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The Government Gorsuch Wants to Undo

from NYTs At recent Senate hearings to fill the Supreme Court’s open seat, Judge Neil Gorsuch came across as a thoroughly bland and nonthreatening nominee. The idea was to give as little ammunition as possible to opponents when his nomination comes up this week for a vote, one that Senate Democrats may try to upend […]

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Why Are We Fighting the Crypto Wars Again?

from Backchannel Last week I arrived in San Francisco to hear good news: Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman had won the ACM A.M. Turing Award. This is the Nobel Prize of computer science, with a million-dollar check and priceless prestige. The choice of these 2016 honorees is both long overdue and appropriately timely. Overdue because their contribution […]

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Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice

from NYTs On Page 5 of a credit card contract used by American Express, beneath an explainer on interest rates and late fees, past the details about annual membership, is a clause that most customers probably miss. If cardholders have a problem with their account, American Express explains, the company “may elect to resolve any […]

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Do Lawyers Need Offices Anymore?

from The Atlantic VLP Law Group is a successful young firm by just about all measures: It employs about 50 attorneys. Its business is growing, and it counts startups and Fortune 500 companies among its clients—some of them even Fortune 10 companies. And its lawyers never go to an office.  VLP is one of several “virtual” […]

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The Trouble With Online Defamation

from Medium I frequently receive calls or emails from people asking for help with online defamation, usually on Facebook. The people who contact me are often at their wits’ end and want to sue the people defaming them, thinking that will fix the problem. Unfortunately, that can often make it worse. The challenge with online […]

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Antitrust Scrutiny for 3 Big U.S. Theater Chains

from NYTs A simmering federal investigation into whether the big movie theater chains are misusing their market clout to keep new films away from independent competitors gained steam on Tuesday. Cinemark Holdings, the nation’s third-largest movie theater operator, disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had received a civil investigative demand for […]

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