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Amazon Says Your Alexa Recordings Are Protected By The First Amendment

from BuzzFeed News Amazon is turning to the First Amendment to support its refusal to give law enforcement recordings and responses captured by the Alexa voice assistant on an Amazon Echo speaker that may help police solve a murder case. After James Bates was charged with murdering his colleague Victor Collins in Walmart’s hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas […]

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How Free Is Our Freedom Of The Press?

from TED In the US, the press has a right to publish secret information the public needs to know, protected by the First Amendment. Government surveillance has made it increasingly more dangerous for whistleblowers, the source of virtually every important story about national security since 9/11, to share information. In this concise, informative talk, Freedom […]

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The 5 Biggest Reveals From Apple’s Motion To Dismiss The FBI’s Court Order

from Macworld On Thursday, Apple filed a motion to vacate the court order compelling the company to create a hackable version of iOS that the FBI can use to break into the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. In the filing, Apple’s main argument is that its software is protected speech, and that the government’s motion […]

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3-D Printed Gun Lawsuit Starts the War Between Arms Control and Free Speech

from Wired THIS WEEK MARKS the two-year anniversary since Cody Wilson, the inventor of the world’s first 3-D printable gun, received a letter from the State Department demanding that he remove the blueprints for his plastic-printed firearm from the internet. The alternative: face possible prosecution for violating regulations that forbid the international export of unapproved arms. […]

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What Are the Limits of ‘Religious Liberty’?

from NYTs ‘‘I can’t. It’s against my religion.’’ Americans tend to handle religious objections with care, personally and politically. When a guest says, for example, that he can’t eat the food being served because it’s not kosher or halal, the host usually hastens to find an alternative. And when people resist following a law on […]

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How Corporations Took Over the First Amendment

from The Atlantic When the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that POM Wonderful was overstating pomegranate juice’s health benefits in its advertisements, a press release from the FTC, which was challenging POM in court, called the decision “a victory for consumers.” The Wall Street Journal agreed, describing it as “a notable win.” In a sense, it was: The company […]

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Transparency Reports On Trial: New Front For Free Speech?

from gigaom The latest high profile free speech fight isn’t over a book, a movie or even a video game. Instead, the court case is over a corporate report, and has led media companies to join Twitter in an unusual First Amendment challenge of government gag orders. The court case highlights the growing significance of the so-called “transparency reports” that Twitter and a growing […]

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On Privacy, Free Speech, & Related Matters – Richard Posner vs David Cole & Others

from Concurring Opinions I’m exaggerating a little, but I think privacy is primarily wanted by people because they want to conceal information to fool others. – Richard Posner Privacy is overrated – Richard Posner (2013)  Much of what passes for the name of privacy is really just trying to conceal the disreputable parts of your conduct. Privacy is mainly about […]

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Voltaire on the Perils of Censorship, the Freedom of the Press, and the Rewards of Reading

from Brain Pickings Voltaire (November 21, 1694–May 30, 1778) is one of the most revered and quotable writers in literary history, credited with pioneering “social networking” with his Republic of Letters— the remarkable epistolary mesh of correspondence between him and some of his era’s greatest intellectuals on both sides of the English Channel and beyond. But more […]

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