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Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free

from Wired The Friday afternoon news dump, a grand tradition observed by politicians and capitalists alike, is usually supposed to hide bad news. So it was a little weird that Elon Musk, founder of electric car maker Tesla, and Sam Altman, president of famed tech incubator Y Combinator, unveiled their new artificial intelligence company at […]

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Worldwide Encryption Products Survey

from Schneier on Security The findings of this survey identified 619 entities that sell encryption products. Of those 412, or two-thirds, are outside the U.S.-calling into question the efficacy of any US mandates forcing backdoors for law-enforcement access. It also showed that anyone who wants to avoid US surveillance has over 567 competing products to […]

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Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft

from Medium Backchannel When I became a technology columnist in the mid-1990s, the public Internet was just beginning its first big surge. Back then, I advised my readers to avoid the semi-political, even religious battles that advocates of this or that technology platform seemed to enjoy. Appreciate technology, I urged, for what it is?—?a tool?—?and […]

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Open Source Is A Platform, Not A Product

from cNet News The platform wars are over, and open source has won. It’s not that open source has displaced Windows or the iPhone or anything else, but that every platform will necessarily include open source. It’s simply too expensive and too difficult to go it alone anymore, whether you’re an aspiring start-up or Microsoft. […]

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Accenture Goes the Tailor-Made Route

from BW.com Creating IT hardware on your own can be real chore. All that time and money spent researching and prototyping, and there’s no guarantee it will do the job. But what if getting a custom-built device were as easy as making pizza? Start with a crust of a base module to run an operating […]

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How Firefox Is Pushing Open Video Onto the Web

from Monkey Bites The underlying language used to build web pages is being substantially re-written for the first time in a decade. The W3C, the web’s primary standards body, is revising HTML with an eye on improving the performance and capabilities of rich, browser-based applications. One of the great promises of HTML 5, the emerging […]

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Open Source Software Needed for Medical Records

from ars technica Senator John D. Rockefeller has proposed legislation to encourage development of interoperable systems for universal medical records. The bill, known as the Health Information Technology Public Utility Act of 2009, calls for the government to implement a grant program to facilitate the development of open source software and open standards that will […]

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Does a Court Ruling Raise the Risks of Open Source?

from Infoworld A federal court decision protecting open source code is good for developers, but could open the floodgates of litigation. The model train business isn’t exactly the font of software innovation. But a lawsuit over the rights to a hobbyist’s code could be a huge boost for developers of open source programs. It could […]

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