How Americans Really Feel About Facebook, Apple, And More

from The Verge

This year marked a sea change in our attitude toward tech’s largest players — and not for the better. Facebook, with a user base twice the size of the Western Hemisphere, seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis: CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent much of 2017 on a national tour that The New York Times billed as a “real-world education.” Meanwhile, the platform has become embroiled in a national debate that started with fake news and has evolved into an investigation into how the Russian government weaponized the network to influence the 2016 presidential election. Next week, the company will be brought to testify in front of Congress on the matter.

Amazon made considerable headway in its quest to serve every part of our lives, from acquiring Whole Foods this summer to rolling out a plan to get keys to our front doors just this week. Apple continues to amass a vast reserve last valued at $260 billion, but its top-tier devices have lost their luster, and it’s been years since the company released a truly game-changing product. Twitter has come under increased scrutiny for harassment and bot armies of nefarious origin, which may explain its tepid user base growth despite becoming the new unofficial platform for American politics. And there’s a growing sense, underlined by this summer’s $2.7 billion EU antitrust ruling against Google, that the entire cabal of big tech companies have turned the corner from friendly giants to insidious monopolies.

We wanted to know how you felt about these companies. So late last month, The Vergepartnered with Reticle Research to conduct a wide-ranging survey on the public’s attitude toward some of the biggest names in tech. This is the first in what will be a series of semi-annual Verge studies tracking the public’s attitude toward the companies we’re increasingly dependent on.

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27 Responses to How Americans Really Feel About Facebook, Apple, And More

  1. Greg D'Ottavi November 3, 2017 at 4:48 pm #

    Technology and the rise of social media has become a staple of the 21st Century and shows no signs of decrease in the near future. The uses of these websites and their products has become so vast that often it is difficult to go anywhere without seeing a connection. Social media has grown to become a platform for mass promotion and even politics. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple have all been highlighted in this article published by The Verge. A study was conducted between late September and early October surveying almost 2,000 Americans about their preferences and opinions on these tech giants. The results were very interesting, but in my opinion, not surprising. Amazon topped all other companies when respondents answered which they “trusted” the most. Twitter had some of the lowest results with over 30% of respondents claiming they “would not care at all” if it disappeared tomorrow.
    The most interesting statistic of all, in my opinion, was that almost 70% of those who participated in the survey believe that news found on Facebook is about as accurate as other news sources. This is something that the world has never seen before and is one of the most questionable aspects of social media. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have not just become online social circles; rather they have become “reliable” news sources for so many users. No longer are people relying on the television, newspapers, or even other news websites to receive their updates. This is a turning point in the world of media and technology and unfortunately, I believe it is heading in a very dangerous direction.
    Facebook is gearing up to testify in front of Congress in relation to its use by the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. For the first time in United States history, social media has been used to interfere in a national election and the possible repercussions remain to be seen. The fact that a platform such as Facebook can be used by anyone to promote biased opinions and ideas has become very debatable and the question now lies in the hands of Congress. Should these large tech companies be regulated or policed? I do not believe that any social media should be censored because I feel as though it is the right of the user to type or post whatever they wish under their First Amendment right. At the same time, it is hard not to think that censorship is necessary when hate or biased opinions are being spread.
    Social media is a great aspect of the technological world in many ways as well as other companies alike, but there are many who would not hate to see it go. Companies like Amazon are well liked because of the increase in convenience, whereas Facebook and Twitter have grown to become platforms used to spread violence or hate in some cases. I am an avid user of almost every product or service mentioned in this article and I can safely say that I enjoy all of them, but I see the potential problems involved with each. I would hate to see social media censored because I believe it is another form of free speech and that is something that should never be taken away.

  2. Tianqi Xu November 3, 2017 at 8:59 pm #

    There is no doubt that almost every person in the world are using a smart phone, and the social software or any other app is the one of the most important part of a smart phone. People nowadays can do more and more stuffs from their smart phone through those apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon. Each of them is independent and each of them has their unique function. Amazon is the place for people to shop online, and people can also make a deposit on their amazon account in order to get discount, which is quiet similar with saving money in the bank and get interest. The original model of Google was a searching engine, people cam search whatever they looking for on Google. However, there are more function on Google, such as Google translator, Google maps, and Google mail. Google are more and more related with people’s daily life. Facebook and Twitter are similar app. Both of them are social network, Facebook is more concentrate on communication such as sending message to people’s friend. Twitter is more concentrate on share people’s experience like a blog. However, Facebook is more like a place to post comment and article about news, and Twitter already became the new unofficial platform for American politics. From what have been discuss above, those apps are developing but leaving their original position, and each of them are nearly monopolize their market even there is still some competition. However, I guess one day there will be a competition between those big companies in order to get more market, and I believe in the end the result will be merging. Competition is the current way to company to get more benefit from other company, but in the future, after every market is stable, merging is the only way for company to developing. Therefore, right now the exist competition between every company or any negative news about company is common and understanding.
    Although advocating free competition, but these companies are all commonly used. More precisely, social software that everyone must use every day. If you do not have it, you can not keep up with the trend of the times nor can you have a good communication with your friends and colleagues. As a result, society is forcing people to write these things. Although I do not deny that they are really useful, but for some people do not want to use these software into their short-board – the shortcomings of interpersonal communication.

  3. Carolyn Wyland November 4, 2017 at 4:49 pm #

    I am not surprised by the result of the survey. I agree with all four results and there is justification for people responding the way they did. To start off with Apple, I myself have an iPhone 6, which is two versions behind. I like the iPhone for the ease of use, but I am never tempted to get the next latest and greatest version because it offers little more than a different look. I do believe Apple really needs to come out with some new innovative products or updates to continue capturing the audience. For how much they are worth they should be able to hire brilliant people for these ideas instead of just riding on their past accomplishments.
    People do not trust Facebook and I feel that is a no-brainer. Facebook tracks what you are doing and then has a lot of “suggested for you” posts. This makes people feel that their privacy is invaded because how would Facebook know about that red dress you were viewing on a different website? It is just plan creepy for myself and the results show that others feel the same. Although people do not seem to trust Facebook they have no problem using it daily, sharing and re-sharing posts.
    Amazon being beloved is no secret to anyone I feel. With amazon people can order almost anything they want or need and have it to their doorsteps in just days. In addition to the convenience of Amazon I also think they have outstanding customer service. Amazon is also deemed trustworthy by most people and I hope it stays that way. Many people have their card information automatically saved on Amazon so if it was to experience a hack it would cause grave damage.
    This article stated that Twitter has become America’s political platform and that I do not completely agree with. President Trump uses Twitter constantly, but that is one person out of all the other politicians America has. I also do not agree with how the president uses twitter, I think it is inappropriate. I have never seen a president that gives their every thought on any matter as a “tweet”. This could be why perhaps a third of the public does not care if Twitter exists, and that may sound harsh but I do not think it is important to know how President Trump feels regarding every matter.
    Overall, I think this article was an accurate assessment of these tech companies currently. I think a company that the research could of included is Snapchat, because it has been quite popular among younger generations the last two years. I think this it is important for the companies themselves to pay attention to where they stand with consumers, because they have room to improve themselves. Netflix started off as a DVD company an adapted with the changing times and these companies have opportunities to do the same.

  4. Jeet Desai November 6, 2017 at 12:02 am #

    There are been many comments and unlimited discussion regarding the technology and the uses of social media in it. For an example, if we select any student in common we can see that they have facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, snap chat, Instagram, etc on their smartphones and they blindly trust these social media. This has replaced the newspaper and soon will be replacing the tv news. Because of Facebook, we can know from all over the world what’s happening in an instinct.
    Social media became a platform for where most of them get harassed and also create a dispute between people or many be country. I absolutely agree with the article above where they phrased, “Twitter has come under increased scrutiny for harassment and bot armies of nefarious origin, which may explain its tepid user base growth despite becoming the new unofficial platform for American politics.” Instead of just being conflict in assembly now there is a freedom of conflicting on the social media.
    From the survey been taken, we can see that company like Google, Amazon are been more liked of all others and there will be a bigger problem if this two company won’t exist in future. I absolutely agree with this research been made because today Google has become like an open book. We can get unlimited information without even remembering them. Without it, people will become handicap at some point. because if anyone has any difficulty they prefer to go and check on google. As of Amazon, it provides unlimited things at a discounted price and with guaranteed customer satisfaction and goods safety globally. They also create a platform for sale and earn the profit. From my personal example, I sold two to three book and made a good profit out of it.
    Indeed it also sounds scary when we are too depending on all this company like google, facebook, apple, Amazon. that we might lose our social and physical connection with nature, family, friends and also be believing in yourself. This survey opened my eye and make me think of what will happen when this company would not exist in future. Then what people will rely on ROBOTS?

  5. Doris Motta November 6, 2017 at 5:18 pm #

    I must agree and feel that the big tech companies have turned into huge monopolies. I feel as though social media and all these tech companies have been able to manipulate most of today’s society. I never realized how much control social media can have on our daily lives. Facebook is losing my interest more and more. I personally enjoy Instagram a whole lot more because I feel there is less room for drama and irrelevant news that I wish to not partake in. The only reason I have kept Facebook around is to stay connected with my family outside of the country and old friends from New York. If it were eliminated, I would care less. Twitter is another social media I never cared to be involved with nor did I ever and will I ever have an account. I don’t trust it any more than I trust Facebook, which is the bare minimum.

    I am a big apple user, I have found that it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. However, for computer use I prefer Windows; since Chrome is my preferred choice for browser, I am leaning towards a Chromebook. I can see Google and Amazon being the next one to lead in the tech world and Apple may possibly fall behind. With the many changes that it has been making little by little with its products and services, I foresee many apple users losing interest and possibly patience and decide to just do a big switch. I feel only time will tell but based on the surveys done in this article, we are headed that way.

  6. Konnor Vanemon November 6, 2017 at 11:19 pm #

    A characteristic that defines the lifestyle of people living in the 21st century compared to the lifestyles of people in previous centuries is our dependence on technology. We have become obsessed with the various forms of technology that have been created or have evolved over the past few decades that we now have easy access to, such as smart phones, tablets, smart televisions, and even Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Corporations and large tech companies are constantly looking for ways to be even more involved in the activities and processes that we carry out on a daily basis, and the Verge decided to conduct a survey to see how Americans actually perceive and utilize the various services and sites provided by the leading companies in the technology industry such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Based on the responses of 1,520 Americans, the results concluded that users do not trust Facebook and its information, they would recommend the services offered by Amazon before any other company, and they couldn’t care less about Twitter and if it continued to exist.
    While looking at the survey results, I was not surprised by the percentages each voting category had and what the overall conclusions of the surveys revealed. I agree with the conclusions that each of the polls came to, especially with the polls regarding Facebook and its lack of trustworthy content that many users want blocked or removed from the site. Personally, I have started to dislike Facebook because it has become a battlefield for people’s opinions and its content has become unreliable and offensive in some cases. Instead of respectfully expressing their thoughts and opinions on a subject, they take it to the extreme and create full out arguments in the comments section and don’t give up until they feel that their ideas have been heard. Facebook has also become known for the lack of accurate news articles and videos, which has also caused users to lose trust in the site. For example, a few months ago, multiple people from my town and the surrounding areas shared an article which stated that Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, was planning on moving into the area. As exciting as it was, it was quickly determined that the article was fake because there were other versions of it going around on Facebook claiming that he was moving to small towns all over the country. While this was a harmless fake article, there are some articles and videos that contain inaccurate information that can cause more of an uproar, especially when it comes to articles about politics and the economy. I believe that social media should not be relied on for accurate information, but in current times, people pay more attention to social media than news networks, so these sites should work towards creating filters for articles and videos containing inaccurate or offensive content to gain users’ trust once again.
    I consider myself to be old-fashioned when it comes to using technology because I don’t use many of the social media sites, and while I do own a smart phone and laptop, I only know how to do the basics on both of them. I understand that I will be using technology at least in my future work places for the rest of my life, but I am still fighting on giving in to relying on technology for many of the other activities that I do throughout my day. I personally prefer hard copies over digital copies, face to face communication rather than texting or emailing, and shopping in a physical store instead of shopping online. While the large tech companies and corporations are growing and becoming monopolies in industries that have nothing to do with technology, I believe that Americans are getting smarter with the types of technology they use and how they use them because the studies conducted by the Verge prove that people are losing interest in some of the sites and their services as they become less trustworthy and less worthy of peoples’ time.

  7. Jeffrey Khoudary November 7, 2017 at 10:11 am #

    The Verge tech survey investigated Americans’ perceptions of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and a variety of other popular companies. I think that this research is important because of the controversies that are surrounding these companies. For instance, the authors mention that there has been a national debate about fake news on Facebook. This debate has escalated so much that Facebook representatives will be required to testify in Congress regarding their influence on the 2016 presidential election. This influence could be so great that the Russian government “weaponized” social media networks to push their ideas. Despite these heated debates, The Verge pointed out that most Americans believe that the news on Facebook is almost as accurate as the news found elsewhere. I think that the inaccuracies in Facebooks’ media and news sites can be explained by how it has been programmed. Social media of today is highly customizable. Daniel Newman explained in “Your artificial intelligence is not bias free” that similarity bias on many social media websites cause individuals to only be exposed to news options they are likely to agree with. Therefore, if someone only interacts with satirical news stories, then the algorithms on Facebook will personalize their content to mainly include satirical and “fake” news stories.

    The Verge presented several statistics about people’s preferences. For instance, The Verge reported that most people say they greatly like Amazon. One survey compared people’s trust with their bank and their trust in Amazon. Now people trust Amazon almost as much as they trust their bank. A corporation may sound like something that people may not trust initially, but once they discover that it is reliable and have several positive experiences, Americans trust in Amazon may grow quickly. Rachel Botsman wrote in “Co-parenting with Alexa” that her daughter began trusting Amazon’s product Alexa, which can listen and watch its user, after only a few days of interacting with it. This trust grew so greatly that her child would ask Alexa for advice about what to do and what to wear. This story demonstrates that people can grow to trust programs very quickly and perhaps even too much.

  8. Allen Killiebrew November 7, 2017 at 10:33 am #

    Technology is one of the most important factors of life in this era and it is quite upsetting to some but most are extremely excited with the advanced technology throughout the world today. Us has humans, have became comfortable and all open arms when it comes to any form of technology. For the most part, one would rather stay inside and play with some type of technology rather then get outside and get active, or even pick up a book. Social media has taken a huge role in the human life, many can not leave without social media. It is jaw dropping the way the human race depends on technology and social media to stay up to date and get through life. Surrounding the results of the test of almost 1600 Americans, it concludes that most do not trust Facebook. What I found surprising is most said they trust Amazon before anything and twitter was irrelevant but everyone is so quick to buy things of Facebook, put all their information on Facebook, and seek to meet that significant other through Facebook. How can you not trust what use all day everyday?

    From the surveys, I was not surprised by the results of the voting. I personally am not the average person because I do not have Facebook. So I agree with the voting about Facebook because I first hand get to see many of the individuals around me interact with Facebook and how they feel. Although I don’t understand the logic of most users, I do see the untrustworthiness many have when it comes to the social media. I actually have had friends come to me with news regarding important topics in the world, and they were wrong about the problems regarding the situation. The information given to them was wrong and that was not their fault so I asked them where did they get that false information, and it was Facebook, Although Facebook should never be a source for anyone, any information given through articles or “valid’ pages should be identified as the truth and it is not. I am not a social media type of guy although I do have things like Instagram and Snapchat, and yes I was raised with technology in my life but it was never the main aspect. I would much rather go outside and get active, or play a board game rather then pick up any game system or sit at a computer. I do understand that as the world advances in technology, more and more people will become more dependent on technology. I just wonder, has the older generations die out, what will the non technology based items like newspapers and books do? I am aware that newspapers and book sells are dying out and just not at an all time high based on the older days, so will they one day not be around, will they go extinct? I wonder.

  9. Katie Marchesani November 8, 2017 at 5:26 pm #

    Social media has integrated itself into people’s everyday lives. Statistics from 2017 show that “81 percent of U.S. Americans had a social media profile” (U.S. population with a social media profile 2017). Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are among the most popular ones. It is actually more uncommon to not being using at least one of these platforms. These companies have large amounts of user, but that does not mean everyone likes and trusts them. People post details about their lives on these platforms for others to view and there are problems with that. Social media has heightened problems surrounding bullying and low self-esteem. Therefore, not everyone associates positive feelings about these social media sites. Also, with new innovations and apps coming out, they are replacing old ones. The article addressed two social media platforms in particular, Facebook and Twitter. These companies are becoming more disposable as new and exciting companies come into the market. Instagram and Snapchat have taken over the game and are the current favorites. People have become bored with Facebook and Twitter because of new competing companies. They’re no longer the only ones in the market and users are turning to other platforms. Apple has had similar issues, which explains why they are not the favorite in the tech industry. They have a multitude of competitors and that creates a divide. Other companies offer similar products at lower price points or with better quality. Also, people have different preferences and Apple is very distinct. It is not surprising that the survey found Apple, Facebook and Twitter to not be the favorites.

    The article did mention a leading company that is thriving. Amazon continues to be on top and be a favorited company by consumers. They are a giant company offering a wide range of products at competitive prices and with fast delivery. Although, there biggest advantage is they have mastered how to offer their audience with the best customer service. They are among the top companies for customer service next to Nordstrom and L.L. Bean. Shopping habits have changed with the shift towards online shopping, but customer service is still important to consumers “whether it be in person, over the phone, or in a live chat situation” (Goodfellow). In addition, “the idea of customer service excellence has progressed to include shopper favorites such as free shipping, liberal return policies, aggressive promotions, and guaranteed products under its umbrella, creating a retail experience that delights shoppers consistently across all channels, increasing the chances for return visits” (Goodfellow). Amazon has found a way to provide this to their customers and their highly praised for it. One way they’ve done this is by offering Prime memberships. If companies want to compete on the same level as Amazon, they’ll have to acknowledge the value consumers place on customer service and how far that extends when online.

    Goodfellow, Pam. “L.L.Bean, Amazon And Nordstrom Are Customer Service Champions, According To Consumers.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 7 Apr. 2016,

    “U.S. population with a social media profile 2017.” Statista,

  10. Cristina O. November 9, 2017 at 12:21 am #

    I found this article particularly interesting because it reflected my own relationships with these companies. I used to have an iPhone when they first came out, now I’ve moved on to an Android platform with Samsung; I used to enjoy being on Facebook, now I find it more of a timesuck than anything else; Google was amazingly innovative, now they’re a bit frightening with the level of personal information they can manipulate; and Amazon continues to be in my good graces, but they’re the only company on there without some sort of social media platform. They’re also very upfront with how they use your information to advertise to you-it’s retail, of course they’re going to advertise to you.

    Once Google and Facebook started choosing for me, they lost me. It’s not what I signed up for when I started using their services. Facebook was a way to keep in touch with old friends and share photographs with distant relatives. It wasn’t to be bombarded by advertising and news posts from unverified sources that people parrot like the gospel. Google was great to help me find things I needed, now it’s like they show me things I didn’t even know I needed. For example, I recently looked at my phone and saw that Google had backed up my photos and videos. Great. Then I also saw that they had created a 2:30 minute video of my 2-year-old son using short clips from my stored data. Now at first glance, you think, “this is amazing! look how cool this is!” and then there’s this sort of nagging feeling in the back of your mind that’s more like, “wait… they had to use some sort of facial recognition software to put this together. they had to scan through all of my photos and videos to find the right ones. what are they doing over there? what else CAN they do?” And that’s really the big question, isn’t it? What else can these tech giants do with all the information they collect about us every day? How much of our personal information is being used in ways we can’t even imagine without our permission? I”m curious to see how Facebook’s hearing turns out. I have a feeling it will be eye-opening for a lot of people.

  11. Ameer Richmond November 9, 2017 at 5:02 pm #

    This article was very informative of how many people view various companies in the world. It is no surprise that Facebook, Google and Amazon on are the top of the list. The article stated that the whole population of the Western hemisphere is equivalent to the amount of Facebook users. The market that Amazon is in is very big, and only going to grow due to their recent purchase of Amazon. And the decline of twitter has been an ongoing thing for around a year now. The one thing I realized about this article is the access that we all have to these companies. Smartphones being as huge as they are it is easy to go to amazon, open Facebook, use twitter and google. As far as technology goes, Humans now are so dependent on them which will always have positive demand for companies.
    The results of the survey were more surprising to me. How many people highly ranked Facebook and Amazon, were some of the more shocking results. They would rather trust them then their banks in situations. My main use for Facebook is to enjoy and check up on family. Another result that was very different is how low in the rankings Apple as a whole does compared to other Technology Companies. What I do agree with though is the uses for Facebook as a whole. I find myself looking on Facebook for birthdays and many other uses. It is good for things like that, and the new market place is always very impressive in my eyes as well. I am interested to see how hall of these markets plan on improving themselves and if they are going to actually hinder the feedback the survey mentioned.

  12. Johnathan Green-Groves November 9, 2017 at 5:26 pm #

    When one thinks of Facebook, and Amazon the two words that come to mind with those companies are comfort, and convenience. Facebook made itself relevant by bringing families, and friends closer to keep them up to date with everyday life from a distance. Although there have been similar applications such as Myspace (which made its departure from the internet scene in the early 2000’s) and Instagram another very popular app, Facebook offered simple navigation and plenty of amenities to keep fans entertained for the last couple of years. Amazon a company with an equivalent stature compared to Facebook offers their consumers various products for shipping fast and efficiently to ease the stress of everyday and bulk purchases. With the Expansion of these companies one can argue that Convenience, and comfort are two things that will be criticized the most when a consumer decides to try one of these company’s services. In my opinion as these companies get bigger, and make more money the importance of comfort, and convenience will not matter as much.
    Facebook has run into some issues with being accused of being breached by Russia which led to the 2016 National election to be rigged allegedly. When someone says fake news the first thought that pops up is well what is real news? Is it the difference between an article from CNN and an article from barstool on the same topic? Can fake news be something that we believe is not true because the information is coming from another source we previously don’t agree with? Whatever the real definition is the fact of the matter is the consumer’s safety wasn’t protected. Mr. Zuckerberg could argue that Facebook is a public server that’s free for any user to post any type of content, but that doesn’t change the fact that there aren’t existing dangers with his site. Facebook allows the user to make their profile public or private, hide the content they don’t want to see from explicit users, and even report those users for suspicious behavior. People also get very strong impressions from users that have amassed a lot of clout over the use of these social media sites believing many things from their post such as who they’re dating, who they agree with politically, and even that from a far their life is perfect when behind closed doors off the site it may not be. I think that the comfort has been attacked on this site if hackers are posting propaganda to change the outcomes of elections I’m confident they can do more to change the influences of people’s lives. Mr. Zuckerberg is stuck in a tough spot because if he were to hire a private firm to help prevent this he may be violating the first amendment by monitoring the changes in promoted posts on his site. Facebook has taken a toll from this situation by hurting the public’s well-being whereas amazon is trying to help one demographic save while hurting the other’s pockets.
    Amazon has always kept the consumer’s interest in mind from providing bundle deals, and low prices to fast shipping and efficient customer service, but their expansion may hurt consumers that live in the city. One of Amazon’s many expansion techniques included trying to make portable bodegas to replace the mom and pop shops that the inner city relies on. This may seem like a good idea to Amazon users, but for local users it hurts because of the convenience stores offer more than low prices. They offer EBT, and food stamp purchases for people who can’t make cash purchases. Having bodegas are also beneficial because they stay open late, unless an amazon is going to bring me a chicken cheesesteak by drone at 3am I don’t believe these bodegas are a good idea. One very important thing amazon takes away by doing opening these vending machines is take away business from those mom and pop shops in towns that don’t offer steady employment.
    Building a company and doing everything possible to help it grow one should consider all the elements of their companies s.w.o.t analysis. It’s a great idea for Facebook to want to make the world feel more connected, but they have to do so in the safest manner possible. A recommendation would be to constantly remind users in the new user agreement to protect their personal content and verify sources where information comes from. Amazon also does a great job providing for their consumers, but they have to be more conscious of their actions from expanding. If they open bodegas, or open the Amazon hair salon they could hurt local businesses that support them both directly and indirectly.

  13. Rebecca Hu November 10, 2017 at 2:47 pm #

    This article focus on the feeling the general Americans have towards social media service. The results surprised me, majority American trust Amazon almost the same level with the bank. This is a survey “conducted from September 28th to October 10th, included 1,520 people nationally representative of the US.”
    We have entirely changed our lifestyle, 50 years ago we do not have the technology that allows us to do everything from a small screen. Now everything can be done and be accessed immediately on a small screen. It is interesting that we shifted our entire behavior to adapt to technology innovations. Look around, kindergarten kids are playing with IPad, elementary school kids own iPhone so they can play games everywhere. I believe our generation is probably the last generation where we actually have interaction with nature and the outside world.
    Look around, when you are on the train, eating out. Everyone is on their device, seems like a ritual to record everything that is “cool” because they have to upload it to snapchat or Instagram. We have a President that publish his thoughts and policy on Twitter. The internet have substituted many things we used to have, such as newspaper, Television, GPS we are not satisfied with only one device that only have one purpose. We want multipurpose, we want to maximize purposes for these devices. IPhone’s success is built on this desire.
    Not surprise to know that American actually don’t trust Facebook. I didn’t realize that people would not really mind if Twitter disappear tomorrow. I feel because of president Donald Trump Twitter gain its popularity again. I was never a big user in Twitter, people around me use Twitter to follow their favorite celebrity. With the word limit and the way Twitter is set up, I can understand that most people don’t really care about its existence. It’s just an entertainment thing. Same in China the knock-off version of Twitter, Weibo is getting its popularity because in China Facebook and Instagram is censored people do not have other alternative. Weibo becomes a major source of entertainment to the Chinese population.
    We are at a place and time there are too much freedom on the internet. Anyone can post anything on the internet, yet there are no real consequences for that. Although survey showed that the majority of Americans do not trust news on Facebook, but there are people falling in to “fake news”. Facebook to the majority of Americans, is not a place where they look at news and advertisement. It is a tool that connect people, and make communication easier. These social media tools have the intention to connect people but now used to show their popularity and a tool for advertisement and promotion.
    Now we trust Amazon a platform where you sell stud almost at the same level with your bank. It is a really surprising result from the survey. I know people have bought knock off or poor quality items from Amazon. It’s really interesting to see which company we place our trust and which company we cared about their existence. We are at the time where we have too much of everything, too much used to be a good thing. Now we want to go back to the basics, we go back to the idea of minimalism. It is an interesting transition back and forth.

  14. Jordan A November 10, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

    I thought the results of the surveys were pretty interesting. The results show that Google and Amazon are the two most popular technology companies in the marketplace. After I looked at the results to the questions I started noticing a trend. Those two companies face the least amount competition. There is no competitor like Amazon online. The most similar online store I could think of is eBay, but eBay focuses more on consumer to consumer sales. Amazon on the other hand has major companies selling their products on Amazon. In Google’s case, no one uses their competitors’ services. Yahoo and Bing don’t have a large user base like Google.
    I do think that the article does misrepresent some data to make claims against social media website. The authors wrote that “Facebook’s popularity lags behind its rivals.” The impression I got from reading it was that Facebook must be the least popular of the group. Facebook was actually actually the third most popular of the six technology companies. Facebook was also significantly more popular than its competitor Twitter.
    The article made me worry that people are too misinformed about news because of social media. When I see a headline on Facebook, I don’t immediately believe it. The first thing I do is check the source. If it comes from a legitimate source and I am interested in the topic, I usually will read the article. The survey shows that people view news found on Facebook as accurate as news found elsewhere. I think that people should be more careful when reading new articles on social media websites. There are plenty of websites, from both sides, that are spreading false information. It is important to check the source, and see if there are corroborating articles as well.

  15. Jeremy Daniels November 10, 2017 at 3:36 pm #

    Social media, no matter how you look at it, is still a business. Users make up a large part of how you perceive it, but the business still has a general image or idea that people associate with it. In the modern day, news and information is at our figure tips; it doesn’t take much effort to find what your looking for. Events and actions taken by businesses are immediately scrutinized, and added to the mental image consumers have in their minds. This article represents what 1500 people think about the biggest and most recognizable companies today, and the result are rather shocking. The size of this survey may not be much compared to the U.S. population, but it reveals statistical data that counters popular belief. Apple isn’t the favorite tech giant we thought it to be, Facebook is untrustworthy, and Amazon is loved by all.

    Some of this data could have been predicted, based on current new headlines and scandals from when the survey was conducted. Other figures, like Apple lagging behind four other tech companies, makes me question how they have been so successful in sales. While no concrete numbers are available currently, the iPhone X has sold more than any prior iPhone in its first three days of being released. With a price tag of $999, Apple not being the most popular tech company is rather perplexing. On the other hand, Amazon being trusted as much as a bank is, in a weird way, unsurprising. Amazon has always put an emphasis on customer service. If they wronged you, they will do their best to make it right. That level of attention goes a long way in the minds of consumers. This of course doesn’t speak for everyone, but the data in this article gives some very interesting insight. As someone who does not use Twitter or Facebook, I personally would not care if they disappeared tomorrow. And at least 400 people in this survey feel the same way.

  16. Valerie Dorsett November 10, 2017 at 4:07 pm #

    Technology has been in our lives for a couple of years now and it is not slowing down anytime soon. Technology will continue to change the way we live our daily lives. Technology has brought a lot of social media outlets along with it. Nowadays, we have Facebook and Twitter which have changed the way we all communicate with each other. We also have services like Amazon who just do not stop at expanding and offering customers new products like fresh produce. Apple is also a big influencer of this time by creating the first touch ID for a smart phone and now with the new IPhone X, they have brought facial recognition into the playing field as well. Many of us use these applications every single day. However, how do we truly feel about them?
    Trust is something people just give away, especially to robots today. According to this article most people “trust” Google more than Facebook people who use Amazon trust them as much as they would even trust their own bank. On the other hand, Twitter does not have a lot of recommendations between friends and family. Twitter is mainly for teens and fun, nothing serious so I was not as surprised by this. The top companies that people trust the most with their personal information is Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. These three make sense to me because I also trust them as well, but that does not mean that we should just blindly grant these companies our trust without a second thought. Amazon needs our personal information so that way they can charge us for the items we buy and send them to the correct place in order for us to receive that. Google and Microsoft are two companies that have been around for many years now. We use Google every day for searching topics and we use Microsoft for our computers. The more we use a product, the longer it has been around, and its purpose grants extra trust to consumers.
    Although Apple is a big company who is very influential in the technological age, they do not have the most positive survey turn out. They asked people how much would you care if a certain company disappeared tomorrow. Amazon had the highest amount of people that would care and Apple had the least amount of people that would care. This makes sense because Apple products are only good for their IPhones mainly, because a lot of people who own IPhone’s like me, would not ever buy a Mac computer. Many people also believe that Samsung’s phone is better and because of that, Apple products are easy to replace. Amazon and Google had the most people who would care, followed by Microsoft and then Facebook. A lot of people use Facebook no matter what computer or phone they own and that is why Facebook, even though it is just social media is more important than a company.
    All of these companies have influenced all of our lives. This will not stop anytime soon, only increase. We must not put our trust in all of these companies. So many fake articles are released online and we believe them because a lot of websites are unreliable. We cannot allow technology to think for us.

  17. Shiyun Ye November 10, 2017 at 5:54 pm #

    These days social media has become a big part in our life. Facebook, snapchats etc. are the most frequent applications people use these days. Moreover, the trend of online dating is eventually raise as well because how people only willing to talk on their phone instead of chatting face to face. However, these popular social medias are in the midst of an identity crisis recently. For example, Facebook is under investigation of fake news. Moreover, how the Russian government weaponized it to influence the 2016 presidential election is another hot topic to argue toward Facebook. Although these things are not directly came from Facebook, it has an influence as a channel. Moreover, other social Medias such as twitter is issued sexual harassment investigation. Therefore, with numerous latest problems emerged from social medias, people are curious about how the public opinions on these social medias now. A survey is conducted from September 28 to October 10, included 1,520 people nationally representative of the US, and based on 2016 US Census estimates. The findings are quite fascinating, as people does not really trust Facebook while “trust” is the logo Facebook uses all time. On the other hand, Amazon as an online shopping site, gains the most credibility through the survey, as many people would rather recommend Amazon to their friends instead of other social platforms.
    Therefore, it opens up a new perspective: according to people’s reactions towards the media, will they be fully deceived by them? The answer is probably yes still because actually Amazon as the most credible social platform people trust, it still sells fake products while people do not realize. With the good service and convenient shopping method, Amazon is continually leading the industry as its best services. Its great services is still expanding so there are plenty of chances and prospects in its development. These developments are continually growing while people’s trust for the site constantly increasing. It should not be a problem unless Amazon decide to trick everyone instead with its latest technology. A famous TV series “Black Mirror” has demonstrated in one of their episodes that the updated technologies has created more conflicts among people because now they have more accesses on the information they normally could not have before. For example, in the episode, people do not watch movies anymore. They watch their own memories by a new technology called “memory stick” which is a small chip inserted behind people’s ears. It totally changes how people live their life and how they interact with others. Moreover, the “memory stick” is taking over their own power to control their life. Therefore, I think if people get to accept the new feature of iPhone X easily and treat it as a common thing in life, they will accept more spookier things easily as well, which can create a loss of control. Therefore, whether the trust toward the social media will create a similar effect is unknown yet.
    In the end, people should be aware of how many time they have consumed on the internet and various social medias and go back to the old school way of chatting eventually.

  18. Brian Ayoub November 10, 2017 at 8:34 pm #

    It is interesting to see how other Americans view the tech giants of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon dominate a large part of the world’s time, and each company is viewed a bit differently. A survey was conducted from September 28 to October 10 and included 1,520 people nationally representative of the the US. Based on 2016 US Census estimates, the first interesting stat brought up is that Americans do not trust Facebook. This is reasonable since there have been loads of instances where people have been stalked, harassed, and bullied to an unacceptable point. There also have been scandals involving Facebook such as the 2016 Presidential election scandal where it was proven that Russia bought fake accounts promoting President Trump. Statistics show that Facebook is on the decline as well. Mark Zuckerberg has spent most of the year on a nation wide tour, and has not been totally involved like he used to be. I know my generation is not really involved with Facebook as much as the older generations are. We are navigating towards applications like Snapchat and Instagram. These companies are growing like crazy and surpassing the likes of Facebook, which a few years ago would be unheard of. Facebook needs to improve their safety and trustworthiness in able to move forward. Speaking of safety and trustworthiness, the survey showed that trust was one of the most important aspects when using these services. Amazon is a leader in safety. The article states, “Respondents trusted Amazon almost as much as their own bank.” Amazon truly is amazing. Anything that you need can be on your doorstep within a day. With the purchase of Whole Foods, it is obvious that they are committed to taking over the market and being a leader in the world. Before it only used to be products, but now with food as well, it may take away from other super markets like Shop rite, Stop and Shop, and Costco. A surprising result from the survey was that respondents would not care if Twitter disappeared. I use Twitter daily to check up on news from sports and around the world. It is a media that provides you with all things whether comedy, socially, or news content. I also know my generation uses it a lot as well. However, I can not see the older generations using it that frequently. Twitters demographics are the opposite as Facebook I imagine, which is why I can understand why a large part of the people do not use it or care if it disappears. Finally, Google is the most liked company out of all the great juggernauts. Google is definitely the most used out of all these companies. I assume that all Americans have used google at least one time in their lives to have one of their questions answered. Google is incredible and without it, American’s lives would be flipped completely. People are dependent on Google search, and that does not even count the other products that they produce.

  19. Sean F November 11, 2017 at 9:19 am #

    As technology advances, so does every other aspect of our lives. A topic in particular would be social media. Most advancements we have on social media have come from the exponential growth of technology from having the ability to live stream where ever you are on Facebook, to getting technical advice from companies off of Twitter. The open communication stream has shown to be helpful in many examples, as Elon Musk received a tweet regarding a practical idea to upgrade a Tesla model and he responded to that tweet within 10 minutes. For as useful as the accessibility is, is it worth it? With 57% of people responding in this article to not using Facebook, their reasoning was because they do not trust it. This comes to no surprise as Facebook has practiced some shady things in recent history. Those who say they do not trust the platform might have some good reasoning, their privacy means too much to them. Their privacy would be lost once they sign up due to Facebook’s terms and conditions that allow them to sell your information to third party businesses so they can have a better understanding of how to advertise to the masses. Facebook isn’t the only website to do this, Google is known to do this as well to also profit off selling personal buying habits. Has this gone too far? Is the convenience of reposting funny cat pictures worth it? Senator Al Franken recently spoke against major tech companies asking “How did big tech come to control so many aspects of our lives?” Senator Franken continues and raises the thought of net neutrality and how it should be generalized to begin to pertain toward the large tech companies (Facebook, Google and Amazon). Those who do not use Facebook are making the right moves if they do not trust the company, but to those who do use Facebook and don’t trust the company the choice is clear between giving up your privacy for convenience.

  20. Daria Di Paolo November 11, 2017 at 7:19 pm #

    In the United States, the internet is a huge thing. Many people have a smartphone, laptop, or some other device to access it. Even if they do not have something personal to get onto the internet with, there are many places that do. Such as libraries, or schools that are equipped with tons of computers. As well that in the business world, having an online presence is becoming more important than before. With this, those that are mainly online services do not just affect those that are just online, but everyone in the real world as well. Including the opinions and feelings that they have accumulated to their consumers.

    Which shows, how distrustful, or trusting they are to their relative services. Example of them being trustful with their services would be Amazon. A service that is mostly known to people about buying things online, and getting it shipped to their houses in a relatively short amount of time. Perhaps Amazon is perceived as a trustful service is a good thing, since you are actively putting your debit or credit card on the site, along with your address. Then again, for some people, it would either be putting it on one site, such as Amazon, or a bunch of other sites to buy stuff from. Amazon to them just funnels all the stuff they would want to buy from various sites to all just one quick and easy place. While other companies that were shown, such as Facebook seen to be less trusted. This includes other aspects of these four companies, such as if people would care if they would disappear if they have a significant impact in the world, and what they use specific companies for.

    Which, I agree with most of the stuff that was reported in this article. I do not use Facebook that much, I only use it to keep in touch with family and friends, which, is what a lot of people use it for. I do not use it for finding news, I would rather not use it for news or to be informed, since, I feel that the articles Facebook may share, could be untrue or twisted. Since it is a site for people to share their opinions and to catch up with old friends and family, that the content I would see is provided by those people, or by companies. As well that I do not use Twitter, since to me, it’s something that, is not that important. I find Twitter to be something that only a certain group use, something that is in a niche market, therefore, when comparing it with other companies, it is understandable why people would not miss it if it were to disappear. Apple has been to many stagnating, which honestly, as a person who has bought Apple products in the past, feel that as well. These things that were surveyed and found, is something that I agree with, perhaps around the United States, these feelings are becoming more common for how these businesses are practicing. While for Apple, Twitter, and Facebook may need to fix their business model to make them more trustworthy or to be missed if they were to disappear, Amazon seems to have the full advantage. Letting themselves not only be one of the more trustworthy businesses, but one of the most positive viewed one in this article. Giving Amazon a competitive advantage over the others. Whether this will be squandered by Amazon or not, depends all on their decisions that they make from this.

  21. Leah Hannawacker November 11, 2017 at 8:03 pm #

    Everyone who has a sell phone owns a smart phone as their mobile device. With these smartphones there are multiple apps that people are addicted too. People don’t usually use their phones anymore for just strictly texting and calling. Most people have apps on their phone for social media that they use for communication. It is believed that the social media apps such as facebook, twitter and Instagram are the leading social media monopolies. Each of theses’ apps serves a unique purpose and independently help people communicate. I believe that social media influences a lot of aspects of our lives. Personally, I use social media for most of my commincation efforts and I feel that it is hard for me to refrain from it. It helps families stay connected and in touch through busy times in life. Social media is so attractive to users because it is easy to navigate and user friendly. After all, looking at these survey results its not suprising about the precentages over all. Theres many advantages to facebook like stated above or many disadadvantages, such cyberbullying and fake news. There are other uses for apps based on the online shopping dominator amazon, or the common search engine google. Google has been making its technology useful to many through gmail, google keep, google photos and much more. Overall, technology is dominating the 21st century through apps and social media.

  22. Leah Hannawacker November 11, 2017 at 8:03 pm #

    Everyone who has a cell phone owns a smart phone as their mobile device. With these smartphones there are multiple apps that people are addicted too. People don’t usually use their phones anymore for just strictly texting and calling. Most people have apps on their phone for social media that they use for communication. It is believed that the social media apps such as facebook, twitter and Instagram are the leading social media monopolies. Each of theses’ apps serves a unique purpose and independently help people communicate. I believe that social media influences a lot of aspects of our lives. Personally, I use social media for most of my commincation efforts and I feel that it is hard for me to refrain from it. It helps families stay connected and in touch through busy times in life. Social media is so attractive to users because it is easy to navigate and user friendly. After all, looking at these survey results its not suprising about the precentages over all. Theres many advantages to facebook like stated above or many disadadvantages, such cyberbullying and fake news. There are other uses for apps based on the online shopping dominator amazon, or the common search engine google. Google has been making its technology useful to many through gmail, google keep, google photos and much more. Overall, technology is dominating the 21st century through apps and social media.

  23. Eric A November 11, 2017 at 8:30 pm #

    This article and the studies presented in it were both interesting and not at all surprising. The one that interested me most was the one that tested what people thought about news on Facebook versus news on other sources. I would’ve expected to see results that said people found news on Facebook to be less trustworthy, but The Verge actually found that people believe most “news on Facebook is about as accurate as news found elsewhere.” While the result surprised me, I’m glad that I was wrong because most estimates say that between 40%-60% (Slate) of Americans get their news from Facebook. I also thought it was interesting that research shows the number one use of Facebook is sending messages. I would’ve thought that the numbers would be lower because of the prominence of texting.
    I also found one of these to be severely misleading. For example, one of the questions asked was “Have you noticed any kinds of changes in the kinds of items you’ve seen in your News Feed?” The article made the claim that “most people didn’t think the news feed is more interesting than it was a year ago.” While this is mathematically accurate, I don’t believe it shows the full picture. It is true that 25.2% said it was more interesting, but a total of 55.32% of people said it was either “more interesting” or “about as relevant,” with only 14.8% saying it was less relevant (29.8% said they didn’t know). This does a perfect job of showing how data can be manipulated based on what the author would like to show. They could’ve just as easily made the claim that news feeds are as relevant as they were a year ago, but chose to focus on the fact that it was not more relevant. As readers, we should never take studies or statistics at face value but instead look into them and create our own informed opinions.

  24. Joane L November 11, 2017 at 9:04 pm #

    Shocking to see Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft mentioned in this article. Their necessities in people’s lives do not seem to relate to Twitter and Facebook. I can recall when Facebook was only given access to college student. The problem with Facebook occurred when they decided to make it an open social media, a recipe for disaster. But of course, with the profit they foresaw, this decision was probably a beneficial one for the shareholders and the company alike. With that being said, they seem to have lost control of their database, unable to control it because of the amount of users they have obtained. Facebook has lost its values and what it stands for, many people use it to bully, attack and stalk others instead of a mean of communication to keep in touch with loved ones and make new meaningful friendship. Unfortunately, Zuckerberg did not have a great success with his approach. Twitter on the hand, has a censorship and regulation problem. Their concept does align with the first amendment, however, most people do not understand that freedom of speech does not mean attacking and bullying others because of their different views and opinions on certain matters. Both Facebook and Twitter however matter greatly in the midst of a crisis. It is important for people to have access to a common source of communication, but the need of profit is pushing people away from using those channels. Regardless of all of the negative feedback concerning Apple, they are still leading the way in the technology and retain a loyal customer base. The numbers speak greatly for this success, it is not just a matter of inventions for Apple, they have a way of knowing what keeps their clientele happy and always deliver. Both Amazon and Google are useful for many purposes, although Amazon is fighting to become a monopoly. They should consider some of their decisions, especially with Alibaba gaining great territory in the US market. The problem with technology is the people using it, not knowing what is appropriate and inappropriate or simply not caring about neither.

  25. Arielle Fortes November 17, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

    There have always been big brands that represent the services that people use the most often. For example, some of the main things that people use are Amazon, Google, Walmart, Microsoft, Netflix, Samsung, Facebook, Twitter and Apple. Amazon is one of the companies that have grown exponentially during the last few years without signs of stopping. It is now used so often because of it extreme accessibly to many people. Google is a huge tech giant that has become used very often a well. It has so many branch services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, the Google Search Engine, and much more. Microsoft has provided people with what many considered to be basic products such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Samsung is a provider of phones and more. Facebook is a social media site that has over 2 billion users and is used by people worldwide to keep in contact with people even if they are nations apart. Twitter is another social media site that is used by many people. Apple is used by many people with many different Apple Devices and Apple services such iPhones, smart watches, iTunes, and more services. The Verge recently put out a survey that has many interesting details on the said giants in different ways
    One of the interesting things that it said in the survey was that people trust Amazon almost as much as they trust their bank. I thought this was interesting because people have to have such a high trust level in their bank because it is often holding all their life savings. Since people trust Amazon almost as much as their bank it shows how high the trust level is. In addition, in the survey it seems like people also greatly like Amazon which is why the high level of trust would make sense. I also think that the high rating that would say that people would miss it if Amazon disappeared is because of the easy way that Amazon is so available to people. Amazon is so accessible and fast for people. They can now get things in simply minutes that they would not be able to get before so fast. In addition, they can get such a wide variety of thins that it is very helpful. Google was close behind Apple that people would care if it went away. I think that this is due to the fact that it provides so many services that people use daily. Many people use the Google search engine to find information that they want. People can use the Google docs, and Google drive to easily share information with other people that they would not share so easily before and even work on it at the same time. Although I think one of the main reasons in my opinion that Google is so popular is because there is the Google Maps Service. It is one of the best map services around and can easily be used to get directions from place to place and can also be used while driving. The service can also be used to provide information that ca be helpful to driving such as whether or not there is traffic on the route that the person is driving on and can provide an alternate route. And with the amount of data it receives from the high usage it gets the service will only continue to get better.

  26. Jimmy Bedoya November 18, 2017 at 2:02 pm #

    Since the introduction of technology, the world has revolutionized completely. With technology came the introduction of computers and cellphones, and this is where media saw its opportunity to evolve. Besides the media industry converting from television and radio to websites, cell phone applications, and much more, there also came the beginning for new businesses known as e-commerce companies. When e-commerce companies submerged, they changed the way consumers bought their wants and necessities, by making it more convenient for the consumer to purchase without leaving his or her home. Today, almost every person is connected in some way, shape, or form to all of these businesses, and these businesses, with the blind consent of every individual, have huge amounts of data regarding personal information and consumer shopping information. With consumer shopping information, such as the websites most visited, products most purchased, and pattern of every individual, advertising companies saw an opportunity to increase their revenues and with no hesitation, took full advantage of each chance they got. Now, these advertising companies pay huge amounts of money to all of these websites so they can target each consumer and use previous consumption history, to suggest the same or new items on whatever websites the consumer visits the most. As remarkable and efficient as the strategy might seem, it is important to note the severity of this method and how breaches people privacy. Unfortunately, most people who use these websites do not realize the information they are agreeing to give away and use these websites blindly.

    These companies, though deemed very powerful, have been starting to fall apart. Turning from consumer-friendly business, these industries have evolved into insidious monopolies. Facebook is facing a few dilemmas it was discovered that it was being used as a platform involved in a national debate of fake news and as a network utilized to influence the 2016 presidential election by the Russian government. Now Facebook will have to testify in front of Congress regarding the possibly-real influence the Russian government used. Apple, though continuing their vast reserve of $260 billion, has lost luster within their most substantial devices. Twitter has been the new face of controversy considering the levels of harassment and bot armies to increase their amount of users as well as their user engagement. The underlying principle of these findings is that these tech companies are not exactly what users perceived them to be and for that reason, they might go out of style/business. A research conducted on 1520 people nationally shows that people trusted Facebook more than Google, and trust was a huge factor that prevented individuals from using Facebook at all. These same respondents trusted Amazon just as much as their own banks, and out of all the companies within the survey, Amazon was the most trustworthy, recommendable, reliable, and convenient. What these stats show is that consumers are starting to care less and less about these social media websites but not for the reasons one might think. Consumers are simply pushed away by the amount of scrutiny some of them are facing as opposed to the fact these companies are releasing vital consumer information. Consumers are also starting to favor companies that provide important and significant services and not the ones who offer nothing but sheer entertainment. It is important to note that these websites are still recording and releasing vital consumer information, and although they might seem more necessary then the entertainment companies, they are still just as dangerous.

  27. Vincent Scorese December 8, 2017 at 8:53 pm #

    This is a very interesting article that talks b=about how most Americans view the big tech giants of this era. Some of the survey information is actually surprising especially with how commonly used these companies and their services are used. For instance, that fact that over a third of Americans wouldn’t care if twitter disappeared is a very bold point made by surveyors and the fact that apple which is valued at 260 billion is also hovering around a 15-20% non-care if they disappeared which is peculiar considering the vast love for their products especially the IPhone. That percentage might have been mostly Samsung users.
    One of the most interesting points was the point that the article made about the lack of trust in Facebook and the fact that the mistrust in that company is as high as it is and yet people still use it all the time without fail.

    . Facebook has more users than the entire western hemisphere which is completely insane to think about but it is the reality and the world we live in. The fact that Facebook had such a major platform that it affected the outcome of the election is hard to grasp about how one company or entity has that much power but Facebook does and the fact that they are in court pertaining to the use of others of Facebook is a testament to it.

    Amazon is as the article perfectly dictates a merciless corporation but people love it. Amazon is becoming a household name in the business world and are just beloved for the way the execute their business model and the execution of satisfaction for their customer base. There is very little hate for amazon in the company except for the places it hurts like small businesses that are at the mercy of are companies and corporations like Amazon.

    Places like google and Microsoft are very massive in size and they are also very well liked across the board with very little people not caring if they disappeared tomorrow. Which is just a testament to how they handle their business and how well they are accepted in the world that they so effectively have a stake hold in and will for a long time.

    This survey does show however that things aren’t so one sided in the business world and that things can change at any moment give or take the feeling of the consumers using those products or the services that they provide

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