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Enterprise 2.0: Study Shows Adoption is Real

from ReadWriteEnterprise When you look at Enterprise 2.0, you can see the hype pretty clearly but what is not so evident is how social computing efforts are faring within corporations and large organizations. That’s what’s striking about the report from the 2.0 Adoption Council. The group did a web survey of its 100 members with […]

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IBM Makes Another Commitment To Mashups

from ReadWrite Enterprise IBM has announced a mashup integration that fits Cognos Business Intelligence with a new version of the company’s Mashup Center. The two services fit together to create an environment that leverages IBM’s existing technology base with a service that’s right out of a play book for social computing. It’s a small move […]

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McKinsey’s Web 2.0 survey: What do execs know?

from BW.com A new survey from McKinsey & Co indicates that Web 2.0 technologies are spreading in corporations and producing all kinds of gains, from knowledge sharing to reducing communication costs. I’m skeptical. It’s not that I don’t believe in the power of these tools. I do. But I don’t trust the answers execs put […]

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The Real-Time Web: A Primer, Part 1

from ReadWriteWeb Like cloud computing less than a year ago and social networking two years ago, the real-time Web is the new black on the tech circuit. The trend has been publicly bandied about this summer, starting with a few industry get-togethers, followed by several enthusiastic testimonials from investors (notably angel investor Ron Conway’s widely […]

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