The 12 Crucial Leadership Traits Of A Growth Mindset

from Forbes

Employees are tired of being told what to do and just checking the box.  So are their leaders – even if they won’t admit it.  They are tired of just doing what they are told. By following the same corporate playbook, they have little room to grow and evolve as individuals.  They want to do more and be more entrepreneurial. They want their professional goals and those of their organization to be in alignment. The result is most leaders are conflicted, battling the gulf between assimilation to what the corporate playbook dictates and being the authentic and vulnerable leaders their people want and need.

If today’s leaders are responsible to guide business transformation, businesses should not define how leaders act, influence and create momentum in search of future growth. To lead business transformation, leaders must learn how to transform themselves to define the future growth of their businesses.

If organizations truly want their leaders to have growth mindsets, corporate playbooks must give leaders room to grow as individuals and opportunities to influence their organizations’ futures.

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17 Responses to The 12 Crucial Leadership Traits Of A Growth Mindset

  1. John Mundia April 27, 2018 at 5:25 pm #

    The 12 Leadership traits that are presented here extend beyond business settings only. In every area of life, having these traits will help leaders succeed. As I read this article, I realized that I had acquired many of these traits while in high school. I used to be the track captain in my school and the president of a club. These traits helped me lead my teams to success. As a leader being able to listen to mentors, understand and apply the right principles across the board was imperative. In business, it is crucial to have people that are good leaders.

    Leaders are necessary for the growth of a company. Leaders must be able to adapt, understand, and apply what they have learned to the different situations within businesses. As a strong leader, one must be able to have the show the other employees that he or she is worthy of their support. In doing so the leader establishes a positive culture that helps them to succeed.

    The need for strong and effective leaders means that the people around them will appreciate the leaders. When people feel that their opinions are being considered that leads them to be more comfortable. The more comfortable an employee is in a working environment, the more they are productive. Instead of the employee being stressed by the expectations that are set by a rigorous and harsh business environment where the employee is not as comfortable and productive as they can be, the ability to have comfortable employees is necessary. Strong leaders who are respectful, open-minded, and dynamic are crucial for the growth of a business.

  2. Lucas Rodriguez April 27, 2018 at 6:19 pm #

    Our world offers unlimited streams of technological innovation, incessant scientific discovers and Quantum equations, and is surrounded by a boundless medium of intergalactic activity from which we have been able to not even fractionally breach. The route of such magnificent and ineffable discovers has stemmed from the concept of personal ambition and creativity. Amid our educational systems, our work environments, and much of our daily societies, we are expected to follow certain norms that fall into our classified work groups. As the article touches upon, a leader in many cases is explained in terms of doing your job efficiently and leading your peers such as a CEO in a corporation. But leadership extends such definition; leadership derives from personal ambition through the pursuit of excellence. If we fail to allow ourselves to live unrealistically- which entails following our passions, being original, and deviating from the norm- we may never truly rise to the potentials of our utmost capabilities. Through such aspects of schooling especially we are told that we must learn the basics of such fundamentals and maintain a job. We aren’t taught to be leaders, instead we must discover such characteristics within ourselves. As the article continues, certain traits such as being open-minded and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a crucial aspect in our workplace. Being able to allow your creativity to flow through your job in any industry not only enhances the company’s possibility in whole but additionally separates you from the other “zombified” individuals working in offices cubicles. And embracing situations in which you aren’t familiar with is a key step to branching your skills as an intellectual while promoting opportunity. Many companies such as Apple and Google have recognized this office “sickness”, and have been taking steps to enhance individual performance and possibility. Such companies use many tactics that promote creativity and in some cases even teach it, they implement diversification among the work environment which allows for an interconnected route of personal ideas and knowledge, and even increased management. The aspect of increased management is crucial in any position, because although creativity should leak beyond such workplace standards studies have shown that a lack of management is crucial to productivity, as without it individuals tend to be overloaded and less efficient or creative. Without organizing some of these specific features that article proffers, individuals may be replaceable or may not move up towards another position. From 2000 to 2013, over a quarter of CEO departures were involuntary and had resulted from workplace incompetence. This seems to be an illustration in why individuals may not feel the necessity of extending their workplace standards, it is because first they must do their actually Job efficiently. We loathe amid our workplace chores and often use our requirements in our fields as a threshold in which we cannot pass, or at least or so undetermined to do so. Of this threshold, as an analysis from Harvard depicts, we often place ourselves in ideal categories and those in higher positions in similar groups. For example, we may potentially illustrate “a successful CEO is a charismatic six-foot-tall white man with a degree from a top university, who is a strategic visionary with a seemingly direct-to-the-top career path and the ability to make perfect decisions under pressure.” Such visions are crucial contributing factors in regards to why we may never excel in our positions, or as leaders, transcend the basic notions and stereotypical ideas which bound us. We must be courageous, and have but a single idea of a leader- ourselves- which would then allow us to act as one, hopefully in our own ambitious definitions.

  3. Tanner Purcel April 27, 2018 at 10:40 pm #

    These 12 leadership traits will not just help people succeed in business, but help them succeed in life. Most of these traits develop and strengthen as we grow older. Some of them we learn from going through grade school, others we learn through our parents, and some we have to develop on our own. These traits include being open minded, responsible, and prepared. We should also become comfortable with being uncomfortable with uncertainty, and having a desire for significance over success and eliminating mediocrity. The others include having situational awareness, understanding leadership, growing with people, breaking down silos, having executive presence, and promoting individuality. Though I think these are all important, the ones that stand out to me the most are being comfortable with being uncomfortable with uncertainty and having a desire for significance over success. It is important to admit that you might not know what is ahead for you in the future. It is also important to desire significance and meaning over success. Money and fame are not everything, and that is something that everyone must admit.

  4. Daniel Schreier April 29, 2018 at 2:45 am #

    Even though we are in the 21st, the working mindset of the 20th century prevails in most business running in the United States and the world. Most people still believe the most efficient way to work is waking up in the morning, commuting to office, starting the day at 9AM, one hour break for lunch, finish the day at 5PM, and commute back home. In our current interconnected world, this is a very inefficient way of working since there is a lot of lost time in those commutes, people are constantly stressed out and unable to really make a difference on the company. Combined, those factors cause business to lose a huge amount of money is lost revenue, commuting fees, and health issues caused by work, such as anxiety and depression. The way to resolve this is making people more free at work, which does not mean not having a direction or doing whatever one wants. It means being able to exercise a human being mental capabilities, such as creativity, critical and analytical thinking, which were developed throughout life, regardless of educational level and degree. This is based in experiences people previously had, which can bring a lot of different ideas and views among the same topic. This will definitely generate many different visions, which will enhance people’s understanding about the topic. This vision stated before is something which perhaps, is the biggest trend in 21st century, and especially this decade, entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship isn’t only developing and running a company from scratch based at an idea someone had. Is actually a spirit of being pro-active, creative, critical and most importantly, adaptive. With the world becoming even more connected, companies are starting to unify processes and departments, which means workers will be responsible for multiple tasks at the same time, working with different people, in different teams, and in different areas which perhaps one is more used to. This means people will have to be more and more resilient and adaptive, since the only way to keep with the pace is to know the trends and what is going on. If one knows that and is able to predict what is coming up, it will have huge success in 21st century society.

  5. Nicholas DiBari April 30, 2018 at 2:01 pm #

    I found this article to be particularly compelling in that it discussed new age leadership; something I do not see talked about all that much in media sources. We see certain individuals in the industry discuss it extensively (Gary Vaynerchuk is one that comes to mind), however as mentioned, it is usually through individual personalities that we hear of these unique leadership perspectives. Generally, leadership articles can err on the side of being a bit of an echo chamber with every article stating the exact same advice as every other article. This one was a bit different and, largely, I agreed with everything stated. Somethings, however, I was not so sure about.
    The article offers an interesting dichotomy in regard to the differentiation between a business and its leaders. It discusses the dynamic between the two and how the relationship can either be limiting or offer great potential depending on which side holds more value. I would agree entirely that, sometimes, an organization or institution can limit the individual leaders that operate within it. This being said, I am not entirely sure that is always a bad thing. From someone with an interest in marketing’s perspective, this somewhat limiting component of being part of a business culture is entirely essential. Branding is an immensely important part of a company, and leaders, while maintaining a certain degree of individualism, need to make sure they are not doing anything that would be contrary to the image the company would like to maintain. Perhaps this was implied by the article, however, I feel it is important enough to mention. Remember, it takes years to build up a valid, credible brand but could potentially only take seconds to tear it down.
    This, as mentioned earlier, is not to say I disliked the article in its entirety; there were some really great points and perspectives raised. My favorite bit of advice offered was to grow comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. I feel that this advice transcends the business world. As a college student just finishing out his freshman year, I have grown to know that the unknown is not always a bad thing. The unknown houses all of the positive experiences you’ve yet to have. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, own it.

  6. Antonio Macolino April 30, 2018 at 5:12 pm #

    This article was very eye opening to me because it presented me with a bunch of issues that I completely was not aware of. When I think of businesses and corporate America, I think of the leaders of those businesses as being the decision makers and creative thinkers. While of course they are the decision makers and creative thinkers, I failed to realize that their creativity and decision making is so limited. Every company out there has a business model and image that is followed very strictly. Leaders such as managers of a company are forced to think inside the box and come up with decisions and creative solutions as long as they go along with the company’s image and with what the company is trying to achieve. I had always thought that leaders had large sums of power and could do whatever they wished with it. Now after reading this article, I am glad that I learned some valuable strategies to be effective as a leader and what the modern leader should look and act like.
    One of the most important tips the article stated was to be open minded and more accepting of change. After reading, I came to realize that a leader who is very set in their ways and is not very open to change could actually very negatively affect a company. If a leader is too close minded, they will not change their ways even if it is necessary for the company to do so. Companies that are the most efficient and successful are those lead by people who keep up with the times and are open to change. That way they can change along with the market and be better prepared for what is to come in the future.
    One other tip I found to be very useful is to strive for significance and not just success. If a person or company regularly achieves success, it could make them complacent. If they are complacent, then they will start to put less effort into what they do and as a result, companies’ success could dwindle. If leaders are constantly striving to stand out from the crowd, then others will take notice and that company will continue to succeed and thrive.

  7. Gabrielle Pietanza May 1, 2018 at 11:34 am #

    The foundation to being a leader is universal and not specific to the business world, personal life, or any other sphere. The leadership traits this article provides to create a growth mindset are general ones and lead us to not only being a strong leader yet a rounded and full person. The growth mindset is specific to the individual and in order for a business to transform, leadership must grant employees the freedom to be leaders themselves and transform themselves in order to grow and influence their company or organization. Many of these traits are ones that many of us currently hold yet it is the way these traits work together that shape our decision making and way we work with others. As individuals go through life these traits are used more and more and thus are strengthened.

    With that said these traits should not be limited. When in grade school many children begin to lose their creativity. When it comes to their work some students are told that being different is wrong, that there is one way to do something and that is correct. This is not a practice I agree with and creativity is something that should be fostered. As we grow older we tend to lose our creativity for reasons such as this yet this should not be the case. Creativity is something that should grow with us and as we experience more we should have more original thoughts and ideas. This translates to the working world as well. In order for a business to flourish creativity is necessary. Being different is something that should be encouraged as this will encourage variation where we least expect it. If we all are trained to think the exact same way, our originality will be limited and individuals would produce carbon copies of works and ideas.

    My favorite piece of advice presented in the article would be to get comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. Many are afraid of the unknown yet that is what life is. We never actually know what is coming next and just because something is unexpected does not mean it is negative. Strong leaders and individuals must embrace this uncertainty and be able to navigate their way through it knowing all the while that good can possibly come out of it if you look in the correct places.

  8. Nicholas Marinelli May 3, 2018 at 10:36 am #

    Stagnation is terrible regarding a leader’s mindset; growth and determination are the two driving factors that can lead a team to great success and fortune in the future. However, it takes a strong, dedicated and determined person to achieve their goals. Defining whom a leader must be and how they act is one of the most inhibiting actions a company can make. Every leader needs their own mindset to flourish- and that is what makes them so special. Each company needs a different person to run their company, therefore giving certain qualities they need to follow is quite limiting. Being a leader gives you the freedom to decide what choices to make and how. The important part of that is the “how”; that is what separates a regular person from a leader. People can talk all they want about how to get things done, but a leader will completely transform the way others think by way of acting.
    Leaders who share their wisdom and become a mentor are incredibly valuable to the culture of a company and how it grows. Rather than act complacent, they are enacting in the best interest of the company and the employees of the workforce. The 12 traits from the Forbes article are great stepping-stones to evaluate your own being to see if you fit the “leadership” status in the workforce. If you do not possess any of these traits, it is okay because the beauty of being a leader is that anyone can be a leader; but only the finest actually become who they say they are.
    To become a prevalent figure in the company of choice, one must be open-minded. A leader that is more inclusive to perspectives and needs of others understands the significance of the human assets of a company. If a leader desires to grow the company, they must be comfortable with the ambiguity and uncertainty involved around the risk of failing. A strong leader must be aware of these situations and allow risk to be a friend in the workplace. There must be an embracement of the tension and a leader must seek opportunity to grow the company wherever they can. It is important to understand why is exists and how to combat it and use it to your advantage.
    A leader also must have a strong sense of situational awareness within the workplace. Possessing the ability to see around and beyond what is presented enables a leader to properly have a solidified growth mindset. Those that do not have this mindset concretely solidified bring a stagnant and unorganized view to the company. A leader must be active, rather than in control; they must be prepared at all times and spend time on acting, rather than failed planning. Many lack the preparedness to face strategic implications that can arise when growing the company, so having clarity and understanding is important.
    A transparent leader is one that is for the people and truly shows that everyone is on the same page. Taking ownership and accountability for all actions enables the leader not to point fingers at others within the company. Not taking accountability correlates to a stagnant workplace, and a stagnant workplace does not really help to grow the company.
    Another way to grow the company is to seek to eliminate mediocrity and complacency, and build everyone up. Breaking down the walls within the workplace is also quite important. This creates a unified workplace and discards all stigmas- inclusive of everyone.
    A leader’s ability to create a moment and experience that ignites others to want to work and know more about the business again creates a growth workforce. Self-trust, confidence, and awareness to navigate all people creates that strong leader that every company needs.
    One quality that the Forbes article does not include is empathy. Understanding who your company is comprised of is crucial to developing a coherent workplace. A leader must motivate all people and this allows for a stable environment that everyone enjoys. People will want to work, and ultimately that will create a growth company.

  9. Lauren Woodward May 3, 2018 at 9:47 pm #

    Being a leader ultimately means that you take your past experience and apply it to others and guide them in the right direction. If leaders can’t expand from the typical boxed-in work life that companies assimilate them to, then they cannot lead effectively. An employee should grow from their experience in the office; not be hindered by the corporate policies they must follow. In addition, employees will be better led due to the fact that personal interaction is much more effective than controlled-corporate leadership.
    Certain leadership traits such as open-mindedness, comfortability, preparedness, and ownership are among 12 that this article points out are crucial for growing your leadership mindset. With these traits in mind, the leader can develop the ones they are leading in outstanding ways, while also growing the way they think individually. Controlling how a manager, executive, or any other leader leads others puts them in a box, where creativity and thinking goes out the window. This concept has been explained numerous times in Professor Shannon’s class, as we students have been forced into a revolving door, so to speak, on how to do work. I found myself and my classmates at a halt when we attempted to work outside of the norm, and therefore we were less productive than what we could’ve been. Actually allowing the student to think and create by themselves achieves as much as leaders developing others. A new sense of creativity and work ethic is created that will motivate students and employees.
    Leadership has been a goal I’ve been working on for countless years. I’ve tried to identify the different qualities I should hold and how to pursue them. Throughout National Honor Society, volleyball, and Future Business Leaders of America, my role of leadership helped take my peers to incredible heights. The advisors for these clubs did not try to control the way I led my classmates, and therefore we were able to achieve so much in our power. It discourages me to go out into the workforce if I cannot continue my interest of leadership qualities by the hindrance that corporations will place on me. I want to be able to express my creativity in leadership to not only benefit others, but to also grow my knowledge and experience of being a leader.

  10. Daniel Kim May 4, 2018 at 11:22 am #

    While I waited for the plane to take flight, I reflected on my shortcomings and inadequacies as an ROTC cadet who completed his ROTC version of basic training in Fort Knox. Next, to me, a British man in his fifties, who turned out to be a former firefighter and now scuba diving instructor, sat next to me. I forgot who initiated the first conversation. However, we were talking on a variety of topics from finding contentment in one’s career to finding romance with a fast-paced lifestyle. Eventually, I had to ask the former firefighter on his idea of true leadership. I told him about my failures and incompetency in adhering with military protocols and procedures. However, he told me that a good leader listens and is open-minded. After a long conversation, we arrived at our destination and went on our separate ways. Prior to our conversation, I never grasped the concept of leadership. To me, leadership was that typical picture of George Washington standing tall and proud in that famous Delaware River. To me, leadership was a coach who gives out an amazing and inspirational speech to his football team before scoring a touchdown. To me, my entire perception of leadership was from on movies and T.V. shows.
    After my conversation with the former British firefighter, I had a realization that I had the makings of becoming a leader. Although my former ROTC professor told me that I had potentials of becoming a good officer, I never realized what he meant until after my discussion with the man in the plane. This was an eye-opening moment that I would not forget anytime soon.
    With this said, a leader with a growth mindset is arguably better fitted for the top than a manager who constantly berates others and does not care about self-improvement. I realized that this is true for all leaders throughout different industries and sectors. Those who do not adapt and learn often fail and those who do the opposite succeed. After reading through this article, I was not surprised to see any of these traits. They are and were the same types of attributes that my ROTC professors ensured to develop as my characteristics.
    Perhaps in the past, things worked this way. However, as the world interconnects and younger generations are already familiar with developing technologies and software, older generations who are unaware of the current reality, younger generations have an opportunity to show their leadership potentials. At the same time, older generations have a wealth of experiences and insights that young people can benefit from. However, at the end of the day, true leadership exemplifies itself when a person knows when to act and when to listen.

  11. marcello bertuzzelli May 4, 2018 at 12:23 pm #

    What really is a leader? states, “Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “win” as a team or an organization; and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring.” Concisely, this describes leadership as a role of authority held in order to make decisions that will better a situation. In the Forbes article, The 12 Crucial Leadership Traits Of A Growth Mindset, you read about the different traits that can be adapted in order to better yourself as a leader in the business world. However, these traits described can and should be implemented into everyday life. With them they can in turn help you to do the right thing in whatever it is you desire. Professor Warren G. Bennis says, “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.” That very quote is something a leader would say. It instills the difference between the two and helps people to understand that as a leader things have to be taken into your own hands. Doing the things right will bring you to a standard of authority, but doing the right things and expanding your ideas not only in your mind but to others will help you to break that barrier and push you past authority allowing you to become the person others seek when they feel they should expand their own ideas. In the past, leadership was a bit more common as people sought advancement in society and the work place, but in the modern day, there has been a restriction put on leaders as they are expected to abide by certain regulations specified by companies. Following these restrictions have placed leaders in positions that do not allow them to make the decisions of a leader. Following these traits as expressed in Forbes can help break the commonality of it all in today’s age and allow new forms of leadership to arise.

  12. Luis F Gonzalez Jr May 4, 2018 at 12:30 pm #

    A mindset of growth is simply an open-minded mentality. A cautious and understanding individual will grow more than an ignorant and closeminded individual. Growth is a term coined with becoming bigger physically, whether it be with profits in a firm or physical height growth. Growth is not just for physical aspects but for everything in life that takes time and effort. Every relationship, faith, self-esteem, etc. has the potential to growth. Human beings are designed to be adaptable and grow each day from mistakes, coincidence, etc. because it a role we play in our lives. A mindset of growth is a mindset of opportunities and preparedness.

    In order to be a great leader or in any occupation you will join into, having a mindset of growth is beneficial. You have to be prepared for any variable thrown at you and the best way to be prepared is to understand and organize the resources available at the moment. Knowing your environment and the individual you interact with is a crucial factor to be open for growth because you learn how to accommodate and adapt to the situation. A great example would be marketing, the purpose is to attract interest from certain groups being targeted. If the product being sold is for infants and the target group of the marketing is aimed at the elderly, the marketing idea won’t be effective. Unless, you target mothers and women in their late 20’s and 30’s. Knowing what you have and focusing on how to maximize your resources is the best action to take.

    Growth is a positive term and something every individual should experience. It is part of life, an experience of opportunities in order to achieve and maximize happiness. The more you grow as a person, the more happiness you will achieve because of the amount of understand in you will have on yourself. The more you educate yourself socially, mentally, physically, the more you will feel complete with the variety aspects of life. Growth is a normal part in human beings, without it we would stagnate in our adventures. Never reaching our full potential.

  13. Nathaniel Valyo May 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm #

    This article on Forbes greatly emphasizes individuality for leaders, and how a leader must make their own rules rather than following the rules of the company they are employed by. In giving the leaders this freedom to exercise their authority how they want, more doors are opened up for them, which can directly translate to employee productivity in the workplace. The philosophy behind it makes complete and total sense; why would a business give a leader guidelines on how to lead? Isn’t a leader chosen based off of personal characteristics and uniqueness? The most efficient way to lead a group of people is by being yourself. Taking orders from the higher-ups of a company makes them the leaders, not you.

    An article like this is so important for both now and the upcoming generations. Too often, we see examples of people in positions of authority that abuse their power, and only exercise their power as a way of expressing authority over others. Additionally, with cultural events like the #MeToo movement, we are constantly being exposed to people in power who use their powers for their own benefit, and in ways that are directly good for them, regardless of who is hurt or damaged in the process. Our world has a dire need for true, virtuous leaders, and this article helps to shed light on ways in which we can effectively lead people, with no one getting hurt or abused.

    While this article provides a helpful start for anyone in a position of leadership, it does not quite capture the true essence of leadership, which is service. Point #7 comes close when it talks about growing together with people and developing true, authentic friendships with them, but nowhere does the article mention putting the needs of others before your own. In my opinion, service is the number one quality of any leader. A leader does not lead because they want to be recognized, respected and put at a higher ranking than the average employee. A true leader is one who recognizes their own faults and is filled with humility, rather than pride. While yes, developing a strong sense of confidence and individuality is a crucial stepping stone for anyone in a position of leadership, service to those you are leading is the more important aspect. Putting the needs of others before your own will always be the most influential and impressive quality of any leader.

  14. Michael Polito May 4, 2018 at 7:47 pm #

    This was a very interesting article due to the fact that they are trying to get bosses to change and more lenient. Employees are tired of just following the path that the boss paves and they want to be able to do more with their jobs. This article is about the traits that bosses should have to promote a more growth for the individuals that work for them and the company that they work for. The goal of the company is to have a healthy work environment so that they can be the most productive so that the company makes money. This list of the qualities that a boss should have because most of the things on this list I feel are very important to have. You do not want a boss that is a pain to work for and doesn’t appreciate the work that you are doing for him and the company. A good boss needs to recognize what his employees are doing for him and needs to accept ideas from his employees to promote growth. A boss does not need to think of everything for the company it can be good to see what the ideas are of the people who work for you.
    To run a successful company it is important to have growth. You do not want to be at the same level that you were the year before, you want to grow your company to the highest level that it can get to. Without a good leader at the helm there is no way that a company can grow at all. There needs to be someone who the employees can talk to and share their ideas with and will not judge. That is why this list is important, because without these traits in a boss there will be no growth. One of the things on the list is to be open minded and I think that is the most important thing on the list. As a boss you need to be able listen to the ideas of everyone who works for you. If you do not let the people who work for you voice their opinions on what they think the company should do you could miss the next big idea. More importantly the employees will feel like their work does not mean anything. If they do not get involved and give opinions there is not growth of the company or the people who work for you. Things will become stagnant and there will be o growth. Being open minded to others suggestions is the most important thing that a boss can have. No one wants to work for someone who does not listen to anything they say. The confidence of the worker will go up if they feel like their work is being appreciated and they are being listened to. If they feel appreciated they will come up with more ideas and that promote growth. If there are more ideas to consider there will be more growth. Out of all the ideas one of them has to be good enough to use and if you are using ideas that will grow the company and the individuals will grow too.

  15. Sapna May 7, 2018 at 10:16 am #

    Being a leader isn’t easy, it is a job that requires dedication, hard work, and traits that encourage your ambition and desire to succeed. The 12 traits presented in this article were rather expected out of leader, to be open minded, comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, being aware of situations, being prepared, knowing what is expected, being able to stand up and own up to what is done, wanting the company to grow, eliminating complacency, breaking down silos, having a strong and authoritative presence, welcoming individuality, and wanting something other than success. Don’t get me wrong, success is important, especially in this competitive world today, however leaders have the mindset of working for the better of the company, not for the value it brings. They want to make their company evolve beyond what they thought was possible, and make sure that it has a made its place in society. This is when a company truly thrives, when the people are working to make the company a better place, not just for the fame that they would receive doing so. Regarding individuality, it is important that leaders are open to everyone’s ideas, because no two brains are the same, so each person will bring different ideas to the table, and as a good leader, it is important to keep an open mind. This is how creativity spurs, and that is what takes the company far.
    Leaders are important, they are there to help keep the company running, they have to be able to think quickly and make decisions that are always in the interest for the company. It is important that leaders are able to know how much work to place on their employers as well, it is vital that the employers are not under extreme stress. It is also important that the leader is aware of their employer’s strengths and weaknesses, having someone who is good at handling the finance, and putting them as an executive board member who is in charge of running the marketing floor – well that may not be the best fit.
    These 12 leadership traits are good to use while in business, but also outside of work, it will help the person to be more open minded, and accepting.

  16. Gary Dinmore May 17, 2018 at 4:18 pm #

    There has been a recent paradigm shift among the practices that are approached by leaders of industry. Over the years titles such as “boss” have taken on a negative connotation and for good reason, the traditional ways of leading a group had a more tyrannical feel and oppressive tone for the employees or workers underneath its reign. The following article illustrates the shift that has occurred simultaneously between the leaders and workers of various sources, the cooperative change for better communication and understanding separates the new norm from the old by comradery among the leader and the led.

    A point that stood out among the rest was the line “growth with people”, it explains the simultaneous learning that should be sought after among the leader and their people. More often than not there is great potential in allowing the people of the company to have a seat at the table and help with detailed feedback only knowledgeable by someone who is involved with the inner workings of the company. Some insider information like this has been noticed as being a priceless tool in the progression of a company’s efficiency, employee satisfaction and overall health of a company.

    Most of the other points touched on within the article rotated around these same points associated with the integration of employee input and having a more open and understanding form of communication so that the vision and plan of the company moving forward is crystal clear.

    “Be clear about the path to growth and the role others play to help the organization get there.”

  17. M.R. May 28, 2018 at 9:35 pm #

    A common debate among individuals is whether someone is born a leader or becomes one. Most people can agree that it is a combination of both. Nonetheless, in order for a leader to be effective and succeed, they need to have developed certain characteristics. Some of these traits are attained through time, experience and passion for wanting to make a change. These qualities include being a good listener, being trustworthy, and having creativity. Leadership is not a popularity contest; it is a serious responsibility that primarily involves developing and guiding the full potential in people. Leaders must articulate a vision of diversity and inclusion, set goals, and communicate expectations to all. As Henry Kissinger said “The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” A great leader uses this power to influence people and deliver results. These expectations must be followed, measured, and tracked. Leaders must champion role models and cite success stories that bring to life the impact diversity has on the mission.
    Consequently, in order for leader to succeed, companies should empower them with more trust and allow them to take on challenges even when this does not go along with the corporate playbook. Companies should support the exercise of independent judgement of leaders. Additionally, they should facilitate freedom of movement at work. Only by taking on new challenges, a leader can evolve.
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