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How the U.K. Supreme Court’s Rebuke to Boris Johnson Remakes British Law

from NYTs Britain’s all-consuming debate over Brexit has dragged another of its respected institutions into uncharted territory, as the Supreme Court struck down Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament, an extraordinary intervention by the judiciary into a political dispute. The unanimous decision, handed down on Tuesday, is an unalloyed defeat for Mr. Johnson and […]

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China Is Quietly Reshaping the World

from The Atlantic The Pakistani town of Gwadar was until recently filled with the dust-colored cinderblock houses of about 50,000 fishermen. Ringed by cliffs, desert, and the Arabian Sea, it was at the forgotten edge of the earth. Now it’s one centerpiece of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, and the town has transformed as a […]

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Shutting France Down Over Uber

from The Atlantic Traffic in a number of French cities slowed to a crawl Tuesday as taxi drivers across the country protested against Uber and other “non-traditional” car services. Dispatches from around France included reports of burning tires, the setting of roadblocks on major thoroughfares, and a campaign for cab drivers to “drive slow.” More here.

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China’s Dangerous Digital Agenda

from Project Syndicate When the Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba listed on the New York Stock Exchange late last year, it became the world’s 17th largest publicly traded company overnight, with a market capitalization of $230 billion – larger than Amazon, eBay, or Facebook. Europe, however, seems to have missed the news. Indeed, instead of responding […]

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Could This Video Save China?

from The Atlantic Hundreds of millions of people in China have watched this 103-minute-long video just in the past week. There’s never been anything close to its success in the English-language Internet world. Everyone in the China-policy community is aware of it and discussing it. I’m mentioning it here for several reasons. First, it’s just […]

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Mutual Suspicion Mars Tech Trade With China

from NYTs At an elegant guesthouse here recently, China’s top Internet regulator entertained ambassadors and diplomats with platters of tempura and roast on a spit, unusual lavishness in an era of official austerity in China, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But the graciousness came with a warning: Foreign companies had to behave if they wanted […]

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Disruptive Innovation: Estonia Will Do To Citizenship What Uber Is Doing To Taxis

from The Ladder A term that seems to be thrown about in the technology sphere, and indeed in the mainstream press these days is ‘disruptive innovation’. It’s the thing that every start-up, entrepreneur and venture capitalist strives towards. In the never-ending quest for convenience, consumers wholeheartedly buy products and services that save us time. So, when Uber […]

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How Europe Could Cut Google Down To Size Without Splitting It Up

from Gigaom With a new competition commissioner re-examining the long-running Google antitrust case, it’s worth revisiting what she needs to achieve, particularly as the European Parliament has now called for EU antitrust law’s nuclear option – the unprecedented splitting-up of the company – to be on the table. The resolution that the Parliament passed on Thursday refers […]

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10 Insights From a Decade of Measuring the Gender Gap

from YaleGlobal Online Fair wages motivate employees to work hard to produce and innovate. The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index suggests that unequal pay for women represents a huge lost opportunity for many nations. The index tracks national differences and progress, reports Saadia Zahidi of the World Economic Forum: Women are more educated […]

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Who Is Chinese? Voices in Hong Kong and Taiwan Reveal Deep Cultural Divide

from YaleGlobal Online Taiwan is turning against China’s “one-country, two-systems” approach to reunification, whether because of ongoing protests disrupting Hong Kong or the dismissive response by Beijing. China announced in August that Hong Kong could proceed with elections, but with a pre-approved slate of candidates. In proposing a two-systems approach for Hong Kong, Chinese leaders […]

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TPP, China and the Future of Global Trade Order

from YaleGlobal Online The Trans-Pacific Partnership, negotiated by 12 nations, could account for one third of all global trade. But so far, China is not included even though the country is a top trade partner for most of the participants and the world’s leading economy when accounting for purchasing power parity. TPP would eliminate tariffs […]

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