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The Making Chasm

from Seth’s Blog Great caption for a cartoon in this week’s New Yorker: There’s a lot I want to experience, but not a lot I want to actually do. In my exposure to companies big and small, this is probably the single biggest gulf. Lots of people there for the ride, not so many actually […]

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Challenging the Crowd in Whispers, Not Shouts

from NYTs ALAN GREENSPAN, the former Federal Reserve chairman, acknowledged in a Congressional hearing last month that he had made an “error” in assuming that the markets would properly regulate themselves, and added that he had no idea a financial disaster was in the making. What’s more, he said the Fed’s own computer models and […]

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Do You Really Want This Job?

from YaleGlobal Online Dear Mr. President-Elect: Congratulations on your electoral victory! You enter the office at a fragile and difficult time, and this letter offers thoughts on problems confronting the US. The immediate problem is the near-collapse of the financial system and the recession we’re in right now. The temptation will be to continue throwing […]

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The Satisfaction of Deep Commitment

from The Great Leaders Series Michelangelo once wrote:  “If the people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all.”  Great leaders recognize the depth and significance of these words.  They know the hard work they have put into what they have accomplished – the long days […]

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Choose Your ‘Self’

from The Great Leaders Series The greatest quest and challenge of the truly great leader is for self-knowledge.  It is in this that their greatness and success in life is achieved.  Dag Hammarskjold, former United Nations Secretary General, wrote:  “At every moment you choose yourself.  But do you choose your self? Body and soul contain […]

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Being Far Above Average Is a Choice

from The Great Leaders Series We all know the mathematical principle of the ‘bell curve’ which states that almost everything is defined with the majority being in the middle of the curve with a small minority at either end.  It has become almost part of our language when we speak of height, weight, income or […]

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Leaders Managing The Media

from Forbes A determined Sarah Palin stepped onto the stage before a national of some 37 million people Wednesday night, aiming to silence political skeptics who had questioned whether she was up to the task of running for the vice presidency. Media coaches make their careers prepping clients for a debut like the one Palin […]

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Quick Succession

from Forbes A snapshot of recent corporate history shows that CEOs have always been in danger of losing their jobs in a heartbeat. These days, it’s proven that they are spending less time in office because of an intense business environment and ubercompetitive global marketplace. It’s the kind of job that doesn’t appeal to everyone, […]

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Investors’ Favorite Female CEOs

from Forbes When you’re talking about investment returns, leadership matters just as much as company earnings. Whether men or women occupy the C-suite shouldn’t make a difference. Often a list of top-performing CEOs by any measure profiles mostly men, since they comprise the majority of top-post executives. So to recognize a smaller group of leaders […]

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How To Rebuild Your Corporate Reputation

from Forbes It can’t exactly be said that every generation in business has its major corporate debacle–because it happens more often than that. Companies and their leaders’ reputations are compromised in every industry at every pass. A ton of people lose money when scandals surface. Even more people lose face. Which is worse? Writer Leslie […]

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A Blueprint For Strategic Leadership

from Businesspundit Strategy+Business has an excellent article about building an organization in ways that allow executives to flourish. The challenge of leadership is not what it used to be. For the past few decades – at least since the genre-defining book Leadership by historian James MacGregor Burns was published in 1978 – writers on business […]

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from We all have our own measure of success. For a high-powered Wall Street trader, a $10 million payday might not be enough–although most of us would be satisfied with a fraction of that. Mozart composed more than 600 works, while novelist Harper Lee wrote just one great book. Great people judge themselves failures, […]

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Is Dell Too Big for Michael Dell?

from Welcome back, Michael. Don’t get too comfortable. By returning to the top job at Dell (DELL), replacing departing Chief Executive Kevin Rollins, founder Michael Dell takes on perhaps the toughest job in the computer industry. Since mid-2005 the PC maker has battled problems with customer service, quality, and the effectiveness of its direct-sales […]

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