Here Comes The Whole Foods-ification Of Marijuana

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Laundry, package delivery, groceries, meals—these are all available on-demand for residents of major U.S. cities, where countless startups promise to let you live well without stepping outside of your house.

The other day, I placed an order on my phone for yet another on-demand product. As usual, I received a text with a link to track my driver when she was close by. I popped outside my door when the driver arrived, and exchanged cash for a paper bag. A mason jar filled with marijuana was inside. Attached to the jar, there was a tag informing me that my sun-grown marijuana came from farmers Casey and Amber in Mendocino. Casey and Amber’s marijuana smelled extremely potent.

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  1. The normalization of marijuana is a very dangerous trend that will negatively affect society. As described in this article, the legalization of marijuana also comes with a shift in the image of marijuana and marijuana users. This is because the companies who sell these products seek to distance themselves from the negative associations the drug has in order to attract a larger customer base.

  2. To reach people who would not try marijuana otherwise, they try to repackage it as a friendly, organic product that is healthy and fashionable. This image is also forwarded when already established companies with good reputations enter the cannabis market.

  3. This could also lead to the incitement of children into the use of these products, since many have a nostalgic connection to the company. All of this draws attention away from the harmful effects of cannabis and the damage it can cause to people especially on children and adolescents, ”Recent reports show that fewer adolescents believe that regular cannabis use is harmful to health,” Vaping also plays a part in changing this image. Smoking has been heavily stigmatized in our society. This stigmatization is done from a very young age. Since one of the traditional ways to ingest marijuana is by smoking it, young people may be less likely to try marijuana. Vaping however, distances marijuana from these associations.

  4. No matter what public opinion is, the truth does not change. Smoking marijuana can do serious harm to an individual, especially over long periods of time “Accumulating evidence suggests that long-term, heavy cannabis use may cause enduring neuropsychological impairment,” Marijuana can be especially harmful to youth since, ”…more severe and enduring impairment is evident among…a younger age-of-onset,”

  5. There are those who argue that government should not regulate marijuana because it infringes on their personal freedom and that using marijuana is a personal choice that only affects the user. The problem with this line of reasoning is that human beings don’t exist in a vacuum, we exist as a part of a community. When something is legalized or outlawed, it makes a statement about what is socially acceptable in that society. By legalizing marijuana, you signal to people, especially young people, that marijuana is socially acceptable. With the addition of how companies selling cannabis market their product, this will inevitably lead to an increase in the use of marijuana. With legal marijuana, “…coming to NJ as soon as this month,” this issue should be on every New Jersian’s mind, especially parents. This law will lead to the normalization of cannabis use in New Jersey, thus making it more difficult to instill in our youth the dangers of using cannabis.

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