Gorgeous Ultra Hd Fly-Through of the Inside of the International Space Station

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NASA has uploaded a beautiful and relaxing 18-minute fly-through video of the International Space Station filmed in ultra high-definition 4K resolution. They used to a fisheye lens to film it, which means you get plenty of detail and depth of field.

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  1. Vannesa Martinez November 4, 2016 at 9:23 am #

    The video definitely did not fall short from the plenty of depth and detail of the International Space Station in the eighteen minutes long video. I thoroughly enjoyed what the video had to offer and found it all so interesting. It is a cool opportunity to get the chance to experience from this point of view while traveling through the whole structure and not just seeing pictures of certain parts of the station. The way the video itself was created distinctly reminds of the 360 degree videos that you can see from time to time on Facebook. There are pages on Facebook who now offer the social media community to give them the same experience as if they were actually there. They give them 360 degree view of the area and for the opportunity to zoom in and out at the comfort of your screens. The video that NASA provided is what I believe a replica, giving their audience the opportunity to explore the station and to feel as if they themselves were walking around in it.

    What is cool about noting in the video is how much technology has grown to be able for NASA to provide to its viewers the chance to look at the International Space Station from a different point of view. Now with an increase and change in technology we have been able to offer tour views of places across the globe and now even outside the planet. Consequently, the change and betterment of technology also applies to what can be seen on the space station as well. It is the symbol of progress of how we have come in terms of how advance the space station looks and the equipment that can be found on the ship. To better understand space and the earth at the same time. The video offered an incredible journey to understand the astronauts who dedicate their time up there in the station to give the audience the chance to show us how they live and what can be found on the station.

    Although the video was quite lengthy, I was memorized as to the various compartments that could be found in the station. On the lower right corner of the video, every now and then when the video would viewers were coming into a new section in the station, it would show an image itself of the ship. I just find it interesting how such a thin looking structure could hold so much. There are so many rooms and the materials and equipment the ship carries is extensive. In addition, I have never seen an inside structure of a space ship, so getting the opportunity to experience this virtual tour was a new perspective on it. One suggestion for NASA to change on its video, however, is the description of each sector when a new one is entered in the video. I feel that the descriptions they gave were adequate but not visible at all to the viewer, they were hidden in the upper left hand corner of the screen where the letters were too small to read. Either they should change the letter of what appears on the screen or change the format but not having it moving up place the description of each room in a corner so viewers can actually have the time to learn about.

  2. Gregory Medina November 4, 2016 at 2:46 pm #

    The first thing that comes to my mind when viewing the Ultra HD NASA video of the International Space Station was the Christopher Nolan movie Interstellar. The science fiction movie tried as much as it can to mimic real physics with that of fantasy. It even did so by copying real life examples of modern astronauts, such as those in the ISS. For example, the design of the space vessel in Interstellar imitates the interior of the ISS with its exposed wires and scientific instruments. Little things as such that make me excited since I am a big fan of science fiction works, such as Interstellar. When actually seeing the real thing, such makes me wonder about the real potential of human intuition. Could something like Interstellar actually occur in reality, obviously with real physics.

    Consider legitimate space travel. Science fiction has an expansive tendency to glamorize space travel from films such as Star Wars and Star Trek to that of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Explorers in such works ventured thousands upon thousands of miles into space through simplistic means of solid fuel propulsion and cryogenic sleep to advance technologies of warp drives and hyper drives. In reality, the farthest any form of human technology has gone is just outside of the orbit of Pluto. Voyager I is the farthest reaching object, and fastest object, human minds have ever made, and such was launched in 1977. In 2016, the human race still lacks the technology to send people to farther reaches. Moreover, people are beginning to have a lack of interest in ever exploring the universe.

    Say that the form of space travel in science fiction were possible, who would explore the universe? In that case, I would try my hardest to be the first to go. Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by science fiction and the exploration of the universe that it has become some sort of a philosophy for me. For example, consider being the first to discover new planets, to see the stars that one can see from earth in person, and to explore parts unknown. Moreover, consider the fact that with exploration of the universe the possibility of encountering other forms of life increases. One can only image such with today’s technology. On the basis of reality, the ISS works to bring the human race to such a step in great exploration. For example, consider the fact that it is a space station orbiting Earth as the home for a number of individuals. Obviously, such is the first step since the landing on the moon.

    Nevertheless, the Ultra HD tour of NASA’s International Space Station shows just how far the human race has advanced. Though it is obvious that the species is far from that of science fiction; however, living in space is no longer fiction. To look into the unknown and decide to go through it, that is human intuition and such is what drives us to broaden our horizons.

  3. Sahnera Spruill November 4, 2016 at 2:59 pm #

    I don’t remember what state I was in, my family and I went one a fun two-day road trip in an RV just for family bonding. We would park our RV in a station for such purposes and then take the car that was attached to the back of the RV to go into big cities and look at sites. Since I don’t remember the state, I definitely don’t remember the city, but I do remember dark beautiful night lit up by the city lights and stars. We were walking and observing until my grandfather and I both saw a big bright flash speed right past us in the sky. I thought it was a shooting star, but my grandfather suggested that it was the space station. It was so long ago so my memories can’t clarify this for me, but if it was the space station, it’s crazy to think that something that looks so majestic and tranquil could be so lighting fast.
    The video featured, gives a full tour of the international space station. Honestly, this video is breath taking. When the video first began I thought it was an earthly perspective of the sky. It took me 45 seconds into the video to realize that the beginning was also from space. The way the sky looks to us standing on earth is how the earth looks hovering from space. “As above, so below” might actually represent something meaningful. Looking through the space station felt so real. Like the caption says, the fish eye lens adds a satisfying amount of depth and detail. This offered an opportunity for me to feel almost like an astronaut. The video gives off a sense of unexplained nostalgia. During the tour it’s fascinating looking at all of the technology inside of it, knowing that every wire and every button has a purpose to be fulfilled.
    The space station orbits at a height of about 255 miles, has a total mass of about 990,000 pounds and has a living space almost equivalent to a 5-bedroom house. I did some further research in order to get a more specific understanding of exactly what I was looking at, rather than “space stuff”. The tour begins inside the space station’s cupola, a windowed extension where astronauts control the research lab’s Canadian-built robotic arm. The Italian-built cupola, gives station crews panoramic views of Earth and an unrivaled view of approaching supply ships like SpaceX’s Dragon, Orbital ATK’s Cygnus and Japan’s HTV cargo freighters. Next we see the Russian-built Rassvet module which was delivered to the space station in May 2010. Next up is the U.S.-built Destiny laboratory, home of many of the space station’s key life support systems and research racks. The shuttle Atlantis delivered Destiny to the space station in February 2001.
    In doing this research I can see that this space station is nothing short of international. There are different created designs and parts from all over the world. Internationally, team work often fails. It’s cool to see that science can bring so many nations together. When it comes to exploring and learning, teamwork is proven to be possible. Now we have a beautiful creation orbiting the entire world in less than 2 hours to prove it.

  4. Steven Chilletti December 2, 2016 at 9:21 pm #

    This YouTube video provides a detailed look at the International Space Station, showing viewers all of the different sections of it. It’s always nice to see videos like this that show the inner workings of a station that is orbiting a few hundred miles above the earth. The video starts off by showing a view of the Earth through one of the lower windows of the station. This view is absolutely amazing since it shows much of the Earth and a pretty good view of the outside of the station, with some of the solar panels and Russian modules in view. I was surprised to see that much of the station is very cluttered, with a lot of the space either taken up with cargo and supplies or electrical and technological components. It’s amazing that there haven’t been any accidents aboard the station, since all of the exposed parts could be damaged by food or water. If I was on the station, I could see myself getting lost quite easily, since the station seems like a huge maze. Luckily for the astronauts, there are signs everywhere which tell you what modules you can go to. I have a lot of respect for the astronauts aboard the station, since I would never be able to handle being in a place that is orbiting the Earth for 6 months at a time.

  5. Jalal Zahir December 9, 2016 at 8:41 pm #

    The video is absolutely stunning. It is eighteen minutes of a masterpiece. I was captivated for the whole time and could not turn away. It really sparked my interest in space and all that it has to offer. It is an incredible opportunity to get the chance to experience space from the point of view of an astronaut. To see life through their lens while traveling through the structure of the space station. It wasn’t just pictures either. The video was interactive and gave a 3-D in depth point of view of everything that astronauts see. The way the video itself was created distinctly reminds of the 360 degree videos that remind me of GoPro videos of people skydiving. I like to follow accounts like that on Twitter. It will show people using a GoPro while surfing or skydiving, and I get to see everything they do. It is no where near the same experience that the people taking part in these activities are living, but it gives the opportunity to at least somewhat experience these events I might not ever be able to do. I also loved how interactive the video is. I could zoom in and out, rotate the screen, and experience the station as though I was walking through it, which I am sure was the goal of the film.
    The difference between science fiction and reality is time. The only thing separating us from today and the days we can time travel, is that we don’t have the technology to do so. But, there is no reason to believe that we never will be able to. There is considerable amount of money going into these types of science fiction products.
    What is cool about this video is how much technology has grown to be able for NASA to provide to its viewers the chance to look at the International Space Station from a perspective that an average citizen will never be able to experience. The increase and growth of technology has been able to provide perspectives and experiences that we were previously unable to do. NASA has always been at the forefront of change when it comes to technology. It is a shame that we do not invest more money into it. We spend more money on our military than the next ten countries combined. We are gutting education, and with Trump as president we will only continue to do so more. NASA is the symbol of progress and scientific growth that this nation wants and desperately needs. How much growth we have had in terms of advanced technology can be seen by videos like this. The Space Station was built as a metaphor, a metaphor for the greatness that this country can achieve. Kids look at it and imagine that they too will one day be able to travel to the moon, become president, or anything that their hearts desire. I sincerely hope that we strengthen their dreams and do not strip it from them.

  6. Nicolas F Carchio January 27, 2017 at 4:28 pm #

    The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this video is that it is simply mesmerizing. This HD-Fly through of the International Space Station is honestly amazing as it shows the beauty of the natural world and the creativity of man. Looking through the hollow corridors of the space station showed the remarkably simple, yet displayed its intricate design. The video had many plan, white and black colors, which would be expected as the outside of the station is the dark space and the inside is the white insulation. However, an interesting part of the video to note is the many box like structures that are packed into almost every area of the station. My assumption was that the boxes were for rations such as food, water and cleaning supplies that would be needed for astronauts as it is not a simple task to fly up to the space station and back down to earth. Another notion of simplicity other than the color is the small areas in which the astronauts would have to live while in space, and the small corridors from one place in the station to another. There are many wires and computers, which demonstrates the thought and design that has been put into this spectacular, synthetic creation. These observations help to give a certain ‘wow’ factor that makes one ponder about the astonishing images and elements of space.

    Through watching this video, I have developed a new appreciation and recognition for the marvels of human technology. 75 years ago, at the birth of many of my colleague’s grandparents, traveling into space was something that could only be replicated through imagination or science fiction. It is amazing that now, in 2017, news about space seems to be downplayed and uninteresting to many people, as it is common place to know that humans are able to travel in space and leave the Earth. The technology that has been developed throughout the last century has revolutionized the way people think about space. Space has gone from a mythological thought process to an actual possibility of leaving earth and traveling to other planets. This video has demonstrated just how far human technology has come. It displays a man-made aircraft that is able to constantly hover above the Earth. The simple idea of this is astonishing and the reality is truly breathtaking. The technological advances throughout the years have truly redefined the Human Race’s outlook towards the Earth, which leads to new research and new discoveries that will be made to reach other areas in the solar system in the future.

    In the realm of space, the future is uncertain, yet the one factor that is sure is that humans have been able to travel in space, which will only entice humanity to continue researching and developing space technology for the future. Only 75 years ago, space travel was unimaginable and now in 2017, space travel discoveries may not even make the daily news stations. With all factors considered, the next 75 years may bring a new era of space travel, possibly one where humans can live on distant planets or find other living organisms. The possibilities for new discoveries in space are endless because humanity knows little about the rest of the galaxy and the many galaxies beyond. As little is known about the rest of the galaxy, there is much to research and explore, which will propel humanity to continue in the research of space travel and move forward towards many new future discoveries.

  7. Jevon Mitchell January 27, 2017 at 7:57 pm #

    This entire video is absolutely mind boggling. Largely because of the complexity and amount of detail that played a part in taking this once absurd thought and crafting it into reality. It definitely makes you think about how every single piece and step fit together perfectly to create such an amazing technological advancement. The engineering behind this must have been unbelievable. It took 18 minutes just to cover the amount of parts and detail that really went into such a project not to mention the years of planning and building. Without each and every piece working properly this space station would simply be an idea and not a reality. Another thing worth noting is the advancement in technology which allows for this video to even be made available for us to watch.
    Space has always been something that interests me and to think that due to our intelligence it has been made possible for people to survive outside of the atmosphere of the Earth is absolutely astonishing. One of my favorite parts of this video is the shot in the beginning and end that show the definite curvature of the Earth. That is always a breath taking image and reminds me of an episode of Mythbusters that I’ve seen where Adam gets the opportunity of a lifetime to ride in a U2 plane. This requires a pressurized space suit as they rise to about 70,000 feet, making them the two highest human beings off Earth next to the six astronauts on the space station. The ending to that was also a beautiful image showing the curve of the Earth. We as humans went from thinking that the Earth was flat and was the center of the Solar System to finding out so much more about the universe, even though there is much more to be discovered.
    Another thought that is raised by amazing videos like this one is if we had enough intelligence to think of something like this on our relatively small planet of Earth then imagine how many other planets could be out in our never ending universe that also possess these capabilities? Though we do not currently know of any current life sustaining planets out there it is highly possible that there are other intelligent life forms in space. We have only begun our journey exploring space, starting with landing men on the moon. Now that we have people on the space station orbiting the Earth and landed a rover on Mars our knowledge of our solar system and ultimately our galaxy is only expanding. Next we will be landing people on Mars and it may become possible for people to live on another planet.
    There are endless thoughts and possibilities on what occurs on other planets and out there in the universe and it is unsettling to know that we will never know everything. This video helps to provide insight on how all of this is made possible and what goes on inside of the international space station.

  8. Matthew Ams April 12, 2019 at 8:31 pm #

    This video is absolutely astonishing. To be able to see the inside of the international space station and how complex the design is to withstand being outside of Earths atmosphere as well as all of the hundreds of functions that i could not name or know what they do is mind boggling. The technology used is second to none and just seeing how far the human race has come as a whole is truly beautiful. The views of Earth from the initial few minutes of the video shown in the Cupola section of the station really shows how small we are in the grand scheme of the universe. I thought the patches shown on the right wall was a good way to show the togetherness of everyone who has put the effort into working on and visiting this masterclass of a space station. It also gave me hope that I will achieve my dreams in the future. I am sure none of these people who have stepped foot in the state believed they would be there one day, and that little segment of the patches gave me a lot of motivation to continue on my path of life and that I will achieve great things.
    The music in the background created a beautiful yet eery environment as the fly-though commenced. Seeing all of that technology but no one using it, along with the fact that they are in space, gave me an anxious feeling. Not to mention the extremely small openings and ‘hallways’ with nothing but metal and technology surrounding them did not give this place a homey feel.
    I thought it was fascinating looking inside the Japanese Experiment Logistics Module and to learn that they have an airlock which allows people using that facility to experiment inside and outside of the space station. I could only imagine what they could be testing and what results they are finding every day.
    Hats off to NASA for released a video tour of the International Space Station. I think it is about time that people start to see more things like this and see what we are experimenting with as well as the technology we are capable of engineering. I wish they could have shown a small clip of the space station from the outside as well to give a perspective of how big it is and where we were besides showing it on the digital map. I hope that this technology will propel us to learning more about the surrounding planets and help advance our already thriving system. Thanks NASA!

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