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How To Quickly Capture Today’s Untapped Business Opportunities

from Forbes During an economic downturn, if you look close enough, there are always industries that are doing better than they ever did. What’s interesting is that despite the economy’s negative impact on buyers’ purchasing power, the demand for certain companies’ products is so high that even the leaders of the industry cannot keep up […]

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The Amazing Shrinking Firm

from Medium In his seminal paper, The Nature of the Firm, the great Ronald Coase stated that the optimal size of a firm in an industry will decrease as transaction costs in the industry decrease. The Internet has proven to be a singular tool to reduce transaction costs across almost every industry, so according to Coase, […]

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How America’s Education Model Kills Creativity and Entrepreneurship

from Forbes The current model of education in the United States is stifling the creative soul of our children. While this is troubling for a variety of reasons, it also has significant economic consequences for the future of our country. America has long been unique because of its remarkable ingenuity, innovative capacity and entrepreneurial spirit. […]

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This Floating Bike Path In The Thames Would Give London Cyclists A Car-Free Commute

from Co.EXIST As London tries to squeeze more separated bike lanes on overcrowded streets, one group of designers wants to take a different approach: Why not add a bike lane to the water, giving cyclists a car-free commute up and down the river? The proposed Thames Deckway Project would float in the Thames River for about seven […]

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Great Leaders Are Entrepreneurs of Life

from American Entrepreneurship Today In his article, An Enterprising Spirit, Jim Rohn, author and motivational speaker, speaks about the enterprising person. When we read his words we also see the portrait of great leaders and the characteristics that distinguish and differentiate them from others. “An enterprising person is one who comes across a pile of scrap […]

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Protecting the Right to Forget

from Harvard Law Today As online digital trails grow larger, two Harvard Law students have pioneered a way to help individuals cover their tracks. David S. Gobaud ’15 and Lindsay Lin ’15 have created Pluto Mail, a free, web-based email service that allows users to unsend, edit, and auto-expire emails. Senders can keep their own […]

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Entrepreneurs, What You Need To Know – By The First Woman To Take A Silicon Valley Company Public

from Forbes In 1972, Sandra Kurtzig started her first company, ASK Computer Systems from the second bedroom of her house with $2,000. She was aiming to make some extra cash for childcare but instead as founder, chairman and CEO grew the company into one of 1970’s and 80’s largest global software companies. Kurtzig was the […]

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Before Naming Your Startup, Read This

from The Next Web I’ve learned a lot from the development of NameLayer, and I’m ready to divulge every trick in my arsenal. In this guide, I provide realistic solutions to the frustrations encountered when naming a company. Plus, I’ll have some fun analyzing both good and bad company names. This guide is divided into three, […]

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How I Became A Digital Native: Six Tips From A Top Digital Entrepreneur

from Forbes Digital entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund is founder and CEO of Smarta, a site that supports entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. Smarta was launched in 2009 and has become one of the UK’s leading resources for small businesses, offering help with everything from the first stages of start-up to managing finances and staff, and inspirational interviews with […]

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The One Sure Sign Something Is About To Go Wrong–And What You Can Do About It Before It Does

from Forbes I get to speak to business school students every once in a while and I love to take questions at the end of my talk. Interacting with smart people—and the kids are invariably bright—always makes you better. I got my favorite question the other day. I was talking to second year students who were planning on being entrepreneurs, […]

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Giving Older Entrepreneurs a Boost

from BW.com Elizabeth Isele spent 30 years as a book editor at New York publishers. She moved to Portland, Me., in 1996 and set up a nonprofit that taught computer skills to the elderly. Now Isele, 71, is reinventing herself again, this time as an advocate for senior entrepreneurs. In recent months she’s addressed the […]

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