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China And The Redberry

from MSNBC The BlackBerry e-mail device is coming to China in the next few months. By then, thousands of Chinese may already be checking their e-mail on the new “Redberry.” The Redberry is not a new version of the BlackBerry that’s been designed by Research in Motion Ltd. for the Chinese market. It’s the name […]

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Chrysler And Ethanol

from WaPo DaimlerChrysler AG pledged to build 500,000 ethanol-fuel vehicles annually, or a quarter of its U.S. production, by 2008, as automakers try to address concerns over heavy foreign oil consumption and high gas prices. More here.

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Business Casual?

from Business casual dressing is a challenge year-round, but figuring out what clothing is acceptable for the office — but comfortable enough for the heat — gets even harder in the summertime. Are polo shirts professional enough? Do you really need to wear pantyhose when it’s so hot you can barely pull them on? […]

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GMs Positive Q1

from General Motors posted moderately better-than-estimated first-quarter results Thursday, reporting a preliminary first-quarter net loss of $323 million, or 57 cents per share — a significant improvement from the year-ago loss of $1.3 billion. Morgan Stanley analyst Jonathan Steinmetz and Goldman Sachs’ Robert Barry both agree, however, that GM’s March-quarter gains don’t necessarily signal […]

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Skype’s Music Move

from BW Online Madonna had the right idea when she sang, “Ring, ring, ring goes the telephone” in her song Hung Up. Before long, that tune could end up alerting users of Skype, the Web-based phone service, that their phones are ringing too. Hung Up is one of the songs that will be part of […]

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McNealy And Schwartz

from WSJ Sun Microsystems Inc. said co-founder Scott McNealy will give up the job of chief executive to the No. 2 person at the company, Jonathan Schwartz, a historic transition for a computer maker facing stiff pressure to cut costs and boost revenue. Mr. McNealy, 51 years old, will remain chairman and a full-time employee. […]

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UK Pensions

from The Times (London) BRITAIN’S biggest pension funds are being advised to increase their investments in private equity deals, further fuelling the boom in highly indebted corporate takeovers. Leading actuarial consultants suggest that some big UK pension funds should more than double the percentage of their assets that they invest in private equity. More here.

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Housing Starts Down In March

from Reuters (via MSNBC) The pace of U.S. housing construction slowed more than expected in March as both the rate of starts and permits declined to their lowest levels in a year, the government said on Tuesday in a report suggesting further cooling in the market. The Commerce Department said March housing starts fell 7.8 […]

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Cricket Rights

from Thank Harish Thawani of Nimbus Communications, a privately held Mumbai sports management company, for vaulting Indian cricket into the billion-dollar club. Thawani, a former ad executive, bid $612 million for four-year rights to telecast Indian cricket matches. Nimbus’ rise in the past decade to become the world’s leading cricket producer and manager of […]

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Fortune 500

from Fortune If you want long-term perspective on the FORTUNE 500, there’s really only one person to ask. Alfred Chandler, 87, is America’s preeminent business historian, having devoted decades to the study of big business in particular. He’s still at it: Last year he co-edited a collection called “Leviathans: Multinational Corporations and the New Global […]

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