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Waymo: “We’re Bringing This Case Because Uber Is Cheating”

from ars technica In a packed courtroom on the first day of the blockbuster Waymo v. Uber trade secrets trial, both sides presented their opening arguments. Charles Verhoeven, Waymo’s top lawyer, said that Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO from 2010 until mid-2017, was not playing fair in his company’s efforts to catch up with Waymo. “The […]

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Uber Loses A Major Workers Rights Case In The UK

from workfutures.io Uber, which has over 30,000 drivers in the UK, workers that have been characterized by the company as ‘independent contractors’ or ‘self-employed’, has received what may turn out to be a devastating blow to the on-demand economics underlying the company’s multi-billion valuation. Since these independent workers are not considered employees, the company sidesteps […]

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A Ride In Uber’s Self-Driving Car

from The New Yorker One day they just appeared—Ford Fusions, some black, some white, with uber stamped on the side. With their twenty cameras, seven lasers, and rooftop-mounted G.P.S., the self-driving cars stood out. People stopped and stared as they took trial journeys around Pittsburgh. That was in the spring. Now, in the waning days of summer, […]

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Tax Tips for Those Who Make Money in the Gig Economy

from NYTs Since losing her job in advertising during the financial crisis, Dina Scherer has spent her days helping women cultivate their own personal styles — finding flattering color palettes, editing closets and taking customers on shopping excursions. As a one-woman enterprise, she can be considered a card-carrying member of the so-called gig economy, receiving […]

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Shutting France Down Over Uber

from The Atlantic Traffic in a number of French cities slowed to a crawl Tuesday as taxi drivers across the country protested against Uber and other “non-traditional” car services. Dispatches from around France included reports of burning tires, the setting of roadblocks on major thoroughfares, and a campaign for cab drivers to “drive slow.” More here.

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TapRide, SafeRide’s version of ‘uber’

from The Setonian The Department of Public Safety will introduce a new TapRide mobile application to the Seton Hall Community and SafeRide passengers next Monday, Sept. 28. Downloading the TapRide app give users the ability to pinpoint their location and request a SafeRide vehicle for them and up to five additional passengers, granted that they […]

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