4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

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The next wave of digital transformation is on the horizon — and it’ll be a veritable tsunami. A 2017 SAP report showed that 84 percent of organizations think digital transformation is vital to their success but that only 3 percent have completed their transformation initiatives.

This wave will consist of applications built by citizen developers. Soon, these developers will be able to build their own applications just like business users can build out their own spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

Where’s IT in all of this? Right now, companies relying on IT alone to propel digital transformation are running at a pace that’s far too slow. If they work solely with professional programmers, organizations will never reach the necessary level of digital transformation.

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30 Responses to 4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

  1. Allya Jaquez February 15, 2019 at 9:35 am #

    Technology can change dramatically within a few months or even in a year. Technology has helped our society in plenty of ways. There will soon be a new way in which technology works and we all should be prepared so this article tells us step by step how we should do so. The first way is expanding your imagination. I feel as though this step is very important because in order to keep up with the technology now, you have to be able to think outside the box and figure new things out. The second step to prepare yourself for this digital transformation is to train your workforce. This means that if you know people who are struggling to change their techniques, you can create a group of those individuals and show them how to expand on their imagination and create new things. The third step is to invest in the appropriate platforms. It is important to make sure that the company you work for has advanced technology and will be able to build their own custom applications. The final step to transforming into a new wave in the digital world is to think about your processes, not the tasks. This step will make the workforce a little bit easier and people will get more work done as well. I strongly believe that the next wave of digital transformation will be coming soon and we all need to be prepared for it.

  2. Peter Honczaryk February 15, 2019 at 11:51 am #

    It is true that technology has expanded over the last few centuries. With technological advancement came advancements in medicine which means that people live longer, advancement in business so companies can easily promote their products, make those products quickly, and sell quickly, and of course the everyday use to make daily tasks in life simple. Like the article said “When computers first came on the business scene, IT was in charge of all technology decisions, both software and hardware.” This is not exactly a good thing, though. Companies cannot fully rely on IT to have solely worked on digital transformation. I agree that it is the company that should take over some of these forms of digital transformation because IT will not always know what it is the company is trying to accomplish and so it employees should take over some of these decisions themselves in order for the company to succeed. The steps to get started on digital transformation is expand your imagination, train your workforce, invest in platforms, and think about the process, not tasks. The problem with this is that to train your workforce would be a time commitment and not all companies have the time to do this and so a better way would be to hire and some a specific division to work for the technical development thus way the whole company is not focused on only one thing.

  3. Claudia Ralph February 15, 2019 at 1:48 pm #

    Digital transformation is an interesting concept, because I believe that technology is transforming every day. Processes and products are created every day that make our lives easier, our jobs more productive and our world one step closer to being completely digital. In business, digital transformation extends beyond the physical product, rather it is highlighted by the creation of process and systems that make business easier and more efficient.
    I agree with the point in the article that says that companies that digitize their customer interfaces along with other features will win in the marketplace. Look at Amazon, the clear winner in this scenario, as going completely digital has caused their business to explode. Their business strategy is something that every company should try to emulate, as it has been wildly successful. Honestly, for me, if I can’t buy it online I am not usually going to buy it. Digital and online customer interfaces have expanded the market in which businesses can reach their consumers.
    As consumers, it is important to note that these changes heavily align with what we are looking for in the marketplace. What we are looking for is the ability to get products and services faster and with more ease. For businesses, they are looking to deliver these products and services with the same ease. The impact of artificial intelligence on data collection and other data processes will become a huge part of how these processes are changed as well, as data is becoming the future of digital transformation.
    Will we know how exactly this change will be presented to us? No. Were consumers able to predict 30 years ago that the internet would be as prevalent? No. While we know what changes we want as consumers, what we do not know is how innovation will impact that change and that is what is exciting and refreshing about digital transformation. The fact that it can be presented in any way. It is up to businesses to look at digital innovation and determine how it will best fit the needs of consumers.

  4. Richard Gudino February 15, 2019 at 2:30 pm #

    Other articles had made it seem that technology had been an advancing front on the world of business, that it was a matter of time before all our businesses became heavily engraved with technology. So much so that a power outage would disable and put people out of business without their tech. Reading this article it may not be true that technology is quickly taking over our businesses, its true in the aspect of having automated machines coming into our workforce. Things like machines replacing men in our jobs that could be done more effectively that is already here and that problem will only get worse. This article is addressing the work space of the people whose skills for the job were attained with a degree or more education. I was surprised to read that everyone was anticipating the rise of technology in the workforce, yet only 3 percent of the businesses readying for the new age of technology had followed through with their goal. Which means that yes out technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, its implementation had been slow and needs to be able to catch up. The article had cited that one of the reasons for the issue was because of IT. These are the tech gurus that are supposed to make sure all the tech of a business is running smoothly and without a hitch, they are being called for the slow implementation of tech into business. We shouldn’t focus so much on why this has happened, the article explaining that it was because all tech had to go through IT and make sure no one else can pass and encompass all that they know. All this needs to be put aside because the world is growing and we need to be able to grow with it, if not then we are left in the dust. When we are left behind others will innovate and surpass us. I like the four strategies that the article suggest to help with a smoother transition into the digital world. Especially in being able to train your workforce. I have always believed that even after you receive your masters degree there is more to learn about your degree than what college has been able to tell you. Business need to help train those that are eager to learn more and help to advance the agenda of their companies. I am not saying to hold their hand and help them step by step but offer some sort of guidance. If and when those people succeed it will have demonstrated to the rest of the workforce that they too can try and learn these new skills. Does this mean that there will not be any negative effects? Of course there will be a drawback, it will add to the long list of qualifications that these workers are going to need. Thus increasing the competition. Every progression in human history has had some sort of drawback. This is a small price to pay for progress.

  5. Rachel Leto February 15, 2019 at 3:24 pm #

    If something is always changing, it is technology. Someone is always coming out with a newer and faster way to help solve everyday problems. The evolution from pen and paper to digital platform happened very fast and since technology is always advancing, these dramatic changes are going to keep happening and at a faster rate as well. Many companies are starting to become fully digital businesses. The only reason most companies have not made the transformation yet is because they have older people who believe if the system works why change it. Professor Shannon mentioned that once all of those people are not working anymore, all companies will have made the switch to digital platforms.
    This article provides steps on how to get ready for the new transformation of IT and I believe this can help lots of people see what it is all about and prepare them. It starts off with expanding your imagination, which helps people get out of their one track mind of how they think that the digital world should be. The next step would be to train your workforce. Finding your strongest people to work with is helpful in any case, but finding those who are willing to spend countless hours to create something new are the ones that are going to keep driving your company to success. Then, you would have to make sure to invest in the right platforms. This is very important because you do not want to invest in something that is hard for your employees and customers to use. The last step is to think about the process, not the tasks. Companies should be thinking about what will get them to the next step before even completing the first step. People need to keep up with the new way technology will be influencing your business. It is important to keep your company updated and make sure that everyone is comfortable and well informed with the new way of doing things.

  6. Daibelis Acevedo February 15, 2019 at 4:30 pm #

    Technology innovations are a prime necessity for our everyday lives. Digital Transformation has already changed the world of every individual, and it’s only the beginning. The world will soon become entirely digital. At this point in our lives, we can almost do anything at the touch of a fingertip. From shopping to paying bills, finding jobs, and much more, the technology we have available can help us do anything we need to do. In the stock market today, retail stores are on the decline because of all the advances we have online. People find it way easier to get all their shopping done at home and get it delivered right to their door. This has influenced retail companies to reduce the number of storefronts they have and are focusing on making their online business more efficient and productive. It is very important to know about these innovations because they are happening right in front of our eyes and the world will continue to change. As I was reading the article, one of the most important sections is the third way to prepare, “invest in the appropriate platforms.” Companies have the choice to either innovate or get left behind because of the constant digital transformations, “it’s time to catch up.” The business world isn’t about the product, it’s about which company grabs the most market share. Companies are going to have to make a game plan, it is not going to work out if they keep working the same way they always have. Companies will sink if they are not changing their workplace according to the digital transformations occurring around us. Being ignorant to the digital world is like sinking yourself without trying to, it is a guaranteed loss.
    Leaders of companies need to adjust their mindset and start thinking at the speed that the technology wave is moving in. There are a bunch of digital platforms who are not focusing on the cost of production but setting their minds on paying the IT and development teams to work on innovations. The change occurring within the technology field is even changing the face of IT teams. IT teams were usually thought of as the programmers who worked behind the scenes but as of now, these programmers are becoming millionaires, becoming CEOs and going solo on their own business creations or apps. It’s important to take all of these ideas into consideration especially for business owners and companies who want to survive this very fast-moving innovative world. The four guidelines given in this article should be read by anyone who wants to keep their company afloat.

  7. Daniel McNulty February 15, 2019 at 5:57 pm #

    Something that has been an extremely relevant topic as of late, is digital transformation. Everywhere we look, we see technology being utilized to upgrade and improve things from the past. Everything that we do in our daily lives includes technology, whether it be ordering a pizza from a cellular device, getting in contact with a friend or family member, or doing an interview on a digital platform for a company. These are just some of the ways out of the many that are being incorporated into this new day and age. Although many advances in technology have been made, we have not even scratched the surface as for what is to come in the future.
    In the coming years, IT is something that is slowly being faded out, as it is beginning to get in the way of more rapid digital progression. The view that IT has on all of this, is that they are the protectors of technology. Businesses and companies throughout history have been known for battling against IT teams for many reasons such as credit for resources. As we continue to delve into this digital transformation, the battles between businesses and IT teams are going to have to come to an end and are even going to need to start working together. From the beginning of computers, IT teams have played one main role throughout it all, and that has been security, which is why they were able to attain more and more authority over businesses. The new age of digital transformation brings along programs that are able to start taking over the roles that these IT teams have played and still play today. If IT teams want to stick around in the future, they are going to have to adapt to the new technological transformations that are taking place. For example, if they are able to come up with programs of their own that will allow businesses to comprise their own solutions for problems they may face, businesses may begin to lean towards IT once again. Just as everyone else in our society, IT will need to keep adapting to the new times and conform to the new ways of doing things if they want to stay in demand.

  8. Edward Holzel February 15, 2019 at 6:10 pm #

    “4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation” talks about how to prepare for the future of technology. Companies are beginning to adapt to new innovations in technology. Companies are beginning to believe that implementing new digital transformation are imperative to succeed in the future. Firms have begun hiring citizen developers and freelancers to get projects achieved. Overall, the article explains how companies should begin to adapt to digital transformation.

    The one major way to prepare for the next wave of digital technology that stood out to me was thinking about processes, not tasks. The idea of looking for the finished product or project shows what companies are expecting of people. Companies do not care about where you are or how many hours you work if they get the finished project or task by the expected date and time. The new mentality of companies caring about completion and not the means is creating an avenue for people to just get hired to do a project or task. These people are called freelancers and their introduction to the market represents more to the American economy than meets the eye. About 35% of the American workforce is classified as freelancers. These people show that there is a growing sense of individualism occurring in America. People do not want to go into work every day and work nine to five with their boss looking over them. These freelancers get hired to do one thing and then they do it and go to the next company. The amount of freedom and individuality that these workers show is telling for where the job market is going. Companies are willing to pay more for freelancers than hiring people long term. The idea initially did not make sense to me because I always thought that companies like their workers working in the office. After thinking about it, I see that these freelancers get what needs to get done and companies can pay them more because the firms don’t have to pay for long term benefits. Overall, one of the ways to get ahead of the nest digital wave is to think about processes, not tasks.

  9. Aidan Nathaniel Clee February 15, 2019 at 6:35 pm #

    The World itself is changing and this article clearly outlines how that is shaping the business world. Digitalization is something clearly outlined by the article that companies know they have to do but haven’t fully committed to yet as there is a basic lack of healthy communication between heads of companies and their IT departments. This basic lack of communication is simple and if we are seeing this from the outside of companies, they should be looking within themselves as a company and fixing that problem so that they can transform their workplace. Every company should be looking to those who already have succeeded and copying their model to become better the way Kobe copied Jordan to become the amazing basketball player he was. A huge leader in the business word today is Apple and their logo from their starting days in which they said “Think Different” is really a key to success in todays world. We are progressing in innovation so fast that in as little a time as 5 years the job force will be completely changed and old jobs are going to be gone and new ones are going to be in their place so people have to think different of the norm and look in the direction the world is heading to see what is going to be needed. This is how not only individuals, but companies will begin to as the article calls it “Expand your imagination”. Its just another way for saying think different. The company must adopt this as a culture because the article states that the workforce needs to be brought in on this mentality or else there will be those that aren’t willing to change outside of their comfort zone and there is a common phrase called change or die because those who don’t adapt will be out of a job in favor of those who actually want to think different and improve their company. One bad apple ruins the bunch so if everyone isn’t on board then the company can’t move forward. Investing in the appropriate platforms is another area that the article brings into discussion. Companies should build themselves a platform and pride on it and really build it up because there are not many other companies that have appropriate platforms for their companies. Overall with the changing workplace people must be aware as to how the world is changing and change with it otherwise their career isn’t going to last.

  10. Jon Sozer February 15, 2019 at 7:09 pm #

    Obviously, technology is prevalent in the modern world. Technology has always been prevalent, but what I mean is electronic technology. No longer does humanity rely on stone, or on steam. The current age of business is electronics, but many business have yet to realize that fact. The 20th and 21st centuries has granted access to the depth of the globe’s knowledge. Children have the opportunity to learn aviation science with the tips of their finger and a hint of curiosity. The internet has allowed for society to progress to previously unattainable heights, yet still many are unwilling to take advantage of this good fortune.

    Many business are run to be old-school. “Built from the ground up with my own two hands, with nothing but grit and ingenuity to take me there”. Yes, no one is denying that to have a business become successful, sacrifices are made and chances are taken. However, the age of pen and paper has long since passed the modernized workforce, and many have yet to take necessary steps to reach the next steps. Digitized archives, more efficient accounting, automatic payroll. Many readily available features are left unimplemented either due to arrogance or ignorance, and both are unacceptable if a business wishes to stay competitive. Investing in the business’ future is the responsibility of a business owner, and the time has long since come to take action.

    The age of business past was one of risky choices and smart ideas. The age of business present is one of risky choices, smart ideas, and a modernized workforce. As long as a business can recognize their market, and act accordingly to stay ahead of the competition and alongside the tides of change, then hope is not lost.

  11. Santiago Gomez February 15, 2019 at 7:59 pm #

    Technology has changed over the past years and continues to change. With the advancement in technology companies and users have the ability to do their work much more efficient. Companies are starting to adapt and start to implement a digital transformation to become more successful. People lives are becoming much easier and companies are becoming productive than ever before. As technology changes over the course of time, we must be prepared what to expect. What struck me in the article is to “train your workforce” a way to prepare for the digital transformation. I can remember I had a conversation about digital transformation with Professor Shannon and he told me those who are not ready or prepared for what is coming. They are the ones will be left behind and struggling. That’s why I think it is important to start at an early age. Baby boomers will be gone in who knows how long, and it is up to the future generations to keep up with this transformation. We must be able to learn and to teach others. IT can potentially become a majority element in companies performing a certain amount of tasks. Honestly, for me I know I still need some work to prepare myself for this digital transformation. Because technology will maybe replace me in the future. Also, it is also important for me to create awareness for others so they can be prepared. But, it is up for companies to see digital transformation has a good for the consumers. Not for the good of a company. Many companies will create innovations that will greatly affect the people of their countries.

  12. Demetri Allen February 15, 2019 at 8:23 pm #

    As of right now the next society is gearing up for the next generation of technology to take over. To prepare for this huge shift, companies need to start considering the changes Suresh Sambandam talks about in this article. Suresh underlines how now IT’s are being replaced by citizen developers and how companies need to pick up on this trend fast. These small developers have access to tools that build the same types of software and applications big businesses can. Suresh’s article is split up with 4 different points all of which lay a guideline for companies to capitalize on this new wave of innovation. In a nutshell, Suresh wants companies to think outside the box with their direction, understand and utilize their workers talent, know ventures to capitalize on, and select goals efficiently. In my opinion no company does this better than Valve Corporation. Valve is a video game and software company founded by ex-Microsoft employee Gabe Newell. The reason I bring up Valve is because they were relying on these freelancers before most people were. In their early days, Valves 1998 hit ‘Half Life’ took the gaming world by storm for its revolutionary storytelling and first-person gameplay. Its initial PC release gained so much attention that the games fans started making modifications to the game to show off their devotion for the game. These modifications became so popular that they eventually caught the attention of Valve themselves and instead of ordering a cease and desist Valve actually hired the modders to work at the company full time. Valve saw great talent in these fans and decided to capitalize on the opportunity. Valve would then continue to publish ground breaking video games over the next decade that are still cherished and played to this day. This shows how Valve realized who their demographic was and put them to work. Fast forwarding to today, Valve is a juggernaut in the gaming industry with several amazing hits along with their titan video game selling platform Steam. To this day Valve employees are encouraged to take on whatever projects they want. In a workspace like this work its efficiently allocated to those who skills are best suited, another technique Suresh discusses in his article. The world is changing, and technology is getting better, more people are mastering that technology in ways IT can’t keep up with. Freelance seems to be the new wave of the future and companies need to ride it.

  13. Trent Gagnon February 15, 2019 at 9:07 pm #

    I think the points made about making coding and other IT processes is a point that is supremely important. As the world becomes increasingly more digital we must all be able to handle some measure of coding. Specialization of labor is critical in many aspects of labor, but if all employees are familiar with the level of IT prowess needed to accomplish their daily tasks, large companies specialized IT departments can become a thing of the past. Companies will no longer need divisions of over-qualified IT personnel to handle issues that should and eventually will fall under the job descriptions of the workers. This will allow small companies without an IT presence to develop one and enable larger companies to broaden the capabilities of their workforce to grow more efficient. This could lead to far more innovation in multiple industries both in terms of production and consumer convenience.

  14. Horace Bryce Jr February 15, 2019 at 9:24 pm #

    Digital Transformation is only inevitable with the exponential uprising of technology. This is because technology enables us to be more efficient and easier. As technology continues to advance it only makes sense that companies start to implement these technologies into their businesses. It is getting to the point where, the more tech you have equals the more success you have. Its either these companies thrown out the old and bring in the new or risk being behind the times. While many businesses are hip seeing the stat that 84 percent of companies believe digital transformation is vital, only 3 percent has take the initiative. This is extremely shocking to me because most businesses want to stay competitive. I have come to the realization that most of these companies have older people in charge who have a very outdated approach.This article is meant to help these people with an easier transition.
    The first step say to “expand your imagination.” Meaning to think of ways in which technology can help the company fix old and new problems. The second step says to train your workforce which at first I thought sounded weird as employees should already be trained. “Train” in this sense means to teach them how to navigate and use technology so that they can become comfortable with it and show others that it is not as hard as they think. The third step advises to invest in the appropriate platforms. This is pretty self explanatory, making sure that the technology used to solve problems can actually be used to solve those problems.The last and final step being to think about processes and not task. This means obtaining the processes that can obtain the most data without being dependent on one person. The reason for this being that in 2016, 35 percent of the US workforce was freelancing. While these steps are useful I wonder how many companies will actually implement these tips and move closer to digital reformation.

  15. Melissa Caniz February 15, 2019 at 9:27 pm #

    Digital platforms have evolved over the years and there is no force that can go against them but rather the only option is to be greatly informed about this new digital wave of transformation heading our way. Information Technology (IT) in the past approached digital innovation very slowly, they took many precautions when dealing with the security of technology. Its departments have struggled with businesses users for resources and acclaim, but one thing that they should consider is if they want to be out in the market, both business and IT teams must work together. When technology first came out IT oversaw both software and hardware decisions that evolved any kind of technology, now over the year’s technology has developed in unimaginable ways and now businesses leaders and employers have found a way to circumvent IT and use the machines and programs they prefer. In order to receive the wave of digital transformation, it is essential to be prepared and widely aware. If technology is on our hands then why not use it to its maximum potential, if we run a business, we must encourage our employees to collaborate with IT professionals in order to find a sophisticated solution to any business challenge along the road. Having a well-prepared team that is willing to run the extra mile is always exceptional in a workspace area because it allows them to experiment failure but through that failure, they build up their confidence to redeem themselves and when they do, they show others across their organizations that it is possible. Sooner or later our world will be completely digitalized, with the fast pace of technology evolving there is no chance any other platform stands a chance against digital platforms. Many businesses nowadays tend to resolve their own issues with their application, instead, they should encourage the collaboration of IT management with their applications for the company to have multiple functionalities open to the public needs. In the business world, the demands of the public increases and therefore the growing wave of capabilities isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. Companies need to prioritize their own digital transformation to keep up, no matter what industry they are in.

  16. Rayzan Alarashi February 15, 2019 at 9:31 pm #

    Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we do everything in our daily lives. Whether it be for business or personal use, technology has in such a short period of time completely reinvented the way that today’s society functions. Almost everything we do nowadays involves technology, it has allowed us to seemingly get things done at a faster rate than ever before. We no longer even have to wait in line for our food or go to a store in person to buy shoes or clothing since everything is done digitally right from the palm of our hands. To see how far we’ve come with technology and then be told that this isn’t even the start is extremely remarkable. Companies nowadays are very aware of how important it is to incorporate digital transformations in their business, and we as consumers have seen that very clearly, but to think that only 3 percent of companies have completed their digital transformation leaves one stunned and intrigued. If in fact only such a few amounts of companies are where they hoped to be technology wise, then where can we expect ourselves to be several years from now. Its safe to say that technology is truly unpredictable in the things that it can achieve, leaving us guessing for what comes next. If companies have any hope in lasting, then they must begin investing a great deal of their funds and resources into technology so that they can keep up with what’s to come. For those businesses who don’t change and decide to continue being traditional, that will most likely be their end in the ever-changing world that we live in. Unfortunately, there’s no true way of being prepared for the next wave of technological advancements, but the best thing that companies can do now is begin training their workforce in becoming more familiar with the different ways that technology can help them advance their work. As mentioned in the article, instead of relying so heavily on IT, companies should instead begin discovering their own ways of coming up with new solutions to their issues. Soon enough, every individual will need to have a digital mindset if they wish to contribute towards the society we are headed into. So, it would benefit both the individual and enterprises if they began familiarizing themselves with the new technological wave now.

  17. Carlos Leon February 15, 2019 at 10:56 pm #

    Technology has been improving over the past generation into our daily lives, from simple tasks to complex management systems. Thus, technology has been used today in business to boost productivity, increase profits/marketing, and save tons of money. For that reason why businesses use the latest technology, which plays a vital role. However, 2017 SAP report showed that only 3 percent have completed their transformation initiatives while 84 percent of organizations think digital transformation is vital to their success. This leaves a surprising result, even when this result is from 2017; what’s the outcome in the future from now. Another fact is for having an outdated IT (Information Technology) SafeBreach found that malware succeeds about 60 percent of the time. This is a huge problem for every organization when security for information is necessary and needs to be safe. Therefore, the article; “4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation” illustrates how leaders should take a step by step by moving their organization to IT. How to control and lead the employees in these steps, by training the workforce.

  18. Josh Shupper February 20, 2019 at 12:54 pm #

    Technology only continues to grow and will be very important for this generation especially. Technology is driving many businesses to go to more of a digital approach. I find it surprising that even though 84% of organizations are trying to move in this direction, only 3% are actually doing it. I feel like that this will be crucial for the future of younger generations and young businesses trying to become successful. Technology is the powerhouse of today’s society. Everyone at all times seem to have some sort of technological device, whether it is a brand new iPhone or laptop. I know that I am nowhere near where I have to be in a few years from now when I start applying for jobs and then eventually getting my first job. I think that the idea of using Slack at first for this course was a questionable one. To be honest, I did not know that Slack even existed before the start of the spring semester. Now, I can see why it is so important for us to be accustomed to digital platforms. The main reason is that a lot of tasks and communication in the future for businesses will be done on a digital platform. The training of the workforce as mentioned in the article is vital to the success of the future of a business. However, it is also important on the individuals who are teaching the workforce this stuff because if they teach the students the wrong things, it hurts everybody. The business will be screwed over and sure you could put the blame on the workforce. However, the real blame should go towards the head of the company. Companies need to focus on the long term effects of their business in order to do good things for society. By preparing now as a college freshman, I believe that I would be at an advantage over other potential employees trying to apply for a job because I would know what an employer would be talking about. By experimenting with Slack for Legal Foundations of Business, I am able to grasp of not only what is happening now in regard to technology, but also what the future of technology and businesses will be going forward. People need to realize that the world of technology is changing around us, and it is not slowing down anytime soon. People should look at these digital platforms, because they will be working with some of these platforms for their job in the future.

  19. Cameron Lindley February 20, 2019 at 11:53 pm #

    Digital transformation is absolutely necessary within the complex digital age we have entered as a society. Take Tesla’s autopilot for example, if you take out the human error that causes wrecks, there would be virtually no wrecks. In terms of citizens, it is absolutely necessary that we be able to develop on our own. Think of how Excel revolutionized the business world, imagine what an application of equal value to daily life would have on the lives and productivity of everyday people. The world would explode technologically, which has its pros and cons. New laws and regulations will have to implemented to keep the boom supervised, unlike the industrial revolution centuries ago. The world changed when the industrial revolution hit, just as the world is in the process of drastically changing under the technological revolution. If citizens can insource, that would dramatically reduce the costs and speed up the process of this revolution in the citizen sector of technology. It’s crazy to imagine the power citizens could have and the improvements on daily life that can be made. Most importantly, made available to people who do not have the means to outsource for technology.

  20. Shegufta Tasneem February 21, 2019 at 1:39 am #

    Technological change affects our organizational structures and the way we manage our resources. Again, our social, legal and economic infrastructures have a certain impact on technological developments. Most aspects of our social, personal and professional lives are already controlled by algorithms. The business models of most of the large companies around the world follow a pattern of algorithms to control their business operations. A potential approach to adapting to this changing world would be to describe digitalization as a process of social renewal that offers immense scope for positive change. Even though most of the companies, which is 79 percent, claim that without progressive technological advancement, their companies are going to lag behind, only 60 percent of them have actually materialized this process of digitalization. And this is where “citizen developers” come around. They are the source of the advancement that business companies are searching for. For small and large companies that focus their business models on algorithms and IT-based services, the platforms that they should invest in are citizen developers. Someone who can create new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT. According to a blog by outsystems, the respondents in a survey for citizen developers consist of two groups of people, some who work in organizations where IT meets all business requirements fast enough already, so business-led development hasn’t become an issue. and another group of people is who work in organizations where IT, security and HR policies have eliminated business-led development. This implicates that even though IT-based security is essential to every small or large company; basic IT services are still enough for the companies to meet these requirements. Most of the companies know that significant technological development will take their companies higher, but still, do not feel it necessary enough to invest in the establishments of such technology.

  21. Cameron Kharazmi February 21, 2019 at 9:01 pm #

    I find it incredible how quickly the rise of the internet has changed our economy. Over the course of 20 years, most of society has changed their method of shopping to eCommerce and a digital platform rather than shop in person. These days it is almost unheard of for a business to not have a digital platform, and those who do not have likely run out of business in some fashion. However, what I enjoyed about this article was its surprising, but realistic ways to prepare for “the next wave of digital transformation”. As such, I believe that this next wave of technology that includes something as revolutionary as the internet could be incorporated into society at a much quicker rate than the internet itself. I also believe in one of the main points of the article, that we should not rely upon IT services to advance our digital systems and should move toward offering platforms that allow the civilian consumer to program themselves. Doing so would advance the consumer knowledge in the platform and bridge the informational gap in the understanding of the internet between different age groups, seeing as though all age groups are now consumers in the internet era. I am also a believer in expanding the imagination of those running businesses in establishing their digital platforms. Instead of delegating all technical and cybersecurity duties to the IT department, those leaders should work with IT to collaborate on different ideas that would combine the interests of both parties to create a product that is efficient and pleasing. Furthermore, I believe the idea of prioritizing digital transformation should be practiced the most in Silicon Valley. Too many companies such as Facebook and Apple are comfortable in their dominance of the global market, and only work to keep their success constant and not innovative. They should invest their capital into innovating their platforms, even if it means not achieving economic success in the now. The biggest point made in this article is that businesses should be thinking about their future in order to stay afloat and advance. As such, I believe that companies, both conglomerates and startups, should work to create innovative digital platforms that would create for a profitable future.

  22. MaryAnn February 22, 2019 at 1:20 pm #

    There are so many aspects in this article that I hadn’t even thought about. For example, I had never known that in the past, the IT and business industries have had some trouble. I had always thought of them as two separate entities that come together if needed. Technology is a part of life and there is no going around it. Everyday life is filled with constant interactions with technology, and as time continues, the amount of interaction will only continue to grow. Being able to design technology doesn’t just require knowledge of technology, but it also requires knowledge of the business it is going into.

  23. Trovonta Burgess February 22, 2019 at 3:36 pm #

    Different trends within IT and digital transformation are on the com-up as businesses are now meeting the consumers where they are. Many businesses rely on IT services to teach and help build their digital platform, but these services are not doing so well themselves. Right now, companies are working to propel through digital transformation. The amount of businesses already fully transformed is small but the amount on the horizon is pretty substantial. The tools to create these applications and build the necessary programs are given but it’s up to the business to put together a strong group of individuals to work towards their goal. The only thing impeding this progression stage is the lock and key that IT teams hold over technology limiting the access and software usage.

    IT is in charge of lots of technological developments and hold the encryptions to the resource’s businesses need to use in order to advance their growth. This is why IT teams have to lower their guard and work with these businesses as they will both benefit in the long run. Hence, without them, it is difficult to overcome certain barriers and find digital solutions. So, in the future according to the article, there are four steps companies should follow to maximize their steps to mastering their digital transformation. These steps include expanding your imagination; thinking of technology as a solution, train your workforce; find that group of developers who create custom applications, invest in the appropriate platforms; remaining up to date and think about processes, not the task; remote work instead of 9-to-5. Through the growing wave of technology, it has become easier to digitally transform a company following these four steps. This is how companies like Walmart, Best Buy and Fabletics continue to thrive and operate online and in-store. All of these companies have grown tremendously over the years because of the steps they taken digitally but also to innovate their companies as well. With the help of IT developers, they have enhanced their products, customer connections through mobile devices and being fast and reliable. These are perfect examples of how to prepare for the next wave of digital transformations to happen and staying updated with what’s happening and the new trends.

  24. Daniel Gibson February 22, 2019 at 6:03 pm #

    Fighting the future isn’t a possibility anymore, you can only learn to live with it and embrace it . Our economy only grows, because of technology and advancements. IT is becoming a popular major in college now just for this reason. Most big business require and rely on technology in order to run properly. People use the he internet for most things now. Whether it’s getting groceries delivered to their house or streaming their favorite show every night. I like what the article said about having IT and businesses working together to achieve ultimate success. If they don’t know each other’s needs, their outcome won’t be as successful than other businesses. The people that thrive in the technology and work together with great business ideas always seem to go the farthest.
    There are plenty of examples were some business don’t need better IT. For example, a good golfer would prefer a caddie over a golf cart most of the time. That doesn’t mean technology and innovation hasn’t gone into golf. Clubs are always being designed for people to hit the ball better. There is always room for better technology and it about finding out where to apply it so that it can do the most work. If a business doesn’t have a website, how else are they supposed to advertise their product or services. There are other ways, but it seems that technology is taking over the world. Everyone is online everyday, so that’s you best bet in showing off your business to consumers. I do agree that business that have a better concept of IT, will be more successful in the long run.

  25. Valeria February 24, 2019 at 5:09 pm #

    Technology is a resource that is constantly changing and has had an incredible growth in the last two decades. Technology is constantly evolving. It is a tool that makes our lives easier. Sometimes, companies can not keep up with the new technological advances in the market therefore, if they are not quick enough to make the needed updates to their system, it can get obsolete and the collapse of the company will be inevitable. However, there are many companies they did not make that transformation yet because they have old schooled administrators that believe that they way to do it its the best way, so why change something that works. This article discusses what are the necessary steps to make that transformation and I think that these steps can really help people to know what they need to keep up with this IT revolution. The part that really stood out for me was the step “train your workforce”. It is really important to invest in the appropriate platforms but if you do not have a well prepared individual to administrate all those platforms and take out the most of it all those investments would be for granted. That is why, I think it is important to start at an early age. Babies since they are born have direct contact with the newest technological devices in the market and they grow with all that knowledge that can be rally useful in the future as our lives are moving into a technological world. For instance, “Wegmans” has grown a lot in the last years thanks to the steps they have taken digitally in a need of upgrading the company’s services. They added new features like online shopping, where you can make your day, weekly or monthly shopping online and they deliver to you within two hours. With the help of IT, they have developed customer connection through mobile devices making them a reference for many national retailers.

  26. Danielle C February 26, 2019 at 9:34 pm #

    I can agree with Sambandam’s post. Technology is very important in today’s evolving world where the entire basis of our lives is/will be affected by technology. I can agree with the ways Sambandam’s different ways integrate such changes in our lives today. For example I try every day to express new and different ways to show my boss how change would be good. They are very old fashioned and stuck to their old ways of doing things. They do not use bar codes, the wall phones, and everything is hand written, from receipts to inventory counts, and all types of notes. Not to sound like they are too stuck in the stone age, but they have started bringing in more technology to the store trying to build and run their own website, selling items on Amazon, and working on digital computers and systems for documents, spreadsheets, and emails. They are stuck in the middle with the transformation, definitely wanting to integrate more, but after viewing their past competitors, those competitors were more digitalized and closed their doors. My company has been around for 75 years and they are taking transformations slow and steady. I do think sometimes some things would be better if they ran the business off of a digital platform like inventory counts and to keep up with posts on our website and social media sites. I have helped them with some changes since I started working there, but over time, I do think they could take some of the points noted in the article seriously like getting certain platforms to enhance the workflow and transition from regular a cash register to a digital register. They could also train employees about any changes they make with their system or any new technology they start to use. Most of the other employees I work with are older and could use some experience in the software that they use. These two different ideas are key to the company’s success in the future. If the company wants to keep enhancing and be seen as a better than other similar competitor, they have to begin with the changes they must make. Overall, it’s important to change and upgrade a person’s technology habits and uses. Through seeing my job’s experience, they could use some needed upgrades and just as how technology is changing, they will have a chance to change with the times soon or the company could suffer heavily.

  27. Erick Plaza February 27, 2019 at 12:02 am #

    Technology is the reason for making our lives much more easier. For instance, instead of going to a library to find an answer, nowadays, you can just google it on your phone. In business, digital transformation extends beyond the physical product a company may be trying to sell, rather it is highlighted by the creation of process and systems that make business easier and more efficient.

    In the article, the author talks about how if companies were to digitize their customer interfaces along with other features, they will win in the marketplace. I would agree with this statement since most of the retail market is dying out, while the e-commerce market is flourishing. The majority of people in today’s society would prefer to shop online and have this product delivered since it takes less energy to go buy the necessities. Plus, finding the best price online is made much easier than going store to store physically while trying to find the best price. For example, if I wanted to find the best price for a product that is sold at multiple stores, instead of having to physically travel to each location, I could just look it up on an online marketplace such as Amazon to find multiple sellers, and probably buy the product on the website since Amazon usually has the best prices for any product.

    The article also addresses the workspace of the people whose skills for the technology-oriented job were attained with a degree. I was surprised to read that everyone was anticipating the rise of technology in the workforce, yet only 3 percent of the businesses readying for the new age of technology had followed through with their goal. This means that 97% of people are not worried about the extremely quick innovations and implementation of technology, which is occurring nowadays. Our technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, its implementation had been slow and needs to be able to catch up. The article had cited that one of the reasons for the issue was because of IT. These are the tech gurus that are supposed to make sure all the tech of business is running smoothly, and they are being called for the slow implementation of tech into business. The reason the IT department is taking their time could be due to the foreseeable future of being replaced by a computer, which is cheaper to maintain and a lot more efficient. But if I were these IT departments, I would shift my focus from a career in assisting in implementing technology to the business to data analytics or technology security, since these two processes could not be done by a robot… yet.

  28. Ashley Bock February 28, 2019 at 3:26 pm #

    Many people today are constantly telling the young people of my generation to go into computer and digital based majors like a major that includes computer programming. This is because everyone can see and the ones who cannot, will soon see that the digital world is expanding and expanding quickly. As a rapidly developing technological world, one must prepare for this for thing “Next wave in digital transformation” (Sambandam). When reading this article, I was surprised that 84 percent of businesses believe a digital transformation is vital but only a mere 3% have fully transformed digitally, at this time I would have assumed that number be much higher. This being said I feel that this article offered some solid and helpful ideas that could benefit businesses and individuals in their transformation preparation. The article contains four key ideas. The first idea is to expand one’s imagination and I believe this is a beneficial aspect because the article states that one should think creatively about ways to use technology to solve problems. This is an idea that I feel is pivotal because we are living in such a technologically advanced age that the idea that companies are not using technology in some way to solve problems surprises me and should change. The next way to prepare was to train one’s workforce, which is an obvious key factor. This preparation is key because how can one expect their business to flourish technologically if their employees are not technologically educated and trained themselves. Thirdly, is that companies should invest in an appropriate platform, this meaning that organizations need to be fully digital and having one branch of a company be more digital than that of another company should not happen. The need to fully digitalize a company involves investing adequate time into every branch of a business so it can evolve technologically to function with the more advance branches without falling behind. The fourth and final point is that a business should think about the process and not the task, meaning that companies need to focus not on single employee aspects but ones that will greater benefit the outcome of data in the company. Digital transformation is constant and is not going away anytime in near future, so I agree with the article completely that businesses must act now in order to greater benefit themselves and not fall behind.

  29. alison schwerthoffer March 9, 2019 at 11:00 pm #

    This article begins by stating the fact that, “A 2017 SAP report showed that 84 percent of organizations think digital transformation is vital to their success but that only 3 percent have completed their transformation initiatives”(Sambandam par 1). It is startling that only 3% of companies has began their technological transformation. In the news and on social media, i feel as though all I see is news about new technology and how companies around the world are transforming themselves for the digital age. I feel as though the percentage should be a lot higher than 3%. Another element that shocked me in this article was that people cab build their own applications to use for their business. I did not realize this could be a potential of the new digital age and it will be interesting to see how these transformations take shape.
    In my current job, we use technology and different digital software forms for almost every task. Our main use of new digital software is to have all of our training, policies, and information online, with easy access for our employees. This is beneficial to our employees and to managers who are in charge of training because it is a fast and effective way to get necessary training accomplished. With this, as said in the article, companies must train their workforce. Not everyone is the best with digital software so it is important to train and develop people in the digital software area to help those who may not be as proficient as others. Overall, I feel as though the digital era is definitely speeding up and companies must shape the way they are currently running to match with these changes.

  30. Vincent andre Perez Diaz March 13, 2019 at 3:00 pm #

    We are in the year 2019 and we have seen a lot of technology evolution. In the past we didn’t have the options we have today regarding technology. Back in the day we could send emails back and forth at the most, our phones were just phones not smartphones and to see someone we had to be in the same room. Now we have watches that make us communicate with someone, we have the internet, where we can do everything from sending emails to buying whatever we want from whichever country we want, we are connected to anyone at any place and time and now we are starting to see robots that can even talk to us! Technology has grown so big that the movement of globalization has grown in huge scales and won’t stop. Knowing this, its easy to see that for companies to sustain, improve and/or enter the market need to understand and use the technology available.

    This article is really interesting because it points out 4 things companies must do to address this increasing growth in technology. Starting with one that many companies may pass on which is to “expand your imagination”. Usually companies don’t apply this concept because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and fail, but the truth is that this might be the most important tip to prepare for the future of technology. This doesn’t mean to create some new revolutionizing technology or to create an entire new way of working, this basically means to work smarter, not harder and use actual technology to improve earnings and performance. Some of the companies that have expanded their imagination are Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. Those three companies are extremely successful and all of them started by their creators expanding their minds and finding many ways to implement the technology in their time to create the biggest companies ever.

    Another tip in this article is to train tour workforce. This one is a no brainer, given the growth of technology companies must train their employees to use it before they implement something, given that if they don’t it is useless to have the latest technology if you won’t be able to use it to the maximum potential. There are a lot of platforms that businesses can hang on to when implementing technology but as tip number 3 says you must invest in the correct platform. There are so much different platforms in technology that choosing which one to implement might be tricky. But as an owner of a company you must see what adapts better to your needs and goals, which is the only way to improve results. Finally, tip number 4 is that you must focus on the processes, not the tasks. Which is also important given that you have to focus on how things are done so you can see improvement areas in the work. Improvement to facilitate and have faster results.

    Technology won’t slow down, not now, not ever, therefore companies must adapt and use it in their favor, which isn’t that bad at all given that technology give you shortcuts for many things companies focus on.

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