How the Space Station Became a Base to Launch Humanity’s Future

from NYTs

For the International Space Station, Leroy Chiao was, in a sense, there before the beginning.

In October 2000, he was one of seven astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery, which brought pieces of the nascent space station to orbit. Construction had begun a couple of years earlier. But no one was living there yet.

Much of the work on Dr. Chiao’s flight was done outside the space station, during spacewalks. But the astronauts also got to go inside briefly.

“It had that new-car smell,” Dr. Chiao recalled.

It was a runt of a space station then. The habitable portion consisted of just three modules, not the 16 orbiting today. But it was ready for people to move in.

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  1. Judging based off the title of the article I expected this to have something to SpaceX and their mission to make life sustainable on Mars. Elon musk and SpaceX have launched numerous missions to Mars to set up camps and deliver supplies that could hopefully aid in making Mars a viable living situation for humans in the future. However, this article did not address SpaceX at all, just the International Space Station and NASA. The station started out as a small set-up consisting of only a few modules that allowed for human inhabitancy. However, over the years it has grown in size substantially whit 16 modules now in orbit. This allows for more astronauts to be in space for longer periods of time and has opened up tremendous opportunity. What was originally viewed as a insufficient government progress has since shown to provide great benefits and open up a new scope of opportunity within the field of space travel and capitalism. The station has been a hub for providing new information related to the effects of microgravity on the human body and is being used as laboratory for research. On board scientists have been able to do things such as grow plants such as soybeans or even offer opportunity to research cancer treatments and cures. The station is providing many benefits to the future of humanity by being a place where this research can be conducted. They are using this station as a place to conduct research for solving many problems that plague humanity today, as well as opening the possibility up to establishing stations for life in orbit. Perfecting the use of reusable rockets and developing modules that can aid in supporting human life would be a tremendous accomplishing stemming from this program. The benefits of this mission can help support life in space and possibly even aid in the mission of SpaceX to get life on Mars. This would open up a whole new world and allow great opportunity for the human race to expand and prosper. While this is still years away it is essential to pursuing given the benefits it can provide to humanity. It may be hard to get people to leave their lives on earth for one in space but for those who would like to the opportunity could be somewhere on the horizon. Live in space and on Mars opens up unlimited opportunity to build a new planet and combat many of the problems that we are faced with on earth today. This may still appear to be a stretch but some of the smartest people in the world dedicate themselves to this and work to eventually make it a reality and that is reason enough to consider its legitimacy. Despite sounding outrageous or SciFi there are very real benefits to the future of humanity that can come from this and its important to be exhaustive. I myself would probably not want to leave my life her for one in space but given the possible opportunity from this it is foolish to not seriously look into it and consider its benefits.

  2. Nasa has talked about how they want to upgrade their space technology and all their rockets or what not in the next decade. I feel like it would be better if private companies would keep doing their job and keep helping their technology and making their dreams come true. However there has to be so many requirements and safety measures this may take up to 10-15 years to settle this and after that we don’t know what the future holds, and how it may impact all of us. For example with the way we have the technology we do now, and cars starting to run on energy and charging, we must have to wait and see, for example if that happening now imagine in 10-15 years, how will energy work then and now and will be finally have people on mars. Many people say we will end up living on mars and stuff, and all we can do is wait for what the future has in store. So many scientists are looking at all the information they can get and try to put data together on how they can pull this off, but it will take more than that. we need to figure out what problems can happen and also deal with the problems we have at stake now, and how much money that will cost, for all equipment, and the amount of energy that needs to be used. However the article talks about how a good amount of astronauts can be in space at once while it which is a win for us, because in the past we only heard about a little amount have experienced the impossible. We need to have a huge amount of space and lots of equipment and people who are known for these kinds of things so it becomes a success. You first have to start out small and slowly by slowly make your way to the top and I believe that will take a tremendous amount of time. The first phase will include engineering and design work and all the other things that comes with it, and you need to make sure all part and everything is in the correct spot and ready to work and go.

  3. The international space station was a step forward in terms of what humanity could do. Humanity was able to create a hub that was sustainable and where life could live in outer space. While living in that space station scientists and astronauts conduct different tests that are for the benefit of the nation they are from. Russia and the U.S have their own sections on the space station where they share resources yet work separately. The station is not only a sign of peace and balance between the different nations in terms of outer space. But it also shows the potential we have as a human race if we did not divide ourselves so much and worked together. If it were not for different government systems and world orders and nations. There could be a possibility that we could travel to other planets to inhabit those as well. Like the article above talks about, going into the actual construction of the space station it is nice to see that from the year 2000 to now we started steering away since the space station is already completed, and now moving towards colonizing mars. That would be an insane step for the human race, and since Elon Musk is the visionary that’s trying to make it happen, his name will go down in history.

  4. The International Space Station and NASA both revolutionized the potential of the human race. The space station has been making great progress in its growth, potential, and research capabilities. It shows how well we are progressing and advancing even off our own planet. Researchers on the space station are all capable of experimenting, researching, and producing new results and discoveries. Even some efforts to approach life on Mars is beginning to become capable; as SpaceX is attempting to reach for example. We can advance greatly for our futures and hope for expansion and greater advancement for the years to come.

  5. NASA and The International Space Station has made a huge step in space travel and innovation throughout the world. The International Space station was the first step in revolutionizing space exploration. Space in my opinion is the next big race. Many companies including Space X and Blue Horizon have sent rockets up to space. Elon Musk believes that an everyday person will be able to go to space in the next ten years. This idea has its supporters and its doubters. I think the idea of space travel is fascinating and should be a major point of study. I don’t think people should see it as a trip idea or a casual thing anytime soon. I feel as if space is where even more innovation can happen. Nasa has innovated the international space station to where humans can stay in space for an extended period of time. I believe the next step that Nasa or one of these other companies is finding a way to mars or other planets. There is so much we do not know about space and I think that is the reason so many people are interested. There is so much that can be learned and explored.

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