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Mutual Suspicion Mars Tech Trade With China

from NYTs At an elegant guesthouse here recently, China’s top Internet regulator entertained ambassadors and diplomats with platters of tempura and roast on a spit, unusual lavishness in an era of official austerity in China, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But the graciousness came with a warning: Foreign companies had to behave if they wanted […]

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Playing With Fire

from The Economist IN RAW economic terms Barack Obama’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese tyres hardly registers. The number of jobs affected is barely a rounding error in measurements of the mighty American workforce. The cost to consumers is also slight. But in geopolitical terms, it is a whopper. Mr Obama’s most overtly protectionist decision […]

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Obama’s Trade Policy Taking Shape – Part II

from YaleGlobal Online With the upcoming G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh and recent proposed tariffs on Chinese tires as a backdrop, the spotlight has shifted to Obama’s trade policy and support of the Doha Round, at least momentarily. But circumstances for the White House are different today than in the past. According to Professor Emeritus Bernard […]

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Obama’s Trade Policy Taking Shape – Part I

from YaleGlobal Online For all the furor about the US’ proposed tariff on Chinese car tires, the end result is more likely to be a whimper, according to trade specialist Edward Gresser of the Democratic Leadership Council in Washington. It is unlikely that this tariff will set off the next trade war, igniting a global […]

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Doing Doha Down

from The Economist SOMETHING is usually better than nothing. Shorn of all of the economic jargon and legal niceties, that is the logic behind the booming business in bilateral trade deals that is sweeping Asia. As the Doha round of world trade talks languishes, Asia’s trading nations say that they cannot afford to sit on […]

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Why the Discomfort Over Free Trade

from YaleGlobal Online Generally speaking, the cause of free trade has it rough in the world today. Despite the compelling theoretical arguments that one can muster in favor of free trade, it’s increasingly unpopular in the US and even more so in much of the developing world, certainly in Latin America. In all likelihood, part […]

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What You Don’t Know About Nafta

from BW.com Trade hawks hunting for the corporate villains behind the flight of U.S. manufacturing jobs to Mexico might find General Electric a handy target. In the 14 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement dismantled most barriers to trade and investment between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, GE has sent thousands of U.S. […]

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Europe Launches New Probes Against Microsoft

from Reuters (via NYTs) The European Commission, fresh from a major court victory over Microsoft <MSFT.O>, launched new antitrust investigations into the software giant on Monday, on suspicion it abused its market dominance. Brussels will see whether Microsoft broke competition rules to help its Web browser and its Office and Outlook products, after complaints from […]

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How the Next US President Might Deal With Trade

from YaleGlobal Online Edgar Allan Poe’s pioneering detective story “The Purloined Letter” turns on an obvious but clever insight. Police ransack safes, corners and the insides of books for the missing letter. After thinking a moment, Inspector Dupin finds it hidden in plain sight on top of a desk – the only place where the […]

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China Tilting Away From Longtime Trading Partners

from NYTs THE economy of China continues to grow rapidly, but the benefits of that growth are no longer being spread as widely around the world, with Europe a particular loser as its exports to China begin to fall. That trend, if it continues, is likely to slow growth in both the United States, which […]

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EU Rebuffs Trade Deal Accusations

from BBC News European Union trade chief Peter Mandelson has denied accusations that controversial new trade deals will be harmful to developing nations. In a letter to the Guardian, Mr Mandelson said deals being discussed with some 80 former colonies would help a shift from “dependency” to “growth”. But campaign groups, including Oxfam, want talks […]

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U.S. Seeks Ruling on Media Exports to China

from Reuters (via NYTs) The United States has asked the World Trade Organization to decide whether Chinese barriers to legally produced American music, movies and publications violate global trade rules after direct talks to resolve the dispute failed, United States trade officials said today. “Those discussions have unfortunately not led to a resolution of our […]

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