For Women, It’s Not Just the O’Reilly Problem

from NYTs

Bill O’Reilly’s ouster from Fox News Wednesday — nine months after similarly lurid charges of sexual harassment forced the resignation of Roger Ailes, the Fox chief executive — has opened another window into sexual abuse of women at Fox and in the workplace generally.

The serial nature of the alleged abuse, as well as Fox’s response to it, is also a reminder that exposing wrongdoing is no guarantee of change.

When Fox said on Wednesday that it was severing ties with Mr. O’Reilly after a “thorough and careful review of the allegations,” it neglected to note that the scrutiny was not prompted by the allegations themselves — which the company already knew about — but by the defections of dozens of advertisers from “The O’Reilly Factor” and a drop in the company’s stock price. Fox heaped praise on Mr. O’Reilly in announcing his departure. In all, the company has paid at least $85 million to resolve sexual abuse scandals involving Mr. Ailes and Mr. O’Reilly. Of that sum, as much as $65 million went to the two men, in the form of exit pay.

That’s not deterrence, let alone true accountability. It is, however, a good illustration of the entrenched reality of practices that have discounted, demeaned and derailed women’s work lives for decades. Those practices include not only sexual harassment, but also persistent disparities in pay and promotion, as well as structural impediments — in child care, scheduling and other workplace policies.

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19 Responses to For Women, It’s Not Just the O’Reilly Problem

  1. Lauren Burbank April 26, 2017 at 3:06 pm #

    Women being treated as less in the workplace is a small reflection, or rather ripple, to how they are treated in society as a whole. If we want to see changes in the workplace, we need to address how women are seen by society as a whole. There are so many small factors that create this huge, continuous problem. Women need to stop being pitted against each other, as an example, because what ends up happening is they’re dismissed by men, and then also dismissed by other women and that can be very isolating. The phrase “I’m not like other girls/women” is one I am so tired of hearing. All that does is perpetuate the idea that there is something inherently wrong with being female.
    Another issue we’d have to address and take more seriously is domestic violence. How many athletes get away with domestic abuse simply because of how “important” they are to a famous sports team? The media has never taken this as seriously as it should. It trickles down to college and high school athletes as well. Whenever we see a case of a woman who was attacked or abused, the headlines we see are related to how the promising future of the boy is now going to be ruined over this “incident.” We need to stop minimizing these things, we need to hold men more accountable.
    Politicians and people of power in general should lose their titles if they’re sexist. There is a growing list of times where such people made comments showing how sexist and ignorant their beliefs are, and why should we allow those people to make decisions that affect so many people? If I need 5+ years of experience, a Bachelor’s degree (preferably a Master’s), examples of my work, and a clean social media history just to land a job that pays around $45k, but has no power behind it why should someone who makes sexist remarks in public forums be able to hold a position that gives them the ability to make laws and decisions that affect entire communities? Furthermore, there should be a lot more public outrage when these things happen.
    Regarding this article, I think that a big issue is perception. When a male employee wants to sit down and talk about a raise, he’s seen as ambitious and he’s encouraged to go for it. When a female employee wants to sit down and discuss a potential raise, she’s often advised against it because she should “be in it for more than the money.” As far as I know, whether you’re male or female, you have bills to pay and the costs of living apply to you. In fact, women probably need to spend more money depending on the job. Some companies require women to wear a full face of makeup and have their hair styled a specific way. When I discussed this with a male friend recently, he didn’t see why that’s a big deal so I challenged him to live that way for a week. He accepted the challenge, thinking it would be a cake walk, and he found himself to be very wrong. He was also surprised to learn how much makeup, hair services, etc cost.
    To me, the main issue is that women can’t do anything absent criticism used to undervalue them. If they address someone with their concerns, it’s often minimized as “whining.” If they are extremely career-driven, they’re seen as less feminine. If they choose to be stay-at-home parents, they’re criticized for “not having a real job,” or as lazy. A woman and a man can do the exact same thing, and a man will be praised for it while it’s simply expected of a woman. Example—watching a child for an afternoon and attending their school events. Obviously this relates to outdated gender roles, however a woman can’t reap the benefits of straying from her traditional gender role like a man can. Instead she’ll most likely be mocked for being “manly.” The workplace issues are only a symptom of a much bigger plague in our society.

  2. Alex Strom April 26, 2017 at 5:59 pm #

    Women have been getting taken advantage for thousands of years, it is just prevalent now in a different form. Men have treated women differently simply because of the fact that they can get away with it. This is something that has plagued most societies throughout humanity, and this is something that needs to change now. We are all a part of the human race, so it makes no sense in my mind to discriminate against a race or gender. It is proven that women are treated differently in this society by things like the wage gap, which shows that women get paid significantly less than a man for doing the same job. These are things that just do not make sense, and things that we need to fix.
    This article, which was written by the editorial board from the New York Times, talks about these eye-opening problems that women have to face in this modern age. This is not the first time a head figure from FOX has sexually assaulted a women, which is starting to give them a really bad name. FOX had to pay roughly $85 million between Bill O’Reilly and Roger Alies, which included $65 million directly to the 2 men for leave pay. The way that companies just toss around money to mask up the problem of harassment of women is inhumane, because they just put a price tag on these women. Another huge eye-opening problem is the glass celling, which shows that women get paid 22 percent less per hour on average then men. Even at the top of the ladder in America at the top 95th percentile, women made only 74 cents as compared to men in those positions. After a recent study performed by McKinsey and, results showed that across the board, women are 15 percent less likely to get a promotion than women are. Women are getting mistreated, and unions are getting squashed, so the future does not look so bright. When people speak out about this issue, they often times automatically get shot down, so some people have just stopped trying. We need to stand up together for the rights of women, because if you do not stand up for others when they need it, there won’t be anyone there standing up for you when you need it.
    The old saying “history repeats itself” accurately displays how we treat women. You would think that by now, men would be treating women equally, for a number of reasons. Since we have been recording history for so long now, and are forced to study history (at least for people in the U.S.), so we are aware of how humans have been brutally mistreated for years. We all know that women and people of color have been mistreated for years in America for no reason, but we still continue to continue our habbits. History will continue to repeat itself if we do nothing to change it, which is what we have done with how we treat women. Although women are treated “better” then they were in the past, men still find ways to take advantage of women just because they can. This can be done in many different ways, which can include in terms of money, and physically. Sexual abuse in the office is a big problem in America, which has been seen multiple times in FOX within the past year. We know that we are doing wrong, but we continue to chose these bad habbits. We really need to reevaluate ourselves as a society, and take time to look past race and gender, because in the end it will not matter. Money has a way of corrupting the way people think, which is why people say that money is the root of all evil.

  3. Andrew Imbesi April 26, 2017 at 8:55 pm #

    Not until approximately a hundred years ago, women began receiving equal rights, which has been long overdue. Women have gone from being simple housewives to proving themselves capable of completing the same tasks as men (effortlessly). Simply, male dominance and power is the reason why women had none in the first place, and unfortunately, this presence continues to linger, which makes it harder for women to feel accepted.
    Recently, Bill O’Reilly got caught up in his sexual allegations against him and was let go by Fox. Fox however is not the only media outlet with corruption, ever hear of the Clinton News Network? Obviously, Fox, one of the few conservative news sources, is constantly attacked by the rest of its competitors due to their uniqueness in audience and perception. Fox is clearly a conservative and masculine environment, and professionals know this!
    Other than sexual assault issues, the New York Times tied a few more ordinary claims to Fox including equal pay issues. Salaries unquestionably range amongst jobs, and the scale can be unfair. In an equal world, where male and female are equal, they are also equal to compete. Rates and salaries must be determined on performance, not on gender, race, or sexuality. Socialist ideas for equal pay should not apply to jobs where performance matters, the hardest working employees in that field deserve more pay.
    What these statistics do not show is employee willingness to work and ability to perform well. I am an all for equality person and yes, two students fresh out of college with similar credentials applying for a teaching job at the same school, same grade, and same number of students deserve the same pay. However, if one teacher is clearly more productive than the other is, and displays better results, that teacher will begin to soar past the other. Fairly, the gender pay gap can increase or decrease based on productivity.
    Nevertheless, men still do dominate the job market. It was not until recently when females joined the job market. If the laws are equal to everyone, there should not be any law granting one gender, race, or power over the other. Engraving specific rights into law is priority to a specific group and a form of taking advantage. Engraving women’s rights into law would be just as bad as engraving men’s rights into law. Equal opportunity is permissible when everyone is considered equal, and if the law values one group higher than the other than there is an unbalance, and a disservice to many.
    Equality is a value to strive for but should not be taken too far in context. It is important to watch these statistics for unbalances to provide solutions to them. Frederick Douglass left a message to abolitionists centuries ago with what to do with the slaves injustices, and I often feel as if the message is forgotten in today’s society (along with Clarence Thomas, that pointed this message out first in his dissenting opinion for Grutter v. Bolinger):
    “Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm-eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! . . . And if the negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”
    Women have the strength, power, and capacity to work for and receive the same results as men. No gender, race, or group deserves any sort of advantage over the other, especially scripted. In an equal world, everything will pay out fairly.

  4. Jiaqi Ma April 27, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    Honestly, I feel so bad for this topic. This essay lets me rethinking about the discrimination against women. This morning, I have browsed an essay. It is generally talking about a girl was violated. However, her family blamed her. Worse is some people comment in the article below. They said this girl should not dress exposed. If she did not dress like that, maybe the rape case will not happen. Some of them even said a girl who dresses like that reveals she is not a good girl. When the victim began to be accused of the party, while the perpetrators were easily forgiven. When the girls who dress up fashion become the infringed reason.
    This society has too much discrimination for women. The author mentioned that women are paid less and skipped over for promotion. I cannot believe what author’s mentioned: “the company already knew about- but by the defections of dozens of advertisers from “ The O’Reilly Factor” and a drop in the company’s stock price.” I do not think that it is a good excuse for doing nothing. I also agree with the author’s opinion, which is “speak out and then what?” This is the main reason why victims usually keep silence. On one hand, they are afraid of losing their jobs. Sometimes, it is a good job or a good position. The author mentioned: “If highly paid women in glamorous media jobs feel that way. Imagine what it’s like for women living paycheck to paycheck.” This is so helpless. On the other hand, they know there is no way to help them out of trouble. The legal system cannot protect them very well. In addition, there is a risk to lose their jobs. In my personal view, I think this should blame the whole social. For the legal system, the punishment for harasser is too light. The only harm for the harasser is public opinion, which is only useful for a public figure. Secondly, women should be blamed. They do not realize that they should use some tools to protect Themselves. Keeping silence is not a good way to solve this situation. For the public, they should raise awareness. Just like the people that I mentioned, they should be taught about the right view of life.
    I also agree with the author that there is discrimination against children and home. Women usually were regarded as the party who should clean the house, caring babies and take care of the family. I want to ask why? That phenomenon is normal in China, however, I think that is the first discrimination about women.
    I also think that sexual harassment is a topic that is not taken seriously. When such cases show up, if the victim is a man, some people will joke and say how lucky with this guy. He should enjoy. Therefore, changing public view is the first step to avoid this situation. It is undeniable that some girls take advantage of this phenomenon. Some of them think that girls should not work; a man should feed them. I am thinking in the movie of Titanic man let women and children leave first. It is undeniable that they were gentlemen. However, is it contradictory? If man and woman are equal completely, why woman need the protection by man? In society, women are taking advantage from a man in some aspect. For example, if women did not do very well in a project, she could use tears to get sympathy. Usually, in that moment, the boss will not severely reprimand. However, man cannot do that. If they cry, they will be accused of being a coward. Do not you think this is a very contradictory phenomenon?

  5. Christian Cox April 28, 2017 at 1:19 am #

    There is no doubt that Bill O’Reilly is in the wrong. He used his position of power to make women feel as if their jobs were dependent on accepting the sexual advances of Mr. O’Reilly. Bill O’Reilly is famous for his no spin zone and unfortunately for him there is no way to spin this story. His actions showed a clear disregard for the consent of these women. These sexual advances were unwanted and often times utterly disturbing. There were reports by several women that they had received phone calls from Mr. O’Reilly where it sounded as if he was masturbating while on the phone. He showed no self control for his egregious acts to his coworkers. Women said that he seemed very agreeable when he was in the process of making these advances but if they were rejected his mood would change dramatically. He would treat them very poorly afterwards and showed that if they wanted the old Bill they would have to take care of little Bill. Bill O’Reilly attempted on many occasions to use her power to coerce women to sleep with him. It is obvious why they rejected Bill he is old and has zero morals. But what makes matters worse is the response of our president. It seems that no matter what the topic is it somehow makes its way to Trump for him to say something shocking. President Trump defended Bill O’Reilly saying he was a good guy and that Trump could not see him doing these sorts of things. This should not be that shocking, given that President Trump has been accused of sexual harassment. Not to mention what he disclosed to Billy Bush. What makes Trump’s defense of Bill O’Reilly so reprehensible is that he did so in the same month he declared sexual harassment awareness month. It is time that President Trump understands what sexual assault is and not to blame the victims. This issue exposes problems for women in the workplace. As if it were not enough that women are routinely paid less than men, women have to face the awkward interactions with sexually aggressive men in the workplace. This issue is worsened when it is the boss rather than a coworker. When it is coworker it can be reported to human resources, but when it is a boss there is a whole new dynamic. The workplace is not where one should be searching for dates it is the workplace. Despite what we have seen in tv shows like The Office where office relationships are romanticized. Because, there is a key difference between Jim and Bill O’Reilly. Jim was a coworker, so there was no power differential, and he considered the consent of Pam. Bill on the other hand felt as if he deserved whoever he wanted. He was television star so he felt as if he was entitled to special treatment. His acts were terrible and it is clear that he was wrong and abused his power. But, what is worse is when someone defends the actions of something so obviously unethical, like our very own President Trump.

  6. Daniel Anglim April 28, 2017 at 4:37 pm #

    Sexual harassment is not tolerable ever, but unfortunately companies overlook many accusations and do not handle these problems in a good manner. Recently, Fox News star Bill O’Reilly has been fired by Fox News due to allegations of sexual harassment. As someone that use to watch the O’Reilly factor almost every night with my father, I was surprised to hear this alarming news. Bill O’Reilly seemed like a likable guy, and someone that had a good character. Obviously, the persona Bill put on was fake. Anyone that mistreats women clearly has no respect. Women are constantly being mistreated in the work force, and this is unacceptable. Fox made the right decision to sever ties with the star.

    In the New York Times article, “For Women, It’s Not Just the O’Reilly Problem.” Highlights many instances where women are mistreated. Women need to be respected equally as men, and they are not. Some of the things discussed in the article are, women are not paid as much, women are skipped over promotions, and women do not have the ability to speak out without fear of being fired. There are no reasons women do not receive the say payment as men for the exact same work. Women are taken advantage of because of their gender, this goes against the Constitution and is simply unacceptable. On average women are paid 22% less than men per hour. The days of men controlling the workforce are over, women are just as capable as men. Also, women that are black or Hispanic made even less than a white women. These facts made me sick, this is the 21st century, America has had a black president and we still see inequality all around the nation. The Constitution needs to be applied to companies, it is the foundation of this nation and is not taken seriously. Also, women are constantly overlooked for promotions, and instead white men dominate leadership positions. Women are 15% less likely to be promoted than men, the majority of promotions are given to men when there is actually 3% more women in the country then men. In large corporations women only hold around 1 in 5 board seats. There is no reason for this inequality, and until more women get leadership positions companies to proceed to take advantage of women.

    I have two little sisters, and I hope by the time they are ready to enter the workforce their will be equality for women in large corporations. Also, the sexual harassment problem needs to be fixed. Bill Crosby assaulted and drugged numerous women for many years. The allegations against him were swept under the rug, similar to what happened with Bill O’Reilly. If anyone ever assaulted one of my sisters I would hope their voice would be heard, and that there would be consequences for the terrible person. Women are not taken seriously and many are afraid to speak out against the creeps that continue to abuse them helplessly. America has many ethical problems that must be addressed.

  7. Erin Chan April 28, 2017 at 8:20 pm #

    Male and female feudal consciousness of deep-rooted before the husband and wife between the male and female, free to curse to abandon. With the development of culture and education and collective production, women participate in learning and labor as men, and their social status has been improved.
    Women and men enjoy equal rights in all aspects of political, economic, cultural, social and family life. In a long primitive society, the relationship between men and women is simple and equal. Private ownership and class exploitation are the social roots of gender inequality and women’s oppression. Slavery society, mercurial rule. The status of women in capitalist society has improved significantly compared with that of ancient times, and equality between men and women has also been regarded as a legal principle. However, this equality between men and women has great limitations and hypocrisy. Principles and practice, legal provisions and real life there is also a great distance. It is impossible to achieve true equality between men and women under the capitalist system. The elimination of all forms of gender discrimination is an inevitable requirement of socialist democracy. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China abolished all discrimination, binding women’s reactionary laws. In the constitution and the relevant elections, labor, education, marriage and family and inheritance and a series of laws and regulations, are clearly reflected in the spirit of equality between men and women. Equality between men and women is one of the basic principles of marriage and family system. The rights and obligations of both men and women in marriage and divorce are equal, and the rights and obligations of husband and wife in property relations and personal relations are equal, and the rights and obligations of family members of different sexes are equal in the family. Because of the historical reasons left behind, the primary stage of socialism in the status of men and women in real life there are still some differences. Patriarchalism, discrimination against women’s old traditions, and old ideas have a certain influence. In order to adhere to gender equality, special attention should be paid to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of women. The transition from legal equality to complete equality in real life is the long-term task of the women’s liberation movement in the socialist period.

    Sex discrimination is the longest and most prominent problem in all kinds of discrimination. The inequality of employment between men and women is already an indisputable fact in our country and the world. Although the protection of women’s rights and interests is stipulated in the law, many organizations do not want to Employment of women or employment in the male and female job seekers to take unequal standards, so, restrictive recruitment advertisements abound, “men give priority” phenomenon endless. Some units of the recruitment advertisements made it clear that once the women were hired, 8 years, 10 years shall not be born; some private enterprises in the female workers during pregnancy to take a change in wages to violate the legitimate rights and interests of women workers. In situations where the conditions are quite or even better, women are often shut out only by the employer because of gender issues. Girls do things carefully than boys, plus the external service industry is also easy to be close to the service. So we now see the popular are to recruit girls, it is not true, when the really useful boys or the company’s management, as well as a variety of management, the boys relative to the girls to do things to be more calm , To determine the things that are not too strong. Plus a man to act decisively stronger than women on a hundred times.
    Even if even the senior chefs are mostly men.

  8. Jill Coleman May 16, 2017 at 11:08 am #

    As an emerging and, soon to be, rising business women inequity in the workplace is not an unfamiliar topic to me. The propensity of articles related to sexual assault in the media is even more disturbing given the blatant violation of basic human rights. The article entitled “For Women, It’s Not Just the O’Reilly Problem” clearly draws the parallel line between the glass ceiling and subsequent dismissal of respect for women. The charges brought upon Bill O’Reilly depict an era of empowered men in the media who believe that they can transcend the law itself. It is unfortunate that an uncovering of this story has, yet again, brought to light that no matter the social and legal change, nature in the work place prevails. I am very fortunate to say that I work for a very diverse organization that boasts equity and merit based considerations. However not many companies and sectors as a whole can state this. It is apparent that even the largest statistical progress of gender diversity in the workplace does not begin to even address the inequities felt by women daily. To those who dismiss statistics claiming that there is no such thing as work place discrimination due to the existence of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well as the Equal Pay Act (EPA) I challenge you to look beyond the numbers.
    One cannot be fooled or even pleased with the statistics. What good is trusting and fully believing in numbers if you do not know the quality of their collection, and the rationale behind it. Seldom do people ask the question, why? Or question the credibility of the source. Although I do firmly believe we are heading in the right direction as far as equal rights are concerned, how are we defining quality? The article mentions that 1 out of 5 women have a seat in a board room, or in other words a position of authority. What good is have a female leader if she does not command the same respect of her peers and is therefore not as successful in the long run of moving up the corporate ladder. This article, and many of the analyses formulated around it fails to address the quality of the work environment for those women that do manage to break through the glass ceiling. Merely enticing more women to obtain stem jobs, for instance, does not solve the problem of inequality. Having an equal 50/50 split in the workplace does not change the stereotype that women do not make good leaders. If there is a higher propensity of men in the workplace of a specific sector, it is only natural to assume that the leadership will reflect that as well. Conversely, women are still heavily viewed as the primary caregivers of families therefore in the workplace they are treated as non-committed workers. In the sense that if they choose to have children, there is a period of leave to raise the child, and an assumption that the predominate responsibility and priority of the woman is to raise the children. In the workplace, when being considered for promotions time commitment is heavily valued, therefore an employee that has large time commitments to family can be viewed as a less desirable candidate. This is not to say that women cannot successfully have both families and established careers, but brings visibility to the severely understated stigma of the workplace. This logic can explain the reasoning between the gender inequity in positions of authority.
    Bill O’Reilly is not the first figurehead in American media to be charged with the heinous act of sexual assault and he will surely not be the last. The internet is flooded daily with stories of universities covering up illegal actions of their students, because they are athletes and representatives of the university. The NFL, in fact, is one of the largest organizational offenders. In recent news, Howard University is facing a lawsuit related to their lack of action to pursue a serial rapist on campus and dismissal of the victims altogether. This poses the question, who is really to blame for the actions of Bill O’Reilly and other sexual offenders? The perpetrator themselves or the systems in place that support them? For men like Bill O’Reilly he has not, until this moment, faced any repercussions for his actions against women. Arguably our nation, and its subsequent business partners, support this assailant. It is clear in their indifference to justice that the rights of sexual assault victims are not valid. The article makes mention of the fact that Bill O’Reilly was not fired due to the charges levied on him, rather he was dropped by the network due to a loss in revenue linked with the bad media. This country has become, or one may argue has always been, a society of sheep who actively do not want to be associated with the stigma of sexual assault. To further enforce this point, not a single sponsor of Bill O’Reilly’s show made a statement condemning his actions and justifying their withdrawal of sponsorship. Instead of using this news coverage as a means to enact positive change for sexual assault victims, both the network and its sponsors are using any, and all, means to cover this up. A prime example of this is the NFL where figureheads like Ben Roethlisberger get off “scot-free” on charges due to their undue influence. The way to solve this problem is to use these aforementioned figureheads, not as scapegoats, but the great educators of gender equity. For it is their influence on children, through the media, that creates a perpetual system of inaction. I have attached a link below depicting the inaction of the NFL in the past as well as the increasing list of players accused of sexual assault and domestic violence against women. Additionally, I have cited the article that contains more information on the sexual assault committed on Howard’s campus.

  9. Kathryn Allen May 20, 2017 at 10:52 pm #

    I think Bill O’Reilly was wrong for he did as well as the other Fox employees who have had sexual allegations come forward. Women are just as capable as men are but are treated as less than. Women are so disrespected in the workplace, its almost as if all of the advancements the women before us made were for nothing. We as women need to take a stand for what is right and stand up for ourselves. I will soon be joining the workforce and am honestly a bit nervous about emerging into a new market however I was raised to never be taken advantage of and always stand up for yourself no matter the consequences. It is articles like these that make me feel stronger about myself and gives me the motivation to try to be as good or better than my male counterparts.

  10. Meghan Healy September 6, 2017 at 11:02 pm #

    It is no secret that men are treated better than women are, no matter where in the world you visit. Especially in the United States, it is apparent that men are treated better when they are given most of the power. Because of the obvious power men hold, sexual harassment is a common occurrence in today’s society. Since men also tend to hold more control in the workplace, sexual abuse is persistent. Women who are victims to the abuse are often forced into silence, by their male bosses or counterparts.
    The article “For Women, It’s Not Just the O’Reilly Problem” reviews Bill O’Reilly’s firing from Fox News, where O’Reilly was the receiver of sexual abuse allegations. Nine months prior, Fox’s chief executive Roger Ailes resigned due to similar allegations. As discussed in the article, O’Reilly’s firing from Fox News was due to the loss of advertisers and the drop in the company’s stock price, as opposed to the actual sexual abuse allegations. More often than not, someone’s wealth and reputation – in this case Fox’s – is more valuable than the women suffering from the scandal. Fox might have fired O’Reilly, but what else are they doing for their female employees? Voicing the problem it not enough to make it go away. Sexual assault is such a taboo subject in today’s society that people would rather it disappear when it happens instead of consoling or helping the victim. Fox paid at least $85 million to resolve the scandals, with about $65 million going to O’Reilly and Ailes – the two men who were accused of committing the assault.
    This article also largely discusses the wage gap and its part in sexual harassment. It is evident that men get paid more than women do for doing the same job for the same amount of hours. As the article states, “women today make 22 percent less per hour than men, even after controlling for experience, education, and location … women even make less than men in jobs they dominate, like nurse practitioner and preschool or kindergarten teacher.” Even in higher positions of power, women still make less than their male counterparts. The gap is even worse for women of color. With the wage gap, it’s no surprise that sexual harassment exists in the workplace. Men clearly have larger domination over women if they get paid more for doing the same job.
    Research has shown that having women in more positions would be beneficial to the company. As the article states, “The summary cited research showing that corporations with higher percentages of female board members suffered fewer governance-related controversies and outperformed those with lower percentages.” The fact is that places with more women in power are better off. Even so, this doesn’t seem to be enough to put women in those positions.
    In the video “Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News”, posted by The New York Times, O’Reilly mentions to two women that there must be some down side to having a woman president. Perhaps this is where his abuse stemmed – from consistently seeing men in the highest position of power. During the 2016 presidential election, many people were concerned with the idea of a female president. If a having a female president was normalized, maybe sexual harassment would decline, or even be nonexistent. If men and women were viewed as undisputedly possessing the capabilities to acquire the same position, there would evidently be less sexism. If women had more control in our society, sexual assault might not be as familiar. Until men and women are given the same opportunities, sexual assault will still be prevalent.

  11. Arielle Fortes September 8, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    The problem of equality has been going on in the world for an extremely long period of time. Everyone wishes to be on the same level as everyone else, but this has not always been the case. Throughout history there have been castes, and nobility. Although they may be slightly different they have one main thing in common; that they favor certain people and do not help the others. The lack of equality can be found everywhere and not just in statuses. America is known as the land of equality due to the fact that they were being so oppressed by the British that they decided to break away and make their own constitution. However, this was only the land of equality for rich Caucasian landowners. Not only did many non-landowners not get a say in the decisions that were made neither did other ethnicities or the females get any say. Eventually, there were changes made in America. There was the 13th, 14th, and 19th Amendments which made sure there were no slaves, equality under law, and voting rights for women respectively. However, regardless of these amendments that help equality, in today’s world there is still not equality for women in the workforce. I believe that there are a multitude of reasons for the inequality, and there are some reasons that women don’t speak out.
    One such reason is that people are grossly misinformed. One example that I had with topic is that we have a debate about the inequality that women faced in the workforce. When the wage gap was brought up, people cited sources that insisted that there was no such thing as a wage gap between women and men. They gave seemingly legitimate surveys that it was so. There is always some doubt about an issue but of sensitive issues such as this one it is very easy to ignore it instead, since it is an oversight in today’s world. In my opinion, it is so easy to ignore something and say it is not there but to confront it would take radical change and lots of work to confront that problem.
    Sexual Harassment is also unfortunately still an issue women face today in the workplace. I believe that this is mainly due to a lack of respect that some male have for their female counterparts. Fortunately, most males do have respect and do not commit sexual harassment. Regardless of the law many reported cases are not taken care of for a very specific reason. I believe that some companies write it off as a ‘mistake’ or that it would be more trouble to take care of the issue. They would have to go through a lot of paperwork so they think that it would be easier to leave it alone. Another problem is that you could offend an employee that may be very important to the company that you cannot afford to lose. Also even if the harassment is intentional it is very easy to write it off as a joke, which would save the company some trouble and paperwork as well.
    There are also reasons many women choose not to speak out in my opinion. Every job has its own network. If a woman speaks out for being harassed it is very likely that other people would also know that she spoke out against it. Some people do not look kindly about doing so and will say that she had made a fuss about nothing. In addition, some women may worry about being replaced. All it takes is one mistake to get fired. Some bosses may not be happy if there is a sexual harassment issue in their workplace. It may be the boss who is harassing them. It would also be a problem if they would ask for an increase since it is very easy to get fired in today’s economy and if no one else asks for more they may seem greedy.
    To conclude, there are a multitude of reasons that there is still inequality in the workforce today. Many women are afraid to speak out, and many people are grossly uninformed. We are in a modern world which has come so far. It takes more courage and harder work to go farther.

  12. zonghao li September 8, 2017 at 10:24 am #

    A new discussion can be brought up about workplace etiquette as Bill O’Reilly is ousted from Fox News Wednesday and Roger Ailes is forced to resign as Fox chief executive. The facts are that when Fox said they would sever ties with O’Reilly, they were driven by the drop in the company’s stock price and loss of advertisers. In other words, nothing was done when the allegations were made, yet when the company suffered economically, they cut O’Reilly off. Furthermore, in the $85 million that the company paid to resolve sexual scandal involving O’Reilly and Ailes, as much as $65 million went to the two men as exit pay.

    This instance of sexual abuse of women at workplace highlights a big problem because of two things: the company was not willing to cut O’Reilly off when he was still bringing in money despite allegations, and the “punishment” was simply made into a resignation with great compensation. In other words, there was no real punishment for either of the two offenders, and the company was only concerned about protecting its best interests. Although the proliferation of information through social media can bring these kinds of incidents to light, this incident is a prime example of why sexual abuse scandals keep happening; the offenders walk away relatively punishment-free. In a capitalist age like this, there is no bigger incentive than money, and albeit their reputations or impacts to their families, the two offenders were not even granted a monetary punishment reasonable enough for this scandal. Thus, this incident highlights not only the lacks a disincentive to prevent bad workplace ethic, but also fail to prevent any sizable disincentive to potential offenders at a high level.

    Therefore, I agree with the article in that “true accountability” needs to be established in order for these issues. Of course, like the article states, women suffer many other problems such as disparities in pay, child care, and other workplace policies. And I believe that these all tie into the issue that we as a society are not doing enough to allow this kind of activity. Just like how it is frowned upon now to racially discriminate against people, we as a society need to make it that it is frowned upon to discriminate others based on their gender. Although right now we are moving in the right direction with the wave of feminism, and many celebrities whom young people look up to stand with the cause, this incident shows that there is still much room to improve. And while it may truly be impossible to get everyone to believe in fairness between both genders, I believe that it is possible that someday it will be really socially unacceptable to discriminate based on gender.

  13. CJ Hirschy September 30, 2017 at 9:21 pm #

    Women have made great strides over the past one hundred years. One accomplishment was being granted the right to vote because women were not permitted this right at the same time as men. There was always the stereotype that a woman should stay home, take care of the house, clean, cook, and raise children, which in reality is no small feat in itself. This has all changed over the last few decades as women have spread their wings. There are actually more women today earning college degrees than men. Women are supporting their families on their paychecks and more men than ever are stay-at-home dads. More women are police officers, firefighters, lawyers, doctors, educators, supervisors, etc. In the political field more females are governors, mayors, in the Senate and Congress. Of course, women are now running for President. Even though there has been a tremendous amount of growth for women in the job sector and many strides have been made, women still have a ways to go to be equal to men in the workforce.
    Unfortunately, the Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment incidents at Fox are occurrences that are becoming way too common in the workplace on all levels. The media, such as newspapers and television, reveal that sexual harassment occurs in schools, politics, police departments, etc. These are just the incidents that have been reported. There are women in low level jobs that fear reporting being harassed by their supervisor or boss because they do not want to lose their jobs. The article supports this idea by giving the perfect example that “the restaurant industry employs 7 percent of women but accounts for nearly 40 percent of harassment claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.”
    The fact that women with the same experience and education are earning 22 percent less per hour than men is so unjust. I am firm believer that all people are equal and if a woman has the same experience and education as a man she should be making the same salary as a man. There are no reasons to justify this inequality in pay.
    The article mentions a couple of ideas that I totally agree with. Congress should immediately advocate to reform labor laws instead of extending its “inability to act decisively.” It is a disgrace that most states still pay “the federal subminimum tipped wage of $2.13 an hour.” What is more disturbing is that with tips these workers only make approximately $9 an hour. Two thirds of these workers are women, which is “a level unchanged since 1991.” I find this hard to believe since that was 25 years ago. Congress needs to do their job. Unions would also be supportive for women in the workplace. With unionization, pay tends to be the same. Of course, corporations would be against having unions in the workplace, but I agree that with public pressure it can become a reality.
    Social media has aided in more women spreading the word about workplace injustices and at the same time “reducing opportunities for companies to retaliate in secret.” Having said that, women have come a long way, but still have a ways to go to be totally equal to men in the workplace in regard to pay and promotions.

  14. Caitlin Gardner October 6, 2017 at 5:06 pm #

    Bill O’Reilly was accused of sexually harassing at least five women during his time at Fox News. The accusers claimed he was guilty of verbal abuse, crude and offensive comments, and undesired approaches. The women all worked directly with Bill O’Reilly and he offered to pay them off in order to keep them from exposing him to the public. His show, The O’Reilly Factor, had steady and increases viewership during and after the scandal. Eventually, O’Reilly was let go from Fox. One of his coworkers, Roger Ailes, was also accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. Ailes fired or punished women at refusing his sexual advances, and Fox was aware of the entire situation. After working at Fox for nearly two decades, Ailes resigned due to the scandal. While these men faced lawsuits, they should have received much more severe consequences. The article said that Fox paid at least $85 million to resolve sexual abuse scandals involving Mr. Ailes and Mr. O’Reilly. Of that sum, as much as $65 million went to the two men, in the form of exit pay.

    Sexual harassment is just one of the many challenges women face in the workplace. When being trained for the job, employees are typically given a handbook that instructs them how to act in the workplace and how to report inappropriate behavior. Companies have human resource departments that are responsible for handling situations like the two mentioned earlier. However, just because someone reports a problem does not mean it will be dealt with properly. Many times, human resource representatives will not finish a report or find a way to hide it in order to protect their company and themselves. Sexual harassment and assault scandals can result in companies going under or losing profitability. This can affect all of the employees because if the company does not earn money, the employees will not be paid. The first people to go are the ones who were involved in the original problem. Women have a much higher percentage of sexual harassment than men, but it is important to remember that anyone can be harassed or assaulted. If human resources is not a safe option for employees to seek help, they are encouraged to announce their experience on social media. Social media is almost guaranteed to make a difference because companies have a hard time hiding their story or punishing their employees behind the scenes.

    In addition to sexual harassment, women are often neglected equal pay and promotions. The article claims that women today make 22 percent less per hour than men, even after controlling for experience, education, and location. This even applies to employees in female-dominated fields like nursing and teaching. We are living in the 21st century. This is not acceptable. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there are people out there who actually believe that men are superior to women in every aspect, even after statistics have proven that women dominate several tasks and fields. If a women can do something the same or better than a man, at least pay her equally. Some people in society divide men and women when it comes to thinking about who can complete a task better. It is time that we put an end to this style of thinking and learn to envision society as one, rather than divided by sex. This same argument applies to the fact that women are 15 percent less likely than men to be promoted in the workplace. It does not make sense why any company would not want to be as productive and successful as possible. If reaching goals can be fulfilled by women being promoted to higher positions that give them more opportunities to help their company, then why not do it? There are zero excuses.

  15. Joane L November 11, 2017 at 10:41 pm #

    Women are becoming a majority in the labor force, unlike the old days when men dominated most industries. It continues to be a working progress but some issues are incapable of improving become women are still fighting to get the respect they deserve in the workplace. Women should not be objectified nor treated as a sex appeal just to be appealing in the workplace. Even with the consequences men could face if caught engaging in sexual harassment, they choose to disregard the obvious and violate the ethical rules. Does that mean women should also stay away from male dominated industries, in order to avoid being a victim of sexual harassment? Absolutely not! Women have to right to work in an environment and feel protected. Often times, these issues go silent because of fear of losing their job or disappointing their families. But that only gives way for more victims and by the time these stories emerge in the media, people become bias, making it even harder for the victims to attain a respectful trial. There are many other things to consider when it comes to gender inequality. For instance, a female employee will be addressed differently than her male counterpart.
    An employer should make that all employees have the same access to opportunity. This is one way to improve gender inequality. The biggest factor would be to minimize the pay gap between males and females. Although this issue has been brought to the attention of many in social media, I don’t believe most people really understand the importance of it. Especially nowadays, when being a single parent is becoming so popular. Overall, men and women sharing a work space will come from different lifestyles and backgrounds, so there should be a balanced policy in place to meet their needs instead of favoring one over the other.

  16. Lucas Rodriguez February 9, 2018 at 7:52 pm #

    As a society once founded on aspects of inequality, discrimination, and prejudice, we may question whether or not our incessant progressive movements have made an impact at all. Especially in terms of gender disconnection, our morals and ethics have been once based off the notion that women were considered inferior toward that of males. As the article proffers, despite all of the attention that this national epidemic may have received throughout the years there seems to be an idea that this stigma must end but there has been very little effort toward the actual process of doing so. From this text, Fox news is used as a source to exemplify this continuing pattern of inequality in our society. Members from this eminent program were accused of sexual misconduct in their jobs and allegations that correlate to abuse and discrimination. Well-respected individuals whom at one point have reported cases correlating to the situational difficulties that women may face were at fault of these inhuman actions. But this article is not just significant in the way that it expresses the corruption behind some of the most watched faces of television, but additionally it goes to represent the idea that these “progressive” environments we have been fighting for ever since laws were passed allowing women to vote or have equal rights toward that of a male, have inevitably been for nothing. Even if a regulation changes or is adapted in a form of a stature, the ideas and beliefs of societies seem to linger behind these changes. In prior history, women were victim to the prison of their homes and expected to stay behind and care for their children. They were not expected to voice their ideas, get jobs, or consider themselves as equals of men. Even in contemporary societies, although these ideas are not explicitly expressed they still are concealed within certain factors of our communities. As the article explains, one of the major instances of this occurrence may be seen in the wage gaps of men and women. National studies have shown that women are paid less than twenty two percent than men are. With these statistics we factor in aspects such as equal education, same hours worked, and no leave due to pregnancy or other conditions. And the reason that individuals fail to realize this phenomenon in our working environments is because we believe that laws make this occurrence absolutely impossible. Despite any code of law that may be passed to prevent this occurrence our communities are still engulfed within the archaic morals that we had once held. Although women are now allowed to work and obtain jobs, studies also indicate that women fall behind in higher corporation positions despite their higher college graduation rates compared to men. And in terms of sexual abuse and domestic violence, these factors seem to not only be flourishing but increasing throughout the years. Our world is doomed by a sickness that we may never find a cure for- the plague of schemas. All of our past ideas, our stubborn morals, what we learn in school and what has been enforced in the past plays a major role on the survival of these discriminatory standards. A nation built on men without a single female president, without equal pay, and a rise in nefarious crimes that are committed toward women is certainly bound to continue to exist in its toxic state. In order to stop this progression from only dividing the gap between our gender standards more, we must alleviate all of these past concepts that we had once held toward that of gender expectations. Unfortunately changing current ideas about a topic may be in reach, but reconstructing history is impossible.

  17. Sylwia Marut March 15, 2018 at 7:46 pm #

    Women have been facing many challenges in the workplace for decades, and continue to face a variety of struggles. As this article mentions, Fox News has dealt with its fair share of sexual harassment scandals recently. Upon reading the article, one statement jumped out at me: $65 million was devoted between Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes in the form of exit pay. To me, it seems irrational and unfair to pay two men that have concrete evidence against them in cases of sexual harassment large sums of money just to leave the company. They should leave without any type of “exit pay.” Exit pay in the form of millions of dollars almost sends the message to top executives and well-known people in industries that “it’s alright to commit these kinds of crimes, because even if you get caught the financial devastation of job loss is not major.”
    Although more and more women are speaking out against sexual harassment, it still occurs and and affects women in both large and small businesses. Many of these cases are pushed to the side, and if they are taken seriously, the settlement is often small and does not repair emotional or psychological damage. It is disturbing to know that Fox News did not take action against Bill Reilly because of the allegations themselves, but because masses of people stopped watching his show the “O’Reilly Factor” and stock was plummeting. Sexual harassment is such a large issue in the workplace in this day and age, but is just one of the many obstacles women in the workplace face.
    The wage gap is still present in our society. According to the article, women today make 22% less than men for doing the same jobs. “Tipped-workers” (two-thirds which are women) still make $2.13 in most states. Even with the inclusion of tips, it is hardly ever enough to feed a family or properly take care of oneself. The sad reality is, women in poverty often struggle in silence and do not often receive well- deserved raises or promotions. The wage gap is not just affecting women working in the business-world or in highly-respected fields, it is felt even more by women that struggle paycheck to paycheck. Women are also 15% less likely to be promoted than a man would be for doing the same job. In the land of opportunity, it is saddening to know that ambition and dedication to one’s job will not always lead to positive outcomes. As a woman looking to work in business, reading these statistics makes me feel like the odds are against me. When I was a little girl, I felt like the possibilities for my career were endless, and that all my hard work would pay off. Now, I cannot help but wonder, will my possibilities be limited simply because of the gender I was born with?

  18. Caroline Jean Philippe March 23, 2018 at 6:46 pm #

    In the early nineteenth century women were allowed to enter the workforce. Discrimination against women in the workplace has been continuous since the law was passed. Not only are women labeled as inferior to men they also experience lower wages because ” on average, women today make 22 percent less per hour than men, even after controlling for experience, education and location.”and are also more susceptible to being sexually harassed. Women also statistically find it harder to find positions of leader ship than men do because “women are fifteen percent less likely to get promoted”.
    It is a shame that women get treated with such disrespect by men. Part of the problem is that men are not being taught to be respectful people of caliber. Their is also a stigma in society that says that women are weak and that men are “more” than women are and that’s probably part of the fact that America hasn’t been “ready” for a female president. I thought that it was appalling that Mr. O’reilly got part of 65 million dollars for exit pay which is to me is not a resolution. Mr.O’reilly did not get punished in the way that he should have been. Fox should have taken accountabilty and not give Mr.Oreilly a astonishing amount of money. It is unfair that inequality for women and for people of color is still not resolved after so many decades.

  19. Skylin Riedweg October 30, 2018 at 3:18 pm #

    Women have continuously been subjected to unfair treatment in the workplace with regard to unequal pay for the same position with the same qualifications, less opportunities for advancement, and sexual harassment. Women are not offered the same opportunities for advancement within a company because it is assumed that their priority is their family whether or not they have children. The chance that they can get pregnant and request time off is not one most companies are willing to take. Women are also perceived as making emotional decisions while men can make the “hard and tough” decisions. As a result, top level management positions are dominated by men despite the fact that their are women with the same qualifications. When they speak up about any of theses things they are told to “Stop complaining” or that it will inhibit their chances of advancement within the company. Women on average are paid 22% less then their male counterpart with this number larger in lower levels of management.

    Fox should be ashamed of the way they handle this situation. They didn’t take action until their stocks were affected by the lawsuit, rather than taking action immediately after the allegations were made. In addition, they praised his reputation when announcing his leaving of the company to protect his reputation. This is something that happens often in sexual harassment cases in the workplace. The company talks about all of the perpetrator’s accomplishments as though sexual harassment is a small mistake in light of it. Companies need to make perpetrators of sexual harassment fully accountable for their actions and take action to protect the victims at all costs.

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