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Telecoms’ Ambitions on Targeted Ads Seen Curbed by F.C.C.’s New Privacy Rules

from NYTimes In recent years, companies like Verizon and AT&T have made no secret of their ambitions to build online advertising businesses that can take on the behemoths of Silicon Valley. But those plans, and the billions of dollars that have been invested in them, are in peril after federal officials approved broad new privacy rules that will limit the extent […]

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A New Coors Light Docu-Series Ditches The Mountains To Tell Stories Of Resiliency

from co.Create When I say the words “Coors Light advertising,” chances are the first couple images that flash before your eyes will be mountains and snow (maybe with a side of Van Damme) the can that tells you your beer is cold, and maybe some dude-bro Olympics. But for the brand’s first-ever swing at branded content, created by […]

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Shakespeare Explains the 2016 Election

from NYTs In the early 1590s, Shakespeare sat down to write a play that addressed a problem: How could a great country wind up being governed by a sociopath? The problem was not England’s, where a woman of exceptional intelligence and stamina had been on the throne for more than 30 years, but it had long preoccupied […]

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How Star Trek Artists Imagined The iPad… Nearly 30 Years Ago

from ars technica One interesting characteristic of Star Trek: The Next Generation—one that separated it from the original series and most of the early films—was its widespread use of smooth, flat, touch-based control panels throughout the Enterprise-D. This touch interface was also used for numerous portable devices known as PADDs, or Personal Access Display Devices. These mobile computing […]

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How “Mr. Robot” Is Going To Reveal The Storytelling Possibilities Of Virtual Reality

from co.create “You can look away,” the narrator of the Mr. Robot VR Experience tells you, the viewer, just before things get awkward. And of course, you can look away. You can look anywhere you choose in the entire drab apartment, which should be familiar to viewers of the bracing hit USA show. Up until now, the main feature […]

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GoPro Focuses On Olympic Heroes With Two New Original Video Series

from CO.CREATE When you think about GoPro content, chances are it lands somewhere between an insanely impressive action sports moment, an eagle’s eye view of the world, life as a toddler, or maybe just your buddy’s bike ride to work set to Iron Butterfly. But the brand’s own content strategy is evolving, including a move last October to bring in […]

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Comcast and Charter May Soon Control 70% of 25Mbps Internet Subscriptions

from ars technica If Charter Communications is allowed to buy cable rivals Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Bright House Networks (BHN), just two Internet service providers could control about 70 percent of the nation’s 25Mbps-and-up broadband subscriptions. Comcast would remain the country’s largest ISP with 22.87 million Internet subscribers, while Charter’s merger will push it into second place with at […]

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The Four Big Trends In The Communications Marketplace For 2016

from Forbes 2015 was a year of immense change, especially in the communications marketplace. There was a tremendous amount of convergence and consolidation in the space, such as Avaya Inc.’s acquisition of Esna Technologies, the merger between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent , and Cisco Systems’ CSCO +1.53% acquisition of Acano, Juniper Networks JNPR +4.35% and Tropo. Further adding excitement, telecom providers have had to drastically adjust their business models […]

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Ignoring Cable Industry Protest, FCC Says It Will “Unlock the Set-top Box”

from ars technica Pay-TV providers would have to make video programming available to the makers of third-party devices and software under a proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. The FCC is planning for a software-based, cardless replacement for CableCard. Without needing a physical card that plugs into a third-party set-top box, consumers would be […]

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Listening to “Star Wars”

from The New Yorker My favorite film of 1977 was not “Star Wars” but “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” Steven Spielberg’s U.F.O fantasia. Notwithstanding the fact that I was nine years old, I considered “Star Wars” a little childish. Also, the trash-compactor scene scared me. “Close Encounters,” on the other hand, drew me back […]

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