Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco

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In search of reasonable rent, the middle-class backbone of San Francisco — maitre d’s, teachers, bookstore managers, lounge musicians, copywriters and merchandise planners — are engaging in an unusual experiment in communal living: They are moving into dorms.

Shared bathrooms at the end of the hall and having no individual kitchen or living room is becoming less weird for some of the city’s workers thanks to Starcity, a new development company that is expressly creating dorms for many of the non-tech population.

Starcity has already opened three properties with 36 units. It has nine more in development and a wait list of 8,000 people. The company is buying a dozen more buildings (including one-star hotels, parking garages, office buildings and old retail stores), has raised $18.9 million in venture capital and hired a team of 26 people. Starcity said it was on track to have hundreds of units open around the San Francisco Bay Area this year, and thousands by 2019.

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23 Responses to Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco

  1. Damian Mioduszewski March 16, 2018 at 5:32 pm #

    The San Francisco housing market has been in my opinion a joke. Many one story houses are now worth massive amounts of money even amounting to a million dollars. San Francisco has become a tech paradise with many tech startups starting in San Francisco. These tech jobs are very high paying and has caused an influx of jobs to come to San Francisco very quickly which did not allow the housing market to develop fast enough leaving very little room for housing for low income people. Middle class families are also having a very hard time to find housing so many are turning to cheaper alternatives. Here comes everyone’s favorite living situation from the college days, dorms. Dorms have begun to make a presence in San Francisco housing market as a way to help lower costs for housing. The dorms will have common bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. For slightly higher rent, it is possible to get your own bathroom but that in turn would still be a VERY small bathroom. The company is buying large amounts of properties in order to expand the dorming market with its target demographic are making between $40,000 to $90,000. Wait. Middle class families are opting to live in small dorm like apartments what has happened. This is simply why I view the San Francisco housing market as a joke where the government should intervene to stop this laughable situation. The government should intervene by increasing infrastructure so people are able to live further and still be able to live in San Francisco. My opinion would be to enact eminent domain to order to increase the housing market capacity as a last resort. The people are working hard jobs using their valuable skills but in turn majority of their wages are being ruined because they have to pay these outrageous rent prices.

  2. Timothy Wiamer March 19, 2018 at 5:32 pm #

    With the cost of living increasing ever year, the middle class in San Francisco has decided to experiment with something new- moving into dorms. One company, Starcity, has created these communal apartments for city workers. They have three properties currently opened and have a wait list for the future developments they are planning to build. While San Francisco apartments generally go for $3,300a month, Starcity rooms go for $1,400-2,400 a month. I have a question about this. Is the price for Starcity rooms based on location? Or is this the price for all dorms nationwide that they rent out? If it were based on location, then this would be very beneficial. Cities like San Francisco and New York City are extremely expensive for everyone but especially for young professionals to afford. If this price is set and stone for all apartments, then this would cause a major problem. Many apartment complexes in New Jersey alone range between $1300-2400, so there wouldn’t really be a difference. Instead of living in a communal apartment, New Jersey residents can rent a single room or two-bedroom apartment for that price, some also equaling that price with utilities and Wi-Fi. This article also paints an interesting picture about salary base. First off, the community living is for those who make between $40-90,000. That’s a huge gap. One woman they discuss is said to be making $85,000 and cannot afford a house. That boggles my mind! Either I am not in tune with the realities of the world or the standard of living in California truly is that much higher than even on the East Coast. A college graduate, typically, does not make that $85,000. So to hear that even making that much money you still cannot afford a house is very eye opening. While I do have my own personal opinions, I can definitely see how the idea of dorming while you are a professional is appealing. Depending on the location, this is probably the most sounds financial option. Especially those who are single, you have laundry, Wi-Fi, utilities all in one and all for one price. I would be extremely interested to see if this new trend makes its way to the east coast and if it does, if it will be just as popular here as it is out in the West.

  3. Mathew Gonzalez March 19, 2018 at 8:37 pm #

    In the city of San Francisco, professionals are starting to shift from owning houses to living in college-like dormitories. The company, Starcity, buys dozens of buildings, including but not limited to one-star hotels, parking garages, office buildings, and old retails stores, and transforms them into dormitories. The buildings share both living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, and the residents are content with these living conditions. “These are not single family homes that are being used as group houses.” Each resident lives independently in a single-room bedroom with the option of having their own private bathroom at a higher rent. Individuals who can’t afford owning houses or enjoy the concept of being part of a “college environment” community are starting to pile into these Starcity buildings with thousands waiting patiently for more buildings.
    As a college student, I enjoy the environment and community-sense provided living in a dormitory. Leaving college is a scary experience where some individuals fear that one day they will live one. What Starcity has to offer for these people is the opportunity to return back to that environment and relive their youthful experiences. The only compromise that young adults would have to make fresh out of college would be not making a lot of money meaning that they would have to share the bathroom with the floor residents instead of being able to have their own private bathroom. In enough time, they may have enough or receive a pay raise to get their own bathroom, and be satisfied wholeheartedly with reliving in the college-like community.

  4. Natalia Falana March 23, 2018 at 1:16 pm #

    Dorm living is something people often want to get away from after college, but maybe what people are doing in San Francisco is a good way of feeling less alone. Often times, adults may feel as though they are alone and dorm living offers instantaneous friends in a safe environment. Because only professionals live at the Starcity dorms, they can hopefully avoid a lot of the drama that generally comes with dorm living and can instead focus on all of the positivity it can bring. For people with pets, having neighbors that will care for your pet while you are out, can be helpful and make the pet happier with more attention. As someone who regularly keeps her dog and cat alone at home, I worry about whether they feel lonely and I wish there were a way to ensure that they are receiving attention constantly. The built in activities also seem like a good way to explore interests one might not have otherwise discovered, and it also lightens the stress of every day.

    As a business, building dorms is a fantastic way of making more money from less space. The dorms are an affordable, but not cheap alternative, and therefore the owner can make almost twice the profit than if he had built a third of the units and made them larger. The elevated style of the dorms as well as the additional activities help increase the value of the dorms in inexpensive ways for the owner. I hope that in the future this model will be used to create housing at both lower and higher cost levels because it could really help increase the quality of living for many people. For many people having this type of living arrangement could also help them save money and live within their means more easily. For others, living permanently with people you like and constantly being invited to new experiences without having to prepare them is an ideal way of life.

  5. Jon Cortes March 23, 2018 at 7:04 pm #

    Going to college can be a tenacious and stressful process for some students. On the other hand, it also provides the opportunity for young adults to live on their own, with roommates in their dorms, and start to experience what living as an adult in the real world is really like. Living in a building like this however, is not just for people studying in a college anymore. Professional men and women with careers in San Francisco have been getting the college boarding experience by living in dorms together with each other. Not only are provided with their own bedrooms, but they are also able to share their living experiences with others who are looking for a new place to live, that may be considered different from the everyday, normal apartment building. The company Starcity is planning on expanding from these initial properties, and bringing more dorms in for people who don’t mind sharing a bathroom and kitchen with someone they may have just met. It isn’t always easy finding affordable housing in a place like San Francisco. There are thousands of apartments in this city, and most of them cost thousands of dollars just for the down payment on some. For most people, the idea of living alone in your own place can be scary at first. While it provides privacy and independence, and the idea of beginning a whole new life for yourself can be overwhelming at times. In a dorm though, you don’t have to worry about being on your own when first starting out at a new job. It won’t take long for you to meet your new roommates, and it will create opportunities for you to make new friends along the way. Living in a dorm may be a turn off for some, but I think it’s a great way to meet new people and live at an affordable price. For many, moving into a new location can have its ups and down, providing tenants a change from the previous home that they once knew. A dorm building may not be as private as a condo or apartment, but professionals are taking a risk and making connections with people who just happen to share the same bathroom as them. Having a roommate doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have any privacy while your living together. It gives people a chance to step outside their comfort zone, and make more of an effort to get to know each other. Starting the career you want is personally satisfying, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pay all the bills by yourself. Finding activities you have in common with your roommates is a great ice breaker, and relieve stress from time spent at the office or on the stage. Professionals living in dorms may seem like a odd idea, but if young adults are still living at home with their parents, I think a roommate would suit me just fine. There’s clearly more to dorms here than we previously thought, and I’m all for it. No matter the reason, dormitories are rising in popularity, and are no longer limited to a college campus or university.

  6. Brianna Avery March 23, 2018 at 7:30 pm #

    Making dorm living an option for cities that are very expensive to live in is very smart. Dorms are a cheap alternative for housing for people who are unable to afford regular apartments. In the article “Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco,” author Nellie Bowles discusses the company Starcity, who builds dorm rooms for working adults. Starcity are building dozens of apartment complexes or “dormitories” to help individuals who may not be able to afford to live in a place as expensive as San Francisco. According to Nellie, “If tenants sign up for premium services, Starcity will do their laundry for $40 a month, clean rooms for $130 a week and even arrange for dog day care.” If a person has a busy schedule, the premium services could benefit them. Besides the convenience of the dorms, the dorms for working adults is also a perfect way for them to form friendships. As an adult it could be difficult to form friendships outside of work and what a better way to make friends with the people you are going to be living with. If you are living in one of these dorms, you are going to being sharing a kitchen among other amenities with eight to fifteen other people so eventually friendships will form. Bowles writes about one of the tenants: “She said she had not locked her bedroom door once since moving in, and most days when she gets home from work, a roommate has taken her dog into the shared living room.” There’s no doubt a bond will form between individuals who see each other every day.
    Although it is a great alternative to apartments, dorm living can come with many problems. I am iffy about my personal space and sharing a room with another person could be very awkward. I would be worried about if my roommate is a slob or like to blast music at 3 A.M. There could also be the troubling thought of people moving my things or worst-case scenario there being a theft.
    Dorm living is ideal for people who are living alone. It opens up various networking opportunities between adults as well as friendship opportunities. The fear of what a roommate may be like should not be the reason an individual may steer away from dorm living. Dorm living could be great for someone who is looking for the extra convenience.

  7. Michael Polito March 23, 2018 at 7:53 pm #

    The company Starcity has come up with a unique style of living that is usually only seen on college campuses. They are creating dorm buildings that professionals can rent and live in. They are the same thing as a dorm, the size, the communal bathroom, and the roommate. It is essentially like you are going to college again but instead of going to classes and doing school work you go to your job and do your real work. Not everything is the same for higher payers there are special services that you can get to make it feel more like a hotel. The company has had a lot of success and there are some people that really enjoy this kind of living. This is great for people who travel a lot for work or get transferred a lot because this is a cheap living space that they can rent and move out of anytime. Because the rooms are small like dorm rooms the insides of the rooms are quite nice and very affordable. This is idea is a very interesting one and honestly very smart. These homes are a community just like a college dorm would be like. Starcity has made a living arrangement that is perfect for some people.
    For some people this would be perfect but others might have other thoughts about it. This business could do very well but it also may not do very well. The number of people who want to live in a dorm as an adult may not be that high. Due to the fact that the business is only in California you cannot really tell whether it is a good or great idea yet. There are a lot of people living in California so to have a good turnout for people living in the buildings may not be too hard. It should be interesting to see how the business does when it expands to other cities who aren’t as populated or who don’t have the kinds of people who want to live in a dorm during their adult life. Personally I think it is a good idea buy the founders but I do not see myself evert living in a dorm. I feel like college is probable going to be the end of my dorm living time. I feel like there are more people out there who are going to have the same mindset as me. I dot really think a lot of adults will want to live in something like this, but there is a difference between wanting to and having to. As one of the people in the article said she was transferred to San Francisco and couldn’t afford a house or apartment so she moved there. That’s is where I think this company is going to makes its money. I don’t feel like there are going to be a lot of people who necessarily want to live in a dorm but there may be a lot who have to live there. That is not a bad thing, these dorms are the quality of five star hotel or apartment buildings but they are just the size of a dorm. Once people adjust to the style of living back to their college days, specifically the people in the article, they seem to enjoy living in the Starcity complex. I feel that if this company gets enough tenants to live in their dorm complexes this could be the next big thing when it comes to temporary living. Apartment buildings may have some new competition if the dorm buildings take off.

  8. Alan Josefsek March 24, 2018 at 10:34 pm #

    The work place has been referred to as the 45year plan for over a decade or so now. In order to be successful in the workplace it requires the individual to balance home and work life. As of recent, San Francisco has introduced a plan to have employee of various industries dorms together. Although the intention was for a social experiment to observe interactions between varying industries it was also provided manageable rent despite the fact that you share the bathroom and kitchens. In one way the professional individuals will tend to be inclined to working longer and hard shift in the workplace to avoid being home in the dorms; or they will end up bringing the work home with them because either they’ll feel it’s like college all over again or that they can get help and guidance from others in similar or identical industries. In my opinion, this becomes an obstacle for professionals involved in this program because it constantly reminds them of work and continues to occupy their time with work and fails to balance with the home/work-free life. This actually can lead to future complications specifically in regard to health, due to the limitations on socialization, interaction/communications and variation in the daily activities. There a saying if a man confines himself to business and only business and does not balance it out with any other activities, then it is safe to say that all the man can do it business and nothing else. This same concept applies here, if an employee fails to balance out their life and daily activates they will see that they’ll be only able to do one thing. In addition, I feel every individual should have an eclectic view on their area of interest and study and if there is a way to allow color in they can become proficient in anything which will always give them the opportunity to do anything compared to those who are closed minded and fluent in one area of interest and study. On the other hand, this offers an experience for individuals to reconnect with their college life, when they shared dorms and there was a mix of various concentrations. There could be a better way to recap or to create these experiences such as formal events where individuals can connect in any industry, some will consider this a networking event. It becomes complicated, mind breaking and perhaps stressful when you begin to live with strangers and step out of your comfort zone; this will potentially increase the average work day to longer hours, which as you’ve seen can be detrimental to any firm because the predicted/actual success rate will begin decline.

  9. Tanner Purcel March 25, 2018 at 11:20 pm #

    Starcity is a company that offers a similar style of living to the one students get at college. They created buildings, like college residence halls, that professionals can live in. These residents live like college kids (roommate, communal bathrooms, dorm room living, etc.). This kind of living would be great for someone just starting out in the business, one who is single, and/or one who travels a lot for their job. It is a cheap living space that would make it easier for employees to find living. It might not seem like a great living style, but for someone who is just getting started it would be easier to live in a place like this. It would also benefit those who just recently moved to a new city, as they can easily meet new people in the building. Some people would dislike this type of living, but then they can choose to live somewhere else. Starcity gives people a solid option for living. I believe starcity is targeting people who were transferred into a new city or just getting started. Once these people get up on their feet, they will be able to move out and find a better place to live.

  10. Carley H March 26, 2018 at 2:01 pm #

    I think that Starcity is a great idea and I’m sure it will start trending all over the country. Growing up is hard and finding a job and keeping it is even harder and many people do not want to still live at home. I also know that it is very expensive to live on your own from personal experience with my Uncle. He originally moved out of my Grandma’s house when he graduated college, but moved back in to save up to buy his own house. Living also obviously depends on where people are located, but a lot of people live in the city so it was a great idea to create something that is basically a dorm for professionals.
    Many people would be interested if Starcity opened units in big cities all over the country such as New York City. It is a great idea that cuts living costs down for people who are okay with sharing a bathroom. Being a college student is different then being a professional because people are older and more mature and know how to handle themselves. So I am sure that there is not issues with people not keeping the bathrooms as clean as possible.
    I am sure that many people are concerned about sharing a bathroom but in reality, it is not the end of the world. Living in a city is very tight for people who cannot afford the huge penthouse suite style of living. So being that people are living in a room thats 130 square feet to 220 square wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The only issue is that they would have to share a kitchen and a bathroom. However, if you’re saving over 1,000 dollars per month who cares? It is more of a way for people to be able to get on their own feet and into a real apartment. Starcity seems great for out of college graduates or even people who have just been fired from a job.

  11. Kayla Washington March 30, 2018 at 3:51 pm #

    Surprisingly in today’s world, intentional collective living has been a growing concept. After reading this article, I can see numerous benefits for both the individual and the community as well as issues this why of living possesses.

    To start, in the long run, I can appreciate what communal living has to offer the world. For instance, I see this living arrangement being effective in the attempt to encourage social interactions and to help people overcome loneliness and isolation. With the new technological advancements, almost everyone, especially the youth, lives a life revolves around social media or just simply cyber space. Due to this, we the lack social skills necessary to initiate conversations with other different from us. Aside from that, in this time of presidency, where division amongst the people is encouraged, this communal lifestyle at Starcity has created an environment where, people of all backgrounds come to together to share a space. Spaces like this can help everyone learn and become understanding of people different from themselves. On the other hand, it’s financially affordable. According to the article, “the average one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco rents for $3,300 a month, but Star city rooms go for $1,400 to $2,400 a month fully furnished, with utilities and Wi-Fi included.” On top of that, for a reasonable fee this living arrangement removes all the household responsibilities needed to upkeep a home, like cleaning your room, doing laundry, and cutting grass. Essentially, from my point of view, those that buy into places like Starcity are getting the biggest bang out of their buck.

    With, I can also see where this living arrangement could also be a huge issue. Take into consideration this idea of gentrification, which is can push residents of out of their homes. In the article, it was mentioned that a residential hotel that once served homeless and low-income people in the Tenderloin neighborhood…soon became 71 Star city units. Furthermore described, in the text, the Tenderloin, a traditionally working-class and diverse neighborhood and a sizable homeless population, has been slowly gentrifying, leading to rising tensions. (Most of Star city’s residents are white.)” (Bowles 15). In other words, with their being an influx of white wealthier residents flowing back into once low-income, often minority neighborhoods, long-time residents can be priced out. Aside from that, the problems of pets and people’s allergens or phobias to certain animals can create a troubled environment is other residents do not respect certain spaces. Along with the high possibility of multiple romances taking place, because single individuals intimately engaging with various people within the housing community can create extreme drama and disharmony.

    All in all, the idea of communal living carries both pros and cons. For the advantages, a social/family environment is encouraged and a place like Star city relieves you of responsibility from your typical labor duties of a home for an affordable cost. However, when major factors like gentrification and the creation of unnecessary drama is involved, I am completely against places like Star City.


  12. Destiny Kearney March 31, 2018 at 12:02 am #

    When first reading the introduction of this article, I thought it was a bad idea. Teachers and non students should not be living in dorms. Further explaining that Starcity is a dorm setting home created for those with low to moderate incomes. I thought to myself this a creative and thoughtful idea. As a college student graduating and entering into the real world. The idea of living in these dorm rooms would be a great start. The dorm setting is already a concept that I have adapted well with. Living on campus you learned to share your space with others. These dorms are a lot bigger than the average dorm room as well. It will give you a sense of independence but you also know you are not alone. If you want some privacy you have the privilege of going to your own room, with your own toilet. Having your toilet is always a plus.The expenses on these dorms are designed for those who are trying to get a start in their careers or those who just can’t offer high priced housing. I think this is a unique idea. Looking at the picture of the living area, it doesn’t even seem like it is a dorm at all. It is full of open space and great lighting. Inviting friends over wouldn’t be a problem at all. A concern I would have is getting a roommate that I didn’t know or didn’t have the same cleaning habits I have. Not knowing a person could make things awkward because you may not have the same interest. Noting that Starcity housing is full furnished is also an advantage. If I have the opportunity to live in this environment I would take this opportunity. The outside appearance may not be the so attractive but the inside is breathtaking. Stated in the article, Starcity is a pet friendly. This could be a plus or a minus. If you have a pet that your roommate isn’t allergic to or isn’t afraid of having the pet would be a plus. If the situation is vise versa then this pet idea would be a minus. Starcity is a great opportunity. If this concept was to spread was to spread across globe, there would be less people in poverty.. All those that have the ability to live in these homes I would say take it, because if I could I for sure would make it happen.

  13. Zachary Corby April 2, 2018 at 12:46 am #

    I am actually blown away by this article and the whole entire concept of Starcity, and really want to see if it is possible to invest it in, because that is how great of an idea I believe it is. I mean look at the applications that it is already solving. In the midst of the housing crisis in San Francisco, it is keeping costs reasonably affordable for individuals while also giving places to live for more people in a town where homelessness is running rampant. Right now the company is only in San Francisco, but they already have a waiting list of people that would like to try and get into one of the dormitories they offer to live in. Given the success that it is already having out in San Francisco it is hard to imagine that they will not expand into other parts of the country. Its perfectly reasonable to expect them to move out into New York next given that they have a lot of the same issues. Starcity has been so successful because it is able to cut costs by a lot for people who choose to live there. In the article a persons rent was literally cut in half by choosing to live there instead of on their own. Yes they gave up some freedom, but they also never have to worry about cleaning their own bathroom, or kitchen, and so much additional work is taken care of by the manager there. Utilities are at fixed rates so people do not have to worry about how much they are using utility wise because they do not have to pay for it as directly as they had in the past. Money talks, and when people can save so much money and hassle from moving to a starcity dorm, it will get people at the very least intrigued about the idea. The bigger part of it is the social aspect. How many times have you heard adults say that college is the best 4 years of your life? While a part of that is surely because of partying the main reason they say that is because of the bonds and closeness you have by living with your friends and seeing them all the time. Now with the way Starcity has set up their dorms people are able to do that in their daily lives. Its natural for humans to want companionship, and no one wants to live alone so it has a draw for a lot of people. Other people find it hard to make friends, especially when people have jobs that require a lot of hours from them they do not have the luxury of free time to socialize with people. So Starcity effectively builds a community and tightknit family that makes socializing so easy for the people in the dorms. Initially, the idea of sharing a kitchen or bathroom is surely a little off putting, but there are a lot of perks too. They really do not have to clean it someone can take care of that for them, and since there are so many other people you may not even have to cook for yourself every night in the kitchen. While there are certainly challenges to this style of living, the article got rave reviews from the people living there and did not say that there were really any problems. I see this company expanding at a rapid rate and it will be in New York City and Chicago among others very quickly. This is definitely something I would consider to live in after I graduate from college.

  14. Gabrielle Pietanza April 4, 2018 at 10:27 pm #

    As an individual who lives in a dorm I find dorm living to be a quite efficient way of housing. This style of living can be compared to adults living in apartment buildings which many have little issue with. Commodities instead are just shared among the individuals of the building. Like carpooling, dorm living allows a greater number of people to reap the benefits of the utilities the building has while saving the planet through conservation. Not only that yet it allows more individuals to love in the same space, opening up the housing market which in this modern age is very important. With the cost of living increasing each year and the middle class bearing much of the burden I find this dorm living idea to be a very practical solution to a problem that at this rate, otherwise, would only grow.

    The dorm solution does solve a plethora of scarcity and economic problems while building a community yet does raise some problems. This set up works well for young adults entering the new world of university but may not be best for grown adults that are past this chapter of life. Once they acclaim their independent status it may be difficult to return to this way of life. Also, when it comes to pets, living in such close quarters can cause some issues. Specifically regarding allergies and noise as well as pet hair and smells. These issues are ones that however arise when people of any sort live in close quarters and can easily be resolved.

    Starcity has begun a very special and original project that has a great deal of potential. I feel as though making dorm living an option for adults in San Francisco and across the country would be a practical solution in order to achieve affordable and available housing. Although grown individuals may be hesitant to reenter this style of living yet in the grand scheme of things can be effective in fostering a community and network, allowing more individuals have a better living experience. Professional individuals living a dorm style building may be practical and the new normal in cities across the nation.

  15. BPatel April 5, 2018 at 8:54 pm #

    This article’s title alone grabbed my attention. By reading the article, I quickly gained the awareness of how difficult it is to rent out an apartment in the city where thousands of people flood into it each and every day. I thought this dorm living concept is a unique way to provide affordable living to those in need. In my opinion, Starcity has effectively targeted their population and made living in the most popular cities in America easier for those who work. Furthermore, I was surprised to read that the dorms are offered at very affordable prices even though being located in the city. This to me can attract many other people to come and live there. This can be a great opportunity for future investors of the development company which can help boost the economy. In addition, these apartments are more geared towards the working population of the city and many of the services that Starcity offers are making them look more attractive to the general public.
    I think Starcity is also very aware in what is considered to be ethical and acceptable in an area like San Francisco. The CEO also had to be aware of the local laws that might prohibit him from expanding his dorm locations. Additionally, being in compliance with the laws and regulations regarding constructing new buildings, the CEO can further expand his locations and maybe soon there will be a similar way of dorm living across the country that is outside the colleges and universities.
    In my personal experience, dorm living can be affordable, easy and makes everything a little bit more convenient. There are many different opportunities to interact with new people and engage in a healthy living environment. This type of environment can be proven to be beneficial to everyone. In addition, I feel like this type of living in such high demand place like San Francisco can cause issues like over population which can impact how businesses are operated.

  16. John Martino April 6, 2018 at 4:29 pm #

    Moving into a dorm in college can be an overwhelming, stressful, and unfamiliar process. On the other hand, it also provides the opportunity for young adults to establish their own independence in living away from their parents. Through living with roommates in college dorms, these students start to experience real world challenges that come with living on your own. It also allows students to become socially connected to peers that are also living in dorms. Coming to college, you do not really know anyone. Having to live in a building that holds many of your peers allows you to create and establish new friendships right away. This article shares with us that living in dorm-like buildings however are not just for people studying in a college anymore. Professionals with careers in San Francisco have been getting the college living experience by living in dorms together with each other. Not only are provided with their own bedrooms, but they are also able to share their living experiences with others who are looking for a new place to live. The company, Starcity, plans on expanding these initial properties. Their logic behind this would be to bring more dorms in for people who do not mind sharing a bathroom and kitchen and other living quarters with a stranger.

    It is not easy to find inexpensive housing in a large metropolis city such as San Francisco. There are thousands of apartments already located in the city, most of which cost thousands of dollars just to rent. The idea of living alone and incurring living expense on your own can be extremely intimidating for most people. While it provides privacy and independence, you are left to provide everything you need to efficiently live a happy life. On the flip side, in a dorm, individuals need not worry about being on your own because your peers to help you through difficult times constantly surround you. It will not take long for you to meet your new roommates. It will open doors through the creation of new lifelong friendships with the people who you meet in your living space. You will end up spending a large amount of your time with these individuals and become close with them over time. Living in a dorm may be a negative experience in some individual’s eyes, but I think it’s a great way to meet new people and live at an affordable price. Especially in these modern cities, an affordable dorm-style buildings could work in the U.S. similarly to how hostiles are in Europe. Moving into a new location will always have its positives and negatives, providing tenants a change in lifestyle from their previous living situation. A dorm building may not be as private as a condo or apartment, but professionals are taking a risk and making connections with people who just happen to share the same bathroom as them. Having a roommate doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have any privacy while your living together. It gives people a chance to step outside their comfort zone, and make more of an effort to get to know each other.

    Professionals living in dorms may seem like a odd idea at first to the everyday America. There is clearly an improvement in social and financial aspect when it comes to dorms than previously thought. After living in a dorm my first year of college, I would have to agree with this notion. Dormitories are seeing a high rise in popularity. Dorms are no longer being limited to a college campus or university. I don’t feel like there are going to be a lot of people who necessarily want to live in a dorm but there may be a lot who have to live there. These dorms are the equivalent in quality of five star hotel or apartment buildings, even if they are just the size of a dorm. I feel that if this company can get a good amount of tenants to live in their dorm complexes, this could be the next big thing when it comes to temporary living. From traveling for business or leisure to looking at temporary housing, theses dorms will be the next big thing once they can get people to try them out for a little while. Apartment buildings may see some new competition if the dorm buildings take off the way that I expect them to.

  17. Avans Beaubrun April 6, 2018 at 6:19 pm #

    Avans Rophe Beaubrun
    Professor O’Sullivan
    March 22, 2018
    Social and Legal Environment of Business
    Blog Post

    For this week’s assignment I read a very interesting article titled “ Dorm living for professionals comes to San Francisco”. With the cost of living increasing every year, professionals are experimenting and shifting from living in private homes to living in college like dormitories in San Francisco. Starcity, a new development company purchase a number of buildings including one star hotels, parking garages, office buildings and old retail stores and completely renovate them to small dorm like apartments for individuals live. This company has already opened three properties with 36 units and it has nine more in development and a wait list of 8,000 individuals. Personally I think this is very helpful to individuals who recently moved to a new city because it will provide them with the opportunity to encounter new people.

  18. SK April 6, 2018 at 9:31 pm #

    Being independent, sharing a bathroom and a bedroom, and experiencing new things was a college experience that truly are a few of the best years of one’s life, however, what wasn’t, was the cost we were paying. It shocks me, but it practically makes sense for Starcity workers. Being on a tight budget in college really never mitigates and with more responsibilities, come smarter financial decision. Because Starcity workers save a plethora of money a year by living in these dorms, the advantages outweigh the disadvatages.
    Ms. Shiver’s was placed under tough circumstances, and to her, Starcity dorms was her saving grace. With no steady job, a divorce and tough financial stability, Ms. Shiver’s had to overlook sharing a bathroom when needing a place to live that was economical. As Ms. Shivers stated, she had responsibility that she left behind and wants to live an independent life void of tiny priorities. Because Starcity devotes their time to caring for its employees, dropping of care packages gives Starcity a benelovent branding. From a business perspective, offering upgrades through premium services, it benefits the employee and Starcity. Starcity incurs more revenue while employees are hassle-free.
    Mr. Dishotsky also came from a financially restricted background and therefore understands the adversity of finding a home. With his mission of finding an economical place to reside in, Mr.Dishotsky is the epitome of rebounding from a failure or from tough circumstances. Through his own personal experiences, working in the real-estate industry and watching his friends struggle, Mr.Dishotsky is the perfect “face” behind Starcity’s dorm-living idea.
    People like Ms. Shivers, Ms. McKim, Mr. Maddox and many more living in these dorms have become a family and living together does not seem to hinder any of them in any way shape or form. These “housemates” have learned to live with those who were in similar situations and finding the best of what they had. Regardless of how Starcity dorms may come off, it is an economical, social and financial benefit to everyone internally and externally. Having Sunday dinners, attending events together and living with your best friends seem like college again: the best years of your life. Despite their hardships, Starcity has allowed them to cherish what they have and what is to come.
    Rewinding to the college days of living in a dorm, a good portion of people did not like or get along with their roommate(s). At Starcity, they seem to have develop an ambivalent atmosphere in which people care for each other and see themselves as a family. Like Ms. Shivers, fellow employees may have not seen themselves in this situation, however, they don’t seem upset or disturbed about the idea of living in a dorm. With Starcity’s idea and it’s seemingly optimistic future, more companies might start offering dorms near certain locations. I feel as if any company who admires to execute dorms as smoothly as Starcity has, must understand their employee circumstances and satisfy their needs and wants at a reasonable cost.

  19. Jessica Williams April 20, 2018 at 12:54 pm #

    With the rise in the prices for rent or a mortgage in San Francisco, living in a college-like dormitory for roughly $2,000 a month may appear to be a last resort for individuals struggling to find adequate housing. The environment is very intimate, as the inhabitants must share bathrooms, and a general kitchen and living area. Individuals can also gain access to a private bathroom for more added to their monthly rent. The article states that for most, living in one of the Starcity dorms may be temporary, but once people move in, they begin to reconsider moving out. Personally, I believe that this way of living can be extremely beneficial to an individual’s overall health, as the stress from paying high amounts of bills is alleviated, and people gain more time to develop their social lives and save more money.

    With rent being roughly $1,000-$2,000 a month, with WiFi and basic furniture provided, dorm living can alleviate the stress of debts that many people living in normal apartments and houses deal with. It has been proven that financial instability has led to an increase in pain among those affected, as well as other issues caused by stress, such as low self-esteem and damaged cognitive functions ( Starcity’s growing presence around San Francisco and offering places to stay for low rent can help individuals suffering from these issues by helping them recover while staying on top of their current rent payments.

    In addition, the article states that the inhabitants of these dorms usually plan days in which they can interact with others that share the same space, such as “wine nights.” With the problem of rent and working long hours subsiding while living in these dorms, people will have more time to develop their social lives, which is also beneficial to their health. Lack of social interaction outside of the workplace can lead to health complications, while engaging in more social situations have been proven to positively affect individuals in regards to their physical, emotional, and psychological health. Some examples are a decrease in blood pressure, depression, and a decreased risk of diseases such as osteoporosis or Alzheimers as an individual becomes older (

    Ultimately, I believe that Starcity providing these opportunities to individuals for a more affordable living space is beneficial to enhancing the lives of many people who struggle with bills. However, this method of housing may exclude large families, which is why the increase in rent prices must be dealt with in not only San Francisco, but all over the United States. The chances of creating an environment similar to that of Starcity for larger families is unlikely.

  20. M.E.R May 24, 2018 at 5:38 pm #

    This dorm style living introduced by Starcity is something that I think many people, specifically millennials are yearning for, but has never been done before. From the way article lays it out, Starcity provides someone with the essentials needed in the single bedroom. Then everything else is shared. Personally, I feel as though this is a great alternative for single individuals who have moved to a new area. Once people get out of college, finding a job is the first and only thing many newly graduated people want. They do not always have the luxury of being able to pick and choose where, geographically, they want to live. Once that person moves away from friends, family, and familiar locations, finding a new social group to hangout with is another burden. On top of that, this new chapter is already a stressful situation between moving, trying to pay off college debt and everything else taking place in ones life.
    Starcity’s dorm style living certainly makes it easier for someone to meet a whole bunch of new people while keeping the cost of living relatively low as well. Being able to cut a persons rent in half has a dramatic change on that persons life. It will lessen any finical burden they may have while allowing them to know that they are in the same situation as their peers. Ms. Shiver is a prime example of the targeted demographic that Starcity is aiming for. Ms. Shiver lost her job, got offered another job in a really expensive area knowing that she was unable to live their due to the high rent she would need to pay. Starcity was able to take away that burden of her needing to find another job in a different area, or needing to find a roommate. By living in these “dorms”, one ends up having the best of both worlds in a sense. Being able to have a private singular bedroom (and if needed, a private bathroom) with the cost of living equal to living with a roommate/s.
    I can certainly see how this business model would thrive in conditions where coast of living is soaring. I know personally I would certainly live in a Starcity complex. Coming straight out of college, many former students are already used to living with a whole host of people either in a house rented off campus or a house provided by the college. Yet, right after graduation, most times those people end up living alone with all their friends in different parts of the nation and it certainly can be taxing on a person emotionally going from hanging out with friends almost every night and going on adventures to all of a sudden, having a 9-5 job, living along and feeling a bit lost in life.
    Starcity seems to be trying to hit all those aspects of living in a college-like-dorm yet still providing a sense of individualism and responsibility. As Jessica Williams pointed out in her comment, finical burdens can take a very tough toll on a person, and it does not help when you are facing that burden alone. Coming straight out of college, most people will have some amount of debt that they need to pay off. Starcity may not be ideal for everyone, but I see it as a of stepping stone for people to reach complete independence once one gets settled into their profession and start to manage their money.

  21. Cara Eskilson June 14, 2018 at 8:52 pm #

    Dorm style living for grownups in one of the most expensive cities in the world is the most genius concept I’ve ever heard of. There are advantages and disadvantages to living the lifestyle as it is not for everyone. Personally, I see way more advantages to living such a lifestyle than disadvantages. I really appreciate that there are options for restrooms whether it is communal or private. There are a lot of practical uses for adults living in dorm style housing both personally and as a society. Personally, it is good for people on a budget or for people who do not need a lot of space or the price tag that is associated to that. As a society it is a revolutionary concept and can solve a lot of overcrowding issues that many cities in the United States face. Naturally, the concept is not one size fits all but with the amount of success that these living situations generate, it will definitely become a new norm.

    The advantages of living in a dorm style building as an adult are seemingly endless. It is a seemingly inexpensive and simplistic way of live. Most attractive for those that are single and have limited time for running a home or limited money to spend on rent. When I read that there 8,000 people on the waiting list for such properties in San Francisco I was not even surprised in fact, I was surprised it wasn’t higher. In an area where rent is so high, and salaries can’t compete with the cost of living, it’s a no brainer. Often, adults are not in an apartment for much beyond sleeping and eating so having a single room and a shared living room and kitchen is among one of the most efficient ways to create a home for people. In addition, the upkeep for an apartment or home that one already doesn’t have the time for can be tedious. When one is only responsible for keeping a single bedroom clean it becomes a lot easier. Many of the people in the article are single and from out of town, having roommates who you share a space with is a great way to become a family and meet new people. While laundry and housekeeping cost extra, having them as amenities can be extremely efficient.

    The disadvantages of living such a lifestyle while few and far between, exist. For starters, if another resident is not clean, then that can mess up all of the other residents. Since a kitchen and bathroom are shared spaces, if another resident or guest of a resident does not clean up after themselves that becomes the resident’s issue. Also, there could easily be conflicts between residents over the usage of the shared spaces and the noise level that is tolerable. In college, one of the benefits of living in a dorm are rules such as quiet hours and rules over the usage of shared spaces. If a resident of the building wanted to use a space to hold a party or gathering with friends, then that can potentially inconvenience other tenants. In addition, if a tenant were to have a significant other move in, the space they would share would be too small. If a resident wanted the simplicity of a dorm but on a larger scale with more square footage that option would be either nonexistent or would become too expensive. Another disadvantage would be the fact that tenants are allowed to have pets. If a pet is not friendly towards other people or other animals that can create conflict within the building. Expanding on that, if other roommates have allergies or develop allergies to the pets allowed in the building and therefore in the shared spaces, that can be a problem.

    Dorm style living as an adult has a lot of benefits economically, socially, and practically for a lot of city dwellers. It is a near perfect living situation for those aspiring to live in a large city without the money to achieve such goals. While there are advantages and disadvantages for living the sort of open lifestyle, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The only downs sides to living in a dorm style situation as an adult are mental barriers such as being uncomfortable living in such close proximity and sharing spaces with others. In the grand scheme of things, people made for city living have already acknowledged and accepted the will to live life in close quarters. Making those living spaces smaller and creating more social spaces are two very attractive qualities for most people living in a city.

  22. Allegra D September 18, 2018 at 5:04 pm #

    Communal style living has become an increasing trend in up-and-coming cities and populated areas. This trend has become popular from the increasing housing costs to not only buy a home, but also to rent or lease housing. Communal Style living can also be called the millennial housing trend. While many young professionals are joining the movement, older generations also take part in the community for similar reasons. Starcity, in San Francisco, has come into the spotlight with its familiar but innovative dorm style living. It is surprising to think that people well out of college would choose to share bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and common areas with strangers, but Starcity has broken the norm of the American dream.

    The Starlite co-founders Jon Dishotsky and Mohammad Sakrani saw the potential of a great business opportunity in which also benefits society. According to the article, Starcity has opened three buildings with 36 units and plans to open nine more buildings. The success of this community is due to residents who are willing to cohabitate with others and pay a lot less than what they normally would for single room apartments in the city, but is it worth it? Personally, I find this style of living suitable for single people who are new to living on their own and want to save a few dollars. A few dollars can mean a lot to community members such as Carla Shiver who lost her job or Katherine McKim who got divorced and moved in with her dog. A welcoming community can bring joy and entertainment to people who are down on their luck.

    I am a college student along with fellow blogger Mathew G, living in a dorm, and I enjoy the community and environment associated with it. I agree that straight out of college it is hard to make a lot of money and many young adults have to face the fact that they will have to find roommates if they want to live away from their childhood home. Starcity is a great alternative to normal apartment arrangements but requires a lot more interaction with new people. I also agree with fellow blogger Michael P who believes that just because this type of living situation is thriving in California, does not mean it will be successful anywhere else. California is a state where new ideas are welcome and accepted more frequently then in more traditional states. I think that dorm communities would be successful in New York City and Portland and not successful in Philadelphia and Baltimore because of their more traditional ideas of housing.

  23. Deep Patel March 21, 2019 at 12:10 pm #

    Dorm living is often related to college students as they start their journey towards a degree. Students live in dorms so they do not have to commute from their homes and allows students to go to schools that are far away from where they are located. I never thought professionals would want to live with other random people but I can see how it can be beneficial. Housing prices especially in California are expensive and there are a lot of responsibilities with owning a house. There are many benefits of living in a dorm such as meeting new people and creating lifelong relationships. Meeting new people will allow workers and students to build new connections and always have someone to go to if need be. In the case of professionals, living in dorms is a lot cheaper than living in a home. As stated in the article a scarcity resident only has to pay $1,400 to $2,400 monthly with the place being fully furnished with the inclusion of Wi-Fi and utilities. To me that is a great deal for people who want to build their wealth and also avoid paying hefty mortgages and other bills by owning a house. In addition, safety is a benefit as it is a unit wide building and the residents will be safe because the owners make sure that residents are a main priority and they always have safety precautions if need be. When I lived in a dorm there is always someone who swiped people in to make sure that they are not outsiders. Additionally, all guests had to be signed in and there were always fire drills to make sure that all residents were in a safe area. Therefore, there are many benefits with living in a dorm for professionals and students.
    With great benefits of living in a dorm there are some downfalls. The major one being if a professional wants to start a family. The rooms are going to be too small for a family and it is mainly made for single people. If you have a loved one you most likely will want some privacy and the dorm room does not provide privacy apart from the bathroom. Additionally, if the worker is very clean living in a dorm might not be the best option for them. As bathrooms are used by multiple people and it can be unsanitary at sometimes. Living in a dorm for two years I have learned that alone time is hard to find as my roommates will be in and out constantly. Also, doing work can be a challenge as there can be many distractions such as your roommate watching television or wanting to have a conversation with you. When I lived in a dorm I did most of my work in the library as it was a quiet place to focus and get things done. Therefore, there are benefits with living in a dorm but there are also disadvantages it is just up to that person and depends on the situation they are in to see if living in a dorm is the right move for the individual.

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