Digital Peer Pressure

From Seth’s Blog

“You’re using it wrong.”

That’s how culture develops, of course. That’s why no one uses ALL CAPS IN THEIR EMAIL ANY MORE.

Culture develops online at the speed of light. Every interaction tool comes with peers to interact with, and quickly, those tools establish the norms of interaction.

As a result, there are a ton of rules and more arriving every day. Culture forms around us, then changes and then forms again.

Often, the peer pressure pushes people to fit in, to go along, to become a bystander.

But the digital peer pressure that pushes us to use social media a certain way can also have more positive effects. It can challenge us to understand the details in that Do lecture or to edit a Wikipedia article to make it better. Digital peer pressure can push us to level up.

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54 Responses to Digital Peer Pressure

  1. Jackson Beltrandi October 18, 2019 at 12:30 pm #

    There are not many things that can tie together to create a worse outcome than peer pressure and social media. First off, peer pressure and bullying has forever been seen as the three eighth graders pushing down the scrawny fifth grader on his way to lunch. Or if the group of eighth graders forces the fifth grader to do something that he most definitely would not have done by himself. The concept of online bullying, or cyberbullying, has been newly developed and is something that is really hard for the school system, parents, and other concerned adults to control. Anything can be put out on any digital media platform, and now the rise of burner accounts, where people can say anything they want and not have it tied to their main account. This article attempts to discuss digital peer pressure in an innocent way, where there are aspects of digital peer pressure that can unify people. Seth says that peer pressure can make us stronger: “If you can make things better, do so.” While I believe this to a certain extent, it is not reality. The idea that digital media is constantly improving is only seen with adults, those who have a job on the line and a source of income, in that situation, of course people are going to be responsible and formal online with their name attached. Information can be spread anywhere at the click of the mouse, to better any relationship you can think of. Also, you can order something online and have it arrive on your doorstep in less than 24 hours. The way we operate is constantly changing, at the corporate level. Although I would like the internet to be a better place as someone who experiences the stresses of technology, I can only see the true reality of what people put out onto the internet, the vileness that will never change. Those who are not responsible are allowed to share their opinions and hurtful comments on any social media platform they can think of, while not revealing their true identity. I am scared for the dangers that are present when my son or daughter is new to the internet, and everything they can see with the touch of a few buttons.

  2. Emily Rodger October 18, 2019 at 8:46 pm #

    Peer pressure has always been a big downfall in society especially in teens. Peer pressure, for the most part, forces people to do things they would not usually do. Many people submit to peer pressure so that they can fit in and not be an outcast. As Seth’s Blog stated, “Often, the peer pressure pushes people to fit in, to go along, to become a bystander.” This statement is completely true, especially in today’s society with social media. Social media has a huge influence on society. People start saying certain slang terms because everyone else says it. On Instagram, people edit their pictures, pose a certain way, or only post “Insta-worthy” pictures to match what other people are posting. In many cases, if you are even remotely different from anyone else then you are seen as an outcast. Social media has heightened the influence of peer pressure over the years. Seth’s Blog seems to view peer pressure in a slightly different way. He believes that we should use peer pressure to do good things and make things better. It takes a strong person to be able to see peer pressure and run in the opposite direction with it. Most times, it is easier for society to just submit to the pressure and go with it rather than taking it and using it to do good things. Peer pressure has always had a negative connotation to it, but it would be worth trying to view it in a positive way instead. If it was viewed positively, people would be able to make a substantial change for the betterment of society.

  3. nicole shubaderov October 23, 2019 at 10:50 pm #

    “You are doing it wrong” has been a phrase that I have personally experienced all my life. Either it is doing work in class, swimming or dealing with the internet. When posting on social media there are so many unspoken rules that are supposedly known to all. God forbid you to break one of the unspoken rules, you are based on social media and lose followers or receive backlash. An example of one of these rules is posting quality pictures on Instagram. If it is a real Instagram, not a fake Instagram, then you are expected to have perfectly filtered pictures with clever captions. These could be harmful to people with confidence issues, and it could eventually lead to random disputes over nothing. But we must assimilate with the larger crowd because that is what society tends to make us do. Although to a certain extent, I agree with Seth when he says that digital pressure is helpful. When looking for jobs it is looked down upon to have pictures of the individual drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. These types of social media rules are beneficial since they prevent people from inappropriately conducting themselves on a social platform. So, this pressure to maintain professionalism on social media and uphold a high standard is necessary. But we cannot neglect the fact that many bad things occur as a result of this pressure. People become obsessed with social media and the idea of perfection, which cannot be attained. People are willing to go through life-changing surgery to be perfect, willing to change who they hang out with as well as willing to harass others for social relevance on platforms. This can harm the self as well as others and make someone’s life miserable. Therefore, having this digital pressure is definitely a dangerous thing.

    An interesting comment that Seth said in his blog was “if you can make things better, do so. Independence brings freedom, but also responsibility. Because good ideas spread faster than ever, there’s an imperative to listen and learn and then to level up. Because we can see further, there’s a responsibility to do something useful on behalf of those we are now aware of. And because we have more leverage than ever before, there’s the obligation to make big promises and then deliver on them.” I find this very questionable because this is another social pressure that social media inflicts on people. Now that we finally have advanced technology and have a new platform to speak out, everyone in society should be working on solving issues and making the world a better place. This is unreasonable in our current society. Yes, we should be able to express our opinions and work towards bettering society, but we can not place an obligation on everyone in society to “level up” and work towards perfection when it is unreasonable. He states that people need to make something useful out of their platform, but we should not make this everyone’s responsibility. People already have a lot on their plate and when we apply the digital pressure to them and make them feel like they need to contribute to change in society is unnecessary stress. I am not denying the fact that digital pressure helps us gain positive effects, but there are also negative effects from this that harm many people in this society. If we are to believe that people have responsibilities because technology has grown in the past decade exponentially, that is the wrong mindset to hold. This leads to people becoming overly worked up and they tend to assimilate with the rest of the world rather than genuinely having an interest in change and wanting to go out and help people and speak their mind out of their own will. Social media is very pressuring for our youth and adults, and this unnecessary pressure to have people feeling obligated for change and to pursue change is wrong. I feel that those who want change should feel the obligation to do it but those who do not want to participate in the change should be able to feel comfortable saying “no” or just stepping back from the crowd. It is not always right to join in with what everyone else is doing, because not everyone may be good at that or genuine interest in it. And if people are not interested in doing something, then the end result of their work or efforts will be lacking, which will cause societal judgment and backlash. Therefore, I feel that this digital pressure is a benefit for society but there are cons to it that people need to realize before they go ahead and pressure other people to do things they do not want to do.

  4. Alen Del Valle November 7, 2019 at 9:39 pm #

    Peer pressure is a big thing for teenagers and younger children in today’s society. It can change how someone speaks, acts, or even their lifestyle. Many people start to say certain slang words because they hear their friends or older siblings say it. They do this so they can fit in better with their friend group so their friends would want to keep hanging out with them. People also change the way they act in front of everyone just so they can fit in with them and start to make new friends. Making new friends by not acting the way you usually do could be a negative way because your friends should want to hang out with the person who you actually are and not someone who you pretend to be. Peer pressure can change someone’s lifestyle because of what people make them do and it can change their entire life. For example, an individual can be hanging out with someone of his friends and all of his friends decide that they are going to do some drugs. This person can be peer pressured by their friends, end up doing drugs, and could possibly become addicted to them. They can throw their whole life away by doing something that they did not even want to do in the first place.

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