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The Problem For Freelancers

from Seth’s Blog No clients, no work. And the clients have a problem as well: Figuring out who the truly good freelancers are. A marketplace like Upwork is supposed to solve a classic two-sided problem like this one. But the problem is so difficult that marketplaces often make it worse (and charge too much as […]

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Leveraging The Gig Economy The Right Way

from Forbes The rapid rise of the gig economy has been stunning. Companies like Lyft and Uber have achieved enormous valuations – and the growth continues to be robust. Of course, none of this would be possible without smartphones, cloud computing and even AI (Artificial Intelligence). All of these technologies have converged – leading to […]

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53 Million Americans Are Freelancing, New Survey Finds

from Freelancers Union Freelancing is the new normal — and we have the numbers to prove it. More than 53 million Americans are doing freelance work, according to a new, landmark survey conducted by the independent research firm Edelman Berland and commissioned by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk. That’s 34 percent of the entire workforce. The […]

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Working For Free (But Working For Yourself)

from Seth’s Blog Freelancers, writers, designers, photographers–there’s always an opportunity to work for free. There are countless websites and causes and clients that will happily take your work in exchange for exposure. And in some settings, this makes perfect sense. You might be making a contribution to a cause you care about, or, more likely, […]

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Uber Loses A Major Workers Rights Case In The UK

from workfutures.io Uber, which has over 30,000 drivers in the UK, workers that have been characterized by the company as ‘independent contractors’ or ‘self-employed’, has received what may turn out to be a devastating blow to the on-demand economics underlying the company’s multi-billion valuation. Since these independent workers are not considered employees, the company sidesteps […]

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The Amazing Shrinking Firm

from Medium In his seminal paper, The Nature of the Firm, the great Ronald Coase stated that the optimal size of a firm in an industry will decrease as transaction costs in the industry decrease. The Internet has proven to be a singular tool to reduce transaction costs across almost every industry, so according to Coase, […]

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‘Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect’

from Seth’s Blog An organization might seek to ‘connect to’ its customers or constituents. Connection is a form of permission, the ability to deliver value to the people who request it. Vertical connection creates the ability to communicate and delivers a barrier to entry. Most online stores are connected to their customers. Most freelancers seek to connect […]

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The Shrinking Income of Young Americans

from The Atlantic American families are grappling with stagnant wage growth, as the costs of health care, education, and housing continue to climb. But for many of America’s younger workers, “stagnant” wages shouldn’t sound so bad. In fact, they might sound like a massive raise. Since the Great Recession struck in 2007, the median wage for […]

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