How To Market A Franchise Using Social Media

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Today, social media marketing is a must in order to stay competitive in the global, digital market. Using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus, can be a unique challenge for franchise owners who may have more restrictions on their marketing than traditional businesses. There are a few things to consider before jumping in to social media as a franchisee, and it’s vital to understand your unique situation and what you’re able to do.

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  1. Arthur Herpreck October 22, 2018 at 6:52 pm #

    This article teaches a lot about something that our generation is clearly a part of. The use of social medias in the business world. And it is clear that some knowledge is necessary when it comes to marketing a franchise because it can be dangerous. Obviously every franchised store or shop wants to develop its popularity and attract people and create a community. But it has to be done a certain way. The way the Brand decides. Internal communication is necessary to establish the framework of this partnership. The franchise can not take all the freedom because it had to respect the core values of the franchisor. And follow its path, but at the same time it has to create its own community. For instance if someone opens a Benetton store somewhere and only put people with white skin or only people with black skin on its social medias, it would not be tolerated because United Color of Benetton is a brand that rely on race mix on its advertising and marketing.

  2. David Torres April 26, 2019 at 1:42 pm #

    Marketing your business online rather than in the local newspaper has so many more benefits, and I’ll explain why. In the article, “How to Market a Franchise Using Social Media” is a great article telling you the various ways that you can market your business, who specifically you can reach, and see how many people have viewed your advertisements. With the use of social media platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Google, you can create advertisements to reach many people specifically in your town, as well as people of a specific age group. However, with Instagram, you have a different approach of asking an influencer that has a large following base, as well as high activity and engagement in their profile to market your product for you. Of course, you would negotiate a reasonable price for them to advertise your product. However, it is essential to know what a reasonable price is according to how many people they reach on average. Another method to promote your business is through the use of Google ads. Although it takes a bit of getting used to, it can be a fantastic tool to advertise your business. The advertising features of Google ads vs. advertising through a newspaper is so drastic that you will never want to use a paper ever again. You are unable to see who has seen, clicked and even reached your ad through a newspaper.
    On the contrary, through the features of Google ads, you can see everything regarding your advertisement. This includes seeing who has viewed your ad, who clicked on it, and see who shared it with their friends. The advantage between the two is incomparable. Additionally, you can manipulate your advertisements to target people who you believe will be most likely to act on your marketing efforts, increasing the likelihood of profiting. With Newspaper marketing, you have no idea who has seen it and if you are even getting any engagement. The days of newspaper advertising are a thing of the past, and will never come back because of the advantages of technology and social media.

  3. Luke Tyler April 26, 2019 at 6:03 pm #

    After reading the article, I feel that the information was similar to eating a piece of white bread smeared with mayonnaise. Overall there was no real educational substance to someone that is my age and understands some of these basic fundamentals of social media. However, I do think this could be of value to maybe a business owner who is a lot older age and wants to remain somewhat competitive. The range of social media use does vary between the company. One of the most important points made regarding franchises was the communication with the corporate overhead and gaining permission to do certain things with social media accounts. It is necessary to ask for permission first because as a business owner you do not want to put yourself in a position where you are liable for an accident or could breach a contract. Besides some of the key points, the article was very vague with their advice for franchise owners. In my opinion the use of social media does not completely void you of having a good service because of how many followers they may have. The product needs to always come first because marketing it will be easier. Without quality items there is nothing left to market and social media posts could become deceptive.
    In my opinion social media is important to a business owner, but I think overall utilization of the internet in every aspect is important. A company should first look to promote their store front through google maps optimization. Add relevant images, an online menu if it’s food, store phone number and anything that could give the user more information. I think for food franchises yelp is the most important source of information. A strong emphasis on reviews can make or break a food chain. Also the store should address any negative comments to better the overall experience and encourage customers to review online if they liked their purchase. Lastly I think adapting to industry changes is a huge part of keeping a successful business in a fast pace world. These days food establishments primarily have used services like UberEats and GrubHub to allow customers to order food and have it delivered to them. If a franchise can partner with these different delivery companies it is a benefit to both them and a consumer who still wants to buy food, but doesn’t want to go to the store. In my opinion small things like these can really increase revenue and drive in customers that did not exist before.

  4. Daniel Gibson April 26, 2019 at 8:11 pm #

    I found this article interesting, because they are completely right. Small business go nowhere without having a good social media platform. I hate to say it, but it really is the only way to get noticed these days fast. You can literally go on instagram now, and broadcast live to your followers within seconds. It makes me think twice of why some people try to get a lot of followers. They might just be thinking a head and realizing that the more people, the more of an audience. With that said, it’s also important to realize who’s seeing your content so make sure its safe and regulated. Anyone using social media has the capabilities to advertise and market. However, it really all depends on your audience and what they want. Some people actually have full time jobs as doing the social media for a companies.The biggest businesses having teams.That just sounds terrible and repetitive. In a way, we all kind of have that job though. Our phones take in so much data these days, that it’s actually starting to make life easier in ways. Seeing advertisements that are actually relatable isn’t such a bad thing. It simply makes the consumer just buy more goods that they would actually need.

    They key is convenience and pricing. A few days ago, Elon Musk revealed the new app for Tesla which which have a the uber like service called “RoboTaxis.” A way for Tesla owners to actually make money for their car to drive itself and pick up people. The future is actually here. It went from Ubers destroying the taxi market, and now Tesla’s just took control of the game. With cyclical unemployment in full effect, Elon just made it so that you can make $30 thousand a year from someone renting your car, but still not driving it. They are still at the 9.9999% mark of making it completely safe and crash resistant. I think the only way they would ever reach that 100% mark is if all cars were Tesla’s which is still a long way to go. Overall, it all comes down to your digital strategy and why your consumer will be interested.

  5. Devero McDougal II April 26, 2019 at 8:52 pm #

    Social media has brought a lot of new things to our society some good and some bad, a lot of the time we hear a lot of the bad things that social media as brought but we never really highlight the good as much as much as we good. Social media had given companies way to advertise their products a lot easier than prior to the day of social media. Now companies can have a page specifically for the purpose of advertising their products as well as the option to have other social media used to advertise their products for them as well. Social media had allowed companies to grow an exponential rate, if companies did what they have been doing in the pat companies would not have the opportunity to grow and expand to their highest possible potential. Social media has allowed people to advertise their own products as well people can now build their page with the sole purpose of selling their own products. Social media has really brought a whole new dimension to how businesses can sell their products, there are things that social media bring to the table that cannot be replaced. Of course, social media has a lot of bad things that have came with it, however it has brought a lot of good things with this as well. This is one of the things it has brought and there a bunch of others. There are a lot of new things that social media will bring and it is a lot to look forward to and our society has to deal with the change and I believe that we will. We have a bright future with technology but we need to learn how to utilize it the right way.

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