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Scientists Accidentally Discover A Process To Turn Co2 Into Fuel

from kottke Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have stumbled upon a process that uses “nanospikes” to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol, a common fuel. This process has several advantages when compared to other methods of converting CO2 into fuel. The reaction uses common materials like copper and carbon, and it converts the CO2 into ethanol, which […]

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Antitrust Regulators Approve Tesla Deal To Buy Solarcity

from ars technica On Thursday, federal antitrust regulators from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved electric vehicle maker Tesla’s bid to buy solar panel company SolarCity for $2.6 billion in an all-stock deal. The deal was expected to be approved, and Reuters reported that regulators fast-tracked the merger, along with a number of other, lower-profile mergers in which […]

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Underwater Kites Harness Ocean Currents and Tides for Power

from Mashable A Massachusetts research program just got a nice big grant from the National Science Foundation to work on harnessing ocean currents and tidal flows using underwater kites. The potential: Power equal to about 10 nuclear power plants. This kite-flying is being led by David Olinger, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic […]

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What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

from The Atlantic As the great research ship Chikyu left Shimizu in January to mine the explosive ice beneath the Philippine Sea, chances are good that not one of the scientists aboard realized they might be closing the door on Winston Churchill’s world. Their lack of knowledge is unsurprising; beyond the ranks of petroleum-industry historians, Churchill’s outsize role […]

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Freeing Energy From The Grid

from TED.com What would happen if we could generate power from our windowpanes? In this moving talk, entrepreneur Justin Hall-Tipping shows the materials that could make that possible, and how questioning our notion of ‘normal’ can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs. More here.

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Google Reveals Its Carbon Footprint

from Forbes Google on Thursday disclosed its carbon footprint for the first time, providing details on the company’s global electricity consumption and its campaign to neutralize its contribution to global warming. The search giant’s extensive efforts to green up its operations – from its electric car fleet to its investments in renewable energy – are well known. […]

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Russia-China Energy Deal In The Works

from Forbes Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited China Sept. 26 to Sept. 28 to boost bilateral energy cooperation and inaugurate a new oil pipeline. The remarkable growth of Chinese energy demand in the last decade has been coupled with an increase in energy imports–though China’s hydrocarbon reserves position means this has been far more marked […]

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On Clean Energy, China Skirts Rules

from NYTs Until very recently, Hunan Province was known mainly for lip-searing spicy food, smoggy cities and destitute pig farmers. Mao was born in a village on the outskirts of Changsha, the provincial capital here in south-central China. Now, Changsha and two adjacent cities are emerging as a center of clean energy manufacturing. They are […]

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Is Ethanol from Corn Bad for the Climate?

from Scientific American The Obama administration last week gave the green light to corn ethanol as a low-carbon renewable fuel – in apparent contradiction to California’s declaration last summer that the biofuel’s carbon footprint was too big to help the state mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Regulators and policy experts insist there’s no conflict: Both rules […]

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A Hydrogen Highway For The East Coast

from Wired One of the big issues facing hydrogen is just where we’re supposed to fill the cars that might run on the stuff. A Connecticut company is answering that question on the East Coast with plans for a “hydrogen highway” that will extend from Portland, Maine to southern Florida. California historically has been a […]

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Will a Speed Bump Power the Grid?

from Scientific American The Burger King on U.S. Highway 22 in Hillside, N.J., looks no different from any other franchise in the state. Customers pull in and out all day, and at least 100,000 cars visit the drive-thru each year. And now a newly installed, mechanized speed bump (video) will both help them slow down […]

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Will Electric Cars Wreck the Grid?

from Scientific American Plug-in electric cars could destabilize the distribution of power, a utility executive cautioned at a conference here this week. Ed Kjaer, director of Southern California Edison’s electric transportation advancement program, said plug-in manufacturers, designers and component makers are poised to capitalize on a “perfect storm” that could push electric cars into the […]

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