Data Breach At Equifax Prompts A National Class-Action Suit

from WaPo

The scenario that personal finance and credit experts feared most about the heist of consumer data from Equifax may already be underway: Criminals are using the stolen information to apply for mortgages, credit cards and student loans, and tapping into bank debit accounts, filing insurance claims and racking up substantial debts, according to a major new class-action suit.

The suit pulls together dozens of individual complaints from consumers in all 50 states plus the District and suggests that cybercriminals aren’t wasting time using the Social Security numbers, credit card accounts, driver’s license numbers and other sensitive personal information they siphoned out of the credit bureau’s reputedly secure databases on 145.5 million Americans.

Filed in federal district court in Equifax’s home territory of Atlanta, the suit is intended to create a single, giant national class action against the company. It alleges violations of federal and state laws and cites claims by more than 50 individual plaintiffs whose information was hacked that significant financial damage already is occurring. A few examples:

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One Response to Data Breach At Equifax Prompts A National Class-Action Suit

  1. Vincent Scorese December 8, 2017 at 7:07 pm #

    As most Americans are aware of by now, one of the three big credit firms Equifax was hacked not too long ago which caused over one hundred forty-three million people to have their personal information such as social security numbers at risk to be compromised. Equifax disclosed the information about the hack last month about this time last week and most people scrambled to see if they got hit or made actions to freeze their credit or credit cards. Equifax has been in the news following all the information in regards to also being under investigation with insider trading. Where top ranked officials sold of lots of stock before they knew the drop was going to come. But more importantly Equifax is now going to be acted against via a class action lawsuit form over 50 complaints from all fifty states across the united states of America. Another major piece of information was that Equifax was using an outdated web service and although they knew it posed a risk of breach, they wanted to not spend the money on a new software and instead got hacked and have all this downfall. So, due to Equifax’s negligence if that is true, surely doesn’t help their situation very much. Equifax wants this to be over but no matter how much the apologize they are going to still have the consequences of this event. All the things that Equifax has done leading up to the breach and even the actions they ha following were highly questionable. Obviously, they are going to most likely lose this class action suit brought up against them due to things like negligence and miss proper handling of situation. They also tried to do some sneaky moves after the breach where they had people see if they were affected by the leak of information they had to concede the right to take any lawsuit against them for damages they suffered from the result of the breach. Which is a very low down move for them to do and they rightfully and quickly removed that from there. But for those who hit accept before they did, they are out of luck however because the law will recognize their agreement as a signature in terms to the agreement of not acting against Equifax for the breach. I believe that most Americans whose information was stolen have suffered in some regard with some sort of monetary damages or even damage to their credit from the use of their social security numbers or credit accounts. I just am hopeful that something like this will never happen this bad or happen ever again.

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