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Why You Should Care About Yahoo Secretly Scanning Emails Even If You Use Gmail

from NewStatesman Yahoo reportedly built secret software to allow intelligence agencies to scan its users’ emails last year. Here’s why this affects everyone – even those without a Yahoo account.  If someone guessed, around, let’s say, 1948, that one day 280 million people’s personal correspondence would be systematically sifted, scrutinised and spied on by government agencies, it […]

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New Reports Describe More Mass Surveillance and Schemes to Undermine Encryption

from Wired THE NEWS OF government mass surveillance keeps coming, as two more stories reveal that spy agencies in the US and the UK plotted to record the browsing habits of every internet user.  First up is a story from The Intercept about Karma Police, a seven-year-old program launched by the British spy agency GCHQ designed to […]

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