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Those Jobs Are Gone Forever. Let’s Gear Up For What’s Next.

from freeCodeCamp Manufacturing jobs were a huge part of America’s post-World War II economic miracle. In the early 1980’s, 20 million Americans worked in factories, assembling consumer products like cars and appliances. Well, what happened after that? There are two narratives here. The shorter story arc is about globalization. American corporations moved all the old […]

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The Politics of Globalization

from YaleGlobal Online The politics of globalization can be improved, argues Peter Mandelson, former European commissioner for trade in an essay based on a March 2011 keynote speech on the future of globalization. Governments have the capability to tame what seems to be a senseless race to devour resources and amass profits. Collective action is […]

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Google Searches for a Foreign Policy

from NYTs When Google announced last week that it would shut its censored online search service in China, it was doing more than standing up to a repressive government: it was showing that, with the United States still struggling to develop a foreign policy for the digital age, Internet companies need to articulate their own […]

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The End of the Beijing Consensus

from Foreign Affairs Since China began undertaking economic reforms in 1978, its economy has grown at a rate of nearly ten percent a year, and its per-capita GDP is now twelve times greater than it was three decades ago. Many analysts attribute the country’s economic success to its unconventional approach to economic policy — a […]

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A Needier Era

from The Economist THE 1990s was “the age of abundance”, argued Brink Lindsey in a book of that title. Round the world, incomes were rising; capital markets were processing endless flows of money and investment; technological gains meant that ever more information was available ever more cheaply. And politics in the age of abundance, Mr […]

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China and Google: Searching For Trouble – Part I

from YaleGlobal Online Google’s recent dispute with China is not just about internet censorship; it’s also about China’s evolving role on the world stage, according to journalist and author Jonathan Fenby. It is unlikely Beijing will allow citizens to access banned Internet sites through Google – a condition the company demanded for staying in China. […]

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The Costs Of China’s Currency Policy

from Knowledge @ Wharton (via Forbes) In the depths of the recession, many critics of China’s currency policy held their tongues. After all, that policy–which keeps the yuan artificially low in value–allowed other countries, especially the U.S., to borrow from China the vast sums they needed to stimulate their economies. But now that the world […]

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