Even Steve Jobs Didn’t Predict the iPhone Decade

from Wired

When Apple set out to build a smartphone, the team tasked with doing so didn’t plan on changing the world. It didn’t foresee the App Store becoming a billion-dollar business full of billion-dollar businesses like Uber, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. It wasn’t trying to reinvent how people communicate, shop, and even hook up.

It was trying to build an iPod that made phone calls.

“The grand vision wasn’t really articulated, because there wasn’t one,” says Andy Grignon, a senior manager on the project and now a partner at design firm Siberia. Even the name, iPhone, started as an homage to Apple’s hit music player. Most early prototypes featured a screen and a click wheel. “That was kind of the mindset that we had. It was just going to be, not a revolutionary product, but an evolution to iPod.”

Eventually, they came around to a bigger plan. “It was a general computer that was connected and in your pocket at all times,” says Tony Fadell, one of the senior execs behind both iPod and iPhone. “We saw the dramatic usage of both the iPod and the cellphone of the time and knew people would carry and tend to only one device wherever they went.” You know what happened next. The device Steve Jobs launched at Macworld 2007, 10 years ago today, became so much more than even he imagined. It became an economic and cultural revolution while almost single-handedly making Apple the most valuable company on the planet.

But as now-CEO Tim Cook looks ahead to the iPhone’s second decade and the rumor mill speculates on the next device, it seems appropriate to ask whether Apple has accomplished the goals Jobs laid out on that January morning in 2007. And to wonder what might come next.

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39 Responses to Even Steve Jobs Didn’t Predict the iPhone Decade

  1. Michelle Pyatnychuk January 15, 2017 at 1:19 pm #

    When Steve Jobs started the Apple Company, like stated in the article, he was looking to revolutionize music through the invention of the iPod and iTunes store and then, combine the iPod with a mobile cellphone. Being that it is 2017 and nearly every cellphone is a touchscreen smartphone capable of playing and purchasing music as well as connecting users to the internet, to think that Jobs was so ahead of his time because he was just simply thinking practically is mind-boggling. Being that the start of the 21st century came with a new boom in technological innovation and the sudden rush through life, Jobs was only thinking of how to simplify the lives of millions, if not billions, of people. His goal was to enable easier connections to contacts, to enrich their lives with art through music and to provide access to information just as Google does on a computer.

    However, it is strange that Jobs could not see the grand scope of the releasing the iPhone. He saw the “killer app” of his innovation to be able to receive and answer calls, completing subsiding the fact that through the creation of Safari, he had developed the world’s smallest computer. Jobs was adamant after creating the iPod to merge it with the abilities of a mobile device but when announcing the new product, he made notable mention for the phone features over the internet access that a phone could now carry. As the author Pierce states, the “killer app” was not the phone abilities, but the phone itself that was “beautifully designed, easily used, and intuitively understood” all through the development of the internet browser Safari.

    The author’s persistence that Jobs did not see the “iPhone Decade” seems a bit far-fetched to me as being that he had created the world’s smallest computer that could take calls; he must have known the capacity and rate at which this product would boom. People could now purchase a phone that was nearly the same cost of a laptop computer, but that could give them access to more applications than any laptop could at that time. Just as mentioned in the article when the Senior Manager of the iPhone project, Andy Grignon had realized that he could search MapQuest on the Safari browser, he was finally able to grasp the value of what they had created and what it had meant to the future of information and accessibility.

    This future now is in the hands of the Apple Company that holds many sources of possible economics value to any technological startups all through their App Store, iTunes Store and more. I find that on top of creating a palm sized computer, the invention of the App Store is the second most critical innovation of this century. Like when Grignon had searched up MapQuest on Safari, the team did not yet realize the ease and profitability of actually developing a separate application that can help navigate and act as a mobile GPS system. The gravity that the App Store holds for future technological innovations is striking and even now, the federal government sees the control that Apple has over this application market and has yet again, tried to regulate it. Apple had, at least in the beginning, unknowingly created a monopoly over phone applications to the point where iPhone users can only purchase their apps through the App Store similar to Android phones where applications are only purchased through the Google Play Store. Either way, from the development of the world’s smallest computer, Jobs had created an entire industry now referred to as the “smartphone era” where nearly every mobile device advertised today is touch screen and is capable of making calls and accessing the internet. The “killer app” is not the phone itself but the magnitude of what the phone means to the future of technology, as we know it.

    • Danielle Gangemi October 10, 2017 at 12:00 am #

      When Apple set out to build a smartphone, the company was simply trying to build an iPod that made phone calls; Steve Jobs didn’t plan on changing the world. The earliest prototypes featured a screen and a click wheel, which were an evolution to the iPod. Apple started to notice that people were using both the iPod and the cellphone and knew people would tend to carry one of the devices rather than both of them. The device that Steve Jobs launched ten years ago made Apple the most valuable company on the planet. He introduced three revolutionary products: a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough Internet communications device. Jobs stated that the “killer app” is making calls while using visual voicemail, the ability to call just by tapping a contact, and three-way calls. The purpose of a cellphone is primarily to make phone calls, so at first Jobs was worried about getting apps because of the potential damage to the phone.

      Apple started to think of ways to combine the iPod, phone, and a camera. They succeeded and created something bigger, the first personal computer. The new and improved gadget was simplistic and subconsciously understood containing a swipe-to-unlock and tapping and pinching with your finger. Jobs made his product unique by simply taking away physical keys to leave only a screen and a touch surface. He didn’t know it was as special as it would end up being. Apple changed the usual ways from people once printing out directions from Mapquest, to simply going on the Safari app or using Google Maps. Apple created a device that could be anything and everything. The company goal was to get one percent of the smartphone market, but now it has sold over a billion iPhones. The iPhone is bigger, faster, and better than ever before, however, the defined look remains the same for all smartphones over the years. Who knows what the iPhone of 2026 may look like, Jobs had no idea the iPhone was truly like having your life in your pocket until now

      The iPhone intensely affects the cellphone business. Apple is the main company of competition, introducing a new iPhone every year with new product features and upgrades. Apple definitely raises the bar for other companies because it is the worlds ninth largest company and the largest tech company in the world. Apple impacts the world of business in countless ways and impacts the economy by creating over two million jobs. It is hard to think about how much technology has advanced over the years and how much we don’t know about the improvements there will be in the future. Steve Jobs had no idea that his products would be so developed and popular and that was far off from what happened.

  2. Jiaqi Ma January 15, 2017 at 11:52 pm #

    Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1867. At first, his purpose was to use the explosive for railroad construction and for breaking rocks (Ringertz). At the time, Alfred Nobel had no idea that the use dynamite would cause many deaths, issues, and demolition. Many speculate that his “existential guilt” led him to donate almost all of his earnings to the world-famous Nobel Peace Prize (Popova, 2015). Like Nobel, some of the greatest inventors have absolutely no idea about what their products will do. Moreover, they don’t know how much they will revolutionize the world. This can be related to Steve Jobs. When he imagined the iPhone, he may have not predicted the technology advancements. The combination of a computer and a traditional phone would have seemed impossible, but now they are the reality. Alfred Nobel and Steve Jobs exemplify how each invention has both negative and positive outcomes. For instance, the iPhone has been a great tool for communication. However, many scholars are worried that too many people cannot hold good face-to-face conversations because people are too used to the digital world. Some people even claim that phone addictions can be a problem in this age of technology. Many deaths have been reported because people pay more attention to their phone than the road they are driving on. Moreover, technology has become more accessible to all kinds of people, including young children. This may not be harmful to some students; in fact it can help the environment since many schools have become virtually “paperless”. On the negative note, some children are using iPads at such a young age without even knowing how to read people’s facial expressions. Also, privacy has become a bigger issue now that people have a “personal mobile computer” everywhere they go. Some people don’t even know how much information they are giving out because they are too busy enjoying the apps in their smartphones. In China, Government officials are prohibited the use of iPhones because the Apple products have the ability to show one’s location, and share important information. Ever since Edward Snowden revealed the National Security Agency (NSA) spying and data collection, the world had focused more on privacy issues (Keizer, 2014). This may bring a new revolution of privacy policies in the Apple technology. This will benefit millions, if not billions of people who use Apple products around the world. Apple may also be providing a more positive and useful way to communicate now that people have better cameras to talk to one another. Facetime is becoming more popular as people can see their loved ones who are far away. The cameras are improving, which may also improve people’s visual abilities like reading people’s expressions. The iPhone has also improved technology for the disabled. For instance, there are many intricate settings to accommodate the needs of someone who is blind, or someone who is deaf. The touchscreen has become a great tool for simple and useful gestures like the shaking the iPhone to “undo” or swiping the screen to “unlock”. One day the iPhone may not even be a rectangular piece of glass, but maybe just an earpiece or a pair of glassware. After all, who can really predict the future?
    Keizer, Gregg. “Shanghai authorities ban government officials’ use of iPhone.” Computerworld. Computerworld, 22 Sept. 2014.
    Popova, Maria. “How the Nobel Prize Was Born: A Surprising Story of Bad Journalism, Existential Guilt, and Dynamite.” Brain Pickings. N.p., 27 Nov. 2015. Web. 15 Jan. 2017.
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    • Michelle Pyatnychuk January 18, 2017 at 8:02 pm #

      In reading your response, I found that you mentioning the negatives that came with the iPhone are also things that Jobs could not have predicted. This article and my response as well, are celebrating the mind of the late Apple creator and the world that he had changed with his invention. Although his triumphs and successes should be acknowledged as such, he also unknowingly helped lead future generations to the antisocial place we are in now. There have come unprecedented negative social and developmental effects arising in young kids who have transitioned from the “sitting in front of the TV” phase we had grown up in to the “get off your phone at the dinner table” one. As a child, it was always easier to stop watching TV, at least for me, because once your daily cartoon shows were over; there was nothing else to watch so, on a nice day, you went outside and on a rainy one, you had a play date and invited your friends over to play a board game. Now, a smartphone can be carried with you anywhere and give you access to any programming and online game at any time. The feeling of the show being over is never there with a smartphone. It unlocks doors to so many features that young kids cannot process it all in an hour sitting but have to be constantly on a device.

      This addiction is similar in adolescents and teens who have to go on their social media accounts and refresh their pages every ten seconds to see the latest posts from their friends or a celebrity. By being constantly plugged in teens, lose their ability to live in the moment. Jobs’ gift to society of having an independent browser on a hand held cellphone, with a touchscreen no less, has turned into an obsession by all who use it. It is a gift to be able to access information at your fingertips but Jobs has unintentionally shown how information overload can in fact harm people more than help them. One should remember that although we strive to be the perfect human beings by outlining a chapter in our economics textbook while watching the latest episode of a TV show, we are in fact anything but perfect. We have faults and humans as a whole have trouble concentrating on one thing over another. By Jobs giving us all access to the internet, music and cellphone services at one time, he is testing our imperfection by asking us to try to use all these services at once. If doing so is not plausible for a working professional with actual responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis, how can one believe that it is good for an elementary schooler to do the same?

      The age of the iPhone has innovated life in the best ways: giving birth to social media apps, providing more platforms for search engines and coming with a new way of listening to music. These features and benefits to us all should not be undervalued but, it would be smarter of us as the imperfect human beings that we are, to be wary of the dangers that lie ahead if our obsession with our phones makes us more distracted than informed.

      • Sonya Abrahimzadeh January 21, 2017 at 1:18 pm #

        You make a good point here. While the invention of the iPhone has crested such an advanced use of technology, it has also changed the way humans interact with other humans. When you walk into a room, such as at the doctor’s office, you barely see humans interacting with each other. Everyone’s hands and eyes are glued to their phones. I’m sure prior to the iPhone and other smart phones strangers weren’t making new friends and creating friendly relationships at each other but you would see people reading magazines and parent’s keeping their kids entertained with toys. Today, you can find magazines on your iPhone! Toddlers have their own iPads.

        When I was younger, I would play with my toys and use my imagination. I could go outside and play with other neighborhood kids. We could go to the park. There was interaction. When I am a parent, I really do not want my kid using an iPad as their source of entertainment. However, let me add that the app store does have a lot of great educational apps to help younger kids and toddlers to learn and develop.
        Even I am hooked to my phone. I find myself refreshing apps constantly just to see the same thing I did a few seconds ago. It’s like the second I put it down, I pick it back up to check my Instagram feed all over again.

  3. Jonathan Cavallone January 17, 2017 at 8:42 pm #

    Great inventions often come with low expectations. The company Apple, creator of the iPod, was not looking to revolutionize the world at all when it first created the iPhone. This article tells that they were just simply looking to create an iPod that can make phone calls. A chain of events occurred which resulted in the creation of the iPhone that we all know and love today. After seeing how big of a hit the iPhone was, Apple decided to take it a step farther by adding internet access to the phone. When all said and done, Apple essentially created a hand held computer cellphone hybrid that transformed the modern world into what it is today. When designing the first iPhone, Andy Grignon explained how Apple did not intend to create a life-changing product, but they simply just wanted to add another feature to the iPod. This just goes to show that low expectations are given frequently to great inventions. For example, the invention of the car. No one anticipated cars being mass-produced at the time and for many years having a car was a luxury. In 2017, just about every person of driving age drives a car. All great inventions start out as an idea that seems too unrealistic to attain. In 2017, we have electric self-driving cars and solar panels. These two inventions are starting to pick up steam and may be the next revolutionary creations. Self-driving cars can eliminate accidents, which in turn can eliminate the need for car insurance and potentially change the car and insurance industries significantly. Solar energy currently accounts for about one percent of all energy produced in the U.S today, but by 2020, solar energy is predicted to account for at least fifteen percent. The next world-changing invention is among us already, it just needs to pick up some momentum before it truly takes off. Although, much like any other product, there is always the need for something bigger and better. When looking at the very first iPhone compared to the iPhone 7 today the difference is night and day. The iPhone 7 is much lighter, significantly larger, and incredibly fast compared to previous generations. I recall last year while I was fishing, I dropped my iPhone 6 into the lake and was unable to find it. As a result, I used my old iPhone 4 until my contract was up to get a new phone, and I was amazed at how slow, heavy, and small it was compared to my iPhone 6. The four did not have Siri or a fingerprint scanner, two luxuries I got extremely accustom. Modern society is always looking for ways to improve their daily lives; therefore, there will always be new life changing inventions. One key thing I pulled away from this article is that the next revolutionary invention is already among us, it is only a matter of time before it takes off.

  4. Daniel Anglim January 17, 2017 at 10:46 pm #

    As a nineteen year-old American it is nearly impossible to imagine a world without the iPhone. Steve Jobs revolutionized the world in under ten years by accidently creating a product that was an iPod, cellular device, and internet communication device all in one. Jobs original plan was to create a product very similar to the iPod but that would include the ability to make phone calls. He did not want apps or other hindrances to get in the way of making phone calls. Luckily for Jobs the apps revolutionized the phone and separated it from all other cellular devices. The app store is now a billion dollar market. Considering that the iPhone has only been around for such a short period of time is mind blowing, and imagining the potential of technology in the future is almost impossible.
    Although a large portion of the success of the iPhone came from the portable and accessible apps it has the ability of running, the most revolutionary innovative concept is the phone’s ability to act as a portable computer. Anyone with an iPhone has the ability to access their email at any time, look up anything on the internet, or even FaceTime a distant relative in a foreign country. The possibilities of the iPhone are limitless, and can be applied to nearly all aspects of everyday life. For example, iPhones are almost necessary for a college student to be successful in their educational journey. I am constantly using my iPhone to stay ahead of due dates, for research, and to communicate easily with other classmates. The iPhone has created an atmosphere where without having one it is nearly impossible to compete with those who use one. The iPhone also poses a problem for future generations, that being people are unable to think critically, they simply use their phones to help navigate through much of their lives. People are becoming extremely dependent on their phone for obvious reasons, and this could have many unforeseen consequences. Also with technology so prevalent to so many people, the unlucky people that do not have the luxury of having the device are unable to compete with those that do. Teachers expect students to have an iPhone to keep up on emails, announcements, and assignments. Fortunately, my parents can afford to give me an iPhone, but I cannot image the life of someone without one. IPhones are currently hundreds of dollars, in the future I would like to see Apple reduce the cost of their product, so that it will become affordable to nearly every American.
    After reading this article I asked myself if Steve Jobs would approve of the current status of Apple, the company he created that revolutionized the world. Although Apple has yet to release a product as influential as the iPhone, they are taking the right steps in advancing technology. With devices such as the Apple watch and Air pods, Apple is moving in the right direction towards a device that eliminates the use of any cellular device. Decades from now the iPhone will be outdated and out of use, but it will never be forgotten for being one of the most important technology advances of all time.

  5. Daniel Alvarez January 19, 2017 at 11:36 am #

    The iPhone has reshaped communication as we know it. Also, it has had major effects on learning as well as shopping, traveling and many other things. Overall, the Apple Technology Company has molded what it means to live in the 21st century. Tons of books, live entertainment, shopping all at ones fingertips. Everything is moving at a much faster pace in the 21st century due to a company that did not even have a grand vision when the iPhone first came out. The fact that intrigues me most is that “Even Jobs didn’t seem to fully understand exactly what it he’d created, though. But he knew it was special.” (Pierce) Without even trying Steve Jobs changed the world and created an item that many of us need and sadly would be quite lost if it were taken away. Steve jobs describes it as having “your life in your pocket.” By thinking practically with the simple idea of simplifying people’s lives he was able to create this device. This is the sort of innovation that brings about change. When you think of day-to-day products or items that are able to simplify one’s life like Steve Jobs was able to do, and all the other famous inventors and entrepreneurs before him.
    The future of Apple without Steve jobs is continuing to look up. As companies are always looking forward and trying to produce the next big thing Apple is continuing to add the newest software to the iPhone and upgrading to wireless. The newest iPhone 7 features a redesigned camera, new and improved battery life, wireless headphones and is even splash and water resistance. When looking at the very first iPhone compared to the iPhone 7 today the difference is night and day. The iPhone 7 is much lighter, significantly larger, and incredibly fast compared to previous generations. Technological advancements are all about creating more with less. Technological advancements have helped businesses and organizations save time and cost of production, which has been an advantage to all business, they manage these advancements to gain competitive advantage. A good example is the 3G/4G broadband, small businesses have taken advantage of this fast internet to reach target markets with less costs of operation.
    The age of the iPhone has innovated and improved life in many ways. It has given birth to all-purpose apps, as well as social media and has provided more platforms for search engines and new ways of downloading and listening to music. These features are not inherently bad but can have many negative effects to the human engaging in these features. It is very important to be wary of the dangers that lie ahead if our obsession with our phones makes us more distracted than informed. We need to ensure we control the device and the device does not control us. We need to ensure we are using technology for the benefits while minimizing its risks.

  6. Robert Seijas January 20, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    The most influential product to popular culture and the entire tech industry within the last few decades has to be apple’s iPhone. The iPhone stemmed from a few smaller products, and many amazing ideas very much ahead of their own time. This technology has seen the most rapid increase in other technologies stemming from it. These range from any app that’s been written in the iPhone iOS language for the phone itself, and the entire innovation of the store that they are released from. Not one of the innovations that stemmed from the iPhone in the past decade were planned for, being that it was an entirely new invention, something that only one person out of the billions on the entire planet had. It is amazing to think about the amount of innovation that spawned from this technology, and how the speed of innovation is increasing exponentially due to its release.
    Ever since the release of the iPhone, new inventions are coming faster and faster than ever before. This is not the only detail, as all of the new innovations of the last decade have stemmed from the technology that Apple created within the iPhone. Most new innovations keep the same ideas that made the iPhone such a unique innovation. The biggest innovation shared between all of them is that they are mobile, and constantly adapt to our everyday lives. A great example of this is Uber, and how it was created directly for our on the go lifestyle. It constantly changes with us, and helps us to do whatever we want. We can use this new innovative technology or app to get anywhere we want, whenever we want. Just like the iPhone let us look up anything we wanted whenever we wanted. It is an innovative technology that makes our lives simpler and easier. This is the key to the trend of innovation, and can even be seen in a different mindset.
    One place where innovation simplifies our tasks is the more recent online video games released from the app stores, and even consoles and pc. These games are a pay to win type, where people buy whatever they need, rather than wait. This can seem like a scary innovation, because it does not just make a game easier, but it shows what the last decade of innovation has done to our culture. The iPhone innovation has evolved our culture through simplicity and ease to expect to never wait for anything. People cannot be bothered to wait and move slower, because everything else in our lives moves so fast. If we do not know something, we google it on the spot, not when we get home, and not by sitting and looking in a book. Knowledge is right at our fingertips and we expect everything else to be as well. Our culture has excelled in the same way that technology has. As new technological innovation has increased exponentially, so has the way that we live our lives, and this is completely because the way that the iPhone allows us to live our lives.

  7. Carl Hakansson January 20, 2017 at 3:30 pm #

    It is often times difficult to predict the full effect of your actions. For Steve Jobs, he had no idea what effect “an iPhone that made phone calls” would have. After seeing that most people used their iPods and cellphones separately, Jobs got the idea to combine the two. His original vision was to allow users to make phone calls, take pictures, and listen to music on the same device. This was meant to be an evolution, not a revolution. From this invention, Jobs provided the world with the first-ever personal computer.

    In the iPhone, users can listen to music, send/receive messages/calls, take pictures, and surf the web. To Jobs, the “killer app” was simply the fact that you can now make phone calls. The revolutionary aspect that he failed to realize is having all the information in the world at your fingertips.

    The invention of the iPhone has inspired many companies and inventors to think differently; the idea that one small idea can completely change the world in a positive way is now a common idea. The iPhone itself has produced many new industries, including the app stores and all the individual apps it contains, such as Uber, for example. This supports the idea that one revolutionary idea can lead to another. By simply creating a phone that can play music and surf the web, Apple started a chain of events that would lead to multiple billion-dollar industries. Instead of only producing revenue for their own company, Apple created industries that have impacted the US economy as a whole and provided thousands of new jobs. Although the extent of Apple’s success at the time was unknown, their presence is now larger than ever.

    I do find it odd, however, that Apple failed to recognize all of the effects caused by the iPhone. Although no one could have predicted the immense success Apple has experienced, I feel as though they should have acknowledged that a combination of a phone, iPod, and internet would create an entirely new realm of possibilities. With the intelligent minds we have at our disposal, as well as the ever-improving technology, I am surprised Steve Jobs wanted to keep the focus of the iPhone on making calls, rather than acknowledging the potential possibilities that can arise from each aspect of the phone. Apple’s lack of acknowledgement seemed odd, but caused no harm in the ultimate impact of the iPhone.

    The iPhone has not only spurred inspiration, but also provided a vision of endless possibilities for many people. The iPhone has become a commonality nowadays, to the point where we find it strange when someone does not own one. Personally, leaving the house without my iPhone feels the same as leaving the house without shoes on – it is such an integral part of my life that I need to have it at all times. Observing how obsessed the current generation is with their iPhones is enough to show the true impact of the product, and businesses will only continue to develop and grow as the iPhone adds new features.

  8. Andrew Imbesi January 20, 2017 at 4:05 pm #

    Humans are always coming up with innovations that shape and affect the lives we live. Sometimes, these innovations turn out to be critical in ways even innovators never even thought of. Steve Jobs will be acknowledged as one of the most influential humans of the 21st century for creating the iPhone. It was not necessarily the phone component that made the iPhone special, it was the internet and application features it offered that caught the attention of billions worldwide. As result of the iPhone and the App Store, billions of dollars have been accumulated and thousands of jobs have been created. Most importantly, human life was changed forever. The iPhone is considerably one of the few inventions that bridged humans from an analog world to a digital world.
    When the iPhone was first presented, its technology was nearly five years ahead of other companies. There was nothing else like the iPhone when it was introduced. Now of days, almost everyone has an iPhone. I can vaguely remember the last time my family used MapQuest to print out directions, now every phone has some sort of GPS built into their smartphones. I find the iPhone to be example of a latent function; the iPhone’s primary purpose is no longer its phone feature. When people unlock their home screens, typically their first motive is not to make a phone call. Apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, and Google Chrome also receive lots of attention. My iPhone is not just a phone; the phone feature is just one part of it. The iPhone is simply a device that offers services of all kinds. Although these services were purposely put into the iPhone, it is almost as if these apps were discovered on accident. No one thought people would be using their smartphones in the way people use them now.
    Aside from being able to do almost anything anywhere with an iPhone, Apple is not the only company producing revolutionary products as such. Although the iPhone distanced Apple’s progress forward further away from other companies, they are not too far behind. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon can easily be relatable to Jobs’ iPhone. Amazon was created with the intention to sell books but now Amazon sells pretty much everything. To progress Amazon further, Bezos introduced Amazon Alexa, a similar version of Apple’s Siri. Now people have the ability to order necessities such as laundry detergent at the click of a button and have that detergent shipped to their door the next day. Like Apple, Bezos had no clue that his service would be a platform for millions of companies, products, and other services.
    There is no way of predicting what the next life-changing innovation may be. Technology is becoming more powerful each day and humans are learning how to change with it. According to the article, the iPhone may be just an earpiece one day. I would not doubt the likeliness of an earpiece version of the iPhone. It did not take long for humans to ditch stick shift vehicles once automatic gears were discovered. Next, there will be driverless cars that all humans will learn to adapt to. In the past, no one needed a phone but now people cannot function without their phones. It will be interesting to see how humans evolve and adapt to technology in the 21st century given that we are much more attached to it than we were a century ago.

  9. Evan Costello January 20, 2017 at 4:51 pm #

    The genius of Steve Jobs has been written, documented, filmed, and disseminated, but still not fully understood. Apple was once solely a computer company that competed with Microsoft and always somehow came up short even though the Mac technology was more advanced. I myself always agreed that a Mac computer was much more confusing that a regular Microsoft computer. But Apple has blossomed into a billion dollar worldwide corporation that revolutionized technology. I have been a customer of apple for upwards of ten years, dating back to my first iPod shuffle. I have been addicted to the brand ever since. Today, I have an iPhone 6, which is my 3rd iPhone to date. I am completely accustomed to the apple technology, and I would not pay for any other brand of product.

    This goes to show how incredible the genius of this company really is. For a company to create a technological empire as big as Apple based on one idea is immaculate. The concept for an iPhone was simple, an iPod that could make calls. According to David Pierce’s article ‘Even Steve Jobs Didn’t Predict the iPhone Decade’, “even Jobs didn’t seem to fully understand exactly what it he’d created, though. But he knew it was special.” This is in regards to the universal software used in the iPhone technology that made it possible to have no physical keys, but a touch screen. So, all of Apple’s competitors would follow suit, but would never fully reach the potential of apple. While Motorola and HTC were developing the fast growing and successful Droid technology, Apple was already well underway with improving upon its technology each and every year, making technological advances possible that no one could imagine. In my opinion, time and time again, competitors try and compete with apple, but always come up short to what the demands of consumers.

    Back to the notion of the iPhone itself, the idea of an MP3 player that made and accepted calls seemed simple, but fast forward through the evolution of the iPhone to today, and you have a mini computer that has more capabilities that the laptop I am typing this very comment on. My phone currently has applications downloaded from the iTunes app store that are, in itself, a billion dollar idea. For example, Uber, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are all billion dollar companies that manifest their services via a billion dollar company; Apple. That paradigm in itself in incredible to me, and somehow I feel as though these individual companies would not have success without the innovation of Apple.

    The beauty of apple is the constant outwitting of their competition. In my opinion, each and every one of today’s cell phone companies has tried time and time again to make their own version of an iPhone. Motorola and HTC even went as far as creating their own version of an App store. Google has just released their own version of a keyboard-less touchscreen phone. I believe that all of these phones and products will come up short compared to Apple. Apple has and forever will be one step ahead of the curve with its technological advances. Also, considering that we live in a society dominated by technology, it is crucial to constantly update technology, whether it be a computer or a cell phone. With that being said, I believe that Apple has solidified its place as the top seller and distributor of technology.

  10. Antoneta Sevo January 20, 2017 at 5:04 pm #

    The amount of success that Apple has had in the last decade is truly unimaginable. The author’s main point was to show that Steve Jobs could not even predict the amount of technological advances the iPhone would have in the future. The very first iPhone, released in 2007, was only meant to do three things. This one device was only supposed to have music, be able to make and receive calls, and have internet connection. All Apple wanted to do is make people’s lives more efficient and enjoyable. Instead of having multiple devices for separate uses, Steve Jobs wanted to create one device that would be able to perform multiple actions exceptionally well. He might not have been able to predict the exact future of his product and company, but he must have known that it would go far. Though the iPhone was the first of its kind, it certainly revolutionized future smartphones within Apple as well as other technology companies. The more advanced the world became; the easier it got to make little ideas come to life in a big way.
    It does not make sense that Steve Jobs had no idea how far his simple idea would go. Not many can predict how advanced technology can become in the near or far future, but it felt as though Steve Jobs had somewhat of an indication. Ideas build off other ideas and that is exactly what happened with Apple. For example, MapQuest was a successful resource for maps and directions on the internet. When Apple introduced that iPhone users could access the internet, it opened up many opportunities for future innovation. By using the internet from the phone to find directions, it lead to the invention of many different map applications. However, in the beginning stages after the iPhone was released, many did not understand what exactly was invented. David Pierce writes, “…Everyone who used an iPhone experienced a moment in which they realized just what Apple had done.” No one knew the true impact of this phone until it was recognized what the technological opportunities could be.
    The ongoing amazement from consumers each year can be summarized by one quote from Steve Jobs. He told Business Week, in 1998, “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs had the ability to create devices that users did not believe could exist. Apple shaped the future with this one device with the leadership of Steve Jobs. Since the initial release in 2007, the iPhone was reproduced and updated eight more times. Each one more advanced than the last and introduced a new feature many did not know was possible. He wanted to show the world that the impossible was possible. One of his famous quotes is, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” He believed he could, and he did. Though technology continues to baffle the world, I think that Steve Jobs would have been able to realize the magnitude of success coming his way.

  11. Ryan Appello January 20, 2017 at 6:34 pm #

    To think that Steve Jobs, a person seen as a genius and visionary today, didn’t predict or even consider the huge success of the iPhone, is somewhat eye-opening. To him and Apple, they were just simply making an evolved model of the iPod. However, it is clear today that what they did was incredibly important to the world. The concept of the iPhone was simply an iPod that could make phone calls. This, paired with its ability to buy songs on the device was truly a stop forward for technology. Virtually no phones prior to this had the capability. Apple truly did enter into a new era of technology with the release of the iPhone.

    Apple understood the incredibly popularity of the iPod and also saw just how important cell phones were to people, so, it only made sense for them to want to combine them so people would only have the carry around one device that could do both. When you think of cell phones today, it’s preposterous to think that it wouldn’t be able to browse the internet. However, before the iPhone was revealed, this feature was basically unheard of. Apple truly brought about a new age, introducing the true first personal computer.

    Even Steve Jobs wasn’t able to predict the incredible success of the iPhone and he surely wasn’t able to predict where it would go in the following decades. No one knows just how different the iPhone will be in the coming years. Overall, it has barely changed in the 10 years it has been on the market. And I think that’s a good think. The formula for the phone is near perfect. However, I do feel that Apple has fallen behind in terms of its innovation. Other phones have many different features that Apple excludes for no apparent reason. I think that if Apple wants to recapture the dominance it once had, it must reclaim its position as the top innovator in the market. Apple has long had the name of being the best quality brand people can buy and I think that they still hold this title. Other phones simply do not work as well for as long as Apple products do. The iPhone has a simplistic design and I think that straying from this would tarnish what makes it so appealing. As I said, however, Apple seems to have fallen into a vicious cycle that has made them appear to be money grabbers. Each year, they come out with a new phone that barely has any key differences but still expect people to pay astronomical amount of money. Consumers seem to be catching onto this trend which spells trouble for the companies future. Apple has fallen off in sales percentages in the phone market drastically over the last few years and have also lost some key court cases against other manufacturers, so it seems they are losing the dominance they once held. Other companies like Samsung, Google, and even Motorola have dug into the market and seem to be here to stay. If Apple wants to be the big boss, they need to do what they did a decade ago, revolutionize the market.

  12. Isaiah Allen January 20, 2017 at 6:49 pm #

    The transformation of the iPhone has been a huge staple in the technology world and has had a bigger impact on our lives than anyone could have ever imagined. It seemed like in the past our phones revolved around our lives, but now our lives revolve around our phones. Steve Jobs was simply trying to reinvent the mobile phone when introduced the iPhone, but clearly he has done more than that. The focal point of this technological surge in the economy is the evolution of apps. Today we see that nearly every mobile device is filled with apps, and the App store is an entity of its own. Apps are in our cars, household products, and even televisions. Touch screen technology has become second nature to us, and is another key staple in the technology market. All of these adaptations branch off of the iPhone’s release in 2007, and few knew that the device would usurp its potential and become such a huge part of our lives.
    Jobs mentions that the “killer app” on the original iPhone was its ability to “make calls” which seems like such a simple task now, but then it was a game changing development. Apple’s revolutionary introduction to apps has forced businesses to change their marketing techniques as well. Today, we see almost every business with their own personal app in the App Store. The groundbreaking technology that we see today is geared towards tending to the everyday needs of the consumer. This trend seems like it will continue, as we have seen Siri become a larger part of the latest iPhone edition. Also, products like Amazon’s “Alexa” are evolving into more of an assistant role, which will do anything we ask it. The evolution of social media has evolved in unison with the iPhone and both have taken on minds of their own. Some of the “killer apps” we know off today are Facetime, Calendar, and Google Maps. These in addition with other apps help us stay connected to the world and make our everyday lives easier. Whereas in the past the killer apps were simply, the phone’s “swipe to unlock” and “pinch to zoom” features as well as its “beautiful design”. Such small goals for the company further emphasizes the fact that they were simply aiming to reinvent the mobile phone, but ended up being overachievers.
    The challenge for Apple in the future will be making sure it’s products lives up to the company’s reputation. Apple is known for creating groundbreaking products that reshape the technology landscape. In the future it will be interesting to see if Apple can continue to strengthen their brand name. Apple has built such a strong reputation with its customers that the new iPhone will continuously draw in new consumers just because they want the newest thing. When Apple stripped the mobile phone of its keyboard and buttons, they were taking a leap of faith that customers would adapt to their new way of thinking. The idea of a phone without buttons seemed outlandish, however today it seems like each new phone that comes out has less and less buttons than the previous edition. The design of the original iPhone seemed like it was something from the future. However, I think it may become a struggle for Apple to continue to dominate the phone industry because we are already seeing products like the Google Phone and Samsung Galaxy come into competition with Apple. The technology market is so huge that various companies are constantly trying to find new ways to reinvent the phone and the competition is only heating up. Recently, Apple had more difficulty getting the iPhone 6S off of the shelves than any of their previously released products. This tells us that their competition is raising their level of quality and some are choosing alternative phones, rather than the powerhouse iPhone. Apple is constantly under pressure to come out with the next best thing, but no one seems to know what that is yet. In the future, consumers will be counting on Apple to introduce them to a new way of living, just as they did in 2007.

  13. Erin Carunchio January 20, 2017 at 7:10 pm #

    I remember when the IPhone came out. I was in the third grade. I did not know what company or who made it. All I knew is that it was the best phone out there. Who knew, 10 years later that that statement is still true. Some people may argue that the IPhone is the best phone in the world, but they cannot argue that the company Apple is one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in this world. At one time, I thought that only rich people got the IPhone and that I would never get one. I was completely wrong. My IPhone is now my life and I cannot imagine living without it. Now the IPhone is now one the biggest products in this world. I believe it is the face of the Apple Company and I believe that Apple will not stop producing this product anytime soon.
    Steve Jobs had no clue that the IPhone would become this successful. All he wanted to do was make an IPhone that made phone calls. It was the start of technology, as we know it today. Who knew that having a portable computer in your pocket at all times would be so powerful. With the IPhone came these things called “apps”. Apps increased the Social Media population tremendously. You could log into Myspace, Facebook and Twitter on your computer but with these apps, you can access them on your phone. In the past ten years, new social media apps were invented like Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, VSCO and many others. Social media is an important because it keeps people connected. It keeps people connected around this county and world. You can learn about the latest trends and news on Social Media. There are many positives that come with Social Media but there are also negatives that come with it. With the increase in Social Media came the start of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a global issue but is a very important issue just in the United States. However, with huge products like the IPhone, not every outcome will be perfect and will produce problems along the way. This is why, almost every year, Apple comes out with a newer and better version of the IPhone. They add a better camera, new colors, a bigger screen and a lot more features. Also, they are constantly updating their software. I am constantly getting notifications to update the software on my phone because the updated version has been released. Over the past couple of years, they have come out with different models of the IPhone at the same time. You can now get the latest IPhone in a “Plus” size, which is bigger than the regular is. Apple is a company that is always trying to satisfying its customers. Which is why I think that Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world.
    No one knew that the IPhone would be the start of technology. It was the start of the portable computer and social media. Which out Steve Jobs going out of his comfort zone and trying to make the first IPhone more than an IPod that calls, the IPhone probably would not be what it is today. Apple is still improving it, seeing what works and what does not. Apple sees what is the most popular and what is not so popular when it comes to their products and customers. Without Apple and Steve Jobs, who knew where technology and social media would have been.

  14. Matthew Ponsiglione January 20, 2017 at 7:29 pm #

    Steve Jobs is known as being one of the most successful men in the modern era. He didn’t just change the United States with the things he did, but he changed the entire world with a simple idea. When Jobs came up with the idea for the IPhone it was simply an idea to combine two things people across the United States took interest in. Apple’s IPod’s and cell phones. In the article it is talked about how the general public was very intrigued by the idea that you can surf the web on a cell phone, but Jobs was excited about the touch screen interface that was now part of cell phones. I find this article very interesting because Steve Jobs single handedly revolutionized the entire world with the smartphone. It is now a billion dollar industry of things people didn’t were possible before the IPhone. Along with the IPhone came apps, which as stated in the article Jobs was not a fan of because he thought they would crash and interrupt calls. Now there are thousands of apps across the smartphone world. With all these apps, millions of jobs were created from this and helped some people make a lot of money. The most remarkable thing, I believe, about all of this is that is sparked from an idea. One man had an idea and created millions of opportunities for people across the globe. His one idea spread like wildfire and it was an idea that he wasn’t even sure would work. All it takes is one idea, even if it doesn’t seem like a good idea in order to make a difference. In my eyes I believe this is an incredible thing that can happen to anyone, there are so many people with ideas that don’t share them because they think their idea is dumb, or they are afraid they might get judged for it. Things like this can be traced all the way back in time, all the way to the creation of the wheel. Similar instances have happened in science dating back to the 1500’s. When Galileo proposed that the earth, along with other planets revolved around the sun, rather than the sun and other planets revolving around earth it changed the way all scientists looked at things. At that time nobody thought something like this was possible and that the earth was the center of the universe. This was an idea Galileo had and he was actually arrested for having this idea. Yes, this discovery would have been made in the future regardless, but the idea changed the entire world. The same goes for when everyone thought the world was flat. People had proposed the idea of the earth being round but nobody believed it until Christopher Columbus set sail only to discover that the earth was not flat. People have power, and all it takes is one idea to influence another person, and then that person turns into hundreds of people and before you know it that idea will have changed the world. Steve Jobs did this, he changed the way the whole earth looked at technology and started a revolution. Other companies try to replicate the IPhone and add features not had by Apple. The only problem these other companies are having is that the IPhone has become the most owned phone across the globe. The world is so accustomed to IPhone’s its become the norm and people do not stray away from it. Steve Jobs was a brilliant man and what he did was incredible and he changed the world forever.

  15. Owen Balseiro January 20, 2017 at 7:46 pm #

    The iPhone, that one thing that is such a recurring buzzword every time the new iPhone is teased, announced and sold. Apple has made iPhone sales into an event, people camp outside stores for it, people order it online months before it is even set to debut and having the latest iPhone is a status symbol for so many people. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that my first iPhone was the 4 series and I later upgraded to the 6 series after i cracked my screen. Looking back on it now it is kind of crazy how much a phone can change the world, change a culture. In high school my math teacher would tell us to put our phones on a desk before we took our tests and by the time everyone had put their phones down, we would of a literal tower of iPhones in the middle of the desk. But what people sometimes fail to realize is how revolutionary and innovative the first iPhone really was. It not only combined 3 previous separate products, the ipod, cellphone and personal computer into one. But it also spawned an entire industry from its app store. And that is not even mentioning that it kick started the smartphone industry too. Competitor products like the galaxy or the android smartphones soon tried to challenge Apple’s dominance with the smart phone but none have come close to the global dominance Apple has had with the iPhone.

    Steve Jobs had no idea how quickly the iPhone would take the market by storm. All he wanted to do was “was make an iPhone that made phone calls”. What Steve Jobs kept talking about was the “killer app”, the application that would sell the iphone for everyone and he correctly believed that that app was the phone app. But what Steve jobs got wrong was that other apps would not get in the way of phone calls, they would actually make the iPhone even more valuable. As I said earlier the iPhone not only kickstarted the smartphone industry but it also created the app industry. Small teams of developers could create applications for smartphones like the iPhone. Apps like snapchat, pinterest and Linkedin have made communicating ideas, sharing memories and finding a job easier than ever while games like clash of clans, flappy bird and candy crush have taken the internet by storm with their gameplay and made a lot of money for their developers too. All of this coming from the iPhone is something that Steve Jobs himself could’ve never predicted.

    I am nowhere without my iPhone, i feel uneasy without it and maybe that is a sign that I rely on it too much for some of my daily tasks but it also shows the myriad of uses for it and how it does make daily life easier. New email, I know about it. Dad calls me? I know about it. Need to look something up quickly? I can do that, all with one product. No one knew how quickly this product was going to take off, not even the people designing it knew. All they knew was that ipod and cellphone use was on the rise but people tended to only take one of the two with them. It’s amazing how far technology has come and how much computing power and information i have sitting right next to me. Though there have been some hiccups like the galaxy note II, the future of the smartphone industry has me excited because no one knows how big the next breakthrough will be.

  16. Caroline Massa January 20, 2017 at 8:10 pm #

    There was a point in time when humans thought Earth was the center of the universe. Early astronomers could never have imagined multiple planets and billions of galaxies outside of their own. The invention of the telescope was a giant step forward in the world of science, leading to countless discoveries. In the technological world a device, the iPhone, has also opened up a new world that was beyond anyone’s imagination, including Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. The innovation of the iPhone has created endless possibilities of knowledge and information all at the touch of one’s fingertips. Like the telescope, the iPhone evolved as a “simple device” that changed our world forever.

    Apple’s initial idea to combine an iPod with a cell phone eventually evolved into a single device that was a cell phone, iPod and “internet communicator”. In 2007, Jobs introduced the iPhone without realizing the impact it would have across the world. The iPhone’s popularity caused Apple to become one of the most financially successful companies in the world and this product set them apart from anything that was currently on the market. Learning all the capabilities of the iPhone, people flooded Apple stores to purchase this unique and life changing device. What is so interesting is that Jobs as well as others at Apple, did not fully realize that the cell phone was really a small personal computer. Today the iPhone’s sleek design offers a phone and computer with touchscreen display, thousands of apps and endless information. Without Apple, apps like Instagram and Uber most likely would not have been launched. Apple continues to be the leader in “smart phones” releasing a new and upgraded iPhone about every two years. Jobs would be thrilled to see the way the iPhone, which has improved over the last ten years but “remains fundamentally the same” being used all over the world.

    Technology is constantly evolving and Apple is tirelessly working to preserve Job’s legacy by improving and moving forward to keep the iPhone in the frontrunner of smart phones. It is hard to imagine that there is much more that Apple can create that will have the same monumental impact as the iPhone. Like the telescope, the iPhone has taught us so much about the world, but the beauty is we know there are still endless discoveries awaiting us. In the world of science, the telescope is recognized as a monumental advancement just as in the world of technology it is difficult to envision our realm without the existence of an iPhone.

  17. Sonya Abrahimzadeh January 21, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    An iPod that made phone calls was such an innovative idea and invention in 2007 (release of the first iPhone). Considering the success of the iPod series (iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, etc.) what better way to combine an mp3 player and a cell phone? People who had both products were now able to have 2-in-1. Apple calls this invention the iPhone and it is revolutionary. Now in 2017, the iPhone is basically a pocket computer. When the iPhone came out in 2007, it was way ahead of its time. The phone was touch screen, many at the time weren’t. It had a single button to navigate you from apps to the home screen. It was also a camera. As the years went on, the iPhone became more innovative and led to many other things. The iPhone became sleeker and thinner. The camera has gotten better and better. Every time a new iPhone comes out, I find myself so quick to try to buy a new one even when mine is only a year old and working perfectly fine. It’s the camera quality that always grabs my attention. There is now a social media boom and I think the iPhone has created that path for social media platforms. The iPhone has paved the way for many new inventions. Uber is most certainly one of them. I don’t even think phones like the Samsung Galaxy can compete with iPhone. I believe iPhone even paved the way for Android phones. Apple has truly outdone themselves with such a ground breaking creation.

  18. Chanel Jemmott January 21, 2017 at 2:43 pm #

    To think that the revolutionary IPhone was not meant to be revolutionary is ludicrous. As many people discussed, the IPhone ultimately changed the way of life. By having a computer inside your pocket the world was at your fingertips literally. I think this article goes to say the impact that technology has had on life is immeasurable. Jobs creation incorporated a high definition camera, video recorder, a game console, cellular phone, music player, and computer all in one. People tend to take advantage of the advancements made in technology but it has only been around for a decade. It took just 10 year for Jobs and his associates to change the lives of people all around the world. The greatest of the IPhone has yet to come. The IPhone has created a path for other sensational innovations that will only progress our way of lives and make things simpler. For example, IPhone created the App store, which has opened the door for anyone. Creating a hit app will instantly make you a millionaire.
    The latest features on the newest IPhone include live photos, 3D touch, & portrait mode pictures. Although the pioneer of the Apple Company, Steve Jobs has passed, Apple continues to excel. Their innovations are still top of the class for now. Many companies such as Samsung and Amazon have been on the rise chasing for the top spot. Amazon has created a speaker that you can converse with and it will assist you in everyday activities. Similar to the phone’s “Siri”, but much more adept. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has proved to be apple most outstanding competitor. The Galaxy S7 is a water resistant, 36-hour battery life phone that can virtually do anything that the iPhone can do. The biggest difference between the two phones is operation systems. Samsung is operated by Android and Apple operated by iOS.
    The only real negative effect of these advancements in technology is that people are too attached to their cellphone. This has caused a decrease in human interaction which scare most people because social skills are essential in the work force. As young people, we have yet to understand the ill effects because it has not affected us. We are not exposed to the real workforce atmosphere. Earlier generations fear that this unhealthy attachment to our phone will ultimately stunt out growth as human beings. Personally, I carry my iPhone everywhere I go because it is the fastest way to contact one of my peers or family members. The evolution of the cellular phone has only increased human interaction in my opinion. Now it is possible for us to converse and contact people on the other side of the world by the tap of a button. Although it is not favored by older generation’s interaction via the internet will become the new way of life. It is highly unlikely that people will change their habits, so what will is the functions of the workforce. The workforce atmosphere like most things do will have to change and adapt to match the technology progression of this era.

  19. Austin O'Reilly January 23, 2017 at 1:27 am #

    Who does not have an IPhone? Well the only people who do not have an IPhone have an Android the competitor to the IPhone. The IPhone is the single most evolutionary product that has ever been created. Apple made a product the iPod, which was an accessory that was nice to have. They took the iPod and over many modules and advances, created the iPhone. An IPhone is more than just a phone it is a smart phone, which is a nickname for a computer. Honestly, an iPhone is a computer that can fit in your pocket. This constant access to information and the web has changed society in a way that made it a necessity to have a smartphone. The reason you need a smart phone is because of the app store that was created with the IPhone. The app store made it possible for anyone who can code to make a million dollar company. Recently a year ago, there was a game called flappy bird, which receive national coverage. This game was making around roughly 40,000 in adds a day. This game was so simple; all it was tapping the screen to make your character get past obstacles. Whoever created this app, now does not have to work for the rest of his life. This is all because of the work of Steve Jobs and the creation of the App Store.
    The combination of the IPod and a Phone was pure genius. It combined listening to music on the go with making phone calls. This revolutionized to the creation of apps, which in turn make tasks easier. An example of this is getting free music or the use of YouTube on your phone. You could not watch videos on the go, something that people love to do. This then expanded to the creation of companies such as Uber, where you can get transportation to any place you would like by someone who you do not know. The entire platform is based off the App Store; it is only around today because of what Steve Jobs started. If not for him Apps like Twitter, Facebook and Google would not have become a part of many people’s lives. Honestly, I do not think that one could survive in the normal world today without using technology such as iPhone or Apps created in the App store. In order to send an email on the go, you just need to take your phone out and open your email. If you need to look up current events for a project, just open safari and you will find any event that is currently going on. The iPhone has made information available at your fingertips wherever you are.
    The creation and the invention of the App Store changed society and the world. People can communicate in seconds from across the globe, in any time zone, at any given moment. There are no barriers to communicating now a day. I could go on and on about how much the invention of the iPhone has had an effect on society as a whole, but the bottom line is that Steve jobs created a product that actually changed the world. His legacy will live on forever and is constantly changing and revolutionizing.

  20. John Zarro January 26, 2017 at 2:39 pm #

    It is shocking in many ways that Steve Jobs did not come to the realization of what he had created before him in 2007. Steve Jobs, considered one of the most if not the most innovate figure ever, in my opinion had to understand what was going to occur after the releasing of the product. As stated in the article by David Price, Steve Jobs was, “trying to build an iPod that made calls,” and nothing more. However, Jobs ended up revolutionizing technology instead with the new “killer app” and iPhone. With the development of Safari into the iPod/cell phone, Steve Jobs was able to create a device that would spark a new generation called or refereed to as the “smartphone era.” I firmly believe this article was a stretch or very far-fetched because for Steve Jobs, one of the smartest people ever also, to not come to the understanding or to the realization of what he was doing throughout this entire process when revolutionizing the iPod and technology in general is still unfathomable.

    Even though this article has hard evidence about Steve Jobs’s naïve perception towards his revolutionary idea in 2007, I disagree with the ideology completely. I am very opinionated, in particular when social media blows things out of proportion. I respect Steve Jobs without a doubt and appreciate everything he has done. I admire his life story and his constant drive, but I think this article was released to get more publicity for the product. Price, the author of this article, tries to persuade the audience that Jobs did not see the big picture when releasing the iPhone. The average human who also believes a simple drink will give them this immense amount of energy will believe something like this and consider it when purchasing a phone in the future. With other competitors such as Samsung’s Galaxy closing in on Apple’s iPhone’s technology, Apple needed to gain publicity and open the eyes of the readers to see Apple’s “endless possibilities.” By identifying that Apple and Steve Jobs were the first to create such technology and designs, the company is able to convey an image of their future. People, hopefully for Apple’s sake, will join “team iPhone” for the future rather than the present. Since Apple was five years ahead of their time in 2007, naïve customers would believe that when they are in 2020 Apple’s technology would be that of the year 2025. The “killer app was not the phones abilities,” stated by Price, but instead how easily usable the phone was and how impressive the design of the phone was. This statement appeals to society’s goals of simplicity and speed. If the iPhone was perceived as hard to use, slow, or even ugly, customers would stray away from the device. The 21st century buyers like to experience something new which is what I think Steve Jobs and Apple DID REALIZE in 2007.

    When describing the future for Apple post Steve Jobs, I do think the possibilities are endless. However, I also think Apple’s stock will plummet or hit a plateau state because day-by-day competitors are closing in, taking sales, and enhancing their own technology. Technology is being revolutionized daily, weekly, and monthly which is why every year or so a new iPhone or Android comes out with new and different attributes. The problem with this is that Apple has not really made any major jumps recently besides from the early stages of the iPhone like the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4 to the 4s. Yes, simple modifications like phone size and weight, speed, or even the, in many customer’s opinions, annoying switch from headphones to the wireless buds. Without the auxiliary jack, people cannot just grab any auxiliary cord like they used too and play music or anything of that nature. Similar to the LifeProof cases that were once popular because of their “new” design of being waterproof and everything else when protecting devices, the product died out because people got annoyed with always having to carry the auxiliary jack or extension when wanting to plug in any auxiliary cord; I know I did. All in all, I think this new iPhone 7 will have the similar impacts to their customers as an acute illness would to a patient; come on rapidly and all at once but then die out just as fast. Although Apple thrives on still maintaining the consistent fundamentals that started in 2007 with Steve Jobs they need to modify a lot more in order to blow away the competition. In conclusion, I think this article was a publicity stunt by Price and Apple to portray the whole “four fathers” or “founders” image that this country likes to dwell on; for now until it “bites them in the butt”.

  21. Cameron Collier January 26, 2017 at 3:09 pm #

    When Steve Jobs started the Apple Company, like stated in the article, he was looking to revolutionize music through the invention of the iPod and iTunes store and then, combine the iPod with a mobile cellphone. Being that it is 2017 and nearly every cellphone is a touchscreen smartphone capable of playing and purchasing music as well as connecting users to the internet, to think that Jobs was so ahead of his time because he was just simply thinking practically is mind-boggling. Being that the start of the 21st century came with a new boom in technological innovation and the sudden rush through life, Jobs was only thinking of how to simplify the lives of millions, if not billions, of people. His goal was to enable easier connections to contacts, to enrich their lives with art through music and to provide access to information just as Google does on a computer.
    The combination of a computer and a traditional phone would have seemed impossible, but now they are the reality. Alfred Nobel and Steve Jobs exemplify how each invention has both negative and positive outcomes. For instance, the iPhone has been a great tool for communication. However, many scholars are worried that too many people cannot hold good face-to-face conversations because people are too used to the digital world. Some people even claim that phone addictions can be a problem in this age of technology. Many deaths have been reported because people pay more attention to their phone than the road they are driving on. Moreover, technology has become more accessible to all kinds of people, including young children. This may not be harmful to some students; in fact it can help the environment since many schools have become virtually “paperless”. On the negative note, some children are using iPads at such a young age without even knowing how to read people’s facial expressions. Also, privacy has become a bigger issue now that people have a “personal mobile computer” everywhere they go. Some people don’t even know how much information they are giving out because they are too busy enjoying the apps in their smartphones.
    Honestly, I do not think that one could survive in the normal world today without using technology such as iPhone or Apps created in the App store. In order to send an email on the go, you just need to take your phone out and open your email. If you need to look up current events for a project, just open safari and you will find any event that is currently going on. The iPhone has made information available at your fingertips wherever you are.
    The creation and the invention of the App Store changed society and the world. People can communicate in seconds from across the globe, in any time zone, at any given moment. There are no barriers to communicating now a day. I could go on and on about how much the invention of the iPhone has had an effect on society as a whole, but the bottom line is that Steve jobs created a product that actually changed the world. His legacy will live on forever and is constantly changing and revolutionizing.

  22. Filip Bizek January 27, 2017 at 2:35 pm #

    It is hard to think about the modern phone and not link it with iPhone. Its unique design, customer friendly software, and revolutionary concept for a phone propelled the Apple Company to new highest not even expected by Steve Job himself. As stated in the article, “It didn’t foresee the App Store becoming a billion- dollar business full of billion- dollar businesses like Uber, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.” Steve Job’s visons for iPhone was quite different than most people think. It was not supposed to be a revolutionary product, but rather an evolution of iPod. What Apple was truly trying to do was to create an iPod with an ability to make phone- calls and connect to the internet. We all know that iPhone became much more than what is stated above. It is so interesting how Steve Job and the whole Apple Company did not realize the full potential of the iPhone in the first place. The device that was once just a prototype became available to the mainstream public 10 years ago and instantly revolutionized the whole cellphone market. I have never thought about the fact how the iPhone actually lead to creation of other billion dollar businesses directly linked to the App Store. It is truly remarkable how one totally misjudged idea gave a platform for other businesses to excel on. It just shows that even geniuses like Steve Jobs are not always able to predict the impact of their innovation.

    Another quite fascinating fact about the first iPhone is that Steve Jobs did not only miss-judge iPhone’s true potential, but also was against making it a pocket computer. In his eyes, it was a thing with touch controls, ability to receive and make phone calls, and prestigious look. He even referred to it as “Killer App.” It is almost unimaginable to think about Steve Jobs being against the apps. In his opinion, additional applications would only detract the iPhone from its primary objective. How could it be that one of the biggest geniuses in the world was so terribly wrong? The App Store made the iPhone a pocket computer and moved Apple 5 years ahead of its competition. Thanks to that, the iPhone became the most desirable technology by the consumers and the producers. From my own experience, I remember when I was still a child and the iPhone was introduced to the public. It was something unlike anything else on the market. I could not believe that a phone was able to do what my stationary computer did. Nonetheless, whether Steve Job meant it or not, it does not really matter. He still is the genius who created something ahead of its time. Just like many other innovators, he simply did not realize in the beginning how important his innovation would become for our society.

    It is not enough to mention it once; Apple has truly created a device that could be anything and everything as stated in the article. In opinion shared by most, a phone fully connected to the internet was just a dream 10 years ago. Well, 10 years ago, Steve Jobs created something that majority did not think would be possible. For example, one of the key applications on the iPhone to this day is Safari. It is a web browser enabling the user to surf through the internet just like in a regular stationary computer. All of the sudden, things like a physical map significantly decreased in demand. Why bring an actual map when you can google the route to your destination through Safari. Now a day, a web browser or GPS on a phone is nothing out of norm. However, it is necessary to realize how this lead to creation of billion- dollar companies such as Uber, which heavily relies on internet usage in a phone.

    It is fair to claim that iPhone overachieved in a very short period of time. However, what the article failed to mention is Apple’s competition. Currently speaking, iPhone no longer is technologically 5 years ahead of its competitors. The newest ideas added to the iPhone are not as revolutionary as they once were. Wireless AirPods or Siri itself did not really manage to propel the Apple Company to even higher levels. Wireless AirPods are not even new in the technology market and Siri did not prove to be as useful as one would think. I would argue that it is still much more practical to use the touchscreen instead of speaking to the phone. It sounds nice but it simply is not efficient. In addition, companies such as Samsung without a doubt caught up to Apple and perhaps even surpassed it. It is fair to argue that Samsung is leading the battle to the technological advancement. It is no longer technology that makes the iPhone a desirable product; it is the emphasis on the prestigious design that sways people to still buy it. With the death of Steve Jobs, Apple lost the edge that they once had when compared to other companies.

  23. Thomas Dellisanti January 27, 2017 at 3:43 pm #

    Coming from someone who has used an iPhone for about 5 years now and using other Apple products for even longer, I can say with certainty that the iPhone is a revolutionary product. I remember the first couple of phones that I owned before the iPhone that had nowhere near the capabilities of this product. Steve Jobs managed to create a device that allows for multiple ways of communication while also allowing access to endless possibilities on the Internet, all while being simple and easy to use. At the time of the reveal of the iPhone, no one could have expected the capabilities of this powerful product.
    Phones now are no longer used for strictly communication between other people. Communication involving texts and calls have improved greatly in quality, but mostly everyone uses it for other purposes. People that have social media accounts are constantly checking their profile and news feed for the latest updates, which admittedly, is something I do very often. Whenever something is questioned, people access Google right on their phones and find the answer in less than 30 seconds. Apps are also an extremely important in some people’s lives because these apps can be extremely beneficial to their daily routines, such as fitness, news, and music apps.
    Steve Jobs could have never predicted the eventual resourcefulness of the iPhone. In theory, this product was only supposed to be a device where you can listen to music and make calls. This simple product has changed the way an entire generation learns and interacts with each other in their daily lives. Schools have included this technology in their classes to help get students more involved with the lessons. Parents use iPhones and iPads to both monitor and teach their children using a variety of different apps. Through the creation of the iPhone, society has completely changed itself to incorporate this technology in their everyday lives. More and more apps are being created to help or improve aspects in daily life, so this technology would become much more incorporated in society.
    I have encountered people that disapprove of the rapidly changing, technology-centered world that we are living in. They might argue that people need to “unplug” because technology is too invasive in daily life. In reality, we as a society have gotten to the point where this is no longer an option. Technologies such as the iPhone and those inspired by the iPhone are constantly evolving, and people are already fully involved in the use of these devices. When seeing how much of an improvement their life is while using this technology, they would simply never think about “unplugging”. Many people have become reliant on the use of these devices, which is not necessarily negative because of the various benefits that they offer. However, these benefits eventually become routine, and the sudden absence of the iPhone and similar products would be looked at as detrimental to those who use these products every day. If I were to “unplug”, I would not be able to check my social media accounts, use my various apps, and listen to my extensive music collection on Apple Music. While people might view the iPhone as invasive, it has now become a necessary part of millions of people’s lives. Without realizing it, Steve Jobs has not only created a revolutionary product but also formed a new generation of people that incorporate his product into almost every part of their daily life.

  24. Julian Manzano February 3, 2017 at 2:37 pm #

    If you go out right now and ask the first person you see what phone they have, it is almost a sure thing they will have an iPhone. The iPhone has become the world’s most popular device, by selling over a billion phones since it was first birthed. The iPhone has become almost a staple in today’s world, as it lets you do things one could not have predicted 10 years ago… not even its creator, Steve Jobs. Apple has become one of the most valuable companies in the world, and it has controlled the market of smartphones and other devices like tablets and computers for almost a decade now. Apple started its takeover after the revolutionary debut of the iPhone and Apple is only getting started.
    Apple changed the world when they created the first iPhone, it was something so far out there, it seemed like something in a fantasy world. It was a device to could talk calls and be connected to the internet at all times, and now the iPhone is a staple for gaming, internet, texting and almost everything in your daily life. It has become not only a device that one could use for fun and calling, it has become something that could run a business, with apps that could give you data and calculations at the tap of a screen. The iPhone has also started huge corporations and innovative ideas for apps, things like Uber, Snapchat and Instagram would not exist without the iPhone, because they cater strictly towards the phone itself. Apple even made listening to music much more convenient for its users and it even has a huge platform called Apple Music that streams music for users only on the iPhone.
    Along with the iPhone, Apple also created other revolutionary products like the iPad and the Apple Watch, which are both in high demand today. The iPad has become very popular and it is a very friendly device for kids to do things like play games and watch videos with its larger screen. The Apple Watch is the first wearable tech product Apple has released. It allows users to make calls and play certain games from it, and it also connects to iCloud so it syncs your data from it to all devices. The Apple Watch does things like track your steps and calories burned throughout the day.
    Apple changed the world; there is no other way to put it. It created such an important device that many people depend on daily and it created a completely new world for users and creators. The crazy part about Apple and its devices is that it has shown no signs of slowing down. The company gets bigger every year and it comes out with new, innovative devices for its customers every year. It is impossible to predict what they will come out with next, but it for sure will new and fresh. I do not think there will be another device that will make such an impact on the world like the iPhone did for a long time. It will be a large task to try and top the iPhone.

  25. Frankie Lisa February 3, 2017 at 8:59 pm #

    Some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind were created by accident. Many other inventions that were created with small intentions, made an incredible impact, an impact much bigger than its creators had in mind. The iPhone is the perfect example of this type of creation. When design of the iPhone started, Apple knew that the iPod was extremely popular, and the cell phone was becoming more popular. When Apple set out to create the iPhone, they were simply trying to build an iPod that makes phone calls; eliminate the inconvenience of carrying two devices. The ability to combine a cell phone and an iPod already made huge waves in technology world. Steve jobs thought that the “killer app” for the iPhone would be the phone calls app. However, the iPhone had a third component, which really set it apart. This component was the iPhones ability to connect to the internet. Steve jobs called this third component an “internet communications device.”
    Steve Jobs was skeptical about the other applications downloaded from the App Store. Jobs thought they would crash often and interfere with phone calls. However, the iPhone’s ability to connect to the internet has revolutionized the world in only a decade. The iPhone became the first “personal computer.” The web browser Safari was the first web browser that allowed users to visit real websites on their phones. The iPhone was also one of the first phones to incorporate global positioning system technology. Another groundbreaking feature of the phone was the quality of its camera; at the time, the iPhone had by far the best camera of any smartphone.
    The iPhone not only built the bridge for how smartphones would be created, but it also set the stage for a new rapidly growing mobile application market. The iPhones physical features allowed many billion-dollar apps to be created. For example, the iPhone’s high quality camera allowed apps such as Instagram and Snapchat to emerge. The iPhone’s incorporation of GPS technology allowed apps such as Waze, Uber, and Where’s My iPhone. Also the quality and reliability of Apple’s touch screen allowed users to watch videos and play games on their phones.
    A decade later we are on the seventh generation of the iPhone. Many improvements have been made to the screen, camera, processor, etc. However the iPhone has remained fundamentally the same.

  26. Alex Stephen February 3, 2017 at 9:00 pm #

    Steve Jobs is the definition of a true entrepreneur who really hustled his way to the top. He wasn’t given anything but he worked his way by setting goals for himself and taking very small steps to achieve his goals. When the very first iphone came out people were thrilled to see how big can Apple really get after the first release of it’s very first phone. Apple grew from one of the smallest companies to the biggest in a matter of months when it released it’s second phone. The phone really boosted the companies stock value and emerged in a sense of helping the people by providing many features for users to use. Some examples of the applications that were given to users are the ICloud and Health app. The Icloud app helped people store all there memories that they wanted to keep forever and the health app helped people keep track of their health by counting the amount of steps a person takes and keep track of the amount of miles a person runs/walks.

    The invention was really a small brilliant idea that just expanded and Steeve Jobs really expressed his new Ideas by releasing new versions of the Iphone and Ipad and later boosting his sales by presenting the brand new Apple Watch which can control your applications from your wrist. All apple products are in high demand and its Value is at a very high price as well. I predict that the company has many more surprising features that will keep impressing me and the many other Apple users all around the world.

  27. Alison Amen September 7, 2017 at 11:37 pm #

    As Steve Jobs said 10 years ago, “IPhone is like having your life in your pocket.” Jobs never knew what IPhone’s would come to be in this day in age. Originally, he envisioned to make an upgrade to the iPod. Jobs ideal mindset was to combine the iPod and a phone to make the iPhone. An iPod that could ultimately make and receive calls. It is crazy to think that within 10 years of the anniversary, technology, particularly Apple products, have greatly enhanced since then. When Apple designed the first smartphone, Jobs and his team never planned on it being this affective to the lives of everyday people. When Apple came out with the first iPhone in January of 2007, they never would have guessed that it would be a billion-dollar business and that millions of people would be using the product daily. Apple’s plan was not to change the way that people communicate, but make a more convenient smartphone that makes surfing the web, calling, and listening to music at the same time more efficiently. The 21st century has brought technology to a new level and the public is becoming more technologically dependent then ever before.
    I cannot remember the last time I saw someone without either an iPhone or a smartphone. In this day in age, we use our iPhone for everything; music, communication, shopping, GPS and much more. I could not imagine what life would be like without the iPhone. It amazes me that Jobs did not envision his product to be the most successful business idea in the country being that he is the creator of the worlds smallest computer to this day. With that being said, in the 21st century, society has become tremendously dependent on the iPhone. We use our phones on an everyday basis whether it be in school, home or work. Having an iPhone allows me to do everything that I can do on my computer at my greatest convenience. People can even online shop straight from their iPhone using Safari or the various shopping apps that the app store has to offer. Cyber-shopping is becoming the more prominent method of shopping. Most people do not even go to the store anymore, instead, they are using online shopping because it is more accessible and they can order essentially anything with the click of a button.
    The creation of the IPhone has opened up a whole new way of communicating. I would love to see what Steve Jobs thinks about how far the IPhone has come and how much of an impact the IPhone has on the world today. Apple is now, and will continue to be, the dominant force that drives the technological world. As avid users of Apple products, we can only show the greatest gratitude towards Steve Jobs and his brilliant technological advancements that he has shared with the world.

  28. Matt Resende November 11, 2017 at 3:20 pm #

    What Apple has done in the past decade has been truly revolutionary and unimaginable back in 2007. In 2007, I was 12 years old. I got my first cell phone was I was 10. It was a small flip phone, which to me, was the coolest thing. My phone had internet capabilities, but it was not in the family plan, so that was not something I could do on my phone. I got my first iPhone in 8th grade, and it was then when I realized how truly amazing technology was. It was a Christmas present from my parents and I sat on the couch after I opened it, playing with it and seeing what it was truly capable of for hours. Seeing all the different apps, music, and the camera was truly amazing to see, all in one device, and I was holding it in my hand. Now, ten years later, with the release of the iPhone X, the technology has progressed farther than anybody could have ever initial imagined when, especially me while I sat and played with my iPhone 3. The strides the iPhone has made since its initial inception is truly remarkable. As the article says, the features on the iPhone has created multibillion-dollar companies. The camera made Instagram and Snapchat, the music capabilities has created Pandora and Spotify, and apps like Uber from the navigation. Without the iPhone, it is likely that these apps would never have been created.
    The greatest innovation from the iPhone era has been its internet access. Phones prior to the iPhone had internet capabilities, nut nothing like the iPhone does. Being able to have the entire internet world in the palm of your hand is truly something crazy to think about. With the newest iPhone coming out with the latest technology and innovation, one must wonder how much farther can technology realistically go? How many more features can developers fit into one small device? Although, the same questions were asked when the first iPhone came out, and developers have continued to amaze us. There is a reason why lines are so long to buy the iPhone on its release dates. People will continue to buy the products Apple puts out, no matter what it is.

  29. Koyinsola Okulaja February 1, 2018 at 8:15 pm #

    Steve Jobs was one of the smartest man of our time, he was way ahead of his time, and the fact that his invention the IPhone is still going strong years after his death speaks a lot about his intelligence. Steve Jobs himself did not see the IPhone being as big as it is today. If Steve Jobs had still been here, we could only wonder what other products he would have created/designed. Steve Jobs has been famous for his many quotes, one of the things he wanted to do was to “put a ding in the universe” it is clear he did that, not only with the iPhone but many of the products he created years ago are still popular and are still being used today (IPhone, IPad, IPod). I agree with Daniel Anglim in that a world without IPhones today will be a scary thought not only for kids but also for adults in terms of business and communication.
    The IPhone was one of the most revolutionary products of our time period, even though it was not the first smartphone that was invented. It was one of the first that put all our main necessities on one phone. We were able to go on the internet, listen to music and make calls all from the same device. Many new things have made the success of the iPhone even more successful, things like the many different apps that make the phones more intriguing. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat helped popularize the iPhone even more and kept it going.
    The IPod touch was one of Apple’s most successful products, these was one of the devices for me and my friends to have in middle school because it not only allowed you to listen to music, but they were also many gaming apps that we used to waste our time. The IPod touch was one of the inspirations of the phone and one of the 3 revolutionary products that was involved in the creation of the IPhone. The other 2 being a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communication device.
    The description of a computer in your pocket is one that has been proven to be more and more true because as the newer iPhone have come out, the technologies are continuing to get better and faster. The IPhone was not only a revolution in the smartphone world but it was also very effective in the business world as people were now able to communicate with people a lot easier whether through the phones or through the applications. The looks of the iPhone over time is another thing that has been interesting, over the years the phone has continued to get slimmer and slimmer by getting rid of things that might not necessarily be needed like moving the power button to the side of the phone and even completely removing the home button on the new iPhone X. It is scary to think of what kind of technology they will have in the upcoming iPhone as they now have the face id on the new iPhone x. Whatever they have will be representing Steve Jobs very well as Tim Cook has done a great job in taking over the ideas that Steve Jobs had.

  30. Luke Nadolny February 2, 2018 at 10:32 am #

    Steve Jobs is without a doubt one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history. When he set out to make his iPhone, he did not anticipate the technological revolution that would have taken place in the coming years. Nowadays other companies have tried to replicate what Apple has done with no avail. This is even more surprising that Jobs was not even trying to make a phone that also acted as a computer, in fact he was against the idea. Jobs wanted to stick to just making phone calls because he thought the apps would crash the phone, little did he know that that was far from the case. With the introduction of the iPhone, Apple became the juggernaut we know them today, and they continue to make advancements in their products, all because of one idea.

    With the passing of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook has stepped in as the CEO of Apple, but although their have been some great advancements in their products, there has also been some missteps. The creation of the Apple Watch was met with mixed reviews, and the recent controversy about the slowing down of older iPhones to force the consumer to buy the latest version. Nevertheless all in all, Tim Cook has done as best he can to fill the shoes of a legend because we may not ever see someone like Steve Jobs again. Some of Apple’s newest iPhone features include finger print unlocks, face recognition, waterproof cases, and the phones themselves now being waterproof. Not to mention the social media outlets that became popular because of the iPhone, which is the reason you see all the jokes about people being on their phones all the time and not interacting with anyone. The biggest innovation with the iPhone would be eliminating network exclusive phones, anyone remember those? Now it only matters what network you are on and not what phone you can copyright, and that is exactly what Apple needed the most.

    Without Steve Jobs’s greatest invention, the world may not be as technologically advanced as it is today. Most technology regarding entertainment display, and business all have the fingerprints of the iPhone on them, whether you notice them or not. When Steve Jobs thought of this innovation, he was not only starting a trend, he was starting a revolution.

  31. Lauren Woodward February 2, 2018 at 3:20 pm #

    It’s no secret that the most known company in the world, Apple, soars with their various products, including the renowned iPhone. The iPhone, as the article explains, is one of the most revolutionary products that our age has ever seen. Almost every individual I meet has an iPhone, and pretty much every person has some sort of smart phone. The iPhone started a revolution of smart devices, and plunged us into the digital age. However, Steve Jobs did not see the future of the iPhone that we have now.
    From what I’ve collected, Steve Jobs was nothing but innovative. He saw a future in technology that no one else did. Although he had a optimistic and extensive vision for how future technology would work, he had no idea what the iPhone would be like today, in terms of its functionality and large range of skills. When he first introduced the iPhone, he simply made a product that incorporated the iPod, a phone, and the internet in one. Now, iPhones do what seems limitless. With the newest iPhone having no home button with facial recognition, we truly see a new generation of technology being built. That being said, a rush of fear comes over myself and many others with the idea that technology will soon replace most of society. Recently, the human robot “Sophia” has been introduced, as well as smart home hubs such as Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s HomePod. While all these innovations are impressive to the eye, we have to think about the long term affect of bringing such devices into our lives. They will eventually bring a decrease in the job market and intrude on privacy matters, for example. Believe it or not, the iPhone has technically lead to such great steps in the technology age, which seems to be a blessing and a curse.
    Although I love my iPhone and truly don’t know what I’d do without it, I find problems; specifically with what I just typed in this very sentence. The fact that most individuals nowadays can’t bear to be away from or, god forbid, without their phone is preposterous. Smart devices have become such a dependency in this generation that parents are buying their young children phones and other devices. I see society changing before my very eyes; my mother got her first phone at 45, my sister at 17, and me at 11. As Bob Dylan once sang, times they are a-changin’, and I really don’t think we’re ready for it.

  32. Russell Malko February 2, 2018 at 5:53 pm #

    Some of the most influential innovations happen by chance and right timing. The iPhone happened to be one of these at how it took the market by storm, fulfilling the needs of everyday people and business leaders. It only made sense to combine a cellular device and the ever so popular iPod to make the ultimate device everyone would be using on a daily basis. In the article it explains, how even Steve Jobs couldn’t see how much of a game changer this was and revolutionary it was for the future. In all honesty they really couldn’t because innovations develop overtime and time is what lead it to what apple is today. Although, it does take seeing the right moment and an opportunity to start heading in the right direction. Apple was really just trying to make “an iPod that made phone calls” and they ended up exceeding their own expectations. All it takes is a disruption within the industry to create a tidal wave of change and that’s what Apple had just did after releasing their iPhone. Phones after this moment were set out to be multimedia devices which could connect you to a multitude of resources such as people or the web. Although, they didn’t do it in just an ordinary fashion. Apple created a new standard in the phone industry as their design aspects from the iPod carried over to their iPhone. Using top of the line technology and materials they made a new market for high end phones with no compromise to design.

    Apple even created new industries without even knowing it, such as the App Store. The App Store has let companies become the billion dollar companies that they are today such as Uber, Snapchat, and Instagram. By just using each element the iPhone brought to people’s fingertips, it created new life for social media, gaming, and services. An example being Uber which utilizes the GPS tracking function of the iPhone to know where the driver is coming from and where the consumer is. It’s incredible to see all these processes working together to make products that back in the day Steve Jobs just saw as a phone combined with an iPod. Even these new applications are disrupting the market and leading us into greater change for the future.

    As we just celebrate a decade with the iPhone, it has brought new devices for us to enjoy and an even newer price point for consumers, as they introduce their most expensive iPhone to date. Possibly this is just Apple repeating history as they move into a newer way we interact with our devices. As Koyinsola Okulaja states above, “It is scary to think of what kind of technology they will have in the upcoming iPhone as they now have the faceID on the new iPhone X.” This is true because people are not used to change and we will have to get used to it over-time but that’s what lets us move forward and have that innovation we need to make a difference. We’ll see more phones just use gesture controls like the new iPhone and face recognition, instead of fingerprint sensors and physical buttons. People always have trouble adjusting and making that initial plunge into the unknown that they aren’t used to but, in order for change it has to be done. As the article says, maybe we will just be using earpieces eventually with voice commands but, only time can really tell.

  33. Aldona Brzek February 13, 2018 at 4:51 pm #

    When Steve Jobs first launched Apple, the company mainly produced and sold computers and iPods however, in the early 2000s, Steve Job taught it would be interesting if he could somehow change the iPod to something more than just a simple music player. With technology evolving and people constantly demanding something better than just a simple phone, Steve Jobs came up with a great idea that he never thought would become as successful as it did. Today people wait in long lines just to buy a thousand-dollar phone and claim they cannot live without the newest technology. With all the features that are included in the phone, people find in necessary to have something that they can use for directions and to search things on the web. Having this advantage in one technological device shows that Apple has completely evolved as a company. Just as mentioned by others, the company was only meant to have three functions which include music, making phone calls, and internet connection however as apps were slowly being created, the iPhone had to become compatible with all of the new creations. Over the 10 years that the iPhone evolved, it has completely changed the whole perspective for hand held technologies. People decide to use this amazing product as a computer since it is smaller to carry around and has the same functions meaning people can write an email and typing long essays if they would want to through their iPhones. Thanks to the iPhone, people have become more social with being able to reach out to their friends in today’s society. One of the most important things of 2018 is to be able to use social media and have quick and easy access to it which is what the iPhone allows people to do. However, iPhone’s major competitor is Samsung which leads to iPhone constantly wanting to be better and as the years go by Apple will improve their software and their content that they include as well as the appearance to satisfy as many people as possible. Therefore, Steve Jobs simple idea of creating an iPhone is constantly evolving from the simple three function hand- held device to a phone that can be used to do anything and everything impressing the vast target market.

  34. Mark Marino February 14, 2018 at 9:22 am #

    Watching the initial iPhone presentation in 2007, not even Steve Jobs, the master of development and marketing could even comprehend what the iPhone is today. The reliance on smartphones has become a huge factor in what we do in our daily lives. Steve Jobs wanted to capture 1% of the cell phone market in 2007. Little did he know there would be a billion units of iPhone used in the world 10 years later. The fundamental features Steve Jobs aimed to accomplish are still in every iPhone manufactured today. Jobs wanted a widescreen iPod with touch screen features, a mobile phone, and an internet communications device. The extension of what these three features are now apps, multi-tasking software features, and much more.
    Today, software developers construct apps that are surrounded by the iPhone. Apps such as Uber use the GPS capabilities that are composed within the iPhone. WhatsApp uses the internet features to exchange messages and phone calls across the country and across the world. The versatility of iOS software is nowhere near as user-friendly as other operating systems. A few years ago, I had an Android smartphone. I was surprised how bad the operating system is. The seamless iOS is quick, glitch-free, and offers apps that are square and easy on the eyes. Applications were seen a disrupt to what Jobs wanted to accomplish which was just a simple touch-screen mobile phone. Today, apps rule our lives with features found in the original iPhone but on a bigger scale. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have revolutionized what it means to take a picture. Without the iPhone, pictures would not be easy to take and upload to a service to be shared with friends.
    Jobs was very much ahead of his time. In 2007 he developed a piece of technology that he did not even know would revolutionize the world today. Throughout development and even during the presentation, the iPhone was very buggy. The operating system was not nearly as perfected as it is today and had technical glitches that were not even seen due to Jobs’ ability to meticulously use multiple devices during his presentation. There are claims that if you accessed the music application and then the internet, the phone would work, but if the reverse occurred, the phone may have crashed. These are just small knots that the software engineers had to work out to make the iPhone as great as it is today. Software on the iPhone today is something that we don’t even think twice about crashing or the phone being unable to work. In 2007 and even during Jobs’ presentation, there was a great fear throughout Apple’s team that the presentation would fail. The risk that Jobs took, the execution, and the legacy he leaves based on that 2007 presentation, will be imprinted on technological history forever.

  35. Kyle R. February 15, 2019 at 8:08 pm #

    Not many people can change the world, but Steve Jobs did. He is known for many things, like buying a small group of computer scientists, and incorporating it as Pixar, but is most know for co-founding Apple Corporation. He changed the world of computers and technology forever. Steve Jobs revolutionized the PC industry, changed the way we listen to music, and took the world to the next level on cell phone usage.
    Apple’s products were unique and different than anything people had seen before. Apple along with Steve Jobs opened the door to the future in technology. The pc industry was never the same after Steve Jobs got his hands on it. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs we would not have the many essential computer features we have today. One of these essential parts of every computer is the mouse. Every computer in the world uses a mouse and if it wasn’t for him we would not have one. Along with the invention of the mouse, he introduced the world to the IMac. As well as the PC industry Steve Jobs also changed the way we listen to music. Steve Jobs completely redesigned and changed the way we listen to music around the world. With the invention of Itunes people were now allowed to buy songs and albums right off the internet. Before this there was always an object that would have to be bought. This meant you did not have to go to a store or even leave your house to buy music. With the invention of ITunes the IPod soon followed. The world did not think that something like this was possible. To be able to have hundreds of songs on one device was extraordinary. It was years before its time. This item honestly altered the world. Before, people would have to carry around CD and cassette players but after the invention of the IPod, all their music was in one small portable item. Along with the music industry Steve Jobs changed the way we use the phone. Steve Jobs thought of what no one else did before. He combined a phone, computer, and IPod and came up with the IPhone. To have all these devices in one was astounding. This really brought the world into the future. Before the IPhone we had to have each of those items separate, but with the creation of it, it really made life much easier for everyone. The IPhone brought the world into life with apps, touch screens, and much more. Also with apps it made the world a little easier, and everything about it just seemed to make life a little easier.
    Steve Jobs revolutionized the PC industry, changed the way we listen to music, and took the world to the next level on cell phone usage. I myself have had multiple iPhones and they are a huge part of my life and I barley even realize it. I probably use my phone more than anything else on a daily basis. Jobs left behind a legacy that changed the computer, music, and wireless industries. Without Steve we would not have many of the items we take for granted today that make life so easy. Steve Jobs did what no one else was capable of, with the invention of the IPhone.

  36. Vincent andre Perez Diaz March 29, 2019 at 1:09 pm #

    I’m not an Iphone user, never been and I am almost certain I never will be one, but I have to give credit when credit is due and the first Iphone was such a revolutionizing idea that it created a path for smartphones today. The first Iphone released in 2007 was game changing, something completely innovating but I do not agree with the article and the quote from Andy Grignon that there wasn’t a plan for the future or that Jobs only wanted to create a better Ipod. Knowing how Steve Jobs was like, due to articles online, biography or even his own words in interviews, he was a guy that had everything, or almost everything planned. He did not released the Iphone thinking it wasn’t going to change the world because he knew what he had created and he knew he was starting a new era of technology, the same with the release of the Ipad two years later.

    It’s interesting to read about the reaction someone had when he forgot a map and for the first time ever used Safari to find its direction. I say its interesting because now a days that’s like the most common thing to do. Its really an example of how far technology has come. We are in a technologic era where something that was released a mere 12 years ago feel so outdated, so useless and it is impressive to look back and see that by the time of release a basic task such as being able to call from something that fits on your pocket was impressive, and to have the internet also seemed delusional.

    What seems really surprising is that Steve Jobs said that they wanted to get one percent of the smartphone market and nowadays they have sold over 1 billion Iphones and are probably the world’s top selling smartphone. In the article they tried to compare Amazon’s Alexa to the iphone which seems wrong given that an Iphone is a fully-fledge computer basically and Alexa is just a voice command tool that can control other smart things in your house. These are two completely different markets that must never be compared because they don’t have anything to do with each other. The article says that the Iphone does a great integrating all of apple products together and that’s completely true. I am not an Iphone user as I stated before, I consider myself an Apple hater, but I can un biasedly say that their connectivity between all their products is the best there is by far.

    The first thing that came to my mind when I first started reading this was all of the innovation Apple used to do. They revolutionized the smartphone market, they created this new amazing product that all companies started to copy in some ways but still, they are behind in the game. Nowadays they have little to no innovation in their products, giving almost the same product every year with a little better processor. Lately their best “innovation” are copies from their competition and they say they created it, for example, wireless charging, which will be on the Iphone of 2019 when other brands such as Huawei, Samsung and many others have had that option For several years now.

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