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McNealy And Schwartz

from WSJ Sun Microsystems Inc. said co-founder Scott McNealy will give up the job of chief executive to the No. 2 person at the company, Jonathan Schwartz, a historic transition for a computer maker facing stiff pressure to cut costs and boost revenue. Mr. McNealy, 51 years old, will remain chairman and a full-time employee. […]

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UK Pensions

from The Times (London) BRITAIN’S biggest pension funds are being advised to increase their investments in private equity deals, further fuelling the boom in highly indebted corporate takeovers. Leading actuarial consultants suggest that some big UK pension funds should more than double the percentage of their assets that they invest in private equity. More here.

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Housing Starts Down In March

from Reuters (via MSNBC) The pace of U.S. housing construction slowed more than expected in March as both the rate of starts and permits declined to their lowest levels in a year, the government said on Tuesday in a report suggesting further cooling in the market. The Commerce Department said March housing starts fell 7.8 […]

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Cricket Rights

from Thank Harish Thawani of Nimbus Communications, a privately held Mumbai sports management company, for vaulting Indian cricket into the billion-dollar club. Thawani, a former ad executive, bid $612 million for four-year rights to telecast Indian cricket matches. Nimbus’ rise in the past decade to become the world’s leading cricket producer and manager of […]

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Fortune 500

from Fortune If you want long-term perspective on the FORTUNE 500, there’s really only one person to ask. Alfred Chandler, 87, is America’s preeminent business historian, having devoted decades to the study of big business in particular. He’s still at it: Last year he co-edited a collection called “Leviathans: Multinational Corporations and the New Global […]

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Pension Reform

from The Financial Times The findings come as Congress negotiates rule changes designed to make companies more responsible for the pension promises they make to employees, amid growing concern about obligations being reneged upon or dumped on the federal government. Milliman, a firm of actuaries, calculates that 100 big companies’ pension plans remain underfunded by […]

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Challenging BlackBerry

from BW Online Motorola CEO Edward Zander loves gadgets — the kind of products that he can see and touch (see BW Online, 02/27/06, “Why Zander Jumped to Motorola”). That’s clear if you’ve ever seen him handle one of the company’s prototype cell phones. So it makes sense that Motorola is selling a unit that’s […]

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Security, Lucent And Alcatel

from NYTs As merger talks between Lucent and Alcatel continue to advance, attention is turning to the role Lucent’s fast-growing work for military and intelligence agencies may play in securing government approval for the trans-Atlantic deal. With a long history of contributing to military efforts like ballistic missile technology and submarine sonar, the famed Bell […]

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Basketball And Options

from Understanding how option prices change in response to changes in other variables can be tricky. The Greek (delta, gamma, theta, etc.) and pseudo-Greek (vega) names used to measure option sensitivities do not necessarily make things clearer. Options do, however, make intuitive sense if they can be viewed in an easily understood framework, such […]

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Selling Facebook

from BW Online Facebook, the Web site where students around the world socialize and swap information, has put itself on the block, BusinessWeek Online has learned. The owners of the privately held company have turned down a $750 million offer and hope to fetch as much as $2 billion in a sale, senior industry executives […]

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