How to Start a Movement

from TED

With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started. (Hint: it takes two.)

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26 Responses to How to Start a Movement

  1. Christopher R. Napoli October 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm #

    This video was how to start a movement. The first, in order to have a movement, it has to start with a leader. From the leader, it must engage its audience in order to start the revolution. After appealing to one audience member, the steps that follow are even more critical because the movement can only start after a ‘sheep’ or otherwise known as a ‘follower’ join in. After one follow, two follows join in, then three, four, five, and so on. After the movement begins and followers flock to join the one considered ‘crowdless movement’, but once more people continue to join, everyone not in the movement is considered a bystander.

    Evidently the lesson to be leaded is that the leader is over-glorified. The shirtless guy in the video was the first dancer, but the true leader is the person who is the first follower, because after one there must be two, three, four, five, and so on that join to create the ‘movement.’

    In order to have a movement, we need followers.

  2. Ethan Chee October 31, 2014 at 8:45 pm #

    Movements begin and die everyday. Derek Sivers explains how to start a movement with a playful video of people dancing in public. The first part of a movement is a leader who initiates it and is willing to be made fun of or turned down. Next someone must follow and the leader treats him as an equal. The first follower is a mini leader because without him the movement would just be a one person thought. An important aspect of a movement is being public and showing both the leader and members because that will convince others to join in and follow. Eventually as more people join people will not hesitate to join the movement because they will not be ridiculed. As so many people join everyone wants to join because they become the minority of people not in the group while the majority is the people in the movement.

    I thought Siver’s presentation was an effective way of communicating a message. By using a funny video instead of a boring one people are more likely to remember certain aspects. Also, by keeping everything simple and complex the audience was able to understand and relate to everything he said. I really liked how he ended the presentation by glorifying the first follower and their importance to a movement. In life everyone wants to be the “leader” but sometimes people have to take a backseat and their is nothing wrong with that.

    As I watched this video I thought about different movements. I thought more about bad movement such as Hitler and the Nazis. As a Jew it is normal to wonder how Hitler was able to convince such a large group of people that Jews were inferior. Siver’s presentation made me realize it really only takes a few people to create a large movement. Once a few people believed Hitler it convinced other to join and eventually people join just to be like everyone else and not be the minority. It’s scary to think how easy a movement can be started if it is for a bad cause.

  3. Melissa Feola November 6, 2014 at 10:28 pm #

    A movement; so many people want to start it and make it become a big thing. Making a statement and making a movement is very important. It doesn’t just require an idea or a leader it requires people to follow you!
    In the video it shows just one man dancing and having a good time by himself. It isnt till the second and third person come along that it becomes a movement. Those people are very important to the dance party/movement because they are the ones that show the followers that making a statement isnt very hard.
    Most people are afraid to make a movement because they are afraid of that people will thing of them. But in reality if you are the one making a change and people are following you then there is nothing to fear. Its a risk many people are not willing to take but if you have people behind you waiting to make the move then it is beneficial.

  4. Jeanette Martinez November 7, 2014 at 9:52 am #

    There are many people who want to start a movement and be known for starting the movement and this video just explains just that. It all starts will a leader, someone who is determined that the movement will be successful and engage others to join along. The way Silvers describes how to start a movement with dancing is interesting. Interesting because not many people will have the courage to join in on a random shirtless guy dancing. With that being said we can see how one leads the other follows and continues. The movement may not be all about dancing and making people laugh it can also be a serious matter as well.
    We all have different ideas on a movement we would like to start. Although it may be a silly movement you still believe that maybe it can be a cause for something. Yet we are afraid to act upon our ideas and go out and start a movement because we are worried about what others may think of us. I say forget what others may think of the kind of movement you want to do, if you believe you can do it then you will and behind you there will be followers who believe that your movement has a purpose. Perhaps the dancing movement was an example but I would say it was a movement that was fun to watch and cracked a smile on my face. So any movement that you think you want to do just do it.

  5. Stephanie Cooper November 7, 2014 at 12:15 pm #

    That’s so true, it only takes one follower for someone to become a leader. It’s also interested to see people starting to join because the crowd starts to get big. This happens because it started to become the thing to do, sorta of like Kony 2012. When that movement started everybody was doing because it was the thing to do. He speaker might have used a silly video to show everyone how a movement starts, but it caught everyone’s attention and people understood.

    He also talked about how most of time people always forget about first follower, when that’s the main person people should thank. The tips he gave leaders on how you should treat your first leaders equally is the best tip he could give seeing how most leaders forget about them.

  6. Joseph Schecter November 7, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

    Derek Silvers explains how a movement is started in an extremely unique way. Silvers provided a video of a man dancing without his shirt on to demonstrate how a movement is started. As Silvers presents the comical dancing video, he comments on how this movement is occurring. Even though it is funny video it honestly demonstrates movements perfectly. It begins with one man who is willing to be publicly ridiculed for standing out. Then it evolves to the first follower, this is essential in starting a movement. Then what happens next makes or breaks the movement. If one or two more being to follow the original two, more people will join. It is crucial to have a small group to begin this movement. As more and more people join in, people begin to feel left out if they are not participating, so they soon join as well. It becomes a domino effect.
    Silvers does point out that the said leader is over glorified. Yes, the leader is the first person to start the movement, but without his followers he is just a man dancing in the middle of the field with no shirt on. Another good point Silvers makes is that the first couple followers are treated as equal peers to the leader. The leader does this so they feel comfortable and more people will be inclined to join them. This was a very interesting way to display how a movement is started, but it was also very informative and effective.

  7. Jordan Panella November 7, 2014 at 7:41 pm #

    In Derek Sivers article he discusses how a movement starts. The most interesting part of this video is when he shows the kids dancing. The reason the video was the best part of the presentation was because it demonstrates how a leader emerges. The first person shows that the first person to start the movement looked silly but then once the second person joined it did not seem as weird. What I took from this was that the second person had a bigger impact than the first in starting a movement. However, there could be no second person with out a first. The first person is almost like a fad that dies out quick only to evolve into a second which leads to the start of the movement. Overall, I think the presentation does a great job conveying how a movement starts. What I especially like about it the dancing example because it provides and example to what the main point is trying to convey.

  8. Lauren Hall February 6, 2015 at 4:58 pm #

    A movement cannot just start on its own. In order for a movement to work there must be two key pieces. There must be a leader and there must be followers. It is important for the leader to really believe in the movement in order to get others to believe as well. A leader has to be courageous and have the guts to stand out even though there is a chance they could be ridiculed. A leader also needs someone to follow them so that others will realize they can follow too. The way for a leader to do this is to treat the followers as equals because once there are followers it is not just about the leader anymore, it is about the group as a whole.

    I found the way Silvers represented starting a movement in the video to be very interesting because it was completely real. The video showed you a man dancing in public in front of lots of people. It took guts for the guy to do this because there was a chance no one else would join in but that did not stop him from doing it. Eventually a second man came over and joined in with him and then more and more people started to join as well. By watching the movement slowly happen we were able to see that it is a realistic goal to be able to start a movement.

    I feel like many people have great ideas about movement they could start but they are too scared that others may not join along with them and they do not want to fail so they do not try. While I understand peoples fearing that that may happen I also think that if you believe in something you should just go for it. If you feel strongly about it, there are other people out there who feel strongly about the subject or movement as well. But you will never know if you do not try. You should not be scared of what others will think because as long as you are happy with what you are doing and you believe in it than it does not matter what others think. People are always going to have negative things to say but there are also people who might support your movement. So do not be scared to start a movement if it is something you want to do!

  9. Emmanuel Akinsehinwa February 6, 2015 at 7:09 pm #

    The video is of Mr. Sivers explaining the details of a movement. In the video he plays a clip from what seems like a youtube video at a festival. In the video first a man who seems crazy is dancing out of control. Nobody else is by his side at first and people stare and laugh. Soon however the man gains a follower, this follower would be the focal point of the entire speech. Yes courage should be acknowledged of the leader but Sivers mentions that we should also not take for granted the courage required to have by the first follower. This first follower as Sivers agrees is a leader in himself.
    The clip showed in the video demonstrates how with courage and proper execution any movement no matter how crazy it seems at first can prosper. The first followers handling plays a major role in this, as we saw in the video the leader treated the first follower as an equal, this made the first follower feel even more confident and caused him to invite his friends. Soon the friends of the first followers invited their friend ans boom! just like that a movement was born. Sivers then went on to explain the oldest social theory of all, no matter how uncool something may seem the peer pressure from a majority will indeed turn its perception around. Soon after the movement in the video was started others standing around perceived that the sooner they joined the movement the sooner they would gain social superiority and this became a heavier and heavier thought as the video went on as more and more people joined.
    These same morals can be applied to almost any movement. No matter how crazy it may seem to other people or even to you don’t quit, keep believing, and just wait for that Knight in shining armor we understand to be the first follower.

  10. bonghwan kim February 6, 2015 at 7:33 pm #

    Every time I watch the TED, it impresses me, and this time was not an exception. Everyone may agree that we need a leader to start a new movement. As the speaker said, the leader will get all credits from it. I did not know the importance of first followers before watch this video. I forgot how supporters are important to make movements. Many people does not want to get a spotlight. In addition, they want to be a special, but not odd. This is called crowd mind or mop psychology. First follower made crowd to participate the movement and courage people. I think the people who wants to get a spotlight should be a leader.

    At the last part of the video, the speaker told audience that the people who do not joining in the movement will be ridicules, and he also said it is important to memorize the nurture followers who made leaders as leaders not the nuts. I am not a type of leader. Maybe, I would like to be a part of nurture followers in the future.

  11. Cameron Quisenberry February 6, 2015 at 8:10 pm #

    This is great. Most people are like the bystanders, they do not want to take part in something ‘weird’ or ‘out of their comfort zone’ because it will make them uncomfortable. However, what if this ‘weird’ thing became a norm? This is precisely what happens in this video. There’s that one ‘weird’ guy doing some dance in the middle of a crowded place, but then someone joins the ‘weird’ guy and the bystanders begin to question if this situation is ‘weird’ at all. Once the first follower starts dancing he gets his friends to come over to be ‘weird’ with him too. On and on this process goes until the majority of people are now taking part in this ‘weird’ task.

    This can also be translated into people being afraid to try something new or start a movement that people could perceive as ‘weird’. Why are these people so afraid to start something new? Is it because they are afraid of what people might think of them, or is it a fear of failure, or is it possibly both? Most people are afraid to come up with something new or start a movement. However, some of the best things in life have been random spontaneous events that turned out to be a huge success.

    Some people are so caught up with becoming just a leader, they forget to have an openness to being a follower and perhaps being the most important phase to starting a movement.

  12. Gwyn Haertel March 3, 2015 at 6:35 pm #

    This TED talk discusses the steps for how to start a movement. Regardless of what you are doing, it takes courage to go outside of the box. You have to be unafraid of being ridiculed and judged in order to start a movement. In order to begin a movement, large or small, you must have the guts to show others how to follow you. As a leader, your main goal is to have a following. A key part in leading is the importance of embracing and nurturing your followers. The speaker states how in doing this, you are making your movement about an “us” rather than just yourself as an individual.

    I agree with the statement that the first person to follow a leader is a leader in and of itself. It takes a large amount of courage and confidence to be the first person to follow a leader because you are also at risk of being judged by others. In order to make a movement, you must stand alone and remember the importance of supporting your followers because they are taking a risk as well. Oftentimes, leadership truly is over glorified. This is because the first, and arguably second follower allows the leader to be transformed into a leader.

    One way that I can relate to this article is through sports. When a team is doing poorly in a game, the self-esteem of the players can be low. Oftentimes, when one person starts cheering or chanting in the dugout or on the sidelines, others will eventually begin to follow. This can enhance the performance of a team by increasing motivation and morale. Usually, it takes a while for people to join in on a movement such as the one I just stated, but sometimes it can be extremely effective. As stated by the speaker, it takes three people to start a movement. This is because “three is a crowd and a crowd is news.” A crowd allows for your actions to gain momentum, which is how you begin a movement

  13. Andres Arcila April 23, 2015 at 4:16 pm #

    This world needs to start a lot of movements in order to make life better. through the last decades the life style of humanity has being decreasing allowing population to make a lot of mistakes. First we need the leaders able to make those movements. It is hard to have leaders because they have to inspire respect and trust to others but this is not possible if people is lack of confidence. Leadership needs smart people plenty of confidence able to convince others that need society need some changes with urgency. I heard a nice quote and I feel that it can perfectly fit in this comment. It says: “The problem of this world is that smart people are not sure about themselves while dumb people is full of confidence.” I do not know who wrote/said it but he/she is very close to reality. I hope this can change one day.

  14. Kevin Giron May 1, 2015 at 2:36 pm #

    TED usually has some very good presentations and How to Start a Movement is no different. This video shows a person doing some crazy dance by himself, this makes him the leader as he is willing to stick out in this video. The leader gets a follower and treats him as an equal. The presenter then states that the first follower is the most important person in this movement as the first follower is an underestimated form of leadership. Then there is a third follower that makes a group, making it public. Eventually everyone is joining in because they want to be apart of the in crowd.

    What stuck out to me is the importance of the first follower to create a movement. Without that first follower there is a real possibility that nothing happens. Ever since I was a little kid my parents have told me don’t be a follower be a leader, but being that first follower is crucial to making a movement. Having the courage to follow and teach others how to follow is important.

  15. Selena Fernandez June 16, 2015 at 9:49 am #

    Probably the most interesting piece of information given in this video was when the presenter said that “new followers emulate the followers, not the leader.” This is a very important concept to grasp because it holds so much truth, especially in the world of business.
    Think of the stock market: the whole concept is based on change, chance, and risk. Just like the crazy dancer who wants to start his own movement and takes the first step, potential stockholders search for new places to invest their money. But of course, someone has to start that movement and someone has to be brave enough to go first. That creates the momentum, where other people begin investing afterwards and at the value of that stock suddenly increases all because someone took a risk.
    But it’s not just about the risk either. It’s the people willing to follow suit. Because one man alone doesn’t cause a movement. But the momentum of people supporting one cause/decision increases value.
    The same can be said for the release of a new product. Almost everyone in the world has an IPhone, but who bought the first one? And the next one after that? Apple products became a sort of epidemic that everyone had to have, not only because they were nice, but because it became a movement: Everyone had to have one. And that’s a huge part of business, creating a movement that people think is worth following.

  16. Bridget Tighe June 16, 2015 at 9:25 pm #

    An important part of a movement is being completely open to the public and exposing both the leader and members because that is what will persuade others to join and follow. Ultimately as more people join, others will not be as hesitant to join the movement because they will not be teased or mocked. Then as it grows even more, people will want to join simply because they do not want to be left out. I thought that this video was a successful way of sharing and conveying a message. By utilizing a more playful video instead of a boring lecture, people are more likely to remember certain parts and the presentation as a whole. In addition, by keeping everything simple the viewers are able to better understand and relate to everything he said. I enjoyed the ending of the presentation because of how he praised the first follower and their vital importance to a movement. It also takes a lot of courage to be the first follower and even though everyone wants to be the leader, sometimes people have to be behind the scenes and there is nothing wrong with doing that.

    I think there are many people who have great ideas about a movement they could start but fear that others may not join them, so they don’t to try because of their fear of failure. I understand that is a very realistic fear, but I also think that if you believe that strongly in something that you think there even should be a movement, you should just go for it. There are other going to be other people who feel strongly about the cause, but also are scared of starting a movement themselves.

  17. Crystal-Lee November 15, 2015 at 7:59 am #

    At one time or other in our lives we were told that we should be leaders not followers. Needless to say we were only taught that when we were being punished. Like the rhetorical question, “if all of your friends jumped off a building, would you do it too?” I guess the following questions should have been, “Would I die if do jump?”, “What is at the bottom?” and “Why are we jumping?” Derek Sivers spoke about how to start a movement. He mentioned that it is not the leader that is important in starting the movement but the first follower. I believe the first follower would ask those questions. Jumping off a building is broad action and most people think it would be jumping to one’s death. The building can be a small three floor building with a padding at the bottom to cushion the fall. At first everyone would think that it is outrageous to follow someone off the building. After a couple people do it, it wouldn’t be such an outrageous action.
    This TED talk has changes my view on the “if all of your friends jumped off a building, would you do it too?” question just within the three minutes that it had my attention. This is all on the basis that the action that one would be following is a good one, and not one that does harm. Derek Sivers was right in his statement that, “it is not efficient enough for everyone to be a leader.” There is no growth, no movement, just many leader with multiple ideas.

  18. Brendan J. Kane January 21, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    As Robin Williams once said, “You’re given a little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.” I feel that in order to start a movement, as explained in Derek Sivers’s TED talk, this madness is beyond crucial to its success. Now, madness can be seen in many different forms – some tragic and some ingenious. The way madness appears is all based on how a person truly harnesses the power that comes with it. If a person does not develop this madness properly, it could quickly turn tragic, and it could be a masterpiece if controlled correctly.
    Before one even begins a movement, there has to be that flicker of madness to allow the person to throw all caution and insecurities away and perform the act. By doing so, this person is allowing any form of criticism to be thrown at him or her from any direction. This first person is labeled as “the leader”. However, as Sivers discusses, the leader is an over-glorified position; if we were to all grow up as leaders of our own position, nothing would be accomplished because then we would not support each other. Therefore, that madness needs to be even more present with that first follower of this act. This first follower will help teach other people how to follow and create incentive for others to join, making the first follower a leader in some form. First followers can also be labeled leaders because the only characteristic that separates them from the originator is the enacted idea. Otherwise, these two people both need the madness and courage to stand up, support the idea, not be afraid of criticism, and treat the rest of the followers as equals in the same movement. Once these two grow strong enough, the crowd will eventually pour in because they feel the peer-pressure and do not want to miss out on this movement. By staying out of the movement, they will eventually be the outsiders, and it is common human nature to be one with the crowd and not alone.
    One thing that I do believe goes unnoticed though, is how simple a movement can be. To bring it to one of the smallest scales possible, a movement can be started with a person raising his or her hand in class to answer or ask a question. Granted, professors practically force their students to raise their hands to participate through intimidation or participation grades. However, the student who freely raises a hand to further develop his or her knowledge or to answer a question can be seen as a leader of a movement. Especially in a class like Professor Shannon’s, due to the Socratic format of his class. After one person answers, the leader, another person will build onto that answer, making that student the first follower. By building off of that answer the student is showing support of his or her fellow classmate and demonstrating to the others that is okay to participate. Eventually, the remainder of the class will join the discussion because they then feel it is safe to proceed.
    These simple movements can also be seen on a bigger scale as well. For instance, the first movement of my time, that I fully remember, was the Livestrong wristband. At first, people stood out because of the yellow bands on their arms. However, once people saw these and heard about the cause it supported, everyone did what they could to join the movement – making it a common item. Everyone joined this movement not only to support the great cause it was benefiting, but to fit in and be a part of the crowd. In all honesty though, people are just wearing a glorified rubber band around their wrist to show support, which is completely fine. This just shows how simple it could be to start a movement. This can also be seen with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Something as simple as dumping a bucket of ice water onto you, can spread so quickly and also be so effective.
    Nonetheless, a key to the success of these movements was their simplicity. If something is simple, everyone can easily relate and support it. Whether it is a person flailing his body around on a hill, as shown in the video, or dumping ice water on his or her head, starting a movement needs to be simple. Furthermore, this movement needs two leaders, one person to initiate the action and another person to support the action and encourage others to join. After all, fortune favors the bold.

  19. Jonathan Barcelos February 5, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    Derek Silver’s explanation of how a movement is started is nothing short of perfect. One of the biggest historical movements in the world was started by one person, and that person was Rosa Parks in 1955. Rosa Parks was the “nut” who started arguably the biggest movement in the history of the United States. She refused to move to the back of the bus, where the rest of the “negroes” had to sit, and that sparked the boycott movement, and eventually the Civil Rights Movement. Without that one “nut”, other “nuts” may not have joined in, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for example, rose as one of the biggest leaders of that era, Malcom X, following Rosa Parks, and even President John F. Kennedy. Like Silver explained, we as social human beings are afraid to stand out and risk being ridiculed, but having enough courage to do so is half of the battle, having other people join is the other half of it. Rosa Parks had a lot of courage to begin the movement, and the rest is history as we know it.
    Silver also pointed out that the second follower, who teaches others to follow, is actually, in a way more important than the leader himself. Without the first follower, others would not follow in fear of being ridiculed. Without a second follower, a movement cannot even happen. During Winter Storm Jonas, the town of Union would not plow my street, since it is a dead end. We would have been snowed in for three or more days. I decided to do something about it, so I grabbed a shovel and started shoveling from the top of the street and started working my way down. My neighbors, who I never spoken to, started stepping outside and taking pictures and videos, asking me what I was doing and why, but did not join in. It was not until my friend and neighbor joined me, that other people began joining. Even then I had one neighbor call the police. A few hours in, the whole street had joined in and helped me. I can credit the first neighbor to join for helping this movement, although very small in comparison to other movements, but similar to the dancing movement showed by Silver. In the end, it did capture the attention of locals and the town brought in multiple trucks to finish what we started.
    But small movements like that can lead to many things, this particular instance, it brought all my neighbors together. In the Rosa Parks example, of course, it led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and several other acts that ensure racial equality.
    Derek Silver’s comedic approach to something that many people wish they could do really kept the audience interested. He did not repeat himself, he did not add filler words like students do when they have to write five hundred word entries on blogs every Friday, and he was quick and straight to the point. This part of his talk lasted only three minutes. His use of a video also made it that much easier to show how a movement works in a small scale that we can witness in our everyday lives.
    There are several TEDx talks that are similar to Mr. Silver’s talk, in a sense that they explain how something works to an audience while keeping them involved and captures their attention. This was a very funny way to learn how a movement really works and it helped just about anyone understand his point.

  20. AKS February 18, 2016 at 7:59 pm #

    This three minute and two second video of How to Start a Movement really has essential points on starting a new business.

    A quote by Robin Williams, that also was on the side of the website, is “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”. So, when an entrepreneur has a crazy idea, they start this process described in the video. There is that lone, crazy person with this off-the-wall idea. Then another crazy person thinks it is a good idea. Crazy person number two tells their friends, and suddenly everyone is talking about this off-the-wall idea, which has now become the norm by popular acceptance.

    I can’t help but think about two examples that this video reminded me of: the show Shark Tank and the animal rubber band trend from around 6-8 years ago. Shark Tank exemplifies this video and its process. The Animal Rubber-band Trend was all based around this colored rubber bands that were shaped like different animals. One person started wearing them, then their friend group started wearing them. The friend groups branched out of each friend starting wearing them, and all of a sudden, our young world revolved around buying the “safari” pack and trading the different animal shapes between classes. Something so off-the-wall created and entire movement amongst my entire school within a week. It was astounding. All of these concepts from these two examples ad the video can be a great model for gaining support in a new business venture.

    Derek Sivers says “the first follower is what turns a lone nut into a leader”. The first follower is key. The inventor or creator must nurture the first follower as an equal to help grow and brand themselves (together) as a movement. “A movement must be public”, even though it could be very risky. It takes a lot to put a strange idea or concept out on the table in a business meeting, but if you have that one follower with you, one is likely to be more successful. Sivers says “three is a crowd”, so once one has a second follower, it is no longer two “nuts”, it is momentum. Once one gets momentum by each follower bringing their friends, there is a tipping point where it is risky to NOT join the new, hip movement. As more people join, it becomes less and less risky. One could have this opposition to a new policy and want to start a petition but feel too embarrassed. The two co-workers could decide to star the petition together and get their close co-workers to sign up. More and more people sign, and one could become an outsider if they refuse to sign.

    Movements can happen so quickly in the workplace, with ideas in meetings or changes in marketing plans and policies. It all depends on the risks one takes and the first follower to pick up the momentum.

  21. Cedric Kabore February 19, 2016 at 4:20 pm #

    It was really interesting reading this article in the sense that nowadays the idea of movement has evolved with the omnipresence of social media. Any social movement needs a leader that will trigger the interest of people. In fact people always need someone to guide them. In fact we usually tend to think that if the neighbor can do it I can too. It is a form of courage that leader can transmit us. In the video Derek Sivers is explaining how these movements are created.
    A leader is defined in the music field as the principal player in a music group. He leads the group but needs the support of the other members of the group. Without their support they cannot reach their goals. It is the same thing in society. If we look at the example of Martin Luther king Jr. He was the leader of the struggle against the racial segregation. He gave African Americans the courage to fight for their rights. The leader is in a certain way a motivator. He push his followers to overcome their fear and take part in a movement. Leadership is something people must be able to develop in order to succeed in society. We must take risks. That’s why many colleges in the United States are obsessed with leadership. A leader is someone who does the right thing, whereas a manager does things right. Or to put it another way, management is an occupation, leadership is a calling. This calling demands a unique vision for success and the tools necessary to communicate and implement that vision. The leader must possess a set of clearly-defined convictions and the daring and skill to translate their vision into a reality. This is why many people believe that the most successful development of leadership skills takes place when the leader is geared toward the development of individuals or social constructs. This foundation creates a drive and a passion that many believe cannot be replicated or faked in situations where the leader is concerned solely with financial returns. With effective leadership, all participants within the organization are confident someone they know is working towards the greater good, both on their behalf personally and that of the company, as well as the larger impact created by the specific product or service. And within this system, one of the most critical elements to success is a leader in whom they can place their trust. That’s because true leadership is about taking people to places they would not or could not go on their own. And achieving that level of loyalty and dedication is next to impossible without the genuine allegiance inspired by true leadership skills.
    In conclusion Derek Divers demonstration was very accurate and shows that a leader is someone that takes risks and appeal to be followed by people. He must have the quality of motivation to make people feel confident and the courage to take part in a movement. The followers are the ones that put the movement in perspective.

  22. Sarah C. March 13, 2016 at 12:07 pm #

    This TED Talk presented by Derek Silvers about “How to start a movement”, was very interesting and brought up some crucial points. Silvers spoke about how starting a movement does not only need a leader, but followers as well. It is important for someone to stick up as a leader and choose to go against the current, but if they do not have dedicated followers that are willing to see the same view and go against the current as well, the leader will only be viewed as a bizarre outsider. To be a good leader, a leader needs to put aside themselves for the cause they are fighting for. The leader must be welcome new comers and not judge them. A leader must be accepting to their followers and treat them as equals. If a leader does not accept his followers as an equal, it may come across as though the leader is trying to become a dictator and is not putting the cause first.
    Silvers also made the point that it takes alot of courage to be a leader, but it takes the same amunt of courage to be the first follower. The first follower is one of the most relevent part of a movement because it shows that the leader can be reasonable and and believable. Also, if a leader could get one person to follow them, then it could continue the movement and gather more followers. The first follower also give the leader, the role as the leader. Before having any followers the leader was just an outsider, who had a bizarre idea. Once he gained his first follower, he is granted the title of leader. The first follower gives “movement” to the movement. As more people choose to join along to the movement it becomes prevalent that others should join too, so they are not seen as the outsiders.

  23. Felicia Benjamin March 25, 2016 at 8:30 pm #

    I enjoyed this video. It implied that the formula of leadership is simple, just make everyone else believe it is their idea and encourage everyone to feel safe as a follower. Leadership takes guts, influence, and the support of others, but it also builds a foundation in the element of nurturing your team. With that said, this video says something completely different from society. Instead of being a leader, this ted video encourages its audience to be a follower since following can be just as influential as leading. Following, as well as leading both take courage. In both instances, there exists a party who is making the choice to affirm or discredit something and their reaction will influence the success or failure of the movement. For example, if the second dancer had not joined in, or even the followers after the initial follower, there would have been one sole lonely ostracized dancer. The second dancer joined in and subliminally told everyone that what he was doing was not only acceptable, but enjoyable so they should also join. In the video, no one was dancing, so one person decided to dance, and another one followed. Yes, the problem was solved when one person decided to dance, but it made more of an impact with each additional person who also decided to dance. As more and more people decided to follow, voila, a movement evolved. Movements bring forth change because they draw attention to an issue, or situation. First there is an exigence, which is the current environment, next there is a solution which will change or enhance the exigence. It takes courage to be the leader and propose an idea, but it also takes courage to agree with new ideas. In a larger sense, movements and progress are built on followers, as well as leaders. First someone proposes a new idea to a problem, or an enhancement to a current situation but this first step is just that, a step. In order for the new change to obtain power, authority, or relevance other people need to become aware that the new idea exists and people need to want to see the change happen. I am a strong believer in the strength of numbers because effective change arises through the support of a unified body, in which each member strives to motivate other members to persevere when times get tough. They stand together and encourage each other to stand firm in their beliefs and not give up under opposition because they support the goal of the team. This talk is enlightening, because our society encourages everyone to be a leader, but a world over populated with leaders would cause chaos because everyone would want their initiatives pushed, rather than objectively understanding what new change truly would need to be implemented. If everyone wanted to lead, then there would exist no followers, and it would be unclear what would be the purpose of having a leader. An idea takes one, but a movement takes two. If we take a look back through American history, we have had numerous movements which have implemented greatly appreciated change. We praise the innovators who originally spoke out, but we often overlook the first supporters of the movement. In many of these movements, agreeing with something that everyone else disagrees with was highly controversial and potentially life threatening. If one person made a bold statement, it would not matter because they would be alone in this claim, and they would be easily silenced. However, when two or more people are oppose a widely supported established entity, or introduce something strange then the idea gains more merit and gains a stable foundation. Metaphorically, a strong leader represents a sturdy foundation, but the foundation as well as the additional components of a structure are what make an overall project that much more spectacular.

  24. Anthony Scotti April 13, 2016 at 3:16 pm #

    This video shows here that you don’t have to be special in order to be a leader but as long as you have the ability to make others around you that is what a leader in today’s world does. You don’t have to be born with leadership you can learn it as you grow and as you mature. You don’t have to pretend to be someone that you aren’t when you want lead others. Its important to be your own person and come up with goals for you and the people around you that you are trying to make better. This video talked about how it is very important that the first follower that you are leading is on the same page with you so it can just be a chain effect from there because once you get your first follower on board then it is that persons job to get other people on the same page also. Finding That first follower is a very important role to starting a movement of any sort of work.

    Its not in a lot of people to just get up and start speaking to a crowd of people about whatever it is you are trying to say. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a crowd and express your opinion on something because not all people might even agree with you. Some people may have a completely different view on something that you are discussing so that can cause them to shut down whatever you are saying and disagree with them right from the start. I will always give someone the respect and listen to what they are saying when they are speaking to a large amount of people because I know how it can feel when your hands are shaking with your sweaty palms when you are trying to present something to whoever it may be. That’s why I think first impressions are very important and that’s why all it takes is that first follower on board with what it is you are doing. You can even compare this to social media. Why do people have 1 million plus followers? The main reason is because they are either a pop singer or an athlete, but then you have those people that have done something stupid on the internet and that’s why they have a lot of followers. Then you have the people that have done something meanfuling in life and have a lot of followers for that. It all comes down to the first impression that you give someone whether its because you are a popular figure in todays world, or you done something stupid that traveled faster than the speed of light through social media, or you have done an heroic act in the world and people want to keep up with you through out your life. Being a leader may not be in every person but it is sure something you can learn and becomes very successful when you start to get good and comfortable with.

  25. CS November 11, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    How can someone create a movement? In this TED Talks video, Derek Sivers explains the three steps to becoming a leader. There needs to be someone that does something new and is not afraid to be ridiculed. The second step, and the most important, is the first follower. Sivers said that this first follower is an underrated leader because without him, there is not following. The initial leader with the “crazy” idea is nothing but a dude with a crazy idea until the first follower shows up. That first follower saw the person standing out and took the initiative to join him. This makes it easy for more people to start following, which is the third step that really makes a following, into a movement.
    These steps are fairly self-explanatory and somewhat common sense, but the second one really stood out to me. When someone starts a successful movement or cause, the leader is always the person that gets the credit, which is fair. However, I agree with Sivers’s view on how the first follower is an underrated leader. Especially with how people can start movements on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it is easy to see how someone can get ridiculed for coming up with a new idea. Anyone can see that it is not until that person starts getting the right replies, likes, or retweets from people, than the third step starts.

  26. Rain Cornelius March 2, 2018 at 10:58 pm #

    Derek Sivers’ speech really made me think about the importance of being a follower. Although as a leader it takes guts to stand out and be ridiculed, being a follower does not necessarily mean you are weak or have a lack of confidence. We have been told all our lives to be a leader and not a follower. However, being the first follower can also be seen as being a leader in a moment. It takes confidence to leave the norm and follow behind a lone person who may be doing something ridiculous or risky. But this first follower is what turns that lone person into a leader. Without followers or supporters, the potential leader is not bringing about any change. When more people join the movement, those on the outside soon become the ones who are ridiculed for not joining in. Soon, sitting on the sidelines becomes the undesirable role and people will being to join in for the fear of standing out; the roles soon become reversed with enough followers.
    Also, another crucial part to start a successful movement is the leader of a movement must treat the followers as equals. This shows that the leader cares more about everyone behind the movement or the cause itself and not being a hero. It also demonstrates to others that anyone can take part in a movement and not feel unimportant to the progression of the movement. Additionally, a large part in starting a successful movement is passion for the subject because someone who cares deeply about the movement does not worry about being mocked and a good leader knows it is all about the idea movement, not themselves.

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