Poll: What is your view of the all-USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro?

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We’ve run three opinion pieces recently addressing Apple’s decision to remove all but USB-C ports from the new MacBook Pro – and each has attracted literally hundreds of comments.

I started the ball rolling by arguing that while I do fully appreciate the pain involved in the transition, it’s a trade-off. Buying a few new cables or adapters today versus ending up with too few USB-C ports when the new standard has taken over a year or so down the line. That one generated more than 700 comments, many of them arguing that I was wrong and that Apple should have offered a mix of USB-A and -C ports, as well as retaining the SD slot …

Jeff addressed the SD card issue in more detail, suggesting that we should be demanding that camera manufacturers add high-speed data transfer via USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt, and that Apple’s move will encourage this.

Finally, Zac argued that while there are reasons to complain, USB-C is the future, and it’s not difficult to adapt to it by replacing a few cables.

We’re currently at 1400 comments and counting across the three threads.

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15 Responses to Poll: What is your view of the all-USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro?

  1. mike serritella November 4, 2016 at 10:43 am #

    This is something that annoys me to no extent, apple is always trying to make the most money possible and this year they have done the best job of that. This year they have removed two of the most used ports on their devices, the USB port and the headphone jack on the iphone 7. When people found out that there was no headphone jack there was an uproar within the apple community, every iphone user thought that they were going to have to buy a pair of airpods or buy another dongle. But that wasn’t the case when they opened the box to their new phone, they were greeted with a new pair of headphones that worked with the iphone 7 and a dongle so you can use old headphones with the new iphone 7. I was one of these people who thought that the phone was going to be a nightmare without the headphone jack but after using it for about two months now its honestly not that bad. But there are some issues with the new macbook coming out that need to be addressed. Not many products out there today use USB-C and this is apple kind of shooting themselves in the foot in some way. The new macbook has a headphone jack which is awkward for those people who just bought a brand new iphone 7. That’s right, apples new product will not be able to support the lightning headphones. While im sure people have some headphones laying around its just very frustrating that you annot use the new headphones you just got with you iphone.
    The other biggest thing that annoys people is the fact that they have to go out and buy an entirely new dongle. Any normal usb won’t work with the new USB-C ports so you have to go out and buy a ridiculously big looking block just so you can charge your iphone with your macbook. Why would apple not make two of their flagship products the compatible with one another? A lot of people think this is a ridiculous move because its just apple trying to make more money off accessories for their newest product. The adapter goes for about $70 which is ridiculous considering people are spending about $1,300 for a new macbook. Some third party companies are sure to come out with a new adapter tht will probably be much cheaper but for now we are stuck with apples crappy huge adapter for the macbook. While the new Macbooks do have some really cool features its not worth it if you can plug in your favorite accessories and use them like you would with any other computer, but for a simple cost of $70 you can!! It is honestly a ridiculous move to have to buy another adapter, yeah the touch bar is pretty neat and awesome but it doesn’t have enough features for people to want to buy it. If people already have last year’s macbook then it’s safe to say that they should just stick with that because at least you can use the USB ports on it and not have to worry about buying an adapter.

  2. Jesse Klarfeld November 4, 2016 at 7:43 pm #

    I thought this article would be interesting because it has to do with the newest laptop that Apple has produced and it entails a controversial feature. This controversial issue regards the USB ports. Now, USB’s and USB ports are very important features on technological devices today because they are used for connecting other devices and sharing information as well as many other uses.

    I personally think that Apple should leave the USB A and USB B ports rather than the C because everyone already has the other two USB ports. Having the C being the only USB port on the computer would make users buy another accessory for every single cable. Although this would of course make people buy something else which is good for Apple and other companies, this is a major inconvenience to the users. I do not think incorporating this feature would do any good and in fact have more negatives than positives.

    This topic and question is very controversial and I have a strong opinion towards this. I truly do not see any reason why Apple should add this to the laptop, let alone let it be the only port on the thing. I feel extremely negative about the all-USB-C decision and I most normally use either USB 2 or USB 3 as well as HDMI.

    There is no other point to adding another option unless it serves utter importance and significance regarding safe connection and effectiveness. In other words, I highly disagree with having this port on the laptop as it will have no positives and just add negatives.

    I know that the future is here and many companies want to make innovations and advancements, however, many products and ideas are being produced without any actual impressive and efficient performance. I could think of many other advancements that Apple could make on the laptop rather than a new and different USB port.

    When I voted for my opinions, I was not surprised at the popularity and usage of USB 2 and 3, but I was shocked about the feelings on the incorporation of this new port. I am very negative in regards to this decision, but the option “fairly positive” is winning the poll with 3600 votes and 23.72%. This is quite contradictive as the people supporting the port would have to buy these cables for a charging device, camera, and any other technological cables.

    Ultimately, my view on this decision is negative because I do not see much benefits to this innovation. I liked the old MacBook Pro’s and I wish Apple would have improved many other features rather than the external ports. I find it a stupid idea to have only USB-C ports as many people do not have that compatible cable yet. This is by far one of Apple’s most lame ideas, and they really need to come back with a better and more impactful feature next product. This port is very unfamiliar and unorthodox in this sort of technological century, and it will take much getting used to if this stays a trend on laptops and other devices.

  3. Hakeem Marshall November 4, 2016 at 8:11 pm #

    I like technology. I like reading about it. I like talking about it. I love seeing companies compete to bring us the latest and greatest technology. I love how technological improvement has been the driving factor in our growth. I love how technology has made us all richer. Now with all that being, it should seem obvious that I would support this attempt to bring us into a more modern era of technology, right? If you read that and were hoping to be surprised , you were wrong. I fully support this attempt by Apple to, once again, push us forward technologically.

    USB – C is a godsend. Why? well if you have spent any meaningful time with a computer you have likely had to get your data from another source and put it into your computer. Now it is true that we live in the age of email and streaming but sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes you just need a hard copy to insert into your computer. When you do, most of the times you will use a USB. When you do, you will likely run into an issue. You try to plug in into your computer and it does not go in. It is baffling the first time it happens, and by the hundredth time it is annoying but expected. The reason for this is that USB’s only work on one side. This was a universally accepted truth among human beings or at least it was until USB – C. USB – C works on both sides. This is incredible the minor frustration you experience with USB’s will no longer exist. USB – C also has faster read and write speeds which means things that have USB – C will upload and get on to your device much quicker. It is also smaller and is much less sharp. This will make easier to use and provide a much better experience for consumers. Apple pushing USB forward will make us all better off and I, for one am excited.

    USB – C also has higher wattage. What that means is is that USB – C chargers will charge things faster. Also it will mean that USB – C will become even more universal than the USB as it currently exists. There is some fear that USB – C quick upload speeds and smooth and accessible shape will lead to developers only putting one on a device and charging us for converters. I believe this fear is largely unfounded. Where there is supply, there is demand. Some company will eventually come around and meet this demand and competing companies will adjust their production. Another positive development on the power front of the USB – C is that it is bi-directional. What that means is is that the device can send and receive power. That is very exciting because it could mean the potential end of proprietary, rent – seeking garbage that, ironically enough, Apple is very guilty of. I doubt Apple will willingly deny themselves profit so they will move their rent-seeking to other avenues.

    Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation. They created the iPhone that changed the world. They created the Macbook, making ultra -thin laptops in style. They also created the iPad which was the perfect computer for people who hate computers. With this latest push, they will continue to make us all better by giving to us a new standard to developing technologies and consumer devices.

  4. Sami C. November 6, 2016 at 8:54 pm #

    I am currently in the market to buy a new MacBook Pro because once I became an Apple customer I am never going to be able to switch. I don’t believe that I would ever be able to like a product from a different company. I know a lot of my friends believe the same thing and the ones that have tried to switch to Samsung or other companies just couldn’t resist going back to Apple. It is not surprising to me that Apple’s new MacBook is getting rid of all ports besides the USB-C. Apple has been known for its ground breaking and revolutionary concepts when it comes to its technology. For instance, Apple has just released the IPhone7 with no earphone jack. Consumers were up in arms over this feature because it was not what they presently wanted. Apple pushing for the future now and consumers were resisting. The same debate is happening with the MacBook Pro.

    I do not see the removal of most of the ports to be an issue. As shown in the past, once Apple creates a new direction most of its competitors tend to follow. It does take some time for these companies to create similar products with similar features as the new Apple has. Presently, consumers may be angry that Apple has only USB-C ports, but I am mostly positive that other competitor companies will gravitate towards only having USB-C ports as well. Consumers will not be as upset when most products have the same features. It just takes some time to get to this point. Also, it will just take time to get used to the new design that the MacBook’s have.

    A point that the article brought up was cameras and their SD cards. What are these people supposed to do? Buy adapters? Devices now a days are leaning more to being connected through the Cloud and Bluetooth. In ten years, SD cards will replace the floppy disk. Even if other cameras do not get rid of their SD cards, Apple is making their IPhones’ cameras take high quality pictures. They are trying to get consumers to eliminate the purchase of other companies’ cameras and go to the IPhone for their photography needs. Whichever way you decide to look at it, Apple seems to be pushing consumers into the direction of everything connecting through the air and not having to rely on anything else. People are going to fight this movement, but in the end and by looking at Apple’s track record, consumers are going to adapt.

  5. Ryan Grasso November 11, 2016 at 2:29 pm #

    Apple has always been one of the most innovative technology corporations. Apple has embraced the vision of Steve Jobs in continuing to push the envelope and moving society forward. When Apple came out with their new charging port for their phones there was complaints by many consumers in the market. The complaints then were the same as they are now, complaining it was inconvenient and unnecessary to replace the technology that wasn’t broken. Without phasing out old technology for newer technology there would never be growth in the technology that we use. Apple is the leader in innovation, and if they believe that it is important to switch the ports to a different style of USB port there must be a reason that Apple decided to do so.

    Apple has announced in other articles they will start promoting the transfer from standard USB ports to new USB ports. The USB C port has some potential benefits, it can be compatible with USB 3.1 which will enable the cable to do additional tasks in addition to charging the phone, they will be able to have hi speed data transfers, and video transfers through the same cable. The demand to transfer files has been demanded by a large portion of the population. If the changes continue in this manner the new USB ports will become standard over many different platforms. One of the platforms that is mentioned by the article are cameras, the change by Apple could carry over to many different industries to create a standardizing effect across he technology market.

    The new MacBook Pro will be one of the most demanded laptops in the market regardless of the price. The new Macbook will be one of the most expensive laptops on the market, but consumers are willing to pay the additional price because the name Apple is associated with it. I believe that this situation will follow a similar transition that the IPhone charger followed. There will be push back from many consumers who do not want to spend the additional money for the new cords, but over time they will adapt to the new cord and will accept it as the new standard in the laptop industry. This article had done its own research and found that the market has reacted in a similar manner it had in the past. Based on the concepts proposed in the article, I believe this will be another Apple technological advance which will set the stage for other technology companies to follow.

  6. Matthan Martir November 11, 2016 at 2:43 pm #

    This does not surprise me. Apple has been known to always “change the game plan” even though, most of society is already adjusted and accommodated to their previous game plan. Is this annoying? Yes. I remember being very annoyed when they transitioned from the old Iphone4/Ipod chargers to the new Iphone5 and above chargers. Before I never really got the idea of it, I believed that it wasn’t smart or efficient to completely change what people are COMPLACENT too. I thought in a marketing sense it almost made people not want to gain their new products. Which is completely false because no matter what Apple makes and what they do with their products, they are just too high on the market for people to not buy their products based off a change in their chargers.

    However, it is because of that, that I began to understand. The whole mission of Apple is to be innovators to be always be creating something new and be a step ahead of the competition and to never be COMPLACENT. Being complacent is a nightmare to them, because then they are not being innovators and to be innovators you must constantly be updating and improving your products. They also understand that their fan base is just too big for people to just not buy their products if they were to change something such as the charger port, which gives them the option to makes adjustments such as these, more often than most companies. Do I like the change? No. But do I agree with their change and their ideals? Yes.

  7. jaymie nieves November 11, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    In my opinion, Apple has been milking it brand name and making people into believing that their products are still innovative. Their idea of innovation is removing “unnecessary functions” that the previous product did have. For example the IPhone 7 remove the headphone jack which was a popular function for IPhone customers. The remove of the jack force customers of the IPhone to purchase Bluetooth earphones or buy an IPhone Jack attachment. In my opinion, IPhone specifically wanted to promote new Bluetooth headphones called Airpods. So when the new MacBook came out I pleasantly surprised with a couple of new features. I am a big fan of the touch bar as well as the improved interface. Even though the new MacBook has a couple great feature Apple once again changed the size of charger making previous charger unusable. With the new charger, people have to purchase a new adapter produced by apple. This allows apple to gain a profit on its accessories.
    The problem with the new MacBook is that it is not that different from last year’s model. Even though it does have the new feature like the touch bar, the previous MacBook model doesn’t require users to buy new accessories to use it. The previous MacBook also allows people to use regular USB ports while the new MacBook has USB-C ports which most products are not compatible with. I believe it would be a better investment to buy the previous model of the MacBook because most accessories for the new MacBook are hard to find and are very expensive.

  8. Harrison McClure November 11, 2016 at 5:26 pm #

    Apple tends to make changes to the cords used to their products quite often. I remember the biggest instance of this was when they switched the charger from the iphone 4 to the iphone 5. Initially, everyone was screaming outrage saying that all that Apple was trying to do was make more money off all of us. If you look back on it 5 years later, it actually does make a lot of sense and the new charger is much easier to use and has a better design going in and out of the phone. The one thing that did bother me about Apple though is that they got rid of the hdmi outlets in their new computers. Personally, I have NFL Sunday Ticket which I watch every sunday so having the hdmi outlet on the computer made it really easy to connect my computer to the tv within seconds so I could watch any game I wanted.

    The main quality that makes Apple such a progressive company is their technology advancement. Unlike some companies who wait and see what the market trends are before they develop their products, Apple tells the market what they need. Examples of this is when the iPod, iPhone, and ipad came out. No one else had products like these out there so there was no demand for them in the market. However, when people saw how useful they were they moved to the top of each consumers priority list. Staying progressive is the key to having a successful business.

  9. Matt Multer November 14, 2016 at 7:12 pm #

    I hate apple. With a burning passion. Everything this company does is absolutely terrible and we’re all sucked into the huge monopoly that they’ve built. The first thing that comes to mind for me is their phone products. Apple’s phones are absolutely terrible. I have had the worst experience in my life with iPhones. God forbid I didn’t have an iPhone though because then nobody would want to talk to me. If you have green texts you’re the outcast. Secluded from the group chat, and then being the guy that forces everyone to download the GroupMe app. Everyone hates that person.
    Apple getting rid of USB-A ports on the new MacBook Pro is them just trying to take a different route with their products. I can see why they did it. I mean think about it, first they get rid of the auxiliary port on their phones just so they could be different. This was the only solution for a company who makes the same phones every year and has only changed the shape, size and name from 5 to 5s because the “s” makes a huge difference! I guess they had to do something so they don’t continue rolling the same things onto the shelf. But thanks to apple for inconveniencing everyone who treasures the auxiliary port like I do. I believe this is again apple attempting to be innovative and just pissing everyone off.
    I see both sides of the argument. I mean who in 2016 even uses a USB stick anyway? So this isn’t an issue of saving my work for me. Nobody does to save anything anymore. All you have to do is go to google drive and all of your work is saved right there for free. But what about plugging your phone charger into the USB-A port? You’re talking who the kid who lives off of charging his phone in class. The one thing also brought up in the article is how will people adapt? I think my answer is pretty clear I don’t want to. Now I’m going to have to buy all sorts of new cables and adapters. Maybe this is a money making scheme by the geniuses of apple to inconvenience everyone and have them go out and buy all sorts of new cables. This was something brought up in the article that apparently generated 700 comments online.
    One thing I’m curious about is if you have an older phone and you get a new MacBook Pro how are you going to be able to back your phone up? I’m not a fan of iCloud and I rely on backing up my phone on my MacBook Air. Maybe it’s time for me to get into the future but just as this article says this isn’t the future it’s the present. I’m not ready to change yet.
    The two questions asked at the end of the article which ports do you currently use on a regular basis? For me it’s always been the USB-A port and it probably will be for as long as I can continue it. Until Apple gets everyone else to switch to USB-C I’ll be back in time using the other one. I don’t feel positive about Apple making this change. They’re trying to revolutionize the business and I get that, but as a consumer it’s an inconvenience and annoying to me.

  10. Steven Chilletti November 18, 2016 at 8:23 pm #

    Apple’s new Macbook Pro laptop will only have USB3 ports instead of the older models, which is something that many people are upset about. While the USB3 is an enhanced version of the older USB ports, they are still relatively new which means that many people still do not have them. In this situation, these people are going to have to buy extra adapters and cables so that they can use the ports on the new laptop. I disagree with Apple’s choice to do this because it adds even more costs to a laptop that costs over $2000 for a basic model. I guess in Apple’s view, anyone that would buy a laptop that costs $2000 would also have the money to buy adapters for the cables or would already have USB3 cables. I do think that Apple should have included older USB ports on the laptop, but they should have put more focus on the USB3 ports. These USB3 ports are going to be the new standard ports in the near future, but there should still be ports that the majority of people can use without having to buy extra cables and adapters. In the near future when Apple releases a new laptop, that new model should have had even less older ports, because a gradual phasing out of the older ports makes more sense than having people spend more money on adapters.

  11. Matthew Marinella November 18, 2016 at 9:20 pm #

    The more we innovate technology, the more other technology becomes obsolete. Updating and modernizing technology is without a doubt a necessity. Even though it is something we want and need, doesn’t mean it is an easy process to adapt. Change is something that is very hard to get over for everyone. When you apply change to something that we use almost every day then that can cause chaos. For instance, Apple is adapting a new MacBook is changing all the ports that it offers on the side of their laptops. This definitely sounds like it would be a simple change and that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but surprisingly this change means a lot. In this article, the change I think people will have a lot of problems with is doing away with the SD card. Many people who are older understand how an SD card works and in what ways they can use it. This is the most common memory space utility used in digital cameras. Apple doing away with that card slit on the computer people are going to be forced to move away from digital cameras.
    Moving away from technology such as cameras is something that is happening more often. With phones having high quality cameras in them that is becoming the mainstream way to take pictures. Due to the fact that the vast majority of people use their cell phones instead of cameras is the reason Apple is doing away with the SD slit on their laptops. This is the problem I have with changes in technology. In about ten years, SD cards will be a thing of the past and everyone will forget what a digital camera even is. Apple is also creating USB-C ports which will be on the new MacBook. Apple does predict that these will be the USB of the future. This may be true, but the reason it is true is because of the actions that Apple is taking. Apple eliminates certain forms of technology we use every day and forces people to stop using them. This just happened in recent history with Apples new iPhone 7. They have eliminated the auxiliary jack on the new version of the iPhone. This is something that I am very against and feel Apple is emulating the same exact thing on their laptops now. My car is from 2009 and doesn’t have Bluetooth installed in the car. The only way I can play music in my car is through an auxiliary chord. By apple eliminating the auxiliary chord on their new phones they are changing the way technology works. Now in order for me to listen to music in my car with an iPhone 7 I must have a separate adapter chord to help make this work.
    By making their technology “more advanced” a lot of the tech we use on a daily basis is changing or actually going away forever. The argument I have against this is that it can make life more difficult than it needs to be. This is quite ironic because the whole purpose Apple is making with all these changes is to make our lives even easier than it already is. My philosophy on all of this stems from the quote, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Apple is making too many tedious changes to their technology that is providing more headaches than anything else. I believe, that they should create all of these tedious changes when they create a new revolutionary gadget that has vast differences then the version proceeding it. But, with Apple being able to lure people into purchasing products based on these minute changes, I don’t see them stopping this trend anytime soon.

  12. Cliff Nash December 2, 2016 at 8:40 pm #

    Personally, I do not think it is the best idea to get rid of some of the most used post on the laptops, everyone has used them to charge their phones, connect other devices to their computer or countless other things. When it comes to Apple, I feel like my opinion does not matter in the slightest. Over the years Apple has done some seemingly crazy things to their products in an attempt to be innovative and always being a step ahead of their competition. Those removing the USB ports spoken about in the article is just another one of those innovative things that will make them, somehow, tons of money.
    Just this past year Apple did something crazy when they got rid of the headphone jack for their new iPhone 7. People thought this was obscured and that Apple was making a big mistake because not everyone was willing to go out and buy a new pair of headphones just because they got a new phone. Still people bought the product and still it was a huge hot amongst consumers. People are in love with the iPhone 7 and think it is very innovative. Apple made it so that there is still an option to use older headphones by using an adapter that came with the phone. This adapter works by plugging it into the charging port of the phone and then simply plugging your headphones into that.
    Clearly Apple knows what they are doing considering they have been on top of the market for so long, therefor them removing the USB’s is probably going to end up being a good move. If you think about it, their new laptops will be similar to the MacBook Air because it does not have many ports on it either meanwhile it was pretty successful. Apple is just continually trying to innovate and they find very outlandish ways to further their products and make things better than they were before.

  13. Erin Carunchio January 20, 2017 at 8:06 pm #

    Apple just wants to make customers angry. They are not always trying to satisfy them. I believe that removing all the ports except the UBS-C is not a very good idea. There are several ports on the MAC that people do still use. Eventually, I think that Apple will want almost all products in the world, no matter who makes them, to be compatible to all apple products. Meaning, they will connect wirelessly. However, right now that is not the case. Apple should not get rid of their ports because what are customers who use apple products going to do. They might switch to anything company, which will cause Apple to start losing customers, which is the last thing they want to happen. However, this might happen if they do not start to please their customers.
    Apple recently took the headphone jack out of the IPhone 7. They did supply new headphones that are compatible with the IPhone7. However, personally I do not like it. For one reason, you can not now charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. This is going to become a problem, you are listening to music, and your phone dies. You need to wait for it to charge back up to listen to music again. Yes, the IPhone now has two speakers but does it really make a difference? I personally do not think it does. Getting rid of the headphone jack did not make IPhone users very happy. If they get rid of the HDMI port and the SIM card port, I do not think customers are going to be happy. What are they supposed to do, buy an adapter? Are there even adapters for those? HDMI cords are important because they connect to things like a TV. If you do not have a smart TV, you can hook up the HDMI cord on your laptop and the screen with appear on your TV. It is great for watching Netflix. SIM Card ports are important because they import pictures. Cameras are not able to hook up to an apple product, yet. Until they are able too, then it is okay for apple to get rid of the SIM card port. For all the other ports, I think Apple should really think before doing anything. Is it that big of a deal to have all those parts on the MACs? It only makes the customers happy. It makes them happy because they do not have to buy an adapter or look for one for that matter. They save money because MACs are already a lot of money.
    Overall, I do not think it’s the best idea right now to get rid of the ports except USB-C. There are still ports on the laptop that are still important to everyday use. There is no rush to get rid of them. Eventually, Apple will probably be able to get rid of them, but not now. To not lose customers, they should be focused on keeping them happy and satisfied, and if they get rid of these ports, that might not be the case.

  14. Josh Luchon January 20, 2017 at 8:24 pm #

    I concur that it is entirely frustrating that a brand new 2400 dollar MacBook Pro requires expensive dongles to perform basic tasks, but my feelings differ from the consensus when appropriating blame. Apple is a very forward thinking company and putting only USB-C ports on the new Mac is another example of their innovation. USB-C is superior to USB 3.0 and even thunderbolt 2 in terms of how quickly information can be transferred and how versatile the port is. I think that during this transition period its easy to blame Apple, but I think the new generation of their professional grade laptops represents a much-needed push for developers to get it together and roll out USB-C capable peripherals.

    In the article, there were two essential questions posed to readers about the new Macs, the first of which being “which of the ports in the older MacBook Pro do you currently use on a regular basis?” My personal computer is a 13 inch MacBook pro, pre-retina. I specially chose my Mac because of the ability to manipulate the computer’s internals, made possible because the components are not soldered to the board. That freedom was very appealing to me when I purchased the computer because it is a form of future-proofing. The ports that I use the most are the thunderbolt 2 port for connecting to my monitors via a dongle, and the Ethernet port to connect directly to my router. Am I disappointed that I’ll have to purchase two new dongles to run my current setup? Certainly, but its not a deal breaker.

    Even though I am biased as an Apple fan, I don’t feel that eliminating the Ethernet port is necessarily a bad thing. Wi-Fi is only getting faster and more reliable and our world is becoming increasingly dependent on wireless technologies. Not to mention the fact that an Ethernet cable is very tall which limits how thin the computer can be. The loss of thunderbolt 2 is even less of a concern because the USB-C ports are far more capable.

    The second question from the article is “do you view Apple’s decision as positive or negative, and how strongly do you feel about it?” Personally, I feel very strongly that it was a great decision to replace all of the ports with USB-C. The new ports are so much faster, they are multi-functional, and they open the door for innovation down the line.

    In terms of versatility, the new Macs can be charged using any of the four USB-C ports and that alone is a great improvement over the previous generation. In addition to having options when it comes time to plug your Mac in to charge, consumers are now able to charge their Mac on the go. Since the new USB-C cable is detachable from the wall charger, you can use a portable power bank normally used for phones and tablets to charge your Mac. This alone is reason enough to purchase the new computer in my opinion because battery life is the single biggest complaint from anyone using mobile technology.

    With technology, it is crucial to keep the future in mind especially when spending as much money as Apple charges for their computers. In terms of the USB-C port, we are currently in a transition period as explained in the article. During this transition period, many people get upset and curse Apple for trying something new. Consumers are generally opposed to drastic changes, but change is necessary! This is no different than Apple eliminating the headphone jacks from the iPhone 7 and 7 plus and the outrage that ensued. Instead of complaining, headphone manufacturers seized the opportunity to innovate and they capitalized on the evolution of technology by making Bluetooth headphones better and smaller than ever before. My prediction is that the USB-C port transition will inspire a similar evolution and the technology marketplace will only benefit from all of the innovations.

  15. Jacob Hoelting February 3, 2017 at 6:36 pm #

    Everyone knows that Mac is superior to PC for practical usage. Mac gives an amazing operating system that is so self-explanatory that literally a two year old could work it, a sleek and new design, and amazing functionality. In every classroom in America there is at least one Mac being used. Even at Seton Hall, a university that gives its students PCs, in every single class room there is at least one person using a Mac instead. Mac is something that one cannot give up. People switch from PC to Mac every single day, but a Mac user does not put down his/her Mac and suddenly love PC. The widely popular Apple computer has a certain type of feel to it that makes it feel nice and easy to use. Users of Mac always glorify it because it is a computer that demands glory, it is superb! The PC, on the other hand, is not like that. All PCs are the same: you like them for a month then you start to see the pit falls of it. Every PC user will admit that their laptop is ten times more likely to get malware and viruses than Mac. SO why would anyone buy a PC over a Mac? The answer: the price tags. Macs are expensive and PCs are cheap. That is the bottom line, but is true 100 percent. By that I mean, PCs are cheaply made and break easily while Macs are solid laptops that last forever.

    I myself am a Mac lover, I love all things Apple. I had a couple different PCs and deeded every single one of them. They were slow, they restarted everyday for updates, they were easily infected, the operating system was out of date, the functionality was not all there. Then one glorious day I bought a Mac. I instantly loved it. It solved all the issues I had with PC! It ran like a champ and had functionality that made PC look like a dinosaur used it. Mac offers text from the desktop and an easy operating system that is stream line and clean. Everything about the Mac is perfect.

    Now there was a release of a new MacBook Pro and it is even better than the last. People were complaining about how the MacBook has not changed its design since it was first released so in response Apple shook things up. The new MacBook Pro not only comes in a variety of different colors and has a new LED touch bar, it also has different ports. Of course people do not like that there are fewer different kinds of ports, but they now have more thunderbolt connection ports. While there is less diversity in the ports this is made up by the number of ports. It was a brilliant move by Apple. Removing those ports gives the laptop more versatility because now users can utilize all the ports however they feel fit and not be limited to other ports in the way. Everything about the new MacBook Pro is even more perfect than the last generation and if I had the money I would be at Apple right now with a new one in my hands.

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