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We’re in the midst of the most important shift in civilization since the invention of the steam engine?—?the pervasive application of intelligence into every aspect of the world.

My goal today is to equip you with the tools you need for thinking about a world of pervasive intelligence, because that will describe both the sorts of investments you will be presented with, and the overall environment within which you will make those investments.

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  1. Rebecca Hu September 29, 2017 at 5:18 pm #

    This article mainly discusses the learning system currently artificial intelligence are designed to go through. It started out by introducing the artificial intelligence called Alpha Go, which is an AI designed to play GO. GO is a really complicated board game where there are many possibilities in a move and it requires lots of brain work. Recently Alpha GO won all the professional player. Even the number one GO player in the world Ke Jie lost to Alpha GO for 5 times.
    Alpha GO’s results demonstrated learning curve. Through every match, Alpha Go learn from mistakes and improve upon it. In the beginning, “even a very bad human opponent could beat this computer program”. However, through constant matches, over time Alpha GO is the best player. It is the learning curve, learn from mistakes and the more you do it the more you will be good at it. The author also mentioned three other programs, premonition, Maxwell MRI and APS. These programs all have similar characteristics, in a sense that they are not accurate in the beginning. But they learn from mistakes and become more reliable through time.
    It is very interesting that the author listed Facebook as an example. I never thought that actually there is this learning process put behind Facebook. We discuss previously how Facebook is manipulating the consumers and present information that only interest the user. Its ultimate goal is to attract the user and user engagement. There are a lot of thoughts and analysis put into Facebook to maintain its popularity as a social media platform.
    People program this artificial intelligence to learn from mistakes. A characteristic that humans have too. I believe it is an important part of human characteristic. At least we try our best to learn from every experience. Every mistake would lead to an improvement. The artificial intelligence is doing the same thing too. The author raised a good point, that actually with the rise of artificial intelligence they will not take over and replace humans. Maybe too many Hollywood films illustrate robots and artificial intelligence taking over the world and destroying the human race.
    I think the author tries to illustrate a point that these machines are tools. They are an aid to help human to tackle more complicated problems. They are built to help humans make decisions. We should not separate technology as an entirely separate field. With the current lifestyle, technology is part of everything. Everyday life is technology, business is shifted to be more technological. This is the future, where these intelligence programs will help humans to tackle problems. Thus leaving humans to concentrate on other works. In a way, it reminds me of evolution, where once Homo sapiens figures out how to grow crops and make fire. They were not being forced to constantly go out for hunting. That marks a lifestyle change. I think the same situation applies to intelligence and life. Sometimes people are too worried about things to take over its meaning of existence. I believer with the rise of intelligence we should try to understand, that it is not scary. It is part of a social transition. Where people are no longer to go through a long period of trial and error to learn. Instead of relying on technology it is possible we can make fewer mistakes. For example, in the field of medical once you make a mistake it could be someone’s life. With the aid of artificial intelligence, it could help reduce possible mistakes. There is a future in the technology intelligence area, but when will we find a machine to be too human-like and have scenarios in the movies play out in real life.

  2. Michael Dias September 29, 2017 at 8:49 pm #

    What I found most interesting about this article is how it mentions that the fear we humans have of machines and AI systems putting all of us out of work is not entirely true. It states that these machines make us better at what we do, rather than replace us in what we do. However, I fear this viewpoint may not be entirely true. Look at McDonald’s for example. Many might argue that it is a place where high schoolers and teenagers should work, but there are a few adults that cannot find work elsewhere and are stuck with a job ‘flippin’burgers’. In recent months, there have been many protests and rallies in order to try to get $15 an hour from fast food and minimum wage franchises and stores. Although this is not every worker, the ones who are not pushing for this and are content with their low pay because they know it is what is deserved for a meager and non-professional level job, they are still stuck categorized with these wage warriors. Now, McDonalds has been adding machines that take a customer’s orders and replaces the worker, as they have grown tired of these protests and arguments. Not only are they firing Sally-warrior, but they are also firing Johnny-worker who is just trying to do his job and make the small amount he does in order to feed himself. This does not apply to every company, but this is an example that immediately came to mind when reading this article about the growth of artificial intelligence. Now imagine other companies take from this idea and implement it. They choose to have a machine that learns and perfects itself, rather than spend on human workers in order to save money. What happens then? Machines working, while humans are out of jobs. How are you going to pay for that now-worthless college degree without a job? This world is advancing very fast, and it is scary that we do not know the outcome of the future, and what it holds for both workers, and technology.

  3. TraceeF September 30, 2017 at 6:28 pm #

    Recently it has been discovered that as humans our attention span has lessened more and more as technology began to grow. The human attention span is now less than that of a gold fish.For this reason I believe that it is a good idea to invest in artificial intelligence. As technology continues to advance, there will not be less of a need for human labor, instead it will advance human labor. Although this may not be true in all areas of employment, it is an important part of our growth as humans. Due to the revolution that technology is going through I feel it is important for people to get into this field. If you invest in artificial intelligence while it’s at its beginning stages you can set your self up for the future.
    I found it interesting how the Alpha Go’s technologies are so advanced that it can calculate every move that adds to its loss and every move that adds to it’s win. Technology like this is going to have a grand impact on the world around us. Most things now are becoming more and more electronic. You can use technology for just about anything and it’s only becoming more and more advanced.

  4. DC October 1, 2017 at 3:29 am #

    Mark Pesce described the implications of artificial intelligence in his article, “Learning Curve”. Artificial intelligence is the theory that computers can perform tasks that require human intelligence. Specifically, in this article, a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning, is described. This is the idea that computers can learn from their mistakes and perform better.

    One of the first applications of machine learning was seen in a board game called Go. Go is an ancient Chinese game that extremely complex with the possible number of moves being 61 orders of magnitude (1 x 1061). No computer can simulate every possible move in a game of Go and therefore must learn how to play. In the beginning, the computer program called AlphaGo wasn’t very successful at winning Go games. But AlphaGo learned from every loss. Every mistake AlphaGo made only made it better. Slowly, AlphaGo became better and better at Go. The most noteworthy strategy AlphaGo employed to making it more successful at Go was to play itself. Rather than relying on a human opponent, the AlphaGo would simulate Go games against itself which could be played at much faster speeds. This accelerated AlphaGo’s learning curve dramatically. AlphaGo soon became the best Go player in the world, defeating the previously ranked #1 Go player 5 times in a row.

    Another example of machine learning involves Facebook. Facebook watches its users all the time whether they’re on or off Facebook. Facebook compiles all the data about what its users view online and incorporates this data into every user’s profile. If Facebook makes a mistake and introduces something to the user’s feed that results in a drop in user engagement, Facebook learns from this mistake. Overtime, Facebook learns exactly what its users like and dislike and creates a feed that results in maximal user engagement. Facebook is so successful for the same reason AlphaGo became the best Go player in the world. It learns from its mistakes.

    Machine learning is employed into several other businesses as well. Premonition is a business that provides an app to drivers to improve their driving efficiency. It works on the same principles that AlphaGo and Facebook work on. It considers information including location, weather, and historic data to make recommendations to drivers. Like AlphaGo, Premonition’s recommendations don’t improve efficiency in the beginning. Over time, however, it learns from its mistakes and improves driver efficiency. Another company using machine learning is Maxwell MRI. This is a program that compiles all possible medical data from the population into a program in an effort to create a model for health. The initial steps of this program are to improve the diagnostic capabilities of MRI scans for cancer. The program is constantly fed scans where it makes predictions and treatment recommendations. Its successes and failures are analyzed and the program learns from its mistakes constantly improving. The final company addressed in this article that incorporates machine learning is APS. This company is using machine learning to increase process engineering efficiency. Process engineering involves determining the maximally efficient chemical engineering processes. This involves determining the chemicals used, the order they are used, and the duration they are used that results in the highest yield of the desired output compound. APS uses machine learning coupled with computer simulations to develop the most efficient processes in the shortest amount of time.

    The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning coupled to simulations may revolutionize the professional world. Businesses incorporating this technology will have fewer mistakes and see increases in efficiency, speed, and productivity. Many people fear that this technology may put many people out of work, but this article argues against this notion. It argues that artificial intelligence makes people better at what they do. By incorporating artificial intelligence in their work, people will have more time to spend on other issues and use their time more effectively by not worrying about the “mechanics of their profession”. This technology could improve our health care system by decreasing misdiagnosis and developing better treatment plans. It could be used to solve our recent problem of credit security. For example, a two computer programs could be designed: one to try and hack private information and one to try and secure it. Each program will be able to learn from its mistakes and simulations could be run to accelerate each program’s learning curve. Eventually, we will have an incredibly advanced hacking system and an extremely secure security system. We could terminate the hacking system, but use the newly generated security system to contain our private information. We, as people, can also incorporate the premise of machine learning into our lives. We can strive to become more aware of our mistakes and constantly work to correct them. We could use this idea to become more efficient learners. When studying new material, we could spend most of our time taking quizzes. We could then review our mistakes and learn from them. As we get smarter, the questions could become harder until we reach the point of mastering the material. The possibilities of this technology are nearly endless and it may eventually be everywhere. This article suggests investing in companies using machine learning and predicts that companies incorporating machine learning properly into their business are destined for success.

  5. Li Zonghao October 6, 2017 at 1:14 am #

    As artificial intelligence projects such as Alpha Go succeed, they signal where the future is at: integrating machine learning with daily activities. For example, Australian startups Premonition, Maxwell MRI, and APS all seek to improve aspects of daily lives. In its respectful order, Premonition seeks to create more efficient driving routes, Maxwell MRI seeks to better diagnose patients, and APS seeks to improve process engineering with automatic solutions. And all of these share the similarity that all their respective artificial intelligence require an ever increasing database to store information and to learn from trial and error.
    While these projects are not fully ready to take the world by a storm, we already know that this is the beginnings of future technology. Alpha Go’s success implies that even in a sport as complex as Go, humans cannot keep up with machines. And in a less technologically advanced example, we already see how Facebook and Uber manage to keep their business thriving. Facebook’s main revenue is through advertisements, and it uses algorithms to show interesting news on the user’s news feed. Facebook does this by storing information about your preferences and using it to show what you like. Although Uber may not be as ambitious as Premonition, it also tracks user information. An article from NPR states that although Uber is ending its post-ride tracking of user’s location, it previously used that information to calculate the prevalence of one night stands. Controversial business practice aside, Uber’s use of user location highlights the importance of data science, and the fact that it is viable now. Another technology currently in use, UPS’s vehicle routing software saves them 10 millions of gas a year by not taking the shortest route – it shows UPS drivers the way that doesn’t involve left turns, and so far, it has saved them quite an amount of gas money.
    So what does all this technology imply about our future lives? A common viewpoint is that they will take all our jobs. And that is true if we think about basic assembly or driving jobs. Just like how factories put so many people out of jobs, the new artificial revolution will at least first take simpler jobs that can be automated. But while it is easy to focus on the big flaw (loss of jobs), we need to look at the technology as a whole. If the Australian artificial intelligence startups or any other similar projects succeed, humanity will benefit. Work can be much more efficient as we can better maneuver through congested streets, health will improve as diagnosis becomes more accurate, and process engineering will improve as the machines speed up procedures.
    And the other big part of the equation that a lot of people don’t think about is the fact that somewhere along the line, our society will change. Just as new information emerges or public sentiment changes and our laws shift to match them (13th amendment and 1964 Civil Rights Act), our society will adhere to the upcoming technology changes too. One of the most promising new ideas is universal basic income, and Finland and Canada are already trying it out. Of course, while the infrastructure and public sentiment may be greatly unprepared, it is growing to be one of the future’s biggest trends as more influential people like Elon Musk express their support.
    In the end, no matter how this technology manifests, or how our society manages to respond, we can only try to come up with promising solutions because this is something we have never done before – there is no historical data to back up decisions, meaning whatever happens in the future will be based on theory. However, I think that as long as society benefits, everyone will be better off one way or the other. And as there will always be winners and losers, we can only learn from and adapt to our current situation.

  6. Andre Bakhos October 6, 2017 at 2:17 pm #

    Artificial Intelligence is becoming an investment that many companies are investing in, and it is paying off in many ways, but what exactly is artificial intelligence, and why is all of a sudden such a hot topic of research? According to Google Dictionary, artificial intelligence is “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.” Training, convenience, and adaptability are just some of the qualities offered by artificially intelligent beings and programs, and are presently being implemented into the world of technology.
    The use of artificial intelligence for the training of athletes, board game players, and even the military, has seen increased use and is most likely going to be used in a greater capacity as more advancements are made in the field. As stated in the article, researchers have already created a bot that can easily beat the world’s top “GO” grandmasters, by teaching itself and learning from past mistakes. This begs the question, where else can bots that keep learning, be implemented in regards to training? Football, for example, is a sport that requires extensive studying of plays and schemes. If players were to train using bots that would counter their initial response, they could grow smarter and more aware of game situations and play calling. Bots could also learn from upcoming opponents, and then be used to help train the team using them, creating a game that is much more strategic and mental than it is at the current level. Instead of using real people to play against in practice, teams could use artificially intelligent bots, preventing injuries in practice. In the military, artificial intelligence can be used for battle, as they will be aware of the field around them, and be able to identify and destroy enemy targets without putting human lives in danger. Battlefield awareness will be learned over a period of time by the bots, and it will eventually grow smart enough to directly aid troops in battle by providing supplies, medical needs, or extra firepower. It will not be long before we see robots in the sports world for training or in a combat setting, to help prevent human injury.
    Artificial intelligence for user convenience is not far away from becoming an even greater part of everyday life. Facebook already uses it to some capacity when they target ads to their users by learning what they surf on the web, and displaying ads relative to that content. Phones could directly begin to do this by tracking location, then recommending restaurants, stores, and products based on where you are, and your past history of being in that location. There can be applications created to track a person’s eating, fitness, and sleeping habits, and create a perfect schedule for working out, and creating a perfect diet for your chosen lifestyle. Imagine a world where an Uber is automatically called for you based on your needs in a current situation, or a notification that notifies emergency services and love ones when the phone sense you are in danger.
    The world is progressing faster, and researchers, scientists, and engineers are looking to take advantage of the excitement that comes with improvements in technology. Companies are investing in artificial intelligence more and more, and corporations all over the Earth are capitalizing on the unique opportunities that come with using it. The world is excited to see what improvements are going to be made to technology, and an increased implementation of artificial intelligence would be a great step towards a more streamlined and advanced society.

  7. Erik Peterson October 6, 2017 at 3:41 pm #

    This article discusses the shocking and amazing abilities of Artificial intelligence, and what AI is able to accomplish over time. The first example that the article gives is AlphaGo, a computer program that was able to teach itself how to become the most efficient and best Go player on the face of the Earth, simply by playing the game millions of times. Another entity that the article discusses is Facebook, and the ability of the website to monitor its 2 billion users each month. It uses the information that it gathers from each user in order to provide the most interesting content to each individual user. The ability of the artificial intelligence to learn from its mistakes, and grow into a more productive system, is very cool, but it can also be seen as very startling.
    Artificial intelligence is not just good for games and advertising, however. It also has a practical use. The article mentions an app called Premonition, which is able to guide drivers who work for companies that move products. This app is extremely useful, because it has the ability to take the location of the driver, traffic patterns that are forming, and even the current weather conditions into account in order to provide the driver with the most efficient route to their location. Just like AlphaGo and Facebook, the recommendations are not always perfect in the begging, but over time, the system learns what suggestions are good and bad, in order to become the most efficient. Imagine if a company like FedEx or UPS implemented an app like this. We would be able to cut down delivery times on every item that can be ordered online and shipped, just by letting the app do its thing.
    The thing that a lot of people find scary about artificial intelligence is that it is able to teach itself, and eventually become the very best at whatever it is supposed to be doing. People fear that if there is something out there that is a hundred times more efficient than them, that they will be out of a job. However, a lot of people fail to realize that the artificial intelligence can be used as guidance, and it can make you better at your job. Lets use Premonition as an example. If a driver was to do his regular route, without the assistance of any artificial intelligence, he might be able to do a pretty good job. However, Premonition is able to see things that the driver is unable to see, and it is able to predict things based on the past. Premonition is able to make drivers up to 20% more efficient using its system, which ultimately makes the driver better at their job. Artificial intelligence, due to its incredible ability to learn, and never repeat a mistake, will eventually help us to all become better in the future. It can be used in almost any industry, and, if programmed correctly, it can become the most efficient “whatever you want” on the face of the Earth.

  8. Arielle Fortes October 6, 2017 at 6:46 pm #

    If you think about the worlds laziest creature, which one would you think of? A sloth? A koala? Or maybe another animal that does not generally like to move around. However, I believe these species of animal that is the laziest is humanity. Humanity has always distinguished itself from other animals by using their brains. Howeve, much of the ingenuity we have had throughout the ages are due to the fact that we would like to make things simplier for ourselves. This ingenuity due to our internal laziness is not necessarily a bad things as we have managed to make many different inventions that have assisted humanities growth. From the wheel to the phone different inventions have continually helped us. At the same time different inventions also have had unforeseen consequences throughout the years. Recently, many companies have been focuses on making the phone more complex overall. We have had technology in phones that have allowed people to use only their fingerprint to open phones and the newest technology is facial recognition. However this may have more consequences than intended.
    Most recently, the company Apple released its new technology on its iPhone X which will have more of impact on the world than what we think on the surface. One of the main question that the public has in general is whether or not the technology will actually work. This is a valid question due to the fact that there has been anything like this new technology on a phone before. The other problem is that it may become normal to have technology like this on our phones. This is a more advanced version of technology which can originally be hard to implement at first glance. And phones are something that in this century we take for granted when in fact they are very high tech items that can help us to communicate, obtain knowledge and much more. Normalization of this technology will mean that it can be used broadly in many aspects of technology. The problem with this is that there will be no problem with other application s using this data as well so that there will not be any privacy. If this happens it will be a lot easier for other application to track people since now they can recognize their faces. This will have a big impact on privacy. Since there is this technology there are bound to be some people who will take advantage of this fact and will use it in a negative way. This means that in the future companies or even the government would find tracking people much easier that nit was before. So, even if this facial recognition does not have a big impact the future uses based on it definitely will. Also, if facial recognition is working on these new phones won the camera always s have to be on? Since people may need to use their phones at any time it would not make too much sense foot the phone to be off all the time. Since we take the phone with us everywhere this would be a huge invasion of privacy if it was always on. There are some people who leave their phone near them when they are changing which means it would not be hard for someone to hack into their phone and see very personal moments that other would not want people to see. Also when face recognition comes into play it brings up the question on whether or not the face masks or other things may be able to get past the system. And even it ‘face masks’ will not work it is likely that people will find another loophole. In addition, facial recognition is not protected by any type of law so it may be easier for law enforcement to receive information. So there is no reason for a warrant to be used when asking for this type of information.

    • Arielle Fortes October 6, 2017 at 6:49 pm #

      Wrong post. Not for this article

  9. Arielle Fortes October 6, 2017 at 8:44 pm #

    Many people have seen or read science fiction movies or novels. Many plots are often that robots gain so much intelligence that they overthrow their human creators or the rest of the population. The only way that they achieved this is through artificial intelligence that humans gave them. However, artificial intelligence is often different them people think. It is not anything so complicated that no one would be able to understand unless they were a very high technologically minded person. Instead it is very different. Artificial intelligence is simply a system that learns from its own mistakes instead of something that complicated. It is making machines work more like humans.

    There are many different examples of artificial intelligence and in many different forms. One such example is a Go machine that was developed called Alpha Go. Go is an Asian game using black and white pieces and is a type of board game. This machine was used to play the game and used to try and win Go games against other human players. At first it was not very good at these games. It could not win against the players who were not very good at Go. However it had countless matches with other players that slowly improved its skill level. In addition it also had thousands of matches against itself. By inputting all the data it improves and eventually beat the one of the world’s top Go players in the world and beat him five out of five times. This was only due to the ability that the machine had to learn. In my opinion, the machine started out like a human baby. It was not really good as what it does and cannot do that much. However, while the machine played more matches as time went on it matured more into an adult who had more experience and could now do more things than it could when it first started out. Another great example of artificial intelligence is Facebooks program. Facebook makes it money by advertising to its billions of users who browse the site. However, Facebook tracks what the users do awhile they are on Facebook to make sure that they can tailor the advertising to a more specific person so that there are more advertising that the user would be interested in. Facebook puts what the user might be interested in into their feed. If the user does not like it, then they learn from their mistakes and put something else into the feed of the user to see what user would like instead. This way Facebook can learn how to make more money in the process of advertising so that more people will want to use their Facebook account since there is more interesting feed on their profile. Facebook uses this to keep their members interested. The only way that they can do this is to continue to learn from their mistakes in the beginning. just like humans do.
    This technology is still not as sophisticated as we would like and are developing more and more technology to help humanity as a whole. One of the best idea that is currently in motion and would help greatly is about health. If we can make machines that diagnoses health more high tech then we can improve the health more humanity as a whole. One example is if the MRI scan improves. If this machines scan better it can improve the ability to detect where the cancer is. By continually repeating it can learn how to detect better. And if this detects better then there would be no reason for them to continue surgeries that end up wrong due to the MRI scan not being clear enough to show where the tumor or any problem is.

  10. Greg D'Ottavi October 6, 2017 at 8:53 pm #

    Innovation and technology use within the last twenty years is at an all-time peak and is continuing to rise every day. Modern society is dominated by new problems and tasks based on this constant technological advancement. With that said, there are many questions and fears surrounding the new tech age, one of the most prevalent being that of artificial intelligence. This article focusses on some of the major aspects of AI as well as some of the companies who are already making breakthroughs in the field. Technology can be very difficult to understand sometimes and many question the ethicality of it all, but it is certain that this is only the beginning of technology’s societal takeover.
    One of the most interesting parts of the article, which caused me to raise some questions while reading was the author’s discussion of ‘machine learning’. Machine learning is defined as a systems being built with internal learning mechanisms, which allow a machine to learn from its mistakes just as a human does. What makes a human, human is he or she’s ability to learn from previous failure in order to succeed later. Computer systems of the past were never based on this idea meaning that no matter how many times a certain input was made, the same result, right or wrong, would be produced. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for technology to learn from its users and produce results specific to that user. The author uses the example of Facebook to explain machine learning and shed some light onto what so many tech giants are doing. Facebook has two billion users average per month and focuses all of its energy towards them in order to keep them interested. Something that I never quite realized is that all social media platforms use the same concept as well as search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, etc. All of these companies have machine learning systems that take information based on a specific user and reproduce what it thinks you want to see on a daily basis. These large companies make their money in advertisements because of the large amount of people who view their sites daily. Furthermore, if there is a machine learning system incorporated, the advertisements will be user specific and based on one’s personal interest. This is what interested me the most. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google all know more about me than my closest friend or even my parents. Every search made, every click and every post is monitored and taken into consideration by these machine learning systems to keep you coming back.
    A personal experience of machine learning at work comes from a recent app download that I made and the consistent advertisement for alike products since. A few weeks ago, I downloaded New York Time’s daily crossword app onto my phone and ever since, I see an advertisement for either the New York Times or other crossword apps once a day. Between Google and Twitter, I do not have to go further than a few scrolls to find out which crossword app I should download next. This is so interesting to me, but at the same time is somewhat worrisome. Large tech companies who see so many users daily are gaining more and more power and knowledge as well. Machine learning is the start to what could be a very debatable ethical problem. Some may see this as a violation of privacy and I would not be surprised if eventually this reaches a large-scale court case or regulation. The odds of technology becoming stronger and outweighing humanity is slim as I believe technology does more to ease daily life than it does to hinder. But still it can be scary to think about how Facebook and Google are watching you in some way, all day, every day as long as we continuing clicking and scrolling.

  11. Jimmy Bedoya October 6, 2017 at 9:20 pm #

    Artificial intelligence currently stands as the future of America. The next industrialization is already here and the horrible truth is many people do not see the high degree technology will take them to. The technology has always stood as the truth and presented itself in many innovative ways one would deem instrumental to the growth of society. This growth has come with many costs but way more benefits for the societal and economic communities of the planet. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and is ready to make its imprint on the world. It is predicted to be one of the few important tools for an individual or business to utilize.

    The Article of Medium.com posed as a very interesting one for the stating the convenience Artificial Intelligence will bring to the America, let alone the world. The article also went on to describe three different startups in Australia that were in the process of development and presented themselves in ideal and unique ways. However, what I pulled from this article can be found at the very bottom of the article. Throughout the article, the author speaks on the reason artificial intelligence worked so well, which was because it worked off of trial and error. The technology surrounding A.I is meant to receive data from experience and from its mistakes. The data is then taken and put towards the process of learning and growing, making the machine the smartest and most reliable thing in the world. This is very interesting to me because of its strategy, which is very vital to human life. If any individual can take this method of learning and put it towards their own lives, they can, like these machines, the best at what it is they do or need to do. The truth is that many people do not apply this strategy and because of failure, blame the world and do not take responsibility for their own actions. They are blind to the fact that in they are in complete control of their lives. Whatever it is that they want or need will come as long as they apply themselves persistently. Therefore, I believe it is important to note that although this article stated that artificial intelligence would not replace people and their jobs are wrong in my opinion. Reason being that so many companies will begin to take advantage of this method, there will be increased competition, pushing these same companies to formulate better ideas to implement into the world that might end up replacing somebody’s job. Therefore I encourage themselves to push themselves in whatever it is they do and eventually become the best in what they choose to do. In order to be the best in what it is one does, one must compete with others and thus one must make themselves beyond qualified and better the next person.

  12. Jeffrey Khoudary October 13, 2017 at 4:09 pm #

    I think the future of artificial intelligence is when it becomes cheap enough and easy enough to use for the average businessman to implement. Artificial intelligent of today is highly custom any very expensive, but once, it becomes cheap and available for general purpose tasks we will see the boom, just like we saw a boom in computers. Fifty years ago, computers were highly custom and very expensive, but once it becomes cheap and the average individual could use the computer we saw the boom, and now they are vital to everything.

    Since the beginning of time, Humans have tried to make to make work easier by creating tools. Humans didn’t like doing labor so when it became cheap enough to automate we saw a boom in the automation. But these machines are highly specialized. They make the exact same motion over and over again. The only time it deviates from a pre-determined action is when there is an if-then statement, and all that does is change the predetermined path it goes through. This made white-collar work safe from automation because it isn’t just a repetitive task. White collar workers need to analyze the data given to them and implement a solution to achieve their goal. Now that we are creating automated intelligence we can give the computer the data, we can give them the goals, and then it will teach itself to achieve this goal. Now no profession is safe from automation. We have automated intelligence, writing news stories, writing music, driving cars, trade stocks on the stock market, teaching classes and even diagnosing patients. The bots don’t need to be perfect; they just need to better than humans. And once they are cheaper, faster and more accurate than human, economics will take over and make automated intelligence instrumental in every business.

  13. Allen Killiebrew October 20, 2017 at 12:56 am #

    I enjoyed this article a lot because it basically discussed the advancements of the world today. My thing is I was never to aware of what artificial intelligence ever was until this article. In the article, starting off with AlphaGo was a great way, in my eyes, to show what exactly artificial intelligence is and how it is improving, the present time period of artificial intelligence and also the future of it. I feel that artificial intelligence is of course growing and enhancing but with that comes more money needed to grow , things are becoming more expensive which is putting a somewhat setback on the true enhancement. I feel when things become more though out to find cheaper ways, we will see the big boom of artificial intelligence. As society becomes more and more technology based, we all know that comes with smarter and more efficient objects like robots and other mechanical engineered items. That is what this article made think about actually while looking into it.

    With myself being a business man, this article enlightened me with some key information that I feel will benefit myself dramatically. Not just the factual information but also some of the wise words within “So look for the companies that are learning how to learn from their own mistakes to make people better at what they do” and “Increase your own capacity, using the kinds of systems that allow you to learn from your own mistakes” are words of knowledge that I definitely let sink in. I am the type of person who draws insight from such words and builds upon them. From the article, I now have a more wide and open look upon certain key aspects of life like the artificial intelligence part.

  14. Olivia Mason April 6, 2018 at 8:01 pm #

    Artificial Intelligence is inevitable; there may be certain setbacks to its development (such as the death of a women in Arizona by Uber’s self-driving car), however it will prevail. As the author points out, artificial intelligence isn’t just automation, it is the ability of a program to learn from itself and others and continuously develop. For myself in particular, I had only ever thought of AI in terms of automation, not the ability to continuously improve on its own. I feel as though this is a common misconception, and this misconception can blind people to some of the benefits of AI. As the author mentions, which I think is important to note, and something that I thought was true for technology in general but didn’t necessarily attribute to AI, is that it can increase the accuracy of the professions that exist currently.
    However, I have to disagree with the author’s standpoint that AI will not reduce jobs (and in particular those of professionals). While AI may not directly lead to the reduction of professional jobs, like those of lawyers and doctors, it certainly does indirectly. For example, when self-driving cars become commonplace, the theory is (and likely an accurate theory) is that they will drastically reduce accidents. A significant portion of emergency room visits are due to car accidents, however if those rates are reduced then emergency room visits will also be reduced. Reduction in traffic in emergency rooms will lead to a reduction in the staff needed to handle the patients and thus a reduction in nurses and doctors and receptionists. Besides those involved in the medical industry, personal injury lawyers will also likely be reduced as a significant portion of their cases involve dealing with car accident claims. Insurance companies will also feel the strain as less insurance will be needed due to more people using Ubers to get around in cities instead of owning a car go up. Insurance lawyers will also be decreased for the same reason that personal injury lawyers will decrease- a lack of claims.
    While medical forms of AI may not immediately decrease professional job amounts as the author claims, I also don’t think that it is a stretch to assume that monitoring systems (such as those used by anesthesiologist to monitor patients in for surgery) will also become more self-sufficient and lead to reductions in those areas.

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