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Tackling the Internet’s Central Villain: The Advertising Business

from NYTs Pretend you are the lead detective on a hit new show, “CSI: Terrible Stuff on the Internet.” In the first episode, you set up one of those crazy walls plastered with headlines and headshots, looking for hidden connections between everything awful that’s been happening online recently. There’s a lot of dark stuff. In […]

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Apple Does Right By Users And Advertisers Are Displeased

from EFF With the new Safari 11 update, Apple takes an important step to protect your privacy, specifically how your browsing habits are tracked and shared with parties other than the sites you visit. In response, Apple is getting criticized by the advertising industry for “destroying the Internet’s economic model.” While the advertising industry is […]

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A New Coors Light Docu-Series Ditches The Mountains To Tell Stories Of Resiliency

from co.Create When I say the words “Coors Light advertising,” chances are the first couple images that flash before your eyes will be mountains and snow (maybe with a side of Van Damme) the can that tells you your beer is cold, and maybe some dude-bro Olympics. But for the brand’s first-ever swing at branded content, created by […]

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Privacy And Advertising In Windows 10: Both Sides Of The Story

from Infoworld While Microsoft’s been collecting personally identified information of various kinds for more than a decade, Windows 10’s going to turn that trickle into a gusher. You can curb some of the data-gathering proclivities with various tools and websites, but you won’t be able to turn it off entirely without disabling some features that […]

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