Every Business is a Technology Business

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According to Gartner, global IT spending is projected to reach $3.5 trillion in 2017. Data Center Systems represent $171 billion spend in 2017. The explosion of data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and video streaming has created a great demand for bandwidth in data centers. Data center trends and focus areas on bundling of 25GbE bundles up to 100GbE speeds, big data analytics, higher port densities, and power efficiency is driving the next generation data center architectures. In a digital economy, businesses today expect reliable, flexible, and secure data center systems with purpose-driven innovation for greatest business value.

To learn more about data center innovation and market trends, including the power of combining hardware and software to accelerate digital business transformation, Ray Wang (CEO and founder of Constellation Research), Dion Hinchcliffe and I invited one of the most celebrated CIO in the world, and now leader of Data Center Architecture, to our weekly show DisrupTV.

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  1. Meghan Healy September 14, 2017 at 5:32 pm #

    It is no secret to anyone in today’s society that technology has taken over our world. Paper reports have turned into word documents, calendars have turned into iPhone reminders, and businesses have turned into technology businesses. Most people might view this change as a negative circumstance, believing that technology is destroying our brain cells and that the world will soon be taken over by robots. However, with this new technology, information is spread faster, work is done easier, and productivity is improved. The increasing use of technology is becoming extremely beneficial for corporations especially.

    New technology has created one place to store all needed information, described in the article as data centers. These data centers have become a key in business. As the article states, “In a digital economy, businesses today expect reliable, flexible, and secure data center systems with purpose-driven innovation for greatest business value.” Being one place to store information, these systems should be as effective as they can be. IT workers today possess the advance skills that corporations are using to enhance their business. It businesses want to continue to progress, they need more employees with at least a basic knowledge of these skills. As the article also mentions, companies are now being paid through an IT service. The IT field is expanding, meaning companies want employees with a knowledge in IT. The article also states “The emergence of cloud computing, and the greater demand for bandwidth and security, has elevated the importance of the data center as a key component for building a resilient and response business infrastructure.” It is becoming increasingly important for a business that their employees have a basic knowledge of new technology.

    As a college student who is soon to enter the business world, it is important to have a knowledge and understanding of this information. This knowledge is an important asset to have when searching for a job; most companies will prefer to hire a potential employee that has these skills. With the rate we are going, all companies will soon become primarily technology controlled companies. As a millennial, technology is already heavily present in my life. All schoolwork is submitted on Blackboard or sent to the professors via email. Nowadays, professors very rarely have their students hand in a hard copy of their work. These technologies make the process almost effortless. In addition, social media has progressively taken over in today’s society. Most companies are smart enough to use these platforms to expand or promote their business. Networking has already been a crucial way of getting oneself or their business out in the world. Instead of networking in person as often as we have in the past, we use social media as a way for people to discover us or our business. Individuals looking to enter the work force use LinkedIn as a way to network to potential employers. Companies also use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as a way to promote their business. On Instagram, Apple has 1.2 million followers, Amazon has 1 million, Whole Foods has 2.4 million, and Google has 4.7 million followers. More and more companies have also begun using “social media influencers” to promote their products through brand deals. For example, one of the most common brand deals seen on Instagram is FitTea. This company reaches out to celebrities with millions of followers and has them post a picture of themselves advertising the tea. As quoted in the article, Kim Stevenson states, “Companies that don’t exploit technologies will get pummeled by the competition.” Another company who might sell a similar product to FitTea would not get the same recognition without the exposure social media has brought. Companies that use today’s technology not only make their work easier through software such as the data centers, but also acquire more business through social media.

  2. Valerie Dorsett September 15, 2017 at 11:03 am #

    Technology is no longer a part of the past, when only big companies used technology to their advantage. Now, small businesses have technology on their side as well. To get their name out there some businesses may have a website for their customers. For example, a local pizzeria may have a website so that people can view their menu online. In the online article, Every Business is a Technology Business, by Vala Afshar, he explains how even businesses who are not directly involved with IT, still need technology.

    The “cloud” has become a very popular way of storing data. Many businesses no matter the size have switched over from paper files to digital files. With a large array of customers, businesses need a place to store all of that data, which is why they use the cloud. “The emergence of cloud computing, and the greater demand for bandwidth and security, has elevated the importance of the data center as a key component for building a resilient and response business infrastructure,” which means that today with the help of technology, there is a need for a data center and along with that security to protect it (Afshar). They will need an IT person to make sure all of their data is secure for their customers and works correctly. The cloud also provides people with fast access to what they are searching for. Being able to pull up the correct file while doing it at an amazing speed is just what your customers are hoping for.

    Computer science and management in IT is becoming a very hot major now in college because technology is all around us every day. More people want to learn IT because of this. According to Afshar he states that, “more companies are adding CIOs to their boardrooms,” which shows the reader how much of a demand there is now for a CIO (Afshar). A CIO stands for Chief information officer, which is someone who is in charge of information technology. Having a CIO in your company is very necessary because many people use forms of payment which use technology. For example, Apple now has Apple Pay, which allows people to pay for goods from their cell phone digitally. If you want your business to be able to compete with others who are already using this new system, you need to have an employee who understands how it all works. If one employee knows they could make you understand it better and you can excel as a business.

    There is a huge demand for employees who understand IT so that a business can compete in today’s technological society. It is a social standard for guys to like technology mostly because more guys than girls play video games and guys are more likely to be interested in computers. However, women are just as likely to be involved with computer science such as IT. In the article, Every Business is a Technology Business, Afshar writes, “Stevenson said that while attending meetings at Lenovo, she is pleasantly surprised to see half the room filled with incredible women technologist and business leaders who are collectively shaping the bright future of Lenovo,” which proves that men are no longer dominant when it comes to IT work (Afshar). It is equal so that way, no gender is limited to the work that they can provide their boss. I agree with this article that every business is becoming more technologically advanced even if that is not what they specialize in. Today, businesses need as many employees who are educated in IT as possible and Afshar realizes that.

  3. Adam Rakowski September 22, 2017 at 3:34 pm #

    As much as some people would love to live life like they did in the good old days, the 21st century business field is quite unforgiving for those incapable of adjusting to a highly technologically advanced work space. What was once considered essential in the office work space such as calculators, personal planners, calendars, internet access is now obsolete thanks to the technology we have today. It truly is fascinating how approximately 25 items that were once unique and irreplaceable 20 years ago are now fully available and operational in your own smartphone. It is undeniable that efficiency and productivity has increased ten-fold but that does not stop certain people from thinking that technology decreases our social attentiveness and will eventually make human functionality something of the past. I think the wisest thing to do is to embrace the technology we are fortunate enough to have and utilize it to better ourselves in our work fields. After all, we live in the most competitive generation in history, so these technological advances only benefit our growth.
    The article touches on the importance of the new data centers that businesses have started to implement and praise its reliability, flexibility and value to a growing innovative business. As the demand for these data centers increases, the need for IT specialists who know how to operate this type of technology also increases. They need to be advanced and knowledgeable enough to be able to monitor securities, manage bandwidth allocations and ensure that advances such as cloud computations are fully functional for the business to use. While the IT professionals are having a field day with business dying to get their hands on them, employees who work other parts of the job are also required to have some kind of basic knowledge about the technologies the business uses. The technologies can range from knowing how to use excel and create spreadsheets, to being able to create presentations that display the business’s latest trends and growths. Being sentient of all of this, college students like myself are absolutely required to have skills that surpass those of current employees working in businesses. Finding jobs is only becoming harder and harder and the employee pool is only becoming more competitive as time goes by so making the most out of your time in college is absolutely imperative to your future career. Schools already do a great job with introducing students to a solely technologically based classroom with online portals, online classrooms, and online submission sites and, of course, the internet itself. Businesses and schools are working with the same technologies to promote themselves as well. They use numerous websites, commercials and broadcasts to popularize their enterprise and attract customers to look at what they have to offer. Even simple job interviews are outdated. Now, most managerial workers will use Skype to contact and interview potential employees. Websites like LinkedIn allow employers to have an in depth look at your professional profile and see your qualifications and skills. Even social media is being used to promote anything from clothing brands, to food chains. Brands like Gucci and YSL used to use old fashioned billboards and magazines to promote their new seasonal lines and while that is still effective, the use of Instagram to promote their lines is just much more efficient nowadays. They either buy a sponsored ad through Instagram or do business with popular Instagram celebrities to promote their products that way. The possibilities of promoting yourself in this highly technologically advanced society are endless and you are only a click away from discovering new paths and new opportunities in life.

  4. Arielle Fortes September 22, 2017 at 8:29 pm #

    When most people think about the twenty first century they do not think about much else besides technology. The twenty first century is an age of technology. In this century, there is technology everywhere and not just in labs or high-tech places. Technology is used in our daily lives, and we barely do anything without it. We use our phones to keep in contact with our friends and work colleagues. We use our computers and phones to browse the web and to check our emails which are used on a personal and work level as well. In the past technology was just for those who made technology. However, I agree that every business has great use for technology.
    In today’s world data goes far. Every business can use data to help them succeed and is often a make or break a business. With data people can understand the demand that people want which is the main way that business can decide what to sell. With data it is simpler to understand what people want. For example for clothing brands, you can see the data by specific age group you wish to market to, and see what is currently trending for that age group and what they look for in clothes. This makes it simpler for business not to buy or make things that will not sell in their store.
    Website and social media also help stores to receive more advertising and more publicity. For example, now most business have some form of social media to make sure that their business has some visibility. They also can pay social media companies to put out advertisements promoting their business, which is extremely effective due to the extremely large user base that social media has. In addition websites help to provide a review for the store. This makes it easy for customers who have come to the store to provide feedback on different aspects of the business. This can include customer service, or how high the quality of the goods sold are. There could be different ratings depending on the type of business that it is. Restaurants can be rated on customer service, atmosphere and the quality of the food served. This makes it a great way for the business to be chosen based on the ratings given to the restaurant. When someone is looking for somewhere to eat, or buy items, unless the said business is a huge brand name it is likely for people to check ratings online to see the experiences that the others had at the said business to make their decision. It is extremely easy to access these choices too since there is the internet and search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo which can provide rating themselves or direct you to sites that you can view.
    Also, technology can help business easily store their information on a technological basis. On office can keep thousands of documents in a database, rather than an office place filled with a paper documents. Technology also makes it easier for people to find the documents that people want to find. When you have all of your files on paper it can take more time to find the documents you need. You would need to go to the file cabinet and look through the different sections and then pick up the one you need. On the other hand, when you have online files you can use the ‘search’ function to find what you need. It is also easier to work on files and share them with the people who need those documents. Before you would need to send paper documents and would need to use the mail, so it might take a few days to send. With email, messages with documents will take minutes or seconds to deliver to the other person, documents and all. To conclude, using technology is almost essential to survive in today’s business world and it can make you a stronger competitor in the cutthroat business world.

  5. Henry Steck September 23, 2017 at 5:51 pm #

    This article has some important points to make, but is very biased.

    First of all, the contributor of the article Vala Afshar is from Salesforce.com. He decides to interview Kim Stevenson, a SVP & GM in Data Center Infrastructure at Lenovo. These two ostensibly represent the Salesforces of the world which provide IT services for companies and the Kim Stevensons of the world who employ firms like Salesforce. Of course both of these individuals are of the opinion that “Every Business is a Technology Business” because of the integral nature of IT to their fields and for Salesforce the bottom line. Although I agree with the statement made in the article’s title, Adshar does himself no favors by essentially advertising his own services.

    I wanted to add a few remarks about the business wide shift towards technology that this article is outlining. As I have mentioned in my BLAW writing previously, I have pitched many companies to our Student Managed Investment Fund which for centuries have remained very low tech. The rails are a great example. This is a line of business historically built on grit and iron as opposed to wire and brains. Even more recently compared to other sectors, say financials and consumer cyclical stuff, some industrials players like Railroads have been slow to adopt value delivering technologies quickly being adopted elsewhere. However, having pitched Canadian Pacific last year, I wanted to see how the company was becoming a technology business, as every business now is according to Afshar’s article. I visited CP’s Bensenville Yard. Located just outside Chicago, Bensenville Yard is one of the largest in North America. I was amused to see that in the middle of the night, a few workers sitting in an illuminated office overlooking the yard were utilizing computers to control remote control engines to move cars around the yard. This would allow them to build trains 24/7, instead of needing engineers at night to build the trains in addition to the staff in the tower directing them. I know that projects like this will allow CP to build data on yard operations and explore changes to reduce idle time and speed up service in the future. It was a very cool sight, and I was able to avoid being ticketed by CP railway police for trespassing at the same time which is also a plus.

    This visit was proof to me that all businesses are indeed becoming technology businesses. Even those still built mostly on iron, diesel fuel and grit are slowly changing over. Companies like CP now have to enter the ring and fight for talent to develop the software and hardware needed to conduct yard operations like overnights and Bensenville. As the article states, “tight” integration of IT at the yard level and throughout CP’s track network will be essential in improving service, keeping the company’s operating ratio down, and staying ahead of strong competition like Canadian National (CN).

    The Canadian railways are the leanest on the continent, and now I know one reason why. They aren’t just railways, they are also technology companies.

  6. Allen Killiebrew September 26, 2017 at 2:09 pm #

    Nowadays, technology is ruling the world. Technology is improving so fast in every aspect of life it will soon take over the world to where every piece of the world is tied to some type of technology. The title of this article tells it all with how advanced technology as become in one of the biggest aspects of life, business. Not one business in the world today is efficient without the up to date technology needed to succeed. I am unware of any business running how businesses use to run in the early 1900s. Money accounts have changed, system ways of evolved, and most importantly data within any business as elevated to a point where technology is needed for things to run in a equip, top-notch fashion.

    In the article where they state, “Software provides the flexibility but the robust hardware is what keeps the business running – Differentiation in hardware is specialized to the workload and that is the reason behind the GPUs (graphics processing units) – advanced algorithms require GPUs and advanced hardware innovation and capabilities.” The knowledge coming from that statement is beyond truthful if you ask me. I found it very interesting that the GPUs are what is increasing in the field of business, after looking it up actually GPUs are the new face of majority of businesses on the technology side. After thoroughly reading the article, I agree that all businesses are or at least are becoming technology businesses. Every business is based around there technology, they search for the best of the best to uphold the most efficient technology whether its through IT workers to IT head of development.

  7. R. Joseph October 5, 2017 at 4:17 pm #

    The world of technology is evolving every day right before our eyes. Every year new innovations are made as a result of technological advancements that one wouldn’t dream were possible once upon a time. The processing speeds are increasing, the quality is improving, and with the money invested into the technological world, technology will continue to improve. On the other hand, with the continuous upgrades to technology, businesses must keep up with these changes so that they do not go out of business due to a lack of technological advancement. This job falls on the shoulders of the IT Department. If a company does not have IT professionals on board in this day and age to help them keep up with technological advances and propose ideas so that the business can improve, that business will slowly drop “below the radar”..
    The IT field is one that thrives in today’s industry because as technology evolves and businesses are trying to become heavily involved with technology, the need for IT specialists becomes increasingly high. This article speaks about how data centers (IT Specialists drawing board) have increased in importance due to the numerous advances in technology. In addition to the need for the IT Specialists and growing importance of the data center, it is necessary to have an officer to figure out the company’s strategic agenda and develop ways for the company to grow technologically. This paved the way for the position known as the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The main piece of this article is an interview with CIO Kim Stevenson. She gives a breakdown of what is happening in the world of technology today, who is thriving, and what needs to be done for businesses to stay on top. Have a CIO like Kim and a locked in IT Department will allow for your business to stay on top as technology continues to advance.
    This article on technology caught my attention immediately due to the fact that my major is Information Systems and Technology. I learned a few things from this article including what a CIO is and the job description. Reading this article has helped me to realize that I am in a great position to become successful in the business world because there is a desperate need for IT Specialists and I hope to one day fill that void of need for a big business.

  8. Rebecca Hu November 2, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    We are living with technology, everywhere we go we encounter technology. It is a simple fact we cannot be separated with technology. We have moved on from Stone Age to agricultural life now to the age of data. Technology is not only for tech geeks talking about algorithms and calculations. Technology is the modern society, we are connected using technology. Almost every interaction we make with another person is through internet or technology.
    It is an advantage for business cooperation to use technology to help business to organize data. Everything is becoming digital, my parents use to tell me that accounting is actually done on a book. Paper and snail mail is the primary ways people conduct business. With the age of technology, people can be connected so quickly. We don’t have to rely on mail services to deliver a reply in weeks. Just for a split of seconds, we can deliver the message to a person across the globe and we can get a reply instantly. Technology has contributed positively to the way people connected and conducted business.
    The article stated that “Every business is a technology business.” Almost every company have a tech department it helps the business to develop “a strategic agenda can be both improving overall performance and finding new growth areas and business model innovation opportunities.” It is proven that technology is a useful tool for companies to compile data and use the data to modify their products and services.
    What concerns me is that data have never been so useful before, the current business environment relies heavily on customer data information. Sometimes the company uses extreme methods to collect data information to a point it can be a violation of privacy. All that information is stored in one place. That information can be confidential to you or means a lot to you. If that storage place is being hacked or compromised in any form or way it is really dangerous to the consumer. Recently we have the incident with Equifax, where the customers’ information has been hacked. This information includes social security numbers, home addresses, and other confidential information.
    Although our life is significantly improved by technology. Every business corporations are trying their best to utilize their resources for advancement in technology in hope of finding a better strategic agenda for the company. As time advances it is easily seen that technology will only play a more important role. We have started in the age where we have virtue wallets. We do not need currency in a physical form, we can pay other people to mobile devices. Every transaction is recorded by companies. We are never really “safe” and nothing is private. Since everything is recorded with technology, it can also be a disadvantage. Technology controls and manipulates our society. This can give big tech companies major authorities in society.
    I believe we should work on the laws and rules we have regarding privacy, working policies. We need to update the software we use, the way crime and everything is regulated. Technology is not a thing of the past. We are the very generation of technology, it is everywhere and everything in the current lifestyle. With technology, it challenges people’s ability to accept and embrace change. And how fast can people keep up with the changes? The future is only becoming more “techy” how can the new business incorporate technology changes into the management team and how would it affect the old and new generations?

  9. Shemar Givens November 11, 2017 at 4:11 pm #

    Outweighing this article, technology is a powerful source that is completely invading the world at full speed. Technology is enhancing every single day, and sometimes as a young male trying to keep up with society, it’s interesting seeing the new creations. Technology goes numerous ways. It can either be helpful source or a distraction. Whatever outcome you get from using technology highly depends on you. Personally my main motive is to expand my horizons, so I’m always looking for ways to increase knowledge by using technology while also trying to understand the technology to the core.

    As far as business goes, every business uses technology to run their operations. Technology brings advancements in agriculture, boosting every industry there is. When you look into the departments of a business there’s a tech to make sure everything is being ran properly. The advancement of technology has created faster ways to communicate. Although we can find ways to operate without technology it’s the chances of being able to maneuver around in this world because everything is ran through system based. As technology continues to improve, I will continue to learn it more.

  10. Timothy Wiamer February 5, 2018 at 8:41 pm #

    Every business or corporation spends between millions and trillions of dollars on technology. With consumers wanting faster Internet, it shouldn’t be a surprise that businesses are aiming for this as well. Not only is the speed of Internet and bandwidth important to companies but also so are data center trends. Many companies take advantage of social media and put money into geo-tagging, allowing their company to target specific people and promote themselves. With that amount of data that businesses store, it is important that they have Data Centers. In the article, Kim Stevenson, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Infrastructure at Lenovo, went through ways technology is important and contributes to the thought that every business is a technology business. The first is that data center is no longer just the plumbing for IT. With cloud computing, more and more businesses are switching over. For example, many companies use Google Drive and store information in the Google Cloud. They also use the applications that Google has to offer such as Sheets and Word. This saves the company money because these applications are free and replace Microsoft Word and Excel. It is also easy for teams to collaborate since they have functions that allow multiple people to work on a document at once. Stevenson mentions that every business is a technology business. I have to agree with her. Now that technology is everywhere, it’s definitely incorporated in business on a daily basis. Whether it’s just typing an email instead of sending a letter, or using Excel or Access for calculations, businesses use technology on the regular. So many computer programs are made and geared towards specific businesses, and this does not only mean businesses in the corporate world. Every type of business has a program catered to it and the business owners spend lots of money on them. Kim says that “Companies that don’t exploit technologies will get pummeled by the competition” and I completely agree. Companies that are not open to the idea of technology won’t make it. Technology is at the forefront of helping businesses succeed.

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