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The Myth Of Big Salaries (It’s All Marketing)

from Seth’s Blog The failed bankers on Wall Street have been whining that if they have to cut bonuses and salaries dramatically, they’ll be unable to recruit great talent, and they need great talent to fix the situation. And for years, boards have been claiming that they need to pay CEOs $50,000,000 salaries in order […]

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Clawbacks Are In Place And Ineffective

from Forbes Long before the brouhaha started in Washington and on Main Street over highly paid Wall Streeters taking excessive risks that jeopardized their companies, some of America’s biggest public companies–including financials that have now become household names–were already putting financial disincentives in the path of top bosses to discourage them from betting the bank. […]

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Popular Anger Puts Fat Cat CEOs On The Run

from Breitbart.com An angry US public and Congress are pushing to snip the rip cord on golden parachutes used by fat cat CEOs to escape Wall Street’s mayhem. Democrats in Congress — set to resume emergency talks Friday with their Republican counterparts on a 700-billion-dollar (478-billion-euro) bailout for the financial industry — insisted that any […]

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The Highest-Paid Women In Corporate America

from Forbes Sometimes it pays to look twice; there’s often more than meets the eye. The ForbesLife Executive Woman’s list of the highest-paid women in corporate America is like that. It’s impressive to see a roster of 100 women that starts at the mistress-of-the-universe level of $120.4 million and descends to a still-flush $3 million. […]

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CEO Pay As A Tool For Employee Disengagement

from Forbes Most of the CEOs of the Standard & Poor’s companies just cashed in–again. In 2007, it was reported that median CEO pay was $15.7 million for the 50 largest of Standard & Poor’s 500 companies. Plus, there were whopping pay packages, like the one received by Kenneth Chenault at American Express (nyse: AXP […]

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A Brighter Spotlight, Yet the Pay Rises

from NYTs WASN’T 2008 supposed to be the year of shareholder victory on the executive compensation front? After all, tighter disclosure rules kicked in last year, and — the theory went — once companies had to shine a spotlight on their compensation practices, they were bound to make them better. Politicians, never loath to acknowledge […]

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Leading Companies Quizzed On Executive Pay

from Forbes The House of Representatives’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee said Thursday it has written to each of the 250 largest companies in the country requesting more information about how executive compensation consultants are utilized in setting executive pay. In the letter, the committee asks a series of questions about the compensation consulting process […]

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Countrywide’s Mozilo To Leave In Luxury

from Forbes   Angelo Mozilo made nearly $150 million selling Countrywide shares before they tanked. The mortgage lender’s chief executive can nearly double that windfall and also earn some luxurious perks if he leaves his post following the struggling company’s acquisition by Back of America. Mozilo will reportedly receive up to $115 million in severance […]

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Amex Gets CEO Pay Right

from Fortune (via Businesspundit) Through a rare alignment of the planets, the subject of CEO pay may get extremely hot in a few months. If it does, I’d advise four key groups – CEOs, board members, government officials, and presidential candidates – to study the remarkable grant of stock options that American Express’s (AXP, Fortune […]

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UnitedHealth’s McGuire Shrinks From The Fight

from Forbes UnitedHealth Group, the Securities and Exchange Commission and ex-chief William McGuire resolved their ongoing battle Thursday over McGuire’s controversial compensation. He will return $461 million in stock options and other compensation to his former employer and pay a $7 million civil penalty to the SEC, in exchange for all charges and legal claims […]

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