What Happens When China Leads the World

from The Atlantic

What kind of superpower will China be? That’s the question of the 21st century. According to American leaders such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, China will bea rapacious authoritarian nightmare, intent on destroying democracy itself. Beijing, needless to say, doesn’t quite agree.

Fortunately for those of us seeking answers to this question, China was a major power for long stretches of history, and the foreign policies and practices of its great dynasties can offer us insights into how modern Chinese leaders may wield their widening power now and in the future.

Of course, Chinese society today is not the same as it was 100 years ago—let alone 1,000 years. But I’ve long been studying imperial China’s foreign relations, and clear patterns of a consistent worldview emerge that are likely to shape Beijing’s perceptions and projection of power in the modern world.

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  1. World Economic Forum believes that China will Surpass the United States Economy in GDP as soon as 2024. With 2020 already over, the United States could find themselves in second place in a matter of three to four years. That is pretty wild to me and it is interesting thinking about what it will be like with China on top of the world because for all my life, the United States has held first place. I found this article interesting because it does play that what if game. The article states that China will not be a pacifist power and I agree with this to an extent. I do not think that China will attempt to colonize other countries because that will not be tolerated in today’s world. However, I do think that they will be quick to retake Taiwan because they feel that it is rightfully theirs. From what I understood from this article is that China will almost abuse this power. Some examples that lead me to this conclusion is how they will try to put their communism ideas on to people because they believe that communism works. Furthermore, when the article says that there could be issues if countries dispute what they think they own. The article concludes with how China may be able to achieve their goal of “ruling under the heavens.” I do not think so. I do not think Europe, or the United States will ever adopt the ways of the Chinese communism no matter how far they get ahead of other countries. This should be more of a motive to hold that top spot for the United States. It is hard for the United States to have the largest economy because of how much smaller the United States is than China. China has 1.2 billion people compared to the 328 million of the United States. That being said, I think there are ways for the United States to remain the number one world power and that comes down a larger emphasis on the integration of technology. The education system would have to be revamped but integrating technology into younger generations could lead to more workers not having to adapt to technology as they move along in the workforce. This would definitely cost a lot of money, but I think it is necessary if the United States plans to remain above the fast approaching competitor of China.

    Source: https://datacommons.org/place/country/USA

  2. When reading the title of this article I was interested as to see just how powerful China is and just how they operate over there by them. Especially now that America is so divided with this election and all politics these days. The differences between the Republican and Democratic parties are extreme at this point in the United Stares of America and it may just be the fall of our great country. Getting into China, the way they rule the country is different from 1000 years ago and even different from 100 years ago. This new china is different from how they used to run the country and they claim that they will not be a pacifist power. Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the communist party, and Beijing both stated that they are committed to peaceful development. This goes against the fact that in the past China was at war at almost all times. Many times, when the peaceful route did not work for China and they did not get what they wanted, they resorted to war and taking what they wanted. Although China claims to not want to use force anymore, history shows this is not usually the case. The Atlantic journal states, “history suggests that China will use force or coercion against other countries when they contest Chinese power. This has implications for Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries that dispute China’s claim to nearly all of the South China Sea, and for Taiwan, which Beijing sees as a renegade province.” This statement, I agree with. I feel that if China has done this all of their being, they will keep doing it. They are going to push around those who do not succumb to their wishes and will continue waging wars with the surrounding countries. So, the answer to the question, “what happens when china leads the world,” is not so easily come up with. I sure hope the United States can continue to be a powerful country, although all this inner turmoil is happening because we may be the only country that can oppose China with the power that they have. Other than us maybe Russia can step in to stop the superpower that is China, but it is unlikely. Overall, although China claims to be starting a peaceful step towards their future, I still feel that they will wage war if another country does not agree with them or agree to do what they want.

  3. China and their abilities to take over has been up for discussion for years now. Not only is the United States always on edge over Asia and South Korea in general, but their speculations on China trying to takeover is becoming more prominent. With China’s history of war with other countries known, there is an idea that they are going to try and take over the system of diplomacy in other countries. It is remembered from the early centuries that the Qing dynasty made a name for China for there ability to explore ideas based of communism. While times have changed, they are not far from the 1912 ideals. That this moment and time China is ruling over East Asia and they are not being challenged at all because citizen are scared if they retreat, they will be jeopardized in the face of danger. In my opinion, this is critical and realistic to the United States because most of our products are produced in China for a low rate. If they go to war with another country, this could jeopardize our trade with China and possibly inflate our imports and exports. Beijing says that they do not want to expand, and they are content but other areas of China are small such as South China. I believe that the United States must be careful on how involved they get because this could be trouble on our hands if we side with the wrong side. While it is known that the populations in Asia surpass us, the weaponry is still unknown. The problem with Asia in my eyes is we do not know if we can trust them and support them or if they will go against our backs. As a nation we pride ourselves in helping the needy, but we must be careful when all the trade is going through the one source. This is a reason I think the United States is trying to go with different nations when it comes to imports and exports because they are needing another route in case the one with China goes down or a war gets started and we catch the brunt of the issue.

  4. With the results from the 2020 election almost complete, one of the most important issues on my mind was the policy on the rapidly changing situation concerning China was going to be. Even with a pandemic that has its origins in the country, China still was able to assert its claims over the South China Sea and other threats to the current world order. So, when I read the article in The Atlantic discussing the past of China and how it may affect policy that they conduct in the future, I was extremely intrigued by what sort of history China would attempt to repeat in the future. And while most of the predictions were mostly conjecture, I still was able to make use of the research done in the article and come away with much more knowledge on both the history of China and what it may do in the future. And with this new knowledge came more contempt for China in its current state. Seriously, I can not lower how much this article made me against even doing business with the country of China. The article portrayed the history of China as a nation composed of warmongers and schemers, and given what China is up to nowadays, I really cannot fault the article for this type of portrayal. What struck me as especially sinister is two factors, these being the increase of authoritarian moves by the current Chinese government and the views the Chinese have on their innate superiority as the one true civilized peoples. Both of these were brought up in the article as warning signs for future Chinese action, and when I went over comparing what the articles conclusions of Chinese history in context with current Chinese history, and what they may end up doing, I could really find no real flaws in the logic besides one. That flaw is that may of the issues that the article brought up as a problem that China has, the United States has as well, albeit to a MUCH lesser extent. The one that really stuck with me was the idea that China has this view of their civilization and country being the best in the world, where the real owner of that delusion goes to the citizens of the United States, more specifically those down South. However, to my knowledge, the United States is a free country where China is not. No matter how wrong our situation on the border is, it does not ever compare what China is doing to those Muslims in their country. So to summarize my feelings from the article and what I got away from it, I got a mistrust in the country of China and a commitment to not forgetting what they have done in the past so we can prevent it in the future.

  5. China is one of the most interesting countries in the world and is also one of the most powerful. According to American leaders such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “China will be a rapacious authoritarian nightmare, intent on destroying democracy itself.” For a long stretch of time, China was one of the most powerful countries in the world. By looking at their policies from when they were world leaders, we can see how they will function if they once again become world leaders. China is not nearly as similar as how it was 100 years ago, but the author of this article believes that he has studied enough of their foreign policies that he has an idea on how it would operate. First of all, China will not be a pacifist power. It is true that China has had stable relations with some of their East Asian neighbors for extended periods of time. When comparing China to Europe, China had far better relationships with their neighboring countries. But China was constantly at war. The Han dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.) and the Tang dynasty (618–907) had armies marching from Central Asia to the Korean peninsula and the Song dynasty (960–1279) tried taking over land from their rivals but were “not very good at it”. The Qing Dynasty (1644–1912) was the most dominate dynasty and controlled Tibet. China will insist on its own world order. The states China were not able overrun ended up being absorbed into the Chinese world through a system of diplomacy and trade that the emperors controlled. China always tried to force their diplomatic ways and policies on the countries that wanted to do business with them. There is lots of money and opportunity in China, so it was hard for countries to disagree. China will also only tolerate relationships they can dominate. For example, China will not tolerate a relationship with the U.S because they cannot dominate us. Clearly it would be a very bad thing if China was the world leader. There would be so much change in our world overall. I do not think that will ever happen because our country is so great and powerful. The only thing standing between China’s domination is the U.S and they need to continue to stop China from dominating. With the election going on right now, our country is vulnerable, but if the right candidate wins then our country will once again be on top.

  6. With the ongoing election, the entire nation is waiting on the edge of their seats to find out who will lead our nation for the next four years. Whilst this is happening, China is in the midst of building the largest transcontinental export/import highway along the old Silk Road which was used thousands of years ago. China would sell silk and other products such as tea to countries in Europe and the Middle East in exchange for goods which could not be made nor grown in China. This infrastructure is being funded by the Chinese government and is expected to be completed by 2049. This project is expected to boost the Chinese trade market as now Chinese products can be transported without tariffs into at least three continents. This belt loop will include a route for travel by boat which extends into the eastern African coast. Chinas seemingly infinite funding for this project is partially due to inexpensive labor and a totalitarian leader who will stop at nothing to be the best. China has taken on several initiatives as of late in an attempt to become the worlds largest economy. China, unlike the United States, does not have unions nor fair working conditions for many of its citizens. China is able to create products at a much cheaper and more efficient rate than any other global superpower as the workforce is subjected to the worst conditions imaginable. While incredibly inhumane, they are slowly becoming more of a threat to the global economy as the United States has controlled for 100 years. China will inevitably become the world leader as there are a seemingly infinite amount of workers who will work for essentially free as there is no other choice. China has many internal issues, but it will wind up producing more than any other nation.

  7. It was a very interesting perspective to look at past Chinese dynasties to get a better idea of what the world would like if China became the lone, primary world superpower in the near future. With China continuing to make impressive technological, economic, and military advancements and improvements they have risen all the way up to the second largest superpower in the world only behind the United States, according to the 2020 Lowy Institute Asia power index. At this point, the U.S. is the only country standing in front of China’s path to becoming the lone major world superpower, and with growing political tension and coronavirus uncertainty in the States, who knows when China could step ahead. I think this article delivers a very interesting concept by looking into Chinese history for insight on them as a potential world leader, especially because history plays a major role in the Chinese culture. With that being said, I don’t think we can completely rely on these assumptions as times have changed drastically since the wars and examples discussed in this article, and the technological advancements from both China and the rest of the world in that time could make a potential war much more damaging. With that being said, there is definitely concern to be had about what may happen if China takes a firm grasp on world power, and there very well could be a repeat of history in some sort. It will be important for the United States to unify as soon as possible and shift it’s focus from the election to maintaining it’s role as the number one world power.

  8. Frankly, I don’t believe that China becoming a superpower is an issue. There certainly will be conflict in policies, but China would not be belligerent, in any way, towards political ideologies. There is a common misconception of Chinese communism and marxism. The Chinese communist party has evolved throughout the years and strayed from the ideologies that did pose threats to the core values of democracy. For example, Deng Xiaoping was a Chinese politician who was the paramount leader of the Republic of China that pushed for and succeeded in economic liberalization in 1986, his reform policies still persist in modern-day China. However, the Chinese government has sponsored efforts to obstruct democratic processes in other countries. For instance, in the Pacific Islands, Australia often conditions its economic assistance on progress in building up democratic institutions, while the Chinese approach deepens corruption and patronage. The Chinese government attempted to bribe the leadership classes of other countries to gain political and economic privileges, numerous political critics have said Chinese operatives undercut good governance. It is apparent that Chinese officials seek to shape discussions toward building a positive image of China, to reduce resistance to Chinese economic penetration, and to win foreign acceptance of China’s irredentist claims. In my opinion, these are issues that already exist, not solely in China but in other countries as well, and the Chinese government isn’t doing this out of ideological zeal, but rather as a practical matter, which won’t be changed regardless if China becomes a superpower or not.

  9. The article from the Atlantic tries to predict how the rise of Chinese power and influence based on the Chinese dynasties over the last thousand years. China is once again rising under the Authoritarian regime of Xi Jinping and is poised to challenge the United States as the world’s most powerful nation.
    Xi Jinping has stated that China is committed to peacefully developing their nation, however this holds extremely little weight as this is the only reasonable answer when asked how he intends to build up China’s influence. it would put him in a terrible position to say that they intend to be violent and he has nothing to gain from that, but it does make sense that China’s philosophy is to build peacefully. The article mentions that China had peaceful relationships with neighboring countries unlike Europe where countries of similar power where always waging war on each other to fight for whatever power they could grab. China wants to build up their world influence through spreading their culture. Like Chinese dynasties before, Xi Jinping believes that China’s culture is superior and the article points out that Xi Jinping understands that culture and power go hand in hand and that pushing their culture on the world will lead to an increase in power as the world starts to absorb Chinese values.
    China also wants to dominate all of their international relationships, this explains their investment in third world nations, where they can take advantage of the needs of underdeveloped nations and make shrewd deals that will help them grab a larger piece of the world economy. China is poised to overtake the United States as a world power, and they are looking to their history to lay the blueprint to do it. Through exporting their culture throughout the world to gain a presence internationally and making shrewd trade and business agreements with foreign nations, especially those in the third world, China is using a playbook thousands of years old to rise to the top of the international powers.

  10. I was interested in reading this article to learn more about how China works and what exactly makes them so powerful. Personally, I am not shocked by this article, as the US is currently divided due to the ongoing election and the rising racial tensions, other countries are looking to overcome us during this state of vulnerability. After reading this article, it makes sense why China are as powerful as they are in Asia and in the world. Back when the dynasties existed, China never had any real rivals, which allowed them to instill their influence in the region. However, with the technological advances of nuclear weapons, China does have something to worry about. But Xi Jinping wants to instill China’s culture and influence across the world, so people will start to soak in the Chinese culture. Another reason why China are currently are superpower is due to their massive amounts of exports and the reach of their economy. I also thought that it was interesting that the article stated that, “Unlike the U.S., with its missionary zeal to bring its form of liberty to all, China doesn’t seem as interested in changing the world, this argument goes, just making money from it.” I thought this quote was extremely interesting, as China doesn’t really care about changing the world, they really only care about making a profit from their power. Lastly, China know the “link” between culture and power. The Chinese established their own kingdoms, legal codes, governing institutions, different artistic and literary styles, and the most important of all, the Chinese Writing Characters. This united the region as people were able to communicate with each other through the written language, even when China’s political infrastructure was severely weakened.

  11. I think it is fair to say that China’s rise to power will make the world a more censored and authoritarian place. I remember hearing a few months ago how a Twitch streamer was banned from a competition after showing support for the Hong Kong protests. I think this event is indicative of which direction the world is headed with China as a world superpower. As China is able to influence more global events like the Olympics, or multinational platforms like Twitter, our freedom to do and say what we want may become more limited. In all honestly, we may see a return to the Cold War Era political landscape, where China takes the place of the Soviet Union as the center of power in the East. I think this is evident in the article’s description of China’s response to the Covid-19 situation. They praise their authoritarian government as superior while denigrating the West’s more democratic government. If we see this dynamic continue, we begin to see how this concept of East vs. West could reappear in the public consciousness. This is reinforced by the article’s description of Chinese history, and how they thought their civilization was the top of the hierarchy. When this perception was challenged by Western powers in the Opium War it set forward a national goal of preventing such events from occurring again. China’s actions in the coming decades may be intended as a century long payback for the humiliation they faced, and a guarantee that they will never be subservient to a foreign power again. With this history in mind, I think it is fairly certain that China’s emergence as a prominent power on the world stage will not be taken with global cooperation as its primary goal. I believe that the United States, poses the greatest threat to China’s global supremacy, at least on ideological grounds. Our constitution grants Americans certain liberties that run contrary to the foundational worldview of collectivism that is prevalent in much of Chinese society. For this reason, I think the next few years will see the development of an ideological tug of war between the two powers.

  12. China has been a prominent superpower in the world for an incredible amount of time. Through both trade and conquest, the Chinese have bolstered their governance and have increased their influence on other countries. The article speaks of the Chinese government considering their country and their culture to be superior to those around them, considering those not involved to be barbaric, inferior outsiders who ought to submit to the Chinese lifestyle. Today, the Chinese government exemplifies this behavior through their claim to the island of Taiwan, their claim to ownership of nearly all of the South China Sea, their attempted movement of troops into India, and their imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of Turkish Muslims. Emperors of the past have asserted that the Chinese have the right to rule “all under Heaven.” Though the statements of Xi Jinping state otherwise, their actions prove the contrary.

    Another interesting point that the article brought up was that China seems to care more about their personal wealth than enabling other countries to prosper. As the article states, “the Chinese are equally happy to sell Huawei 5G networks to autocratic Russia and democratic Germany without a fuss.” The article also states that the United States has a “missionary zeal to bring its form of liberty to all.” I respectfully disagree with this statement, as the United States has exemplified behavior that suggests otherwise. For example, the Vietnam War, which threw massive amounts of drafted youth into a random Southeast Asian jungle to fight an enemy that was completely unknown to those directly involved. The country’s involvement in the Middle East also bolsters my argument, as we contribute billions of dollars to organizations in countries which have no equal rights for women, for people of differing sexual orientation, and for other religions, such as Christians or Jews. Ultimately, the United States government also seems to exemplify behavior which points toward their preference for making more money rather than spreading ideals of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

    The Chinese government’s only allies are those who have similar ideals to themselves. This includes other authoritarian and freedom prohibiting regimes, such as Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, and Belarus. China’s government system is extremely flawed and the citizens of the country are extremely limited in their ability of expression. People do not have freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and they do not have unlimited information at their disposal. Information is constantly censored and the people can only know and learn what they are allowed to know and learn. Any disagreement with the government is met with harsh punitive consequences; it is not uncommon for people to get dragged out of their government-owned houses late at night for something that they may or may not have done. Xi Jinping’s claims to a peaceful Chinese government are completely far-fetched. It would extremely unwise and foolish to believe President Xi, given the actions of the current government as well as actions of the Chinese government systems of the past.

  13. China has been implementing itself throughout the years. It is known as one of the superpowers in today’s world, and many people think that this country is going to lead the world in the next few years. As China is developing its economy during years, United States and Europe have been worrying how the world would turn if China would be a global leader. However, we can see that this country has already started to lead the world, and we can notice that from few things. Most of the products that we use are made in china, or their pieces are purchased in China. The Chinese population has been exporting their products in the whole world. Chinese have been moving throughout the world in order to start businesses in every country. If they will lead the world, however, how will the world will be influenced? China is known as one of the most controversial past in the world, and it is still representing the past values, so it will bring those values to the other countries. China has not been a pacifist country, since the past dynasties have been always on war, so it will bring the war’s values to the other countries in order to find solutions throughout the wars. As in the past, Chinese asked to pay tributes to the Asian countries whenever those countries were exporting or importing something. China has used tributes to show their supremacy, so it will be more likely to create the same system of tributes in the whole world. China will probably take down the advantages of free trade that have been characterizing our world until now. This superpower would promote their values in order to create a full supremacy on the next generations, and it will delete the beauty of diversity that we can see in the world. Each country has been raised with their own values, and they will be probably cancelled if China would lead the world. China has developed itself, and it can be capable to change the whole world, but the other superpowers are going to prevent China’s supremacy.

  14. The amount of power that China has and its ability and desire to take over is not something new that is in the air. China taking over with its power and the way that they live in their country is something that has been an issue for a long time. China is a country that is constantly changing over the years, the ay that they run their country has shifted entirely no matter which time frame you compare it to. China is seen to be one of the most powerful countries in the world and is known to be the main country that things are created from. If you take a look at a lot of the clothes that you wear on a daily basis, or even some items that you use around the house, the tag will say “Made in China”. China sells various important goods to other countries that do not have the goods that China is producing. China plays a very large role in the development and the way that other surrounding countries around the world are living. Without China’s contributions than many countries would fail and lack many resources that are needed in order to live successfully.
    China becoming in power would definitely create some changes, but it would not change anything that we could not handle. I personally do not see it being a problem if they were to become a superpower. Although many policies are different and would take time to adjust and find a common ground, many rules, and policies that China has are overlooked and could better the country if used. As the article mentions, China also wants to be in complete power of all of their international relationships. China is very interested in third world countries and they make deals to provide other countries with the resources that they need in order to survive. Since they are so interested in assisting other countries this helps them get put on a higher level and a larger scale of the economy is given to them.
    In my opinion China is using all the right techniques and tactics in order to rise to the top of power. For example, using their culture to spread across the world internationally puts them ahead of all other countries. Especially creating strong relationships with third world countries allows them to gain more power to become a superpower. China is seen as more of a united country where the United States tends to be seen as divided with the on going election and such which lowers the amount of power that we have as a whole.

  15. The whole topic of China as a superpower has been one of the most talked about political topics in the US and it has been for some time. Since China is so large in size and population and that “everything is made in China,” this creates worry and for many people who see the US as the #1 superpower in the world. While I think a lot of this panic and superpower talk was just made to boost nationalism and turn the American people off to a certain type (race) of people (not new to America, everything we have ever done has had a racist undertone), there is some merit to the panic. Most of the time in America when the government antagonized another country, it is not fully warranted. Take the middle east and Afghanistan as an example, yes while they committed crimes to warrant the way the US views them, they the US fails to paint a full picture. After the US used the middle eastern countries for the land and resources, they left without rebuilding the countries they destroyed like they promised. This is what causes 9/11 and it is not like the entire middle east wanted this. One radical group decided to do it and that action caused an unfair panic for brown people that still lasts today and will continue to last. The ones sworn to protect the republic of the United States instill fear and terror in order to tighten their grip on its citizens that they “care about.” I do not think there is reason to worry, but I recognize the economic power of China and what that could mean. While it is important to keep the US strong, China will not conquer us and make us pay dues to the Chinese government and establish a new world order. Come on now, just listen to that. 2020 has been a crazy year with things that seemed impossible happening, but that will not. It is important to study the history (one foot in the past and one in the future), but just remember that all empires fall.

  16. China is a huge economic power and many things that are bought in the United States are actually made in China. I think that is part of what scares some people. The population of China is roughly 18% of the entire world population and many of the world’s largest cities are even in China. Since there is so much going on in China and so many of their products shipped around the world, people do have a right to have a little bit of fear for what they could possibly do. The fact that there so many products that are made in China makes them such a strong economic influence throughout the world. Since they have such a great influence they will do what they can to show that to the other people around the world. They will use their economic power to show the rest of the world how they should do things and why other countries should be like them. I also think one thing that may scare people is the current Covid-19 Pandemic. The way that the virus was believed to be started was in a market in Wuhan, China. One thing that could potentially be scary is how unregulated that these markets are because of the various exotic foods that are prepared and sold there. You never know if something like this could come up again with another virus coming from an animal that no one may know about. China becoming a power has the potential for anything and I think that’s why some people may find it frightening.

  17. This article in my opinion was spectacular. It analyzed the past, discussed the present, and looked towards the future. The issue of China’s role in the world is one of the most important and influential issues we will face in our lifetime. The author doesn’t sell it short by saying, “What kind of superpower will China be? That’s the question of the 21st century.” For thousands of years, China has served as one of the greatest countries ever. By great, I don’t mean best to live in, but I mean most powerful if not top 3 strongest countries in the world at all times in the last few thousand years. It is undoubtedly certain that China doesn’t recognize the same natural rights as the United States, but it is also undoubtedly certain that China dwarfs the US in terms of population. As of 2018, China’s population reached nearly 1.4 billion people, more than 1/7 of the world’s population in one country. For perspective, the US population sat at around 328 million at that same time. China has a rich and diverse history, with a ruling of 13 dynasties reaching with some reaching hundreds of years of longevity. China is also responsible for intellectual developments through the teachings of Confucius. This article brought up a plethora of interesting points. And upon reading this article, I now see China as more of a threat than I had previously. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, the first subtitle reads: “China will not be a pacifist power”. The article discusses the history of war in the country and acknowledges that China isn’t about to change their thousands of years old legacy to become a pacifist nation. Secondly, the article makes the point that China will export its values. Specifically, this part of the article reads, “The implication of this is that modern China will prefer other countries to be more like them, not unlike the emperors of old.” Though this may seem fine to some, this worries me because China is a communist state, and by “exporting” these values, people may fall in to the deadly communist trap that so many countries in history have fallen to. The final subtitle, and the one that worries me the most reads: “China only tolerates relationships it can dominate”. This scares me because The U.S. is the biggest world entity next to China. I mean this in terms of world influence and military power. The article reads, “Traditionally, when the Chinese were forced into a subordinate or even an equal position with another power, usually due to military weakness, they resented it and tried to reassert their usual dominance when they were strong enough to turn the tables. And it is happening again today.” One of the final points made is that China doesn’t want to be a great power, they believe that they deserve to be. In the previous centuries, the Chinese believed they had the right to rule “all under heaven”. With the growing globalization efforts, increase in technological efficiency, and growing tensions between the US and China, I see China as a threat to our society.

  18. One interesting thing to note is that there is something called the U.S debt clock on which you can see in current time how much the U.S is in debt and to who. At the very bottom of the clock you can see that the debt to China keeps increasing. The thing about this situation that makes it tricky is that the U.S constantly spends money increasing its military, almost as if it is preparing for the day that China decides to collect on its debt. This article talking about how Beijing in particular disagrees showed me the Presidents view on the Covid-19 virus and after reading that I do not feel like China will be attacking the U.S anytime soon. However, the fact that a virus that occurred in China was able to ravage the world the way that it did shows that products traveling from China along with people traveling to and from China were so great in number that the spread happened so fast. What kind of superpower will China be is a very interesting question for sure. I personally think that this article could have been worded better because comparing China to its past is very tricky since China used to be the strongest military at one point. The reason why I say this is because China is where the first cannons and gunpowder was invented. Otherwise, where China does meet its expectations like I have stated before is production so it definitely has been leading the world in a manufacturing point of view.

  19. China where a lot of the manufacturing comes to the united states is on china. However China does have a corrupt government and the way they do their stuff compare to the US is very different. However the US with wanting to expand and pay their military, while owing debt is a concern. we cant own debt and want to improve something other than paying some debt before China decides to take over and want to collect its debt. I feel like China will want to go to war with us because on how much or how many things we own them. I feel like China would want to take what’s their back and want to do these things on purpose and end up starting some kind of little war or a break out war, and it will cost us a whole lot of more money. We also don’t know what else china is dealing with, that can be heading our way. We don’t know if the foods that they are dealing with can potentially have another virus or a deadly disease, and us owning them so much is only a matter of time before something else pops up. China has far more people making and buying things, and they’re likely to get richer than they are today. If us the US don’t improve and manage our debt, we will be in more debt than we ever were and it wont look good for us. We all know in history the team with the best military will win and stand strong. So I believe the US military will take on a great amount of challenges and be standing last. A challenger with a strong military would seem more likely to push the their powers into unleashing to what could be a war before the ones who push get any stronger. America has its problems, which is why the rise of China and the challenge it presents to U.S. primacy around the world.

  20. China has always been seen as a powerful force in our world, and the way the country runs and functions is an interesting aspect as well. The country itself is massively different from our country, in almost all aspects. China has always had a presence in our world, either by leading technological movements or being involved in every war back in the day. Throughout history China has been aggressive in their approaches, and although they claim to be peaceful with their methods now the country has shown time and time again to advance towards aggressive means. As a communist country that is filled with censorship, the country is shown to push their agendas and views onto others. The US is the only main country that can contest China’s power and it also manages to likely keep it in check. If China were to attack another country and pursue what they want, very few countries could actually manage to defend themselves

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