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Water, Water, Everywhere: Lehigh Valley Edition

from The Atlantic Water is increasingly the theme that connects the world’s big energy, environmental, and climate-related questions. Fracking in the United States, China, and elsewhere is creating new, cheaper, potentially cleaner energy sources; but it consumes a lot of water, and might pollute even more. Air pollution is the most visible (literally) environmental disaster […]

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What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

from The Atlantic As the great research ship Chikyu left Shimizu in January to mine the explosive ice beneath the Philippine Sea, chances are good that not one of the scientists aboard realized they might be closing the door on Winston Churchill’s world. Their lack of knowledge is unsurprising; beyond the ranks of petroleum-industry historians, Churchill’s outsize role […]

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The Three Challenges Facing the Electricity Sector

from YaleGlobal Online The global demand for energy is climbing, and governments must encourage innovation to keep up, contends a team from EDF, a leading nuclear energy company based in France. Other challenges include limiting greenhouse-gas emissions to stem global warming and promoting sustainability in cities with rapid growth. “On the demand side, technologies exist […]

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America Risks Missing out in Clean Technology

from BW.com Even before the Great Recession, policymakers were commonly asking, “Where are the new jobs going to come from?” Now with U.S. unemployment at 10%, that question has taken on a new urgency. And today’s Mr. McGuire-like advice is as succinct as it was in The Graduate in 1967: “Green.” Everyone from President Barack […]

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Smart Grid Could Shave U.S. Emissions by 2030

from Scientific American The electricity sector could shave up to 18 percent off its energy use and carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 by aggressively embracing smart-grid technologies, according to a new analysis. Smart grid-related savings would come from a number of factors, most significantly from a “conservation effect” as consumers incorporate feedback on their energy […]

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Transition To A World Without Oil

from TED.com Rob Hopkins reminds us that the oil our world depends on is steadily running out. He proposes a unique solution to this problem — the Transition response, where we prepare ourselves for life without oil and sacrifice our luxuries to build systems and communities that are completely independent of fossil fuels. More here.

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One-Quarter of World’s Population Lacks Electricity

from Scientific American Some 130 years since Thomas Edison’s breakthrough with artificial light, nearly a quarter of humanity still lacks electricity, a fact officials here want delegates to the upcoming U.N. climate talks to consider. Vast swaths of the world also have no access to modern fuels like natural gas, kerosene or propane, relying instead […]

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Largest East Coast Community-Owned Wind Plant Goes Online

from Scientific American In a nearly unanimous vote just last summer, members of Maine’s Fox Island’s Electric Cooperative decided to invest in wind to power the island. Today the $14.5 million Fox Islands Wind project officially goes on line with a ribbon-cutting event, marking the completion of Maine’s first island wind project; the largest community-owned […]

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The End Of Fossil Fuel

from Forbes You will never see cheap gasoline again. You will probably never see cheap energy again. Oil, natural gas and coal are set to peak and go into decline within the next decade, and no technology can change that. Peaking is a simple concept. We generally exploit natural resources in a bell-shaped curve, with […]

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Is America Ready to Quit Coal?

from NYTs Last May, protesters took over James E. Rogers’s front lawn in Charlotte, N.C., unfurling banners declaring “No new coal” and erecting a makeshift “green power plant” — which, they said in a press release, was fueled by “the previously unexplored energy source known as hot air, which has been found in large concentrations” […]

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Alternative Jet Fuel: The Jatropha Plant?

from BW.com An ugly, toxic, tough-skinned weed has made a bit of a splash in recent weeks as a renewable energy source that wields a unique distinction: a decent shot at commercial viability. Oil made from the seeds of the jatropha plant, native to Central America and used for centuries as a hedgerow, has helped […]

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How Washington Cripples The Energy Industry

from Forbes From big oil companies to solar panel entrepreneurs to chemists creating the biomass fuels of the future, there’s one thing that everyone in the energy industry has in common: They hate Washington’s energy policy. Policies, actually. In just the Bush years alone, Washington enacted two major pieces of omnibus energy legislation, the Energy […]

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