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Will These Guys Kill The Next Google?

from Knowledge@Wharton (via Forbes) Venture capital firms are in the business of funding promising entrepreneurs. The conventional wisdom, which some say has fallen by the wayside as older firms have matured, is that returns are better when VC firms are entrepreneurial–nimble, forward-looking, well-connected and armed with an appetite for risk. A new crop of investors–dubbed […]

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The Coming Wave Of Debt Defaults

from Forbes The trouble in the commercial real estate markets is getting ugly, as the precarious situation of Dubai World has made all too clear. Expect many more unpleasant situations like that one. Speculative-grade debt issuers are bracing for the default rate to hit 12% to 14% by the end of 2009, according to our […]

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Where’s The Next Dubai?

from Fortune Dubai’s not the only onetime highflier that risks drowning in debt. The Middle East city-state’s investment arm, Dubai World, is working with creditors to restructure $26 billion of debt it took on in a multiyear, global property binge. Last week, markets briefly panicked after the firm signaled that it couldn’t make its debt […]

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Changing the Rules

from Knowledge@Wharton Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke called for a broad reworking of regulations governing the financial system to guard against catastrophic meltdowns like the one that has hobbled the global economy since late 2007. In remarks (full text) today before the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C., the Fed chairman said: “We must […]

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Fixing Global Finance: An Interview with Martin Wolf

from YaleGlobal Online Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator and Associate Editor for the Financial Times, talks about his new book “Fixing Global Finance,” and the current financial crisis. In this interview with Nayan Chanda, editor of YaleGlobal, Wolf explains why global imbalances caused the financial crises, outlines the steps for ending this destructive cycle, and […]

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US and China: Grappling Over Economic Rescue – Part II

from YaleGlobal Online As the United States bails out banks and shoe-factories close their doors in China, should the two governments worry about exchange rates? The question arose after Timothy Geithner, new US treasury secretary, suggested in a congressional hearing that China is “manipulating” the value of its currency. China then fired back, echoed by […]

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US and China: Grappling Over Economic Rescue – Part I

from YaleGlobal Online The six month-old global financial crisis has already claimed many victims in the financial world and this week felled the first government – of Iceland – for its failure to cope with the crisis. In China, the government’s efforts to respond to the domestic crisis visible in millions of job losses and […]

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Why Wall Street Always Blows It

from The Atlantic Well, we did it again. Only eight years after the last big financial boom ended in disaster, we’re now in the migraine hangover of an even bigger one—a global housing and debt bubble whose bursting has wiped out tens of trillions of dollars of wealth and brought the world to the edge […]

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“Be Nice to the Countries That Lend You Money”

from The Atlantic Americans know that China has financed much of their nation’s public and private debt. During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama and John McCain generally agreed on the peril of borrowing so heavily from this one foreign source. For instance, in their final debate, McCain warned about the “$10 trillion debt we’re giving […]

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FHA-Backed Loans: The New Subprime

from BW.com As if they haven’t done enough damage. Thousands of subprime mortgage lenders and brokers—many of them the very sorts of firms that helped create the current financial crisis—are going strong. Their new strategy: taking advantage of a long-standing federal program designed to encourage homeownership by insuring mortgages for buyers of modest means. You […]

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The End

from Portfolio.com The era that defined Wall Street is finally, officially over. Michael Lewis, who chronicled its excess in Liar’s Poker, returns to his old haunt to figure out what went wrong. To this day, the willingness of a Wall Street investment bank to pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to dispense investment advice […]

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How Cuban’s Case Stacks Up

from Forbes Considering that Forbes estimates Mark Cuban’s net worth at $2.6 billion, the two most notable features about the insider trading complaint that the Securities and Exchange Commission filed this morning may be the amount–a mere $750,000–and the motive. Unlike the Gordon Gekkos of the world, Cuban’s alleged misconduct was not part of a […]

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World Leaders Vow Joint Push to Aid Economy

from NYTs Facing the gravest economic crisis in decades, the leaders of 20 countries agreed Saturday to work together to revive their economies, but they put off thornier decisions about how to overhaul financial regulations until next year, providing a serious early challenge for the Obama administration. Though the countries’ stimulus packages were cast as […]

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Big Solar Energy Price Declines Expected

from Futurepundit Tired of waiting for solar photovoltaics costs to finally drop? Looks like the wait is almost up. Average Selling Prices (ASPs) of solar photovoltaic modules are expected to decline 20% in 2009 and 25% in 2010. After subsidies, Plan B for module makers is to sell products at a discount to keep inventory […]

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