How To Keep Your Job Search Going When Hiring Slows Down

from Forbes

Hiring is slowing down: Business Insider, NPR and USA Today all ran stories covering a variation on how businesses are increasingly reluctant to hire. Between global market volatility and uncertainty around coronavirus, there are plenty of reasons why companies choose to wait on hiring more staff.

If you’re looking for a job, this could mean a longer search, which is hard emotionally and financially. Less hiring also means a more competitive search, as candidates vie for a shrinking pool of jobs. However, don’t just sit back and brace for the worst. Here are five ways to keep your job search going when hiring slows down:

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  1. This article caught my eye because I would like to have a job over the summer and there can potentially be a slowing down of hiring by the time I end up looking for a job in the summer. In order to keep your job search going when hiring slows down you need to be more vigilant, Make yourself flexible, revisit old colleagues and bosses, and make yourself stand out compared to everyone else. First off, to be more vigilant you need to be aware of who might be hiring nearby and you need to make sure that you are in touch with the manager or whoever is hiring for that job. If you are not in touch with that person you need to make sure that you reach out to that person. Next, you need to make sure that your schedule is more flexible, clear some nights going out to work. Third, you should revisit your old colleagues and or bosses. This can be very helpful because they can hire you or if they do not end up hiring you they can put a good word in for you to a different company. Lastly, you need to stand out compared to everybody else. In order to stand out compared to everyone else, you need to stay make sure you tell them that you will put a lot of dedication into the job, make yourself seem confident and calm because even when hiring slows down there are still some companies hiring at that moment.

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