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Breaking The Stem Ceiling For Girls

from Brookings Although countries have dramatically closed gender gaps in education and labor force participation, gender differences within education and employment persist. Women earn less income and work in lower paying occupations and sectors than men do. Women are less likely to become entrepreneurs, and, when they do, they typically run smaller, less-profitable firms. These […]

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Who Will Lead In The Smart Machine Age?©

from Forbes We are on the brink of a technology tsunami that will likely be as challenging and transformative for us as the Industrial Revolution was for our ancestors. This tsunami will be led by artificial intelligence (AI), increased global connectivity, the Internet of Things, major advances in computing power, and virtual and augmented reality.  […]

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New Weather Satellites Can Spot Floods Before They Happen

from Wired People should go easier on meteorologists when they get the weather forecast wrong. Those guys are doing their best, OK? Plus, they’re dealing with some significant scientific handicaps. Even some of the most advanced like weather satellites in the world can’t reliably tell the difference between clouds and ice. But that won’t be problem much longer. Last November, […]

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What You Need To Know About CRISPR

from TED Should we bring back the wooly mammoth? Or edit a human embryo? Or wipe out an entire species that we consider harmful? The genome-editing technology CRISPR has made extraordinary questions like these legitimate — but how does it work? Scientist and community lab advocate Ellen Jorgensen is on a mission to explain the […]

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Scientists Accidentally Discover A Process To Turn Co2 Into Fuel

from kottke Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have stumbled upon a process that uses “nanospikes” to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol, a common fuel. This process has several advantages when compared to other methods of converting CO2 into fuel. The reaction uses common materials like copper and carbon, and it converts the CO2 into ethanol, which […]

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This Crazy New 3D Bio-Printer Can Make Full Size Ear, Muscle, And Bone Tissues

from Yahoo Tech Do you hear what I hear? Because what I hear is the whizzing sound of medical progress at the hands of some pretty incredible 3D-printing breakthroughs. On Monday, researchers from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine detailed how they managed to create a 3D bioprinter that is precise enough to actually manufacture replacement […]

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