Leadership Tips: Empathy Is Key

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For everything that goes into products and marketing and every other aspect of your company, running a business is very much a proposition about people. Facing outward, it’s about convincing people to buy your product, partner with you, invest in you; internally, it’s about the work done by the people you bring in and the relationships that enable everyone to work together. Any leader or manager can be said to be as much a manager of people as tasks and responsibilities, and part of effective management is being able to understand and connect with co-workers and employees, often on a personal level. 

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2 Responses to Leadership Tips: Empathy Is Key

  1. Javier Tovar September 6, 2019 at 6:47 pm #

    Empathy is a very important aspect when it comes to society and how we interact with one another. Even though I personally haven’t seen empathy used in the workplace often, this article has shown how crucial it is to society and to people who are leaders. Mary Juetten makes a great case for why “Empathy is Key” for anyone with a leadership position in workplaces. If we can’t feel empathy, then are we even human? In many American films there is always the same layout for the protagonist. They are struggling with their personal lives and begin to under-perform at work. Once that happens, they are usually fired on the spot no questions asked. In 2019, the people of the world has become so desensitized not only to violence, but to each other. Empathy is very hard to come by in a world that gives absolutely no one a break.
    Even though empathy seems to be diminishing among society, it is necessary for us humans to consistently utilize it to connect with others especially in business. It is very crucial for a leader to not only show empathy, but to feel it. Empathy is something that makes everyone human. Without empathy, we would all be too selfish to accomplish anything or be able to work together. There is a huge connection between empathy and performance. A leader needs to be able to connect to his employees if he wants them to perform to the best of their ability. If an employee feels that their boss or supervisor doesn’t feel for them or cares, they will not be able to carry the motivation necessary for excelling at their job. Being empathetic doesn’t only make the leader more human but it also benefits production for their business because of it. Empathy is important to keeping your team strong and unified. If a leader fired an employee every time, they weren’t performing their best, it wouldn’t be as productive as stepping in their shoes and finding out what is the source of the under-performance. I also believe as a leader empathy is important when dealing with other buildings and other companies. If you can’t feel empathy, you can’t fully connect with other human beings; which can be very bad for business if you can’t connect with a client or a business partner.

  2. Mikaela Battaglia September 13, 2019 at 4:51 pm #

    This article is very powerful, especially reading it in today’s society. The United States is an individualistic society, with everyone wanting to be their own person and follow their own ambitions and dreams without being tied down to a family or job. However, this is also a downfall of our country. Unlike many South American and even European countries that are family-oriented, everyone in America wants to do best for themselves. As selfish as this sounds (and it is selfish), it has not only shown many people’s character, but it has also caused a lack of empathy on many levels.
    The very popular UK turned American TV series “The Office” was almost a one season long show. This is because the manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, Michael Scott, was a complete jerk to his employees. While the show had just begun and the creators were still trying to figure out their characterization, this single character flaw almost ended the show. No one wanted to watch a boss that is a jerk to their staff. However, as the show progressed Michael Scott became a fan favorite because of his big heart and empathy for others, even if he was not the most conventional boss. Not only was he a fan favorite, but when he left the show his employees were heartbroken, because Scott was able to understand them on a personal level as well as a professional one, which is what any employee is looking for in their boss.
    As Juetten makes clear in her article, a good boss is not one that just pays their workers but one that is able to connect with them on a personal level, to understand what each and every employees’ individual needs are. While this skill may be difficult for any manager to master, it is one that is highly coveted in any career path. Natural leaders are ones who are able to take control of a group of people, and command the attention in the room when they walk in. They are respected and maybe even seen as intimidating. But, a good leader is not only all of those things, they are also able to listen to everyone’s input and value their opinions instead of pushing them aside.

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