The Pandemic Changed Everything About Work, Except the Humble Résumé

from NYTs

Two years into a pandemic, many aspects of work have changed drastically. In that time, some people have started new jobs, Zoomed their days away and then left companies where they never even met their co-workers in person.

But one aspect of work remains remarkably unchanged: the importance of the traditional, single-page résumé created in a word processor.

“Hiring managers and recruiters still rely on the résumé,” said Vicki Salemi, an expert on the job-search process at Monster, the online job-posting site. The résumé, Ms. Salemi continued, is still “the standard to apply for a job and get noticed.”

In Monster’s recent “Future of Work” report, recruiters in the United States ranked résumé search — the ability to look through uploaded résumés on sites such as Monster or Indeed — as the most effective tool for finding candidates. The report also found that for employers, a résumé was second only to an in-person interview in determining whether a candidate was a good fit.

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  1. Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic took place in March of 2020 the entire world changed. One major thing that has changed drastically in the world since then has been work. When the pandemic first started everyone was forced to work from home. Nowadays pretty much every company has access to work virtually from their home. Being able to work from home or to be able to have the skills to has become vital to have when entering the work force. Companies today look for workers that can work from home when needed to. In today’s world people can dedicate an entire year or more to a job with never meeting their co- workers or boss in person. I have witnessed this in first hand. I work for a place in town. For my interview for the job I met virtually with the boss. It felt weird doing it all with a computer screen in front of me. When I finished I remember just realizing it was the direction the world is heading in. Having access to the internet and zoom’s allows yourself to do everything you can at home then you would do at your office for instance. My uncle, who is a commercial real estate agent has told me that the market for office space has been steadily declining. Companies began to ask themselves why pay rent and lease out all this space when everyone can do their job from home? I believe it made society as a whole much lazier. Instead of getting up and going to work, people rather just log on to a computer. But I have realized that it does not just go towards work. Another major change has been school. Kids in the future will never get to know what a true snow day is. Instead of having no school or work to do for the day everyone is just going to be doing school virtually. The world is changing and if you can not keep up with it you could fall behind dramatically. Before know it especially now with the metaverse, everything could be virtual within a blink of an eye.

  2. Since the start of the pandemic the world was forced to adjust to a new way of living. Areas that were mainly effected by the pandemic was and still are is school and work places. Schools were forced to move to online learning and those who worked either lost their jobs or were allowed to work from home. So social interaction was not at all being seen for both workers as well as students. Employers used zoom for interviews so the employee never met their boss or co-worker in person. This was the new way of living for about a year up until the vaccine came about and allowed for people to go back to being in person. However, do not let this fool you some companies are still using zoom as a way for interviews because lets be honest not everyone has fully adjusted to being back to what we can almost call normal. One thing that did not change about employers is that they still expect resumes when looking for a potential candidate. Which I personally believe should never go out of style because it gives the employer some knowledge about ones experience and skills. Society as a whole did get comfortable with the whole online movement that now almost everything has permanently moved to being online. For example, college courses now have web assisted classes as an option for students, some jobs allow employees to work from home, and now some doctors allow patients to do online sessions. So it may seem like doing things over zoom is useless, it actually made things more convenient for those who may not have access to transportation, are severely ill or just don’t have the time in their busy schedule.

  3. The pandemic caused millions of people to start working from home using technology like teams and zoom. There have been major changes to the social norms in regards to working, but some things will almost never change. The hiring process has shifted to online interviews instead of in person, which are very similar. Another constant in the hiring process is the formal resume, arguably the most important part of the application process.
    There is no doubt that an interview and your resume are vital to get hired. The traditional in person interview has been changed to online in recent years, and in my experience it’s similar but definitely not the same. In person you sit across the desk from someone after shaking their hand, and things like body language are something that is heavily looked at. When you are sitting behind a screen, you could have basketball shorts on with a shirt and tie and could be moving ur hands or legs the whole time off camera. This takes some of the pressure off not having to worry about eye contact and mannerisms as much, but for the company hiring they most likely view it as a negative change.
    The resume is what often gets you an interview and is the first step in the hiring process. It shows what qualification and skills a potential employee has. It is an overview of all your previous experiences and allows the employer to see if you have the desired traits they are looking for.

  4. With the start of a global pandemic, the world was shut down and eventually forced to change due to certain circumstances. The pandemic forces everything to change as we are forced to adjust. With all the change in the world, a resume still remains the same and the importance of it. Resumes are being more frequently used inline as a file. This is the new trend because of hoe big the internet is in the 2020s. People are of needs of jobs and people still need their resume to apply for the jobs. In the article they provide great examples on how the resumes and important it is because it provides a background and skills that you can bring to the job. It also provides previous experience of where you used to work. An important aspect of the resume it provides a degree and diploma someone may have. Education is very important when trying to get a job. With the process of applying for jobs online, it provides a option to upload a a file of the resume online. With the change of a lot of thing in the world, the article provided examples on how different can be because of the adjustments people are forced to make. People are now doing online interviews instead of meeting in person. This is something we are not used to. It can provide an advantage and disadvantage because since its not in person, you don’t get the full experience and get to truly express your self. An advantage would be the convenience of being any where while doing the interview.

  5. Resumes still have their value after the pandemic, but I disagree that it didn’t change with it, because I believe the importance of resumes has increased substantially in the last couple of years. Since technology usage was catalyzed by the pandemic, new soft skills were required to keep the productivity going, such as organization and being able to be productive in an environment that usually represents comfort, laziness, and rest. By working from home, remote learning sparked mental conditions and concerns that people hadn’t felt before and the way this was dealt changed everyone. In accordance with the article, the resumes of people should be impacted by that in two ways.
    First, a lot of people stagnated in this period, because being locked at their house brought mental difficulties which negatively affected productivity and therefore, many resumes were unchanged as nothing was being done. Students were trying to learn something in the remote learning, that took months until it became well known to be used for quality learning, and I still don’t see remote teaching to be as effective as in person. Workers had a period in which they needed to change their routines in order to work from home and meet virtually to try to keep their companies alive, as the economy struggled. This caused the majority of people to focus on solving the new issues brought by the virus, not being able to learn something new or engaging in courses that could improve their resume.
    Together with the fact that people became less willing and able to learn something new, came that increase in resumes importance. As interviews and conversations became worse and less productive, electronical resumes became the most useful way for an employer to know about potential employees. Resumes bring trust and confidence because they have been in use for many years. Therefore, in a world where everything was new and unknown, resumes were there to maintain people’s confidence about its use. Lastly, the growing technological world and the possibility of making resumes a single document or file, allows job finding to be easy through the use of resumes.
    To exemplify, job-finding apps nowadays allow an employer to find employees through simple touches on the phone and submission of files online. In Brazil, a company called WORC is a platform with mission to bring, as stated on their website, opportunities in the foodservice market through three pillars, which are, jobs, education and financial. They facilitate the supply and demand of labor to guarantee qualification while organizing payments and receivables. This is a clear example of a company who is trying to digitalize the work environment and use of resumes is crucial as everything is made virtually.

  6. I agree with this article’s point that the resume plays a huge part in the process of getting hired. It’s the deciding factor in whether an employer will decide to see you for an interview, and thus is arguably the most important part of the hiring process; no strong resume, no interview.

    I would like to expand on Matt’s comment, as he most certainly struck a chord in me. Now that everything in the hiring process other than the resume has changed, it is much more difficult to get a sense of an employee when individuals can’t meet in person. Mannerisms are something that have always fascinated me; a simple posture change or how much eye contact is applied could be the difference between getting hired and being turned away. By conducting virtual interviews, potential employees now no longer have to worry about such habits and quirks that they may have, such as bouncing their leg when they’re nervous, or avoiding eye contact. I feel it may paint a misleading picture of the job-seeker for hirer. Because of this there could be a tradeoff, and the bar for what the employer can test for (critical thinking, courtesy as portrayed by how they speak and act during the interview, reaction time to answering questions, and overall sensibility) will be set higher.

    It’s because of this tradeoff that I would rather have in-person interviews rather than virtual ones, as I am confident in using my body language to portray myself in a positive stature. A recruiter can tell a lot about you from how you act, and that can become unreliable and misleading when they see you behind a camera.

    Those are just my personal sentiments though. I’m aware that the world will continue to shift towards virtual interviews, which is why I will be working on improving skills that will be analyzed more meticulously in a virtual setting. My reaction time and eloquence of speech when put on the spot could definitely use some work.

  7. The pandemic has changed many aspects of our everyday lives. The workplace and work environment has changed significantly, except for one thing. Employers are still asking for a resume. The pandemic has caused many jobs to switch to remote, however, now those jobs are slowly returning to the office. I think it is important that employers and recruiters still require and rely on resumes because how else would they know who is qualified for the job or not? To look through resumes, employers and recruiters use sites like Monster or Indeed. Using websites as such seems effective, however, employers typically will search through resumes using a word finder method meaning they will only look at resumes with words that they are looking for on them. This method is unfair to me because many qualified candidates’ resumes will not be looked at because their resume does not include a specific word or phrase. The design and format of a resume is an important part, yet difficult to perfect. It is difficult to find the right font and style that does not take away from your qualifications. It is nice that with the advances in technology people can upload their resumes online instead of mailing or delivering them in person. The article mentions that companies can go back to their database of resumes if they have a labor shortage and that is a smart and efficient idea. In more creative fields, I have noticed that employers do not require a resume. Employers are more interested in seeing the quality of someone’s work than in seeing it described on a piece of paper.
    I think that regardless of the type of job, employers should require a physical resume. Over the years, as a society, we all have become lazy and too lenient on technology. The Internet will not be around forever, so it is important that people know how to create a resume. Resumes are not the only way people get hired for jobs, but it is an important factor. Interviews and people’s skills are what primarily help people get hired. I was fortunate that at my high school, there was a class specifically to help students learn how to create a resume and be successful during the hiring process and Seton Hall offers similar services that I will be taking advantage of in the future.

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