‘Move Fast And Break Things’ Isn’t A Worthy Slogan

from Seth’s Blog

…because ‘breaking things’ isn’t the point of your work.

How about, “Move fast and make things better,”


“Move fast and create possibility”?

The reason we hesitate to move fast is that we’re worried about what that implies.

Move fast and learn something.

Move fast and take responsibility.

Move fast and then do it again because now you’re smarter.

The alternative is to move slow. To move slow and to hide.

Which means that those you sought to connect, to help and to offer something to will suffer as they wait.

Don’t hoard your work. Own it and share it.

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21 Responses to ‘Move Fast And Break Things’ Isn’t A Worthy Slogan

  1. Lillie Moran March 21, 2019 at 11:01 pm #

    In a fast-paced world, it is hard to take time and think about what we are doing. It is hard to look back at our work, and it is hard to try and correct ourselves and be curious about what it means to actually advance and improve our lives. This piece directly addresses the problem of our new generation, one where we are constantly in motion, trying to “break barriers” and become the best that we can be. One thing we fail to note, however, is that not all things are meant to be broken. When we focus on breaking things that have been established, we fail to recognize that breakings these things can cause us to forget about making things better, or opening up new doors. When we move fast, we achieve something, but we don’t learn from it. It is as if when we do something, we are constantly reaching for more. Human nature can speak to this. As humans, we are constantly trying to move forward. We are trying to find new and efficient ways to do everything from driving a car, to getting a proper education. This idea of fast-pace is seen through our state of our world now, where our lives are centered around the innovation and advancement of technology and artificial intelligence. Companies (such as Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.) are constantly creating new material, new platforms and new forms of communication that capture the interest of everyone. Every year, a new iPhone is released, or Facebook launches a new way to spread information through absorbing social media sites. These types of innovation set ourselves into a “virtual reality” instead of an actual reality. Instead of constantly reaching for something as simple as a better camera, we should be focused on better education, better and equal opportunities for all people, or protection for digital privacy, but we always want the superficial.

    While reading this article, the one slogan that kept creeping into the back of my mind was Apple’s “Think Different.” This phrase in itself can be applied to all aspects of life. It is not about thinking of a new way to innovate technology, but it is about innovating it for the better of society. Being able to “Think Different” will push society to better itself. Instead of “Move fast and break things,” we should “Think different to improve things.” In order to do this, we as a society have to acknowledge where our world is heading. We are constantly improving our technology, but we need to use this to our advancement. We need to create jobs, better healthcare, create equal and fair opportunity, and improve our communication and relationships with the world, but this starts with thinking different. We may be moving fast, but we can spare a few moments to look back at what we have done, and face where we are going. Only through this, can we actually better our direction.

  2. Kyle Stephens March 22, 2019 at 9:49 am #

    The “move fast and break things” mentality is one that I am well aware of. Sadly, I believe that I operate under this method a lot of the time, especially when money is involved. However, this isn’t a good strategy because “breaking things” should never be our goal. As Seth says “How about, “Move fast and make things better,” or “Move fast and create possibility”?” These two options give you much better chances to find success and praise. The fear we have in situations where e end up “slowing down” or “hiding” is all self doubt. I believe self doubt to be the downfall of my generation. No one has the confidence in themselves to do things that we are expected to do everyday. I know I’m not confident. For example, I have a speech for oral communications next week. I get to talk about something I know and love, which is hockey. I know so much about it and generally I love to talk about it but for some reason when it comes to giving this speech, there is so much self doubt. We’re to scared to take a chane and maybe fail. By in doing so, we are doing ourselves a huge disservice. One of the best ways that we can learn is by making mistakes and failing. We can get just as much, if not more, from our failures in life as we can get from out successes. Just think about it, if everything goes right that means you knew what to do and did it but, you learned nothing. When you fail, its because you did what you know but it doesn’t work. So, you get put in a spot where you can curl up and accept to defeat or you have to try and come up with new ideas to solve the issue. On top of that reason, our generation also fears failure because we hate to take responsibility for bad things that happen to us or around us. No one my age will own up to skipping class or skipping an assignment. Generally, we’ll make something up to get an extension because we realize we should have just done it and we fear failure. I’d say we fear failing as much as we fear death. Its just traumatizing to us, we don’t want to fail in any way shape or form. Success is all we think about.

  3. Peter Honczaryk March 22, 2019 at 10:22 am #

    Move fast and break things is not always such a bad thing. If you work on something, realize that what you are working on can be much better and you are willing to discard of it, then you might as well just do it. People are always worried that what they did was never enough and worry that because of this they need to make a change and what better way to make a change to “break” or discard what you already started. In this case you have a better chance of success by starting over. New ideas will pile on the old ones and you can then the outcome will prove to be more worthy than the old one and in any task this can be more rewarding. If you are working on a project at work, realizing that the original idea can be altered, scrap the old work and work on something new. If the old idea was worth remembering, you have a chance to continue to add on extra information or data that can make the project more successful. At school, working on an assignment or paper, and it seems as if the paper is not the best it could be, you can start a whole new paper, save some of the old ideas and continue to enhance and expand on the points you are trying to make. This idea does not have to extend to only school or work assignment but also renovations. One of best ways to make some money these days is to flip houses. The house may have been previously renovated and altered to look better, nicer but it can always be improved inside and out. That is where you need to move fast to buy the house on the market before anyone has a chance and break it down, fix it up, make improvements and sell it again for even more money than it was previously worth. Through all of this you have the chance to learn something new, take responsibility for any mistakes, or work slow to have the best possible outcome in the end. In the end I do not agree with Seth that you should never move fast and break things because that is the way to learn and improve on whatever task you are doing.

  4. Domenico Cirielli March 22, 2019 at 5:27 pm #

    Right now, we all live in a world filled with technological advancements. Many of those technological advancements have come at the expense of our previous ways of living. This is something most commonly referred to as disruption. To me, disruption consists of an idea that is groundbreaking, not only in how advanced it is, but also in what it means for things that preceded it. Oftentimes, we tend to think, or at least I do, that disruption comes at the cost of destroying or breaking something that already exists; however, that is the notion that I feel as though this Seth’s Blog article is trying to debunk. Not all good things need to come at the cost of others. We can still be driven to have more and more technological advancement, but that does not necessarily mean things that we use today are going to become completely useless and obsolete. It is the responsibility of the innovators to, yes disrupt our lives for the better, but at the same time not destroy everything we have come to know up to this point in our lives. In the article, the writer indicates that our drive for innovating should not be to destroy or break things, but rather “make things better” and “create possibility.” In my opinion, innovation should be able to better our existing lives, not completely throw everything we have come to know into the blender.

    Another idea that the Seth’s Blog article touched upon is the fact that sometimes, as innovators, we are hesitant to move forward, for whatever reasons might exist. However, that reason should never be out of fear that one might be disrupting life. I think what this article is trying to say (I may be wrong) is that one should never really try to innovate with the intent of trying to disrupt life as it is, but instead to better life. One should not be afraid of whether or not his or her innovations are going to disrupt the world – it’s better to share one’s ideas with the possibility of the betterment of life than hide those ideas from others, keeping them in the dark as to a potential better way to live. Progress is not always quick, but it is definitely something that individuals should move as fast as they can towards. The slower we as a society approach progress, the longer we will have to wait for more effective and better technological advancements in our lives.

  5. Richard Gudino March 22, 2019 at 6:38 pm #

    There was a time in the history of education in America, way before our time, schools would push the idea on the kids that they needed to learn faster and become better. That efficiency was the key to be smarter or to get ahead in life. Now as we situate ourselves in a time where we have become more sensitive and we have more patience and we protect the people who are slower and can’t learn as fast as the rest of the people around them. This is by no fault of them they just can’t adjust, and they may get left behind. These are the kids that must try their hardest, but they will always be slowing down. The idea that they can work fast it is almost impossible to them, but still not improbable. Even the peasant that lives at the bottom can still rise and be able to do their work fast. People have always managed to hide behind their insecurities and have managed to hide all their work and have deprived the world of the next possible idea that can save us or make us better. Fear has always been the primal instinct that has kept humanity alive. We have reached a point in our history where our only threat has been each other and our fear. We have become the apex predator and this world is ours to turn into what we want it to be. It has become unfortunate that the people that hold the reins of this world have managed to wok fast but with the ability to be able to take away something from this earth. We have all let out fear dictate our lives hold us back from doing what we know in every fiber of our being is good work and meaningful work for. Sometimes we are faced with our own mortality and with that we realize that this life has become too short for us to not say what we want and do what we want. Why live life hiding behind a mask, a mask that always gets in the way of speaking leaving us mute and have us become yes men, not challenging the way someone does or say something. This life can be beautiful and good for us if we involve ourselves and try to live as we are still that young kid trying to go faster and make life better. This isn’t a call to live fast and die young. Life should be able to live to the extent where you are able to see your grandchildren, so you know the struggle and challenges were all worth it. If something is worth doing why not do it right. It doesn’t necessarily say to do it fast just that it is done right. It is time that all those that have hid their work to think different and speak.

  6. Cameron Kharazmi March 22, 2019 at 6:53 pm #

    In this day and age, complacency helps no one, and “moving fast” is constantly adjusting to the rapidly changing world. I enjoyed the mention of moving fast and “creating possibility”, because I believe in today’s job market and work force, it is important that we are always looking ahead and working with a full head of steam. Moving fast does not actually imply that we try to do our work in a speedy manner. Rather, it implies that we put into action the ideas and aspirations we have come up with in our heads and executing a vision, rather than waiting or being complacent with the fact that they may not work. With no risk, there is no reward, and by not risking failure we cannot move fast. The job market grows competitive by the day, and with more people in earning their own degrees, there has to be some level of work and success that can separate some people from others. In my own life, working fast means applying for internships despite not having upper class status, trying to take courses that are meant to be taken in future years, and even engaging in important networking that I may not need now, but will need in the future. The last thing I want for myself is to be stuck with the masses of individuals coming out of school with no direction in their life, who sit and wait behind a phone or computer waiting for a call back from one of the many places they applied to work. When moving fast, I want to put my ideas to action, and work on them despite any limitations that exist. In response to Seth’s idea that we shouldn’t break things and move fast, I agree, as I believe burning the past in order to advance in the future is not necessarily the most productive of ideas. Moving fast and breaking things only creates for more issues, and while it is important to leave unproductivity behind, it is also important to keep some of the lessons, connections, and even work that we had the past to have a better future.

  7. Divyaa Sarin March 22, 2019 at 8:08 pm #

    After reading the title “‘Move fast and break things’ isn’t a worthy slogan,” I definitely agree with the author because destroying opportunities is insignificant. It is important to live life to each moment by creating more chances and possibilities to become successful. Personally, I believe working in a fast time frame is better than a slow one. Over time, experience allows an individual to become faster in their work, craft, or skill. Hesitation is one’s biggest enemy. One should never hesitate to pursue dreams or opportunities. Often times, fear takes control of an individual’s mind and causes hesitation. In order to live in a fast-moving environment, individuals have to break out of their comfort zones, explore new opportunities and learn new skills.

    College is the perfect example of a fast-moving environment where people must think quickly in order to excel. Personally, college goes by very quickly. Professors give homework and tests as soon as the semester begins. Before you know it, these assignments are due. In order to achieve success, procrastination must be eliminated. This fast mentality will never make you procrastinate again. During freshmen year as I first came into college, I had difficulty adjusting to time-frames for assignments. I would always procrastinate and would never be able to put my one hundred percent into important tasks. This type of hesitation made me fall behind others who were excelling! However, my sophomore year, I changed my mentality and always completed my assignments weeks before they are due. This work ethic allows no worries and gives more times to pursue other activities.

    Opportunities are limitless; however, time isn’t. Life is too short to mess up and break the rules. It is important to succeed with the right mindset. We have to acknowledge our strengths as oppose to weaknesses. Hesitation is a huge weakness that separates individuals from successful ones. In order to achieve success, we must have a fast-mentality!

  8. Demetri Allen March 22, 2019 at 8:29 pm #

    Right now, as it stands too many people are settling. When I say settling, I mean being complacent with their current situation. Now if you are in a decent spot in your life then there is nothing wrong with that but there is always the chance to do better. That is what Seth’s Blog is talking about, the ability to outdo yourself. The phrase “Move fast and break things” means that making mistakes comes naturally when trying to innovate. The problem with people is that they are so afraid of making mistakes that they don’t even try in the first place. Society today has lost the mindset of “If I am knocked down then will get back up and keep going” because they are too scared of getting knocked down at all. Even when they do get decide to put in some effort and take responsibility or try and learn a new skill, they quit the moment they mess up. Failure is a natural part of life that is unavoidable so we shouldn’t let it discourage us from being the best possible versions of ourselves. Perhaps we could blame social media for the fear of failure. Nowadays, almost everything thing we do or say is recorded and put online somewhere and many people turn to the response for validation. This constantly being in the spotlight makes people want to only show the good aspects of them and not bring up any weaknesses or failures. Girls will spend hours making sure their selfie is exactly perfect and ponder over what the best caption for Instagram is. We only want people to see our good side and it is causing us to settle for where we are and not try to get to somewhere better. Seth has the right idea with more people working harder to better themselves.

  9. Andrew Kenny March 22, 2019 at 8:34 pm #

    “Moving fast and breaking things” seems a little too forceful of a motto to live by. I can understand that some people may want to be the first to do things and break away from the norm, but I do not believe that style of living generally leads to success. One can move fast while taking responsibility and learning something. I feel like while I am still young, it is easier to conform to an ever-changing world and adjust to the times. I know I need to learn fast and react to the many curve balls life will throw me. Slow learners and those who hesitate will most likely struggle to find success. Sitting back and waiting is not going to do anyone any good, because there are countless counterparts out there that are striving day in and day out to attain the same goal for themselves that you have for yourself.
    I can understand those who like to sit back and for life to come to them. Not everyone has the personality to make themselves stand out in a crowd. That may not mean they are complacent, maybe they just enjoy “going with the flow.” Obviously, that comes with consequences and drawbacks that may hinder future goal achievement. Communication is key, especially in business where first impressions are so valuable. I do not consider myself the most outgoing person in the world, but I do realize I need to try and use my personality to my advantage. In order to gain internship experience and network to set myself up, a “fast” approach is needed. I refuse to let myself to be left behind the curve of my competition. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my major is extremely competitive and not everyone is going to land where they want at first. However, I know for a fact I am not going to allow myself to be wearing a blue apron with a “Hi my name is” name tag my whole life.

  10. Rachel Leto March 22, 2019 at 8:57 pm #

    First reading the title “Move fast and break things”, the first thing that came to mind for me was breaking barriers. If you want to do something no one else has done before, you are going to have to move fast and break things, whether it be the way people think or some rules. I agree with Seth’s Blog article that you should make things better and create possibility, but sometimes you have to make things worse so that they can get better. The faster someone moves, there are definitely are more risks that come with it, but the reward would be very worth it in the end. Something that I have noticed is that people are very scared to take responsibility for their actions because they do not want to know that they are wrong. Moving fast is not a bad thing, but it can have consequences if done too carelessly.
    With all of this being said, I am not against moving slow. When someone moves slower, can move around the “breaking things” idea. Maybe they could move slow and discover something new through the fact they did not have to go back and fix their mistakes. Personally, I am someone that likes to work fast and go back and revise because the thoughts that first came out were so raw that it would benefit me to get them all out of the way, so that I can make sense of it or think clearer. I see people who move slower already having that clear mindset of what they want and how they get it. Both ways of working can bring you closer to either discovering something new or learn responsibility. I do not agree with Seth’s Blog Article hat moving slow means hiding. Not necessarily does it mean that the thing that needs it is suffering too because I see it as that if someone is taking their time with something, they want it to be the best version of that very thing.

  11. Horace Bryce Jr March 22, 2019 at 9:01 pm #

    We are living in an age where everything around us is moving fast. It should go without saying that one either rolls with the punches of this ever shifting society or gets knocked down by it. Because the world is moving so rapidly many people do not have the stamina to run along side it because they are scared of something. More often than not that something tends to be a someone and that someone happened to be themselves. For this very reason I agree with Seths Blog that the slogan “Move Fast and Break Things” is no longer a worthy slogan. This is a slogan for the people that are the losers of the world. That being because to move slow is to hinder yourself, it is to be afraid of failing and responsibility. To be afraid to fail is one in the same as being afraid to succeed because both requires that one take a risk. To “move fast and break things” is to “move slow and hide.” For one to move fast in this fast world is to have the courage to create possibility and if that fails to try again. I often have a problem with moving fast always telling myself that I am “pacing myself” or “waiting for the right time.” I quickly learned that this was the attitude of people who are not successful in life. I learned this actual;ly after going home for spring break and connecting with a few high school friends. I noticed that the one that I linked up with had no motivation in life, constantly making excuses as to why they are the way they are. Honestly it was sad to come to this realization. But after reading this I simply see that it is because they are not moving fast in this shifting society, they are afraid of failing. I refuse to allow myself to succumb to such circumstances.

  12. Melissa Caniz March 22, 2019 at 11:13 pm #

    Many times we think that being efficient means getting the most done in a small frame of time. Usually, multitasking is the answer to everything, but it is not, we get things done, but we don’t do a great job at it. Doing something regularly or repetitive makes you efficient at that particular task, but that does not mean that there isn’t room for improvement. Things around us constantly change, technology is always emerging, and we need to stay up to date to be ahead of the game. We are still teaching and learning from others; someone may know something I don’t know and vise versa. In a healthy workspace, one must land a hand out to a friend, co-worker when needed because one day we may be on the other side of the table and maybe the ones asking for help. Now looking at the other hand, there are people that tend to take advantage of one’s kindness and use it to their favor. In any job, there is always competition to be the best, to get a promotion or be the manager of a section and etc. When moving up the ladder it is crucial to be at your best game and show the boss that you’re ready for a new challenge. Competition can always be non-healthy and this is when things start taking a different turn. Some may try to hurt you physically so you are not able to perform a particular task while others may try to falsify information about you and try to take the lead. Nowadays any field that anyone goes into is competitive, there are so many people across the world and nation that are pursuing the same dreams and will one day be in line for the same job, the one things that makes you different from them is whatever makes you shine;outstand from anyone who has the same education as you. The only way to outstand is to be coacky and act as if you own the world, but there are limits of course, and they reach a certain extent. We may get lost in the process of trying to be the best in the world but that’s when we have to look back to our morals and beliefs and remember our humbleness.

  13. Abdulrafay Amir March 24, 2019 at 3:36 pm #

    Right now, you can see around yourself every day that people are just settling and trying to be comfortable. Individuals are too fearful of something bad happening to them and would rather be satisfied with settling with the whatever option they have available. People always continue to do the things that keep them from having to go through change and refuse to work and get themselves better at what they want to do. The phrase “Move quick and damage things” capacity that making mistakes comes naturally when trying to innovate. The trouble with human beings is that they are so afraid of making mistakes that they don’t even attempt in the first place. Many people is our society fear the consequences of being knocked down because they never want to be seen as an embarrassment to their friends and families which is what paralyzes an individual from being able to move forward in life. Even those who realize they need to do something immediately quit once they see a glimmer of failure about to take place. Fear is the biggest “cancer” to humans. Failure is the unavoidable part of life and we need to stop being afraid of letting our failures dictate who we are as people inside. Perhaps we should blame social media for the fear of failure. Nowadays, nearly the whole thing aspect we do or say is recorded and put online somewhere and many humans turn to the response for validation. This constantly being in the highlight makes humans favor to solely exhibit the good aspects of them and not bring up any weaknesses or failures. Rather than give up when you fail, why not learn from your failures and use it as a lesson or let it serve as memory to guide and push you forward during those days when you just want to drop everything and go back to being lazy and doing nothing to stay safe and avoid any “failure”.

  14. Ashley Bock March 28, 2019 at 3:26 pm #

    The society and world we are living in today is currently moving very fast and we often hear things such as “if you don’t move and keep with the changes you will be left behind” and this is true but does that mean one who cannot keep up entirely should decide to “hide” (Seth’s Blog) or sit out completely? No, and for this reason I agree with Seth’s Blog post. The quote “move fast and break things” (Seth’s Blog) means that one should just keep moving forward even if you are making mistakes. Now, this quote can be seen in a positive light, however, it can also have a negative connotation as one does not want to think about making mistakes when delving into the unknown fast-moving world. Which this reason, the fear of making mistakes or of things going wrong is why many individuals stop trying to adjust to the world. Many people just accept where they are at even though they could do better. This is because they are too scared or too nervous to be outside of their own comfort zone. Now, comfort zones are in reality not real, they are a self-created imaginary barrier that are put up by every individual around themselves, and I am no different. However, many think and make it out to be an excuse for not trying. This seen as we simply say to ourselves, I don’t know or “that’s just out of my comfort zone” and instantly we have psyched ourselves out and we have slowed our pace of action. I feel that Seth’s Blog post outlines what we should do correctly, that is that we should not worry about breaking things or making mistakes but rather think of the positive outcome that could come from moving fast. Such as “learn something”, “make something better”, “create possibility”, and “take responsibility” (Seth’s Blog). All of these positive aspects are things that result not from hiding within one’s own self-made comfort zone, but rather jumping into a project or situation, and adjusting adequately with fast pace of the world, which is not slowing down for anyone or at anytime in the future.

  15. Diamond Vasquez March 28, 2019 at 6:18 pm #

    ”Move fast and break things” is a phrase describing how one should work fast, knowing that he or she will make mistakes. In my opinion, the phrase is not a very positive way of encouraging people to “move fast” and not have doubt in themselves because, even though making mistakes is normal, a person does not want to think that they are going to make a mistake; some better phrases, as explained in the article, include the following: “Move fast and make things better” or “Move fast and create possibility.” For me, I was the opposite of what this phrase is conveying; I never wanted to rush through anything, whether it is my work for class or deciding on what I wanted to do in life. Since I started college, my mentality has changed to thinking fast and looking my future career. I already know that I want to pursue a career as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and then I would like to become an entrepreneur. I am trying to receive both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree within a shorter time period than the typical time period, and I desire to receive a certificate in Entrepreneurial Skills.

    In today’s society, we are all moving fast to get to where we need to get to in life, taking big steps and even bigger risks, stepping out of our comfort zone. Some, like myself sometimes, may have some doubt in ourselves or hesitation because “we’re worried about what that [the phrase] implies,” as described in “’Move fast and break things’ Isn’t A Worthy Slogan,” posted in Seth’s Blog. We may be afraid of taking an extra step into our dreams because we do not know what is going to happen, and we do not want to think the worse. With this particular quote, as I have explained before, it demonstrates how when one moves fast, they may encounter moments where they make mistakes, and it is okay. People do not want to make mistakes, so they feel as though moving at a slow (or slower) pace, they will be sure to not make any mistakes. Though, as advised in this article, “Don’t hoard your work. Own it and share it.” In my opinion, this phrase should be changed in order to give a more positive connotation in which encourages people to move fast and not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

  16. Kayla Clavijo April 5, 2019 at 4:09 pm #

    In today’s increasingly rapid world, this fast-paced lifestyle we are living is causing more problems than it solves. Things are changing and happening so fast, and the days are just flying by that it seems like we are losing out on time. According to Seth’s blog “‘Move Fast And Break Things’ Isn’t A Worthy Slogan”, we are all moving fast to get to where we need to be in life. However, living in such a rapid word we don’t even expect slowing down to be an option. We simply forget to return back to our human state of mind. In everything we do, we want to be quicker, more efficient and more productive. This is really just to say that we want everything to be faster.

    Living in a fast-paced world shows that we are not taking the time to enjoy life, because we are always on the go. We are not taking the time to reflect on ourselves and the problems that we face every day. Instead, we move on from time because that is what we are wired to do…move forward. Everything we do is in a speedy manner. Just like any addiction, people are out of control in their behaviors, feelings and thinking, yet they believe they are normal. Unfortunately, this is progress in today’s society. You always move forward and there are no limits to how far you can go or how fast you can get there. Don’t pause, don’t reflect. You win or lose. You’ll fall behind and fail if you stop moving. But what are we racing toward? Chances are if we were to stop and really think about it, we wouldn’t come up with satisfactory answer. We might find an explanation such as “I don’t have enough time”, but those reasons are not the root of our frenzy. This is what we fail to realize. As stated in the article, How about, “Move fast and make things better,”or “Move fast and create possibility”? In other words, how about we move fast and actually get something out of everything we do with out rushing around full of stress.

    Personally, I believe working in a fast time and slow time frame makes me accomplish many things in life without pressure and stress. The fast pace life pushes me to develop myself and to use my abilities. Yet, slowing down helps me enjoy life more than ever. Slowing down doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do anything, it just means I should experience more of the things I do. Unfortunately, people are forgetting how to appreciate the things they do and are losing their mental clarity with their high paced lives. People simply can’t find fulfilment as they have too many desires. More and more it feels like our lives have turned into a grueling race toward a finish line we never reach. No matter how fast we go, no matter how many comforts we forgo in order to quicken our pace, there never seems to be enough time. Society needs to wake up and slow down. Afterall, sometimes slowing down and working slower can lead to improved productivity.

  17. Kevin Metz May 3, 2019 at 7:42 pm #

    This article offers many other slogans involving moving fast like, “move fast and create possibility,” or “Move fast and make things better”. While reading this incredibly short article, I was quite confused when it was discussing such a slogan. I then began to think, why would anyone want their slogan to be about breaking things and then it hit me. It isn’t physically breaking things it is more revolved around making “break throughs”. I understand why this article would have been bashing such a slogan because at first glance I took it as a negative. Also this slogan could mean do not be afraid to mess up, make mistakes, break things, we often learn the greatest lessons from our mistakes and when thinking through both perceptions of the slogan they are both extremely clever and obviously were thought out but whoever made this slogan must remember that not everyone will go through the effort to try and break down such a statement and just assume that whoever follows this slogan is careless and breaks things. Obviously, that was not the intention of the slogan, but it is ironic the lesson that they have learned. Maybe do not move too fast and actually plan out what your slogan will mean to everyone next time, I am not saying the slogan is bad but to some people it may seem laughable that anyone would follow such an idiotic line. Sure moving forward is great especially when its fast but taking the time to plan and acknowledge everyone’s opinion and calculating your risks may be more efficient in the long run.

  18. Niall El-Adawy May 5, 2019 at 11:53 pm #

    Today, society is very different than how it was in the past. we live in a fast-paced world. Everyone is always doing something, going somewhere, starting something, and in a rush. We tend to forget the path that we leave behind us while we are in a rush from point A to B. Often, we leave a path of destruction behind us to get to where we want to be. We must move away from the idea of bashing through whatever stands between us and our goals. Instead, go around it, fix it, or even bring whatever stands in front of you on your journey to success. “Move fast and create possibility,” is definitely a better approach to any situation in life. Consider others in your pursuits–the world does not revolve around you.

  19. Jake Malek October 16, 2019 at 10:39 pm #

    After reading a few of Seth’s blogs, this poem like blog really stood out to me. As an entrepreneur and a person who is seriously considering creating my own business upon graduation from college, moving fast is something I hear repeatedly. The notion that moving fast and more importantly moving now is a key to success within the industry. I really liked this moving fast concept and the way Seth lays out the benefits of moving fast such as learning fast, taking more responsibilities, creating more possibilities, and becoming smarter faster. What I really appreciated about this article was the way he specifically described the benefits of moving fast. The pace in which I am living my life, I often tend to overlook. Reading this article has made me focus more on the pace of my life and the benefits that I can gain from starting to move faster. The worry most people have with moving fast is the concept of failure and Seth counters that point perfectly with his thought-provoking final statement which reads, “Move fast and then do it again because now you’re smarter”. Seth presents the American entrepreneurial mindset which is to look at failure as an opportunity to learn and become smarter rather than a dead end. This idea of failure being a learning lesson and a place to grow from rather than a complete failure is a concept that I hear repeatedly throughout my entrepreneurial career path. And this part of Seth’s blog really counters everyone who hesitates to grow, develop, and move faster.

    One of his final lines is aimed toward the alternative which is to move slow. Seth says to move slow and hide not only hinders your own abilities but also the persons who “you sought to connect, to help and to offer something to will suffer as they wait”. I think this is such a great ending to his blog because he shows how a person moving slow hurts everyone and that as a society, everyone benefits from people moving faster. A great example that I think of is the pharmaceutical professionals and researchers within the world. If they were to move slower, more and more people would be suffering from illness. But, on the contrary, if they were to move fast, they would learn more, become smarter, and develop more for the community.

  20. Zachary Crockett October 22, 2019 at 1:14 pm #

    Seth’s blog disputes the slogan, ‘Move fast and break things’ as an unworthy and indirect phrase. Seth then goes on to discuss other phrases that could be substituted instead of ‘break things’, such as, “…make things better”, “…create possibility”, “…learn something”, “…take responsibility.” And so, Seth begs the question as to why should the end goal be breaking things? Breaking things is not the point of establishing and presenting sufficient work. We are then put into an ultimatum with this slogan because the main aspect holding society from exceeding limits and being as productive as possible is the result of potentially dealing with the consequences of moving too fast, for instance, breaking things. Seth wants the reader to understand one must not fall into the trap of leaning towards the alternative, moving slow. Moving slowly does not serve anyone well. Moving slowly does not improve your own skills while simultaneously losing connection with others. Moving slowly in a sense is hiding and so, hiding your work promotes a lack of confidence and perseverance. Moving fast reveals initiative and incentive, and separates those willing to put in the work and those who fall short. All in all, there must be a happy medium when dealing with moving too fast or moving to slow. I believe this lies in preparation and rewarding. I believe preparing in advance and setting designated times and deadlines for an assignment or task is half the battle and will establish order throughout the situation. And as far as rewarding, I believe we need to remind ourselves why we are acting as such and to permit a break to realize was being human and stepping one foot back in certain instances will allow us to step two feet ahead in the future.

  21. Kevin Orcutt May 1, 2020 at 11:11 pm #

    Seth never seems to fail in offering up inspiring things to stay to all ages of people that read his content on a regular basis. When it comes to life, we must act with confidence. This confidence allows us to be certain of our work and not be afraid of it. When we are not afraid of what we are doing, this then allows us the be the leader. Being the leader is where you want to be in today’s world. While this means you are going to take the most criticism and hate, it also means you are going to reap the most rewards. I have never heard of a time where the guy that was in last place got the trophy, and that is the same for life. When you are at the top of your field and are the one producing content instead of creating content, you are going to be the winner. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with being fast with our work. The faster we can put things out confidently the better. If we look at social media specifically, the way to amass a following without being a prominent public figure already is to just flood the market with content. No one is going to see what you have to offer unless you are putting things out fast, all the time. People want to consume content and you need to give it to them. We need to do this especially when we are trying to appeal to niche groups and really get them to like what we are putting out. You can use the old expression of practice makes perfect here. The more you do, the more you will get better at it and the more people will start to consume your content. You are beginning to put yourself in front of everybody in terms of how much content and then soon to be quality once you start to understand fully what you are doing and how to appeal to the people. Any excuses for people that end up falling into the slow category are just excuses because they do not want to do work and would rather just sit there doing nothing and consume the content that the people who are first in life put out.

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