Facebook Who? Zuckerberg Announces Rebranding As Meta

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During his Connect 2021 keynote presentation today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rolled out the name “Meta” as a new corporate identity reflecting the company’s “new north star—to help bring the metaverse to life.”

The name, which Zuckerberg noted comes from the Greek word for “beyond,” is “a new company brand to encompass everything that we do.” That means the company will be “looking at and reporting on our business as two different segments, one for a family of apps and one for work on future platforms,” he said.

The name “Facebook,” Zuckerberg said, “just doesn’t encompass everything we do” anymore. While social media apps will “always” be a focus for Meta, it has been limiting to have a “brand that is so tightly linked to one product that it can’t possibly represent everything we’re doing today, let alone in the future,” he said.

Naming for individual apps and brands within Facebook won’t be changing, Zuckerberg said, though the Oculus branding is apparently being phased out for the company’s VR headsets. “We want to make it clear that Quest is a Meta product,” Meta VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth wrote in a Facebook post. “For this reason, we’re simplifying our brand architecture and shifting away from the Oculus brand. Starting in early 2022, you’ll start to see the shift from Oculus Quest from Facebook to Meta Quest and Oculus App to Meta Quest App over time.”

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  1. Facebook is looking to revamp their entire company and identity in society with its new name “Meta.” Facebook is one of the big tech companies that are looking to get a metaverse up and running. The metaverse is a concept that blends augmented reality and virtual reality together, providing people with the future of the internet.

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, says that the goal of the company is to be a fully functioning metaverse company. This means that there will be no more Facebook, no more Oculus virtual reality, and other services they provide will be eliminated. The metaverse will be able to fulfill all the services and products in one that all Facebook’s products currently provide.

    This new metaverse is going to launch Facebook into a completely new direction then the one it is currently going. I think that this new metaverse is going to be the start of a new transition for many companies, and that our lives will be mostly accessible online.

    • Long time creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg is now trying to make the next big once again. Mark’s new focus centers around the word ‘meta”, a word that I only started hearing online a few years back, usually associated in the world of gaming. The word meta is commonly referring to something that is at the time either trendy or most efficient to use. This move by Zuckerburg is a huge one due to him wanting to rebrand something as popular as facebook, a current household name and juggernaut in the internet world. The meta brand is in close relations to the recent jump in popularity of VR technology. VR technology became a phenomenon in the early 2010s. Everyone wanted their hands on it but due to the pricing and the limitations of what it could do at the time, many gave up on it. Recently howver, especially in the world of gaming, VR has made a triumphant come back. New technology has made VR the most immersive that we have ever seen it. The new meta brand is trying to capture this hype and make VR much more than a gaming tool. Recently, I have been seeing a lot more VR device commercials that aren’t related to video games with the meta brand label attached. Personally, I think the name change is more than what meets the eye. Yes, it’s a new wave of technology and shift of focus from facebook, but it seems to also be facebook trying to step away from the facebook name due to their past. Recently, facebook has been involved with a lot of different controversies. Facebook has been found guilty of selling data and manipulating their users when it comes to ad placement. The large scale of the event has definitely changed the way that a lot of people see facebook as a company. For this reason, changing the name and slightly changing the focus of the company may be an attempt to change how people see the brand. People may associate the manipulative nature of facebook with the name facebook but not with the new “Meta” branding.

  2. Facebook founder Zuckerberg issued a statement on the 29th, changing the name of Facebook’s parent company to Meta. The word Meta comes from Greek, which means transcendence. Zuckerberg hopes to integrate virtual and real-life after the name change, not just online social media. However, Zuckerberg’s move is not so much a commercial innovation, but rather a helpless move to hope that Facebook can get rid of its predicament. Whether the name change can bring new vitality to Facebook, I am afraid it will take time to test. Although Facebook is still one of the most important social media tools in the world, its user base is getting older and is gradually losing its appeal to young people. In terms of product form, Facebook’s original social positioning was too clear, which hindered its expansion into other areas, especially short video, virtual reality, augmented reality, and physical applications. Facebook is also a problem in terms of brand image. In the past few years, frequent negative news has severely damaged the public image of Facebook and Zuckerberg. Many people feel that Facebook does not respect user privacy. Of course, in the face of Facebook’s development dilemma, Zuckerberg’s efforts to seek breakthroughs are worthy of recognition. In the face of the ever-changing tide of times, any ambitious person will not give up their efforts, let alone wait and die. Zuckerberg is That kind of person.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has just announced in his Connect 2021 keynote presentation that Facebook will create a new identity of “Meta”. This word means beyond in Greek and will be used to represent the company as a whole. Zuckerberg claims that this change is due to the fact that the name “Facebook” does not fully encompass everything that the company does. The aim is for Facebook to be seen as a “metaverse company”. meaning that the company will focus on a new type of social media universe that consists of augmented and virtual reality.

    I believe that this rebrand of Facebook is something that not everyone was expecting. From my perspective, I do not see Facebook as a company that involves any type of virtual worlds. The company to me is about interacting with people online, and I suppose that this proposal just takes online interaction a step further. The company’s switch of focus is most likely done to keep up with the ever-changing technology world. There is always new advancements in the technology world, and change is necessary in order to discover bigger and better things. People are often resistant to change, even though change is necessary for the progression of technology and society.

    This change in Facebook’s mission will prompt other tech companies to make essential changes in order to follow their lead. Companies will hear about Facebook’s new goals and want to adapt these same goals as well. Facebook is one of the leading tech companies around the world and in order to keep up with the competition, companies must do the same things that Facebook does.

    While this new “metaverse” world make take awhile to be developed, it is already making waves. The technology for this rebrand must be updated and new hardware also has to be created. The mere announcement of this rebrand has sent shockwaves throughout the entire country and world, prompting so many changes that must be made to even begin the process. Overall it will spark numerous new technological innovations. I believe that even a thought of such a large change has caused companies to rethink their ideas and priorities. These thoughts have moved individuals to think outside the box, even on a smaller scale of individual projects. Overall, technology is always advancing, and even ideas of advancement sparks more positive contributions.

  4. Mark Zuckerberg says that he feels that facebook does not represent everything they do anymore. He also proceeds to say that “Meta” will do just that. It still focuses on social media but is now shedding light on future platforms. Something funny I find personally is that when they announced that they are changing their name to “Meta”, a stock that I am holding called Meta Materials went up over a dollar within an hour of the announcement. They are totally unrelated but it still made my stock go up because people probably thought it was the same thing.

  5. The Facebook Group is giving itself a new name. The holding company for services such as Facebook and Instagram will be called Meta in the future, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced. With the new name, Zuckerberg wants to direct the focus on the new virtual environment “Metaverse,” in which he sees the future of digital communication – and also of his company. He also wants to lead the group more strongly out of the shadow of its original and so far, most important platform Facebook. In addition to Instagram, the group also owns the chat apps WhatsApp and Messenger. According to the 37-year-old Facebook founder, the “Metaverse” will bring together physical and digital worlds. Zuckerberg is focusing on virtual reality, in which users can immerse themselves in digital worlds with special glasses on their heads. The Facebook Group also owns the VR company Oculus. Zuckerberg recently gave the most detailed description yet of his “Metaverse” concept. He said it will be a virtual world that people can enter more deeply, right down to the facial expressions of the people around them. “Instead of looking at a screen, they will be in the middle of these experiences,” Zuckerberg said. On the other hand, Facebook wants to change not only the direction of the company but above all its image, which has been badly damaged by recent scandals. Recently, however, in the bitter reality, the Group once again came under enormous public pressure. This was due to the revelations of former employee Frances Haugen. She recently repeated her claims against Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in London in front of a committee of the British parliament that they had put profits before the well-being of users.
    In my opinion, the renaming of Facebook to Meta is more of a desperate attempt to leave the bad reputation/image behind instead of indicating the change in the company’s direction. Almost everyone associates the name Facebook with bad press.

  6. In the article posted by Ars Technica, Facebook who? Zuckerberg announces rebranding as Meta, it discusses how the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to rename Facebook as Meta. As the article states, the new name Meta is derived from the Greek word beyond, in which the rebranding would “encompass everything that we do”. The reason for the change is primarily due to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, believes that the word Facebook no long encompasses what the company does due to the length that the business has grown. With that being said, despite the renaming of the company, “naming for individual apps and brands within Facebook won’t be changing” except for their Oculus brand, because they want to make more known that it’s their product. Overall, Zuckerberg is ambitious to have his platform/company be “seen as a metaverse company” and that “over time, you’re not going to need to use Facebook to use our other services”
    When it comes to the rebranding of Facebook; Along with everyone else, I would have never seen this coming. The reason being is since Facebook has been around since the early 2000s and is easily one of the most well-known and well identifiable businesses on the face of the earth. When it comes to the future of Facebook, I believe that rebranding is a rather risky endeavor due to the possibility that it might not catch on with consumers. For example, for people who have used Facebook every day since it came out, I truly believe that they will not refer to Facebook as Meta, due to them using and calling it Facebook for about 16 years now. Along with that, when it comes to new consumers, they may not be aware of what Meta is, which they may be less likely to download due to them knowing the platform as Facebook and not Meta. Even though I am not particularly fond of the name change, I also believe that it may help the business. As the article mentioned, the renaming is to encompass all of the services that they offer. Aside from that, in 2021, Facebook is known to be more of an ‘old person’ app by today’s youth due to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok being popular amongst younger generations. With all that being said, I could defiantly see the renaming sparking a lot of interest amongst younger crowds because people may initially be unaware of its association with Facebook, which may cause new consumers to ‘check out the new app’.
    Lastly, when it comes to the legal aspect of Zuckerberg’s decision to rename the company, I wonder what would happen to the trademarking that Facebook possesses. What I mean by this is that since Facebook will no longer be utilizing the name ‘Facebook’ I wonder what will happen way later down the road. For example, I wonder if around 50 years from now, will Facebook end up selling off their trademark in order to gain more funds. Along with that, I also wonder if there will be any copyright or trademark infringement that may arise in the coming months by some smaller company that may already possess the name or logo.

    Kyle Orland – Oct 28, 2021 6:49 pm UTC. “Facebook Who? Zuckerberg Announces Rebranding as Meta.” Ars Technica, 28 Oct. 2021, arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/10/facebooks-rebrands-as-meta-amid-a-new-metaverse-first-outlook/.

  7. Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at his Connect 2021 keynote presentation that companies identity would change and now be called “Meta”. Zuckerberg says the name change for the new company brand and noted its called Meta for the Greek word Beyond. I was shocked when I first heard about the name change as Facebook has been a cornerstone of the internet boom and still has many users throughout their platforms. I think that the invitation is good as Facebook has fallen back a bit in recent years to other giants like Amazon, TikTok and Twitter. I also feel as this is a fresh start to help people forget about the data breaches and the company selling peoples data. I think its a smart move but as an investor I might wait a few months to see what invocations are made and if there is a profit to be made.

  8. Development and innovations in regards to the metaverse are being focused on more and more by many major technology companies. Essentially, the metaverse represents a further merging of the Internet and technologies with the real world. This can extend to range of human activities, including collaboration, planning and analytics, video games and general socialization. Major technology companies are pushing heavily for the development of the metaverse, citing it as the successor to the Internet’s emergence into society (https://www.news10.com/news/what-is-the-metaverse-a-look-at-what-big-tech-views-as-the-next-stage-of-the-internet/.). Microsoft has just today announced specific metaverse plans in regards to businesses and collaboration, utilizing its Microsoft Teams conferencing software as well as new software known as Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces. (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-02/microsoft-s-own-metaverse-is-coming-and-it-will-have-powerpoint) Virtual and augmented reality are utilized to enhance conferencing in the former and allow virtual movement through business facilities in the latter.

    Clearly useful innovations have been showcased by Microsoft’s business-based approach to the development of the metaverse. The company is directly responding to the trend in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic introducing permanent shifts to remote work for many people, and strong expectations can be clearly derived here. Facebook’s approach to the metaverse, however, has been met with many underwhelming responses (https://www.reuters.com/technology/metaverse-pioneers-unimpressed-by-facebook-rebrand-2021-11-01/). As the blog’s linked article notes, Facebook’s business strategy is now to focus on “metaverse first,” eventually pouring the majority of its resource into developing a social metaverse. What we have seen of this metaverse extends to visually unimpressive avatars walking around in digital spaces, and engaging in a conference call. With companies like Microsoft are already offering clearly valuable innovations to conferencing calls and business processes, Facebook’s approach here can be perceived as more of a novelty. I personally value maintaining some kind of face to face or real world aspect to many of my daily activities, even if things are done remotely. Video games can fulfill the niche of being immersed into a digital world, and I do not care for the prospect of investing this much money into removing more of the real world aspect of social networks. While technology will continue to advance, one has to wonder if this type of digital world is truly necessary to construct. Still, companies such as Facebook are serious about developing the metaverse, and are investing millions if not billions to do so. Facebook is cited by this article as outright saying you will not even need to use the Facebook app anymore as its metaverse progresses. With this much money being invested by some of the most successful companies in the world, it seems clear that, regardless of how it may be shaped, the concept of the metaverse will not be going away.

  9. “Meta” which is the rebranding name of Facebook who Mark Zuckerberg the controversial CEO of the social media platform announced on October 29th 2021, along with many other products. Meta was announced with the hopes of being remembered as something to go “beyond” and something new to look forward to with the description of Facebook being less than what the new app will be needed for. With Zuckerberg announcing a new name and new platform called “metaverse” comes at a very opportune time with the Facebook and data mining and whistleblowing accusations. Facebook is facing several lawsuits and it’s going to take more than simply changing the name for all damage to be done, it’s simply a distraction. With the plan of a “metaverse” that you’ll be able to live, do business, play games and connect and make real-time contact with your friends and family on the app through virtual reality is a big technology advancement. I feel as though this new proposal is a great idea and the app will still be known for it problems and won’t erase it’s history but eventually virtual reality will play a huge part in our everyday lives. In the metaverse launch it’ll give you the abilities to play games with friends, play popular video games such as, GTA San Andreas, on their new VR headset, Cambria. Facebook is pulling out all the works new devices, new security launches, new platforms and new names, this can either work out positively well or it can backfire. Personally I find it a distraction and the metaverse to me is another way of having less social interaction with people, with the options of attending concerts also. The whole rebranding leave question for where the companies under Facebook will go also and its serving a different purpose than what the social media network was known first, as a social media platform.

  10. The rebranding of Facebook to Meta shows the new direction that the company is taking in its business plans and goals. The name Meta is short for Metaverse which is a concept of a digital world or a virtual space that is the next version of the internet and social media. The Metaverse intends to incorporate existing digital technologies such as the blockchain and combine them with ideas that have previously been meant for the physical world. This includes things such as virtual clothing and virtual real estate and it will open up a lot of new paths for businesses and investments.
    I think that a lot of people were expecting to see this shift of focus from Facebook. Talk of the “Metaverse” as a new business opportunity has been surrounding a lot of companies, and Facebook already has the biggest user base out of all social platforms, so it makes sense that they want to get involved with this and attempt to get ahead of all of their competitors. Facebook, now known as “Meta Platforms, Inc”, also already owns Oculus VR which is a company that designs and produces virtual reality headsets which are meant to give the user a more immersive experience than any other type of technology can currently offer. This combination of hardware and software makes up a good business strategy for Meta. They will now have control over a large software platform and they will also be selling the hardware that people need in order to access that software. It could potentially lead to an increase in sales for their virtual reality headsets and the new software might attract younger customers who have previously left Facebook in favor of other platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok.
    The introduction of the Metaverse will not only open opportunities for Facebook, but it will also bring new opportunities for all different types of businesses. One example could revolve around clothing and fashion brands. These companies will likely be able to license their clothing designs to be sold as digital clothing within the Metaverse. It will open up a lot of new business opportunities for them. The same can be said for many other companies that sell physical items that could potentially have a virtual equivalent. This eventually will all depend on whether or not the Metaverse catches on and how much real money people will be willing to spend on virtual items. Similar to the introduction of most new and advanced technology, the Metaverse will probably catch on with younger people first, and older generations will slowly find their way into it as it becomes more and more relevant.

  11. I had heard about Mark Zuckerberg changing Facebook to the new name Meta, before reading this article. After reading this article I do not think that the idea as whole is horrible like most people are saying, I just think it could be implemented better. While it might not make sense to most people on why Zuckerberg is changing the Facebook name, I could see his motives behind it. At the same time, I am sure someone as successful as Mark Zuckerberg could care less about everyone’s criticism, however, at the end of the day we are all entitled to our own opinion. I personally think that while the whole Meta idea makes sense as being the company’s new north star overarching company, at the same time, I still think that the Facebook name should not be terminated. With all of these different brands, that Zuckerberg has adopted, I agree with the notion that the Facebook name does not embody all of what those brands stand for. For example, Facebook really has nothing to do with a VR company. Yet, I still believe the execution is not that great, especially regarding the closing of the Facebook name. I think that Zuckerberg should have Meta as his overall company and have his smaller companies, such as Oculus, Facebook, Instagram, be almost like subsidiaries of this big company. Facebook is such a well-known brand that has been around for so long, that I feel like he would be devaluing his overall worth by getting rid of the name. He should just bump Facebook down as a subsidiary along with his other brands under the Meta north star, and not change anything to the application itself.

  12. I’ve foreseen Mark Zuckerberg’s rebranding from the moment it was under fire from the whistleblower, Frances Haugen who is reining down all wrath on Facebook. The article “Facebook who? Zuckerberg announces rebranding as Meta” informs us of all Zuckerberg’s plans for “Meta” but does not give the underlying reason to why the company made the change in the first place. Facebook and all of its previous scandals have caused the company to be in unsafe waters, but Frances Haugen has tied the anchor and succeeded in making Facebook drown. Being a whistleblower takes a lot of courage especially when taking on one of the strongest companies in today’s modern age, Facebook. Frances exposed facebook with thousands of documents that involved Facebook’s unethical business procedures towards users. The first issue is that Facebook algorithms promoted images to teen girls making 32% of them feel body shamed. Facebook has the means to improve a user’s experience and safety but chooses not to because they prioritize profits over the user. A second example is the Cambridge Analytica scandal that outlines Facebook’s irresponsibility in protecting its users. Facebook askes the company if they got rid of their user’s data and took their word for it instead of taking safety measures to protect its users. The frustrating part is that Facebook was fined the amount it generates in 3 minutes which is mind-blowing. Mark Zuckerberg’s rebranding is an excellent business move, but the company won’t change unless he steps down and puts someone with the people’s interest as the main priority. After looking over Metas VR headset technology it seems very interesting to incorporate people into a virtual world. Although Zuckerberg hopes to establish a new culture and experience with rebranding, Meta feels like a company that will still be involved in various scandals and ends up disappointing users.

  13. Facebook’s decision to alter their brand name makes a good deal of sense. For a long time, Facebook has been expanding their operations and their scope of influence to a variety of new industries, yet, when we think of Facebook, the first thing we imagine is the now somewhat outdated social media platform. Their move to disconnect from their original product as to make their other products clearly have a connection with their brand is probably smart. Now, hopefully, when people hear the word ‘Meta’, they will instead think of the multitude of industries that Meta has under their belt. VR, social media, AI, messaging services, blockchains, you name it, they probably have it. The funny thing about this whole situation is actually the name Meta, and the implication of the so called “Metaverse.” There is a fantastic dystopian, somewhat cyberpunk novel by the name of Snow Crash. It details a a corporate dystopia, where every street is just miles and miles of corporate property. To escape the hellish reality, people use a product/system known as the metaverse to, essentially, go into VR and ignore the woes of their post modernist, corporate overlord dominated lives. I just find it somewhat hilarious that Facebook would choose this kind of name to pick for their services, especially in the face of some of the controversies that Facebook has been under fire for. They are quite literally one of the companies that would be at the forefront of this kind of dystopic future, so the idea that they’re getting read, even in name, is just hilarious to me. With how popular snow crash is in the sci-fi genre, I would image that this sort of subliminal message wouldn’t quite go over the heads of the Facebook reps. Regardless, while the decision is of course a completely sensical business move, for those that know it, this all sounds like the beginning of a worse, corporate reality.

  14. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company of Facebook has decided they are rebranding itself to Meta. Meta is now the new corporate Identity for the huge technology company of Facebook. The company has decided to rebrand because they felt that the current brand of Facebook does not include everything that they do. The brand of Facebook was tightly linked to only one of the products the company has to offer. The old brand simply could not represent all of the company’s products and future goals. According to Zuckerberg, the word meta comes from the Greek wording meaning “beyond”. The brand name Meta is more fitting because it can encompass all of Facebook’s products and goals. The company of Facebook owns other companies that offer different products. Meta is now able to encompass Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Instagram and Facebook are social media platforms, while WhatsApp is a messenger application. Also, Oculus is a company that offers virtual reality headset systems. The Meta rebrand is able to represent all of these companies and huge future goals involving the Metaverse. The Metaverse is an idea meant to be a fully immersive online realm that looks similar to the real world but is computer generated. Essentially, Meta is looking to become the leader within the Metaverse space to the extent where Meta will no longer offer its other companies because everything will be running through the Metaverse.

    The rebranding to Meta will probably come along with huge implications. The idea of the Metaverse is going to present a lot of opportunities for businesses and individuals to make money. Starting, a lot of other big tech companies are going to follow in Meta’s footsteps. Other big companies will follow because they also want to be a pioneer in the Metaverse and do not want to miss out on all of the Metaverse. The Metaverse has the potential to present unlimited opportunities because it is an open digital space where people and businesses can exercise creativity. Already, companies are planning to buy digital land and assets that will be a part of the metaverse. Other companies are exercising future ideas where they could potentially sell consumer goods through the metaverse. Individual people have the same opportunity to buy digital assets that will be a part of the metaverse too. Because of the endless possibilities, other companies will spend time and resources planning about the metaverse. In general, the metaverse has the potential to be life-changing. Depending on the capabilities of technology, the metaverse has the potential to make everyday activities happen over technology. The metaverse is also affecting the importance of cryptocurrencies. The metaverse and more digital assets like NFTs are making cryptocurrencies more popular. Cryptocurrencies are being used as real exchangeable currencies to buy things such as digital land and art. Overall, the rebranding to Meta has great potential to change the way of life if the metaverse catches on and can be executed.

  15. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, has decided to change the name of his company known popularly as Facebook to the new name as “Meta”. The CEO has stated that there are a lot of platforms he has developed and owns outside of Facebook, which I believe is approaching and if not over 100 companies spread out into different branches of commerce, and this name change will allow Zuckerburg to merge all of those companies and also see the change as growth and changing from the old “Normal”. The goal of Zuckerburg is to merge all of the companies that do different things such as social media and Facebook, Virtual reality, and many other things into what he has explained as a “Metaverse” which will have all of the things we still use now, but built into one big platform instead of branches outside of each other. This new idea makes a lot of sense for the company and not having to continue working on different things in different places just because they continue to be 2 different entities, but now they can continue what they did before, but most likely in a more efficient manner. I believe this move for the company will be a great success for them in ease and the purpose of keeping everything under one company name and not having hundreds of assets scattered around in different branches. Although it seems like a good idea for the company its hard to say on where the citizens and users of said idea will think about the growth of Facebook and how it will change through this merge. I’m unsure if it will make for a better user interface or it might not work at all. Although it may work in the future, will people like the change the company has done with its ideas? many people aren’t appreciative of change and would rather things stay the same until the day they die. The hard question is whether this move will do more building to his company or more breaking, because the big picture is that they will be removing the famous Facebook name, which is what built the business from the ground up and whether the new re-branding sinks or sails the new “Meta” name will be known in the near future.

  16. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook announced that they will be a new corporate identity called “Meta.” The change expresses the bigger and better things that the company has to offer, as they have big plans to start what they call a metaverse. Which is a “vision of a social media universe that can seamlessly move between smartphones, VR goggles, and augmented reality.” The company plans on releasing different versions of VR headsets, augmented reality goggles, and related software. I purchased an Oculus VR Headset a while back and it is some very cool technology. There are various games you can play, and multiple apps to interact with other people online. I am very intrigued on what a social media inside VR would look like. The only things that I can thing are maybe a feature were you can enter the picture. For example, if someone posted a picture maybe you could go to the Niagara Falls spot in the photo or something like that, but that is clearly very far away in development. I was also glad to hear the Meta is planning on doing something similar to google, where you are able to have one account to use all of their software. This is just convenient for both the users and the company as there is less data to be stored. While the possibilities in VR are endless, something that caught my eye was the use of augmented reality. Which essentially places virtual objects in your world, this reality is most commonly seen in “Pokémon Go” where you were able to see the Pokémon in your world with the augmented reality feature. The example used in the article is was in the form of augmented reality goggles. There was a short, simulated concept demo which showed a player with a request in front of their vision , and they were able to walk over to a table and it would place a virtual board game on the table with hologram-style avatars would show up to play. I find this a lot more interesting then the VR goggles because the headset that you have to use for VR can be heavy and honestly sometimes uncomfortable after a long time of playing. Yet, the thought of this technology going in to a small pair of glasses is very intriguing to me. Image if this technology was available during the pandemic? You would be able to play board games with your friends and family from anywhere. All though this technology is very far away from releasing to the public, this is next level technology that could change out lives forever. Companies would be able to hold meetings in these augmented reality glasses and so many other business related things. I like this change for Facebook, as when my generation hears Facebook we think of an older person social media. By doing all of this it is evident that they want to appeal to the the newer generation, and they are going in the right direction.

  17. Mark Zuckerberg’s new plan for rebranding, seems like it could not have come at a better time. Thinking about Facebook’s recent timeline, they just got exposed for knowingly disregarding the mental health of it’s users, while valuing their profits instead in the Frances Haugen case. Now, just as the respect for Facebook has seemingly hit an all time low, they all of a sudden decide to rebrand and push forward new products. While the practicality of the idea is somewhat ridiculous, I’ll be the first to admit that the concept of the metaverse is pretty sweet. Considering Facebook has had its hand in Oculus for the longest time, it is no surprise that they are using its capabilities to produce a boundry-pushing technology. Next, in my opinion, I feel like the rebranding of Facebook to Meta is a bold move, yet a necessary one to build the hype for the launch of the metaverse. Now, to critically think for a second, every time Facebook has created a new “beloved” product, it has ended in the users being overly engaged to the point where there are health concerns. I feel as if the Metaverse could be the next example of that.

  18. I had heard about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to “rebrand” his company by changing its name to Meta long before his actual announcement last week. From before it became official or before I even knew what Zuckerberg’s supposed reasons were for renaming, I figured that it had to do with the constant controversy and issues with this company – specifically with the recent incident of the former Facebook CEO, Frances Haugen. Despite all of the reasons that Zuckerberg explained in his presentation, I honestly see this is an elaborate effort to “separate” all of the terrible things that this company has done in terms of allowing misinformation to be posted and lack of censorship when it comes to other incidents, from the literal name “Facebook.” If Zuckerberg really believes that this is a viable way of escaping the company’s appalling reputation, then he is sorely mistaken. Based on the general response from people about this rebranding effort, it seems that the name change has more meme potential than anyone actually taking the concept seriously.
    Zuckerberg’s justification for the name change, as provided in this article, was that the name “Facebook” simply is not an accurate representation of everything that the company has been doing, and how their future will only continue to veer further from solely social media. The most interesting part of this article in my opinion was the comparison of this rebranding effort to the one that Google had in 2015, in their attempt to change Google’s name to “Alphabet.” Particularly, in the fact that I didn’t even know about that. The only thing that I conclude from this article and from Zuckerberg’s presentation is that Facebook will always be Facebook. The population that Zuckerberg is trying to appeal is clearly the one that recognizes him as sociopathic and the company as having no sense of ethics. The company’s branching out to increased VR and AR technology, and future gaming possibilities will not erase what they were originally known for. It does not matter how hard Zuckerberg tries to rebrand it and steer away from its original image, people’s opinions of the company and its CEO will remain the same.

  19. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, has recently announced the name change of the company Facebook to Meta. The name change is a signal of intent that Zuckerburg and his organization will be pursuing bringing the metaverse to life. The metaverse is a virtual universe where literally anything is possible. The implication potential of the metaverse is far reaching as it can be used in most aspects of life from working, learning, and being entertained. Zuckerburg said he changed the name of Facebook because it doesn’t encompass all the things they are working on. Meta’s main focus is that pertaining to the metaverse, rather than previous goals relating to social media through Facebook.

    The metaverse itself is a virtual augmented reality with avatars created by users. The users are in place of the avatars and activities are carried out as they would in real life. This could be used in a business setting where new hires are learning their trade. Rather than sitting behind a desk and watching hours of videos, they would plug into the metaverse and learn through a “virtual hands-on” experience. Meta could also be used for video conferences. Instead of using Zoom to teleconference, meta can bring people together “face to face” through the eyes of their avatars. It can even be used in a class setting, bringing a “virtual hands on” experience to students while they are sitting in their homes. There are plenty of applications of the metaverse that would benefit our society, but it could also be detrimental. If everyone is using the metaverse, then there is no need to go outside of your house. If you can simply plug into the meta from the comfort of your bedroom, you can work, go to school, watch a movie, etc. The world could quickly change into a hermit-like society. Everyone’s social life would be through their avatar and human interactions would be minimal. We have already proven that we can survive, even thrive, completely virtual from the pandemic.

    The metaverse is going to soon become a segment of the market with Google and Apple joining in. In theory, the metaverse has tons of potential in all aspects of life, but things could always go wrong. Google Glass had about the same hype around it as the metaverse, yet it turned out to be the biggest technology failure in the last decade. Since Zuckerburg shifted the whole business model of Facebook into Meta, it almost seems too big to fail.

  20. Facebook’s rebranding announcement to be called “Meta” sets the stage for a world of new technology and the future overall. Each generation has a new technology that revolutionizes society. Most of the time, older generations are hesitant to get on board with the new technology because they are not familiar with functioning through life with it. However, it is still implemented and most of the time continues to have a stronghold on society overall. Whether it be cell phones and apple products, virtual reality, self-driving cars, or school over Zoom, many advancements were not well-received by every age group. I had always wondered what new advancements there could possibly be that my generation would be hesitant about. Before the announcement of the Metaverse, I did not think there would be anything. Now, the idea of a fully virtual reality world where there may be no need for in-person interaction frightens me.
    We have been discussing these changes in my Management Information Systems class recently. Through the discussion, I learned that the metaverse could potentially take over everyone’s lives in the sense that it would allow people to comfortably stay at home all day and virtually drive to work, attend meetings, and interact with others. It reminded me a little bit of the movie Wall-E, where everyone is assisted by robots and has no reason to interact directly with each other, walk, or work at all. Our generation may oppose this new technology, but younger children who have already had most of their schooling online won’t know a difference. They already think that interacting with their classmates and teachers through a screen is normal. My younger siblings were in first and fourth grade during the pandemic and I watched them have gym class in our living room. If we were to have experienced this when we were younger, it would be our norm as well and the Metaverse wouldn’t seem so farfetched.
    With the addition of this new technology, it will be interesting to see how it develops and gets incorporated into our society. Not only will it have social ramifications, but it will also affect our economy and how money is transferred. People may want to buy things for their virtual characters instead of their real-life personae. Seeing how far this technology goes and what other companies may start developing it will be interesting to see. Investing in companies that are developing a metaverse may be a smart move as I see it as a successful business plan whether I fully agree with it or not.

  21. In the article “Facebook who? Zuckerberg announces rebranding as Meta” written by Kyle Orland, describes why Zuckerberg rebrand with the significance of the name “Meta.” With the rebranding comes with a new meaning behind the company to “encompass everything that we want to do,” says Zuckerberg. Meta comes from the Greek word beyond which is Zuckerbergs’ vision for the future of the company as well as the other brands owned by Facebook (now Meta). Zuckerberg is determined to have his platform and company be “seen as a metaverse company” and that “over time, you’re not going to need to use Facebook to use our other services.” The other individual app such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus will not get a rebranding name just when a user logs in they will see the ownership is Meta, as I see it now on Instagram. In my opinion this was a shocker when I first read about it on Instagram, because of how long Facebook has been around it has created a household name in many family lives. Discussing the future of Facebook this could be risky with the older generation who uses the application as they might not like it, but for the new generation this is great. This bring in the new generation of young adults who want to be part of “beyond” and see where it takes them in this ever-growing technology world. I believe this will help the business in the long run bringing in the younger generation as many users are people 35 years and older.
    As 2021 concludes we may see a trend for other companies who have a big following with older people to change their names to something else to attract the younger generations. Today’s youth use the applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Sanpchat, and TikTok which are not too popular with the older generations. The final remark to make after reading the article is what will happen to the name Facebook. For legal purposes will I be able to use the name even though it is trademarked, Zuckerberg changed the company name to something new does he still own the name Facebook? Or will he down the line when he wants to retire or start a new app sell the name Facebook at auction to acquire more funds for the next project he has in mind. With the addition of these new names and the creation of new technology it will be interesting to see where this takes the world in the next couple of years. Will the metaverse take the world by storm creating a virtual reality world with everyone needing some type of technology to live with just as a human needs water and food? Thinking about that is very scary as all human interactions may come to the bare minimum. I can see this already as I work at Wawa and with the new self-check outs, I see less interactions at my register.

  22. This article basically discusses how Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebranding as Meta. The new name comes from the Greek word “beyond” and it is a new company brand to encompass everything that the company does. The reasoning behind the change according to Zuckerberg is that the name Facebook just does not encompass everything that they do anymore. The goal behind the shift to “metaverse first” serves as an essential change in the company, and overtime, Zuckerberg hopes to be seen as a metaverse company, and hopes that you are not going to need to use Facebook to use their other services. In my opinion, Zuckerberg rebranding Facebook to Meta is just an attempt to start fresh. No company has gone through as many controversies as Facebook has in the past, and I think Zuckerberg wants to leave all that behind. Right now, Facebook is facing numerous allegations on privacy and safety. I feel like because that is going on, it is an odd time for a rebrand. It seems to me like Zuckerberg is just trying to divert the attention from all the allegations to the new rebrand. In my opinion, the damage is already done and it is going to take a lot more than a rebrand for the company to gain its reputation back. Even though I do not think that rebranding Facebook to Meta seems like a desperate measure to gain the company’s reputation back, I do think that it was a smart idea by Zuckerberg. Renaming Facebook as Meta will help because naturally, we will not fully associate Meta with all the terrible things we link with Facebook. Even though we know that Facebook and Meta are essentially the same thing, the new name will somewhat help create a fresh start. I also think Meta is a good name for a Facebook rebrand. Meta is a short, positive name and I believe that it will help the company move forward in a more positive light. Overall, while I think that Zuckerberg rebranding Facebook to Meta is a desperate attempt at distracting the public from all the allegations they are facing and leaving their bad reputation behind, I do think that it was a good move and will help the company move in a positive direction.

  23. The article “Facebook Who?” talks about the new name that Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook is going to call his brand. Zuckerburg is thinking about switching from the old name Facebook to Meta. The name Meta comes from the Greek word meaning beyond and Zuckerburg says that this will mean that his business will be reporting and looking at two different segments, which are one for a group of applications, and then one for a new set of platforms for the future. Zuckerburg stated that Facebook does not represent everything that his company does anymore and that other services his company provides will not be involved in Facebook. Meta is also expected to be in physical stores to display new virtual reality headsets. I think that this is a good decision made by Zuckerburg because of all of the trouble his company has gotten into in the past. Facebook has received many allegations over the years when it comes to privacy and terms of service. Having a new name for his company will give Facebook the chance to start over after all of the complications the company has been through in the past. Hopefully, Mark Zuckerburg will learn from his mistakes and his brand will be able to move forward without any legal trouble.

  24. When I first heard about Meta in my CIS class a few weeks ago I laughed. I thought the idea was a joke, it had to be! When I think of Mark Zuckerberg, I think Facebook. When I think Facebook I think “social media for mom and dad”. However, I suppose that is his whole point. By renaming the corporate identity to Meta it removes the “cap” the name Facebook seemly places on the company. Meta comes from the word “beyond” and I think for a growing company, this is a great shift. Additionally, “Meta” in a way prevents there from being “barrios” due to the brand name ever again. The aspect of this article that really causes me to raise an eyebrow however is the Metaverse itself.

    The idea behind Metaverse is connecting with people, similar to the company’s other apps. However, there is a significant difference between Metaverse and Instagram. Metaverse allows you to design a virtual reality which the possibilities are seemingly endless. For example you can virtually recreate your home with like features of the real one, and features only possible virtually. Additionally, you can place said home in a location where you find most appealing to you. It could be the mountains, the beach, literally anywhere. You can send messages to friends, meet up in different virtual rooms, and play any game you can think of. However, what’s even more interesting, is the ability to involve the real world too.

    Almost as if you were to scan a QR code, an artist could leave several murals around NYC for people to find. When found, users can scan the work into Metaverse, and suddenly the art is interactive. Artists can charge for these experiences or open them up for tips. Essentially anything we have in the real world can be brought into the Metaverse. Books, movies, games, you name it, it can come into Metaverse.

    As someone who has never played a video gave let alone put on a virtual reality head set, the idea of Metaverse is not something I have never put much thought into. However, the concept is very intriguing. The idea kind of reminds me of the video game Sims, except far more personal. This may be an inaccurate comparison as I have only seen the video game in action once, but Sims seems like it is Metaverse’s base model.

    I also have several questions about the impact Metaverse will have on users, and ultimately society as a whole. Metaverse offers everything we have in real life, with the addition of aspects that can only happen in the virtual world. I have to wonder if some people will find themselves abandoning their real lives and entirely submersing themselves into the Metaverse. I am also curious if/how human interactions will change. Will people make friends on Metaverse and meet up with them in real life? Will they keep their friendship strictly virtual? Will people abandon human interaction entirely and rely solely on the relationships formed in the Metaverse for companionship? I have no idea, but I am certainly interested to find out!

  25. With all the criticisms Facebook has received, you would be surprised to hear that their method of “reform” is by simply changing their name and enhancing their platform on a basis which can involve a variety of aspects in everyday life. Now when hearing that a company is enhancing their platform as an advancement for society, you would imagine that this would be exciting yet in reality this is indeed is very worrisome for many people.

    Zuckerberg has been accused on numerous accounts of invading users personal information on many levels. The ways that the Metaverse is being advertised seems that it will be a common platform used by many. This is very alarming for this can be another method to gain information and it to exceed Zuckerberg’s pocket. And you can never forget about how Facebook literally sells your information.

    Before Zuckerberg comes out with new ideas, there needs to be specific laws in place to limit his actions against consumers before the societal construct is impacted in ways we can’t imagine. The Metaverse may sound appealing but with Zuckerberg’s intention this can be a very dark and notorious way of implementing a narrative in society as well as gathering information against people’s will.

  26. Mark Zuckerburg is one of the most famous people on the planet. There have been movies made about the start of his company, Facebook, and he is well known as one of the most successful people on the planet. He is innovative, and lead the technology industry for years with his breakthrough idea with social media. He wasn’t the first social media site available, but his creativity and drive brought Facebook to lead the industry for years, and keep them as a powerhouse company even today.
    Now he is starting his next massive idea, the Metaverse. This is basically a device or console that allows users to create a character, similar to a lot of other free roam games. However, this VR game will allow users to essentially play a real life video game. There are social options and games, as well as learning in the metaverse, basically anything can be done or built. Users can buy their land and build whatever they please, and this game is an attempt to make a real life video game.
    The company is being rebranded from Facebook to Meta because Mark Zuckerburg does not feel the old name encompasses everything the company does. They are trying to expand past being one of the largest social media companies into the largest company in the technology industry. They are making their own brand of VR headsets and won’t have to rely on any outside technology or company for their game to operate and run. This will give them an advantage in the market because they can set their prices to whatever they desire, and not have to rely on other companies’ technology or programs.
    This change to Meta is a large move for the company, but I think it will pay off in the long run. Mark Zuckerburg has more experience than almost anyone when it comes to growing a tech company, and he believes this name change is necessary to push their new platform. I am excited to see how this endeavor turns out, because a large portion of everyday life as we know it might be virtual in the future.

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