, who purchase subscriptions to access its courses. The company has mastered a low-cost production process for high quality content, which it produces in its Santa Barbara offices as well as in a production studio in Austria. So far, Lynda offers courses in Spanish, German, French and Japanese in addition to English, and Weiner says LinkedIn plans to expand. “If we translate the current English coursework on leadership into Chinese, for example, we’re going to add value,” says Weiner. “Then you start thinking about local presence in these markets. What are the skills that are most in demand in the Chinese workforce?”

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  1. I think the acquisition of Lynda, online job-training website, by LinkedIn is going to benefit many already existing users and also new users in learning more in the world of business and amplifying technology skills. This newly added enhancement might change the way people use LinkedIn from being a resume storehouse that helps manage people’s careers, to a new business education source. This education source will be of use in bettering everyone from CEOs to anyone interested in business. Lynda’s high-quality 6,300 accessible courses at a low cost subscription could influence individual’s education plans and career paths of many. Some individuals might even complete courses through Lynda instead of attending a college or university if it can be proven to be the same quality of information taught in the class room. Even though the investment of Lynda costed LinkedIn a hefty $1.5 billion, I agree with CEO Jeff Weiner that this education tool will most likely transform LinkedIn into a more prestigious and reputable business-focused social networking site. on its own has customers who are individuals, government and universities, and businesses; I think this acquisition will influence Lynda’s already existing users to start using LinkedIn, if they have not yet. I think that LinkedIn may give users an option to show a certification to employers as to what Lynda courses they have completed to contribute to their resume.

  2. LinkedIn has become the greatest professional social networking platform for many reasons. LinkedIn is a free site where anyone who is looking to enhance their career, find a job, or hire a new employee can find the right information. Users have the ability to update their profile in a resume style that gives employers easy access to information they are looking for. Their site also enables its customers to go Premium for advanced features not accessible to the average person. Premium access gives users a little extra edge on the competition by helping them stand out to hiring managers, find leads and accounts, and find and contact the right people. Although these features are helpful, with enough time and effort put into a profile and constant interaction with other users, the free version is more than suitable to land a job.

    LinkedIn was already a great place to find information about companies, careers, business news, and to stay connected, but with it’s $1.5 billion acquisition of Lynda, an online job training site, it had increased its potential for users. The ability to learn new skills that are geared specifically to a person’s job is extremely helpful to anyone looking to stay ahead. I agree with fellow blogger Ashley F that I would take advantage of the Lynda videos if they were included with the free version, but having to pay for Premium is not a priority for me. If Lynda is a Premium feature, then a great way for LinkedIn to promote their new feature would be to select a few videos that are free every month. This could increase Premium membership.

    As a college student and a user of LinkedIn, I am a huge supporter of this professional social platform. LinkedIn has helped me and many of my peers and coworkers improve our work related skills and create a public profile that shows future employers our best qualities. My favorite aspect of LinkedIn is the ability to network with business professionals and people who you may have never been able to keep in contact with. Each profile is a person’s business card and everyone on there is saying that they are open and ready to learn and grow in their career.

    One thing I liked about this article was the last sentence where it said, “If Weiner has his way, Lynda could help make you smarter. But it could make a lot of other people smarter, too”. This line says that Lynda has the ability to make someone more knowledgeable and more hirable, but it also has the ability to do the same for everyone else. So to not fall behind, it is a smart idea to use Lynda and the rest of LinkedIn’s features to stand out. The future of LinkedIn is very bright and I believe it will continue to grow.

  3. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner claims his $1.5 billion-dollar idea will make you smarter, and he might be right. His idea consists of a library that has been built contains more than 6,300 courses teaching business and technology skills. LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service and is mainly used for professional networking. However, what CEO Weiner is doing with the company is he is trying to develop a place for professionals to learn new skills and manage their careers for the future. LinkedIn bought this idea from Lynda, which is an online job training website like what LinkedIn is trying to develop with their new idea. The acquisition of Lynda is expanding LinkedIn’s abilities to expand as it will have the ability to learn new skills specifically geared to a person’s job is very helpful looking for someone to stay ahead.
    Since last year, as the article states, LinkedIn as nearly doubled its Chinese user base, however, only 9 million of its 357 million members are in China. But Weiner believes that buying Lynda will help further his development and expand his company to heights they have not reached yet. Since Lynda’s customers include government and universities, LinkedIn can expand even more offering more courses and better skills focusing on their major. As being a sophomore in college and being an individual who has previously used this website, I can see LinkedIn growing worldwide and becoming a staple for people looking for a job and learning new skills for their career. The ability to network with other business professionals that you have never met before, and learn from them is astounding, and so many others can learn from this.
    The article states, “Lynda could help make you smarter, but it can help make a lot of other people smarter too.” Weiner believes that investing this vast amount of money will allow his company to prosper in these up and coming years. Many individuals including I, do not have much knowledge about what is going to occur for their future college years and post college career. Therefore, Weiner is investing so much money towards because he wants to create more jobs for other people and improve this hurting economy one step at a time. Weiner discusses how expanded the company will determine “what skills are most demanded for Chinese workers.” Expanding this company globally will allow individuals to figure out what skills many have in China and add a lot of value for the future. LinkedIn is becoming a company that is more than a resume and could possibly become a domain that everybody uses in the upcoming years. Technology is growing, and there are no limits as to what this company can become globally. Jeff Weiner is on to something and realizes this is the beginning to a bright future.

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