Giants Stun Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

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The Giants were not even supposed to be here this week, taking an unlikely playoff path through the behemoths of their conference and regarded, once they alighted on Super Bowl XLII, as little more than charming foils for the New England Patriots’s assault on immortality.

But with their defense battering the National Football League’s most valuable player, Tom Brady, and Giants quarterback Eli Manning playing more like Brady than Brady himself, the Giants, seemingly enlivened for the postseason by a 3-point loss to these same Patriots in the regular-season finale, crafted one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history, beating the Patriots, 17-14.

It was the first championship for the Giants since the 1991 Super Bowl. Back then, Bill Belichick was the Giants’ defensive coordinator. On Sunday, he was the coach who had led the Patriots to the brink of an historic perfect season, had survived a spying scandal that cost him money and his team a first-round draft pick, had weathered whispers in recent days that a previous title might be tainted, too, only to watch it all collapse under the weight of the Giants’ ferocious pass rush. For another year, the 1972 Miami Dolphins will stand alone with the only perfect season in N.F.L. history.

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24 Responses to Giants Stun Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

  1. Seun Oke May 10, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    I remember watching this game at my cousin’s house in Pennsylvania; it was epic. I was so proud of the Giants winning the Championship as the underdog against the Patriots. The whole game was good but the Giants were losing. Then it all started with the pass to David Tyree. He caught the ball on his helmet with defenders all around him. I believe that moment defined the Superbowl and it presented the fight New York Giants and New York as a state embraces. The Giants go on to win the Superbowl stunning the Patriots. I was happy but at the same time I felt bad for Tiki Barber because he justed retired the year before. If only he would have stayed one more year.

  2. Andrew Ehrhardt May 10, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    This was the greatest night ever for me as a giants fan. I am from south jersey and all of my family and friends are eagle fans and all year they trash talk and bitch and moan. They love to say how Philly is better than the G-men. So how do we respond? By winning the super bowl and finally getting to hear them all shut their mouths and give us some respect for once. Awesome awesome night.

  3. Minh Nguyen May 10, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    It has been a long time since I see a Giant win super bowl and then we dont see any new better. Until Giant repeats their power again when they win Patriot. Awesome night for every one to get back the winning moment. Congratulation Giant

  4. Mike Loreti September 15, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    This was one of the best superbowls i have ever seen, especially since an underdog beat a powerhouse team. This superbowl had late game drama, which as a fan is always exciting to watch. Eli’s pass to David Tyree should be considered a top 5 plays in superbowl history. As Jets fan it was really nice to see the Giants end the Patriots perfect season. Tom Coughlin deserved the win and really enjoy this win especially since at the beginning of the season he took a lot of criticism. Overall the Giants played great throughout the playoffs and there defense stepped up in big situations and it was just an incredible win overall, props to the Giants.

  5. Anthony Correale October 17, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    If there is one thing that is a big part of my life it is sports. I watch them everyday and follow most sports more than anything else. I can safely say that ESPN might just be my favorite channel. Of all the sports I watch and follow, football might just be my favorite. I look forward to watching as many games every Sunday, and if I miss them I am constantly looking up scores in my phone or rushing home to watch highlights later that night.
    Following the entire NFL this closely is based on me following my favorite team which happens to be the Giants. I have been a huge giants fan since I was as young as I could remember, and have followed them more and more the older I got. I come from a family of a long list of New York Giants fans so rooting for them is really all I know. What has came from this year in and year out is none other than a lot of disappointment. I have watched many losing seasons, and even when they have had a great team I have witnessed them blow it in big games such as the Superbowl against the Ravens in 2000.
    Seeing this year in and year out I just became completely used to it and would just expect defeat. This horrible mindset I had on my favorite football team changed drastically during the 2007 season when they beat the New England Patriots in the Superbowl. It was something nobody expected including myself. When it happened the great feeling I got is completely indescribable. It was easily one of the best things I had ever witnessed in my life.
    That year the Patriots were 18-0 going into the Superbowl. The Giants on the other hand had barely even made the playoffs and just squeezed in as a wild card. Once the playoffs started they had a lot of close games that came down right to the end that were great to watch because they mostly resulted in late wins. The Patriots had no problem beating any team in the league, plus had walked through the Giants late in that season. I, along with many others, did not give the Giants a chance to win this game. They came out and played some of the best defense I had ever seen, and ended the game on one of the most amazing drive with one of the hardest throw and catch the league had ever seen to win the game. If I were a Giants fan or not I would say it was the best Superbowl I have ever seen in my life.

  6. Nick Farallo October 24, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    I have grown up as a Giants fan my entire life and I have only seen them in two Super Bowls so far. After being upset 34-7 by the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV it was amazing to seem them in 2008 win three in a row on the road versus the Bucs, Cowboys, and Packers. Then they were matched up with one of the best offensive teams in NFL history, the 18-0 undefeated Patriots. They were perfect, they had had Tom Brady and Randy Moss who broke a bunch of records that season and most people thought the Giants didn’t stand a chance.
    I actually did have hope because the Giants played the Pats in week 17 that season and only lost in a shootout 38-35. So coming into the Super Bowl, because of their already incredible run as the 6th seed in the NFC, and their past game against the Pats, their odds didn’t seem as bad as people made them. My favorite thing about that Super Bowl was the prediction that Plaxico Burress made during media week that the Giants were gonna win 21-17. The media then asked Tom Brady what he thought about Plaxico’s prediction and he said, “we’re only gonna score 17 points?.. haha ok!”( Of course the Giants won 17-14, and the defense held the Patriots to 14 points because of the incredible pass rush by the Giants. The offense caught its break in the 4th quarter with Manning’s escape and Tyree’s helmet catch, but I believe the Giants deserved to win that game. Holding one of the best offenses in NFL history to 14 points was incredible and driving down the field in their last possesion down by 4 was even better. I woke up every morning for a month thinking about that game and the playoff run. I have never been more excited for one of my teams winning a championship.

  7. Bobby Petroni October 25, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    I have been a big New York Giant fan since I watched my first game with my dad. The New York Giants went on a great playoff run to win the super bowl against the New England Patriots. Every time the Giants play, they are either playing really well or not so well most of the time. The Giants pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all-time. The Giants were underdogs all throughout the playoffs as a number six seed. No one gave them a shot to even make it to the playoffs, no to mention will in the playoffs. Eli Manning and made one of the most spectacular plays in the playoffs of all-time. Patriot defenders surrounded Eli and they had him in their grasps. Eli managed to escape and threw a jump ball for David Tyree. Tyree made a spectacular catch by securing the ball with his hands to his helmet. It was the fourth quarter and they were down by four with three minutes to play. Eli threw a touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress with 54 seconds to go in the game. The entire football nation was stunned that the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots to win the super bowl. I will remember this game for the rest of my life.

  8. Matthew Cope April 17, 2012 at 1:16 am #

    As a New York Football Giants fan I couldn’t resist. A true story of David and Goliath. Bill Belicheck and the all mighty Tom Brady facing off against the red faced old school Tom Coughlin and the baby faced Eli Manning. Well, yet again the underdog pulls of a miracle and brings home a championship to the NY/NJ area. A true champion believes in himself as Eli did when asked if he put himself on the same level as his brother Peyton and his advisory Tom Brady. He answered in the affirmative and proved it once again with a SuperBowl Champion MVP award for the second time in his career. Sports give people an outlet to forget about the economy, work if they are lucky enough to have a job, and gives them something to enjoy. Let’s face it these are the luxuries and the things that make all the struggles and bad times worth it, a little taste of greatness even if you are living it out through your heroes.

  9. Tyler Ferst November 14, 2013 at 11:12 pm #

    The New York Giants won the Super Bowl the year I was born and I have been raised a Giants fan ever since and wear my colors with pride rain or shine. Therefore I may be a tad biased in saying so, but I believe this was the best Super Bowl in NFL history. Not only did it have the highest ratings for its time but it was one of the most entertaining games I have ever seen, which includes old games watched on tape. The New England Patriots were fully expected to go 19-0 and finish their historic undefeated season by winning Super Bowl XLII. Most people believed that the Giants did not even deserve to be there because they had barely made the playoffs and just “got hot during the playoffs” as many broadcasters were saying at the time. However the New York Giants did not allow any of these distractions or hype to get to their heads going. Lead by quarterback Eli Manning and all-pro defensive lineman Michael Strahan, the Giants were able to hold off the legendary coach Bill Belichick and beat the undefeated New England Patriots by a final score of 17-14. It was not easy and was made possible after what is now being referred to as “the play” because it is arguably the greatest play in Super Bowl history. Late in the 4th quarter with the score 14-10, Eli Manning was miraculously able to escape countless Patriot lineman and somehow get free to launch a ball down field to a covered David Tyree on a long 3rd down attempt. Giants’ wide receiver, David Tyree, was down field about 30 yards and well covered by all-pro defensive back Rodney Harrison. Somehow Tyree was able to leap over Harrison and pin the football to his helmet with one hand while Harrison’s was fighting somewhere in between as the hit the ground. It was a legal catch and gave the New York Giants a first down at the most crucial point in the game. A few plays later and Plaxico Burress caught a beautifully thrown fade route to the corner of the end zone that gave the Giants a 17-14 lead that held on to be the final score. In my opinion this was the greatest and most entertaining Super Bowl’s I have ever seen and the ratings showed for it. Many still refer to it as the best Super Bowl ever as it was the true David and Goaliath story played out in the game of football. I know it will always remain as an amazingly fond memory in my mind and I will never forget that the New England Patriots record was 18 and ONE in 2008.

  10. Bre'Quan Simon November 13, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

    8. I chose this article as my last one because not only do I hate the Giants, but it was a chance for me, as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, to vent about how lucky they were in their Superbowl win against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. “Tyree made a leaping 32-yard reception, clutching the ball against his helmet as he fell, that put the Giants at the Patriots’ 24-yard line with 59 seconds left in the game.” If that sentence does not exude luck, t hen I do not know what does. It seems as if Eli Manning had zero chance to complete this ball, but it magically sticks to David Tyree’s hands!? For almost everyone, even Giants fans, they could not believe that this play even happened. I believe that there was some sort of divine intervention that took place because this was almost impossible. To be respectful, this play made by Tyree has to go down as one of the most exhilarating plays in NFL history and also one of the most improbable.

  11. Kevin Conlon-Riser November 13, 2014 at 7:30 pm #

    I decided to comment on this article for one reason and one reason only. I am a huge Giants fan. I was raised a Giants fan and I will be a Giants fan until the day I die. I can still remember exactly what I was doing when the Giants won the Super Bowl against the undefeated Patriots despite being 14 point underdogs. Yes, I will be the first to admit that EVERYTHING went right for the Giants that night, from David Tyree’s catch, to the game winning touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress in which the defender covering him slipped. Although I do believe that Giants got lucky, everyone has to understand that the Giants DESERVED to win this game. The Giants were the only team that year to even come close to beating the Patriots in the final game of the regular season when they lost 38-35 on a Tom Brady touchdown pass late in the 4th quarter. The Giants were the only team to give Tom Brady any trouble all season long. The Giants defense was really good and came in well prepared for the Patriots passing attack. Super Bowl XVII will forever go down as one of the greatest in football history. I am just glad that I can call myself a Giants so now I can pass on memories of that game to my children because it is one amazing story to tell.

  12. Brent Sindoni February 19, 2015 at 12:42 pm #

    2007 was the year the New England Patriots were undefeated throughout the regular season and first and second round of the playoffs. The Patriots were ready to make NFL history to be only the second team ever to have an undefeated season. The 1972 Miami Dolphins were the only other team to accomplish this feat. The Super Bowl was held in Arizona and the Patriots were going up against the New York Giants who were significant underdogs. Las Vegas odd makers had the Patriots as twelve point favorites. The Super Bowl was an extremely close game and in the fourth quarter, a miracle throw by Eli Manning proved to be the difference as the Giants defeated the Patriots, 17-14. This is known as one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. The Giants owner, John Mara, felt that this game was the greatest victory in the history of his franchise.

    The 2007 regular season for the Patriots was phenomenal. They averaged nearly thirty points a game, had one of the best quarterbacks in the game with Tom Brady, and one of the best head coaches in Bill Belichick. These individuals will be first ballot hall of famers in the future. The Giants not only defeated the Patriots, they contained the Pats to only fourteen points. They played great defense and made it extremely difficult for Brady to complete any passes or do anything on the offensive side of the ball. On that day, the New York Giants were the better team on the field and proved to be worthy of an NFL championship.

  13. Joe Iuliano April 16, 2015 at 1:04 pm #

    I remember this night like it was yesterday because I am a huge Giants fan. Even though that year was not our strongest year, we found a way in the playoffs to grind each victory out to eventually taking home hardware against the undefeated Patriots. To this day I still have the same feeling when i saw Plaxico catch the pass in the back of the end zone to put the Giants up, and don’t let me forget to add the David Tyree catch because I am still shocked about that play, which led plaxico to being open the next play to score the winning touchdown.

    I remember listening to an Eli Manning interview post super bowl saying the in practice, David Tyree could not catch a pass at all in practice prior to the game. For David Tyree to have a touchdown pass and a game saving catch that led the Giants to their super bowl rings is mind blowing. It goes to show how beautiful the game of football is because it go either way on any given day. It also shows a prime example of how teammates should be at all levels of the game. It is all about trust and nothing else. Manning obviously needed trust to throw Tyree the ball because he trusted him that he would catch it and he did that led him and his team to win the Super bow against the undefeated Patriots.

  14. MJR September 24, 2015 at 4:12 pm #

    Here I am, talking about the New York Football Giants and how they beat the undefeated Patriots in the super bowl back in 2007. I’m a lifelong Giants fan ever since 92’ and during this year throughout this incredible playoff run it still brings back chills knowing we stopped this Patriot team from going undefeated. Sure a bit of luck never hurts anybody with the man David Tyree pulling in one of the greatest catches ever in super bowl history. But the point is this Patriots team continues to thrive under the duo of Belichick and Brady seven years after that loss and we Giant fans haven’t seen our team play in January for the past five years! Such a disappointment knowing we have to continue to support this team because our love for them is so extraordinary but the management never seems to do anything of importance to help this team win.
    As the great Michael Strahan said “We did it to prove to ourselves we could do it. We were stopping the best offense in football. Of course, they were surprised. We shocked the world. We shocked ourselves.” What I can take away from this super bowl win was that it was the first in my lifetime with second coming four years later. I guess you could look at it in a way that some teams have never won the super bowl (Eagles) and be thankful that your sports team made you proud to be a fan for the years past. This could arguably go down as one of the biggest upsets ever the super bowl era and it feels great to know that it was your New York Football Giants who did it.

  15. Nicolette D October 24, 2015 at 1:24 am #

    Well I grew up with football all around me. My entire family is die-hard Jets fans, so I have never really been a fan of the Patriots or Tom Brady. However, I always saw that Eli Manning had potential. For the Giants to even have made the playoffs was a surprise to me back in 2007. I also feel that the Patriots went into this game with a whole bunch of confidence, being undefeated all season. Tom Brady was ready to make NFL history with this, after the Dolphins in 1972. In football, they always say, “any given Sunday,” and believe me this quote is accurate. Super Bowl XLII proves it.

    I remember this game so clearly. Plaxico Burress caught a pass in the back of the end zone, which put the Giants on top. David Tyree also pulled in possibly one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen. This play definitely saved this game overall. The Giants managed to bring home that ring proudly with the trust of Eli to Tyree. Football is truly a beautiful game and mind blowing at that. Anything can happen, whether there is 1-minute left or 10. I think it all goes to show, the Giants really stopped the best offense in football during this year. For this Giants football team, this should be their proudest accomplishment. I even believe this should go down in history just for outsmarting the undefeated squad. However, this could arguably be a great upset for the New England Patriots.

  16. Anthony DiGrande October 29, 2016 at 9:53 pm #

    The New England Patriots were on the verge of history during their 2007-08 season. They went 16-0 in the regular season and were on course to becoming the second undefeated team to win the Super Bowl, the first being the 1972 Miami Dolphins. No one thought that they could be beaten, but then Eli Manning arrived in Glendale, AZ and shocked the world. This article recounts the history shattering game that people look back on calling it one of the greatest Super Bowl games ever.

    As a Giants fan I could rewatch this game over and over again. This is the first Super Bowl I can clearly remember watching. I vaguely remember watching Super Bowl XXXIX. This was one of the biggest underdog stories in football history. The Giants just made the playoffs earning a wildcard spot. They defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wildcard, then defeated the NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys, and finally in the NFC Championship game took down Brett Favre. Super Bowl XLII would be remembered for two of the biggest plays in recent Super Bowl memory. The first being Eli’s miraculous throw and David Tyree’s helmet catch and the second being the slant and go route for the game winning touchdown. Out of all the 9 Super Bowl’s I clearly remember watching this is the best one. The second being Super Bowl XLIX even though the Patriots won. But, Super Bowl XLII will always go down as one of the greatest Cinderella runs in NFL history.

  17. Daniel Cooper November 3, 2016 at 9:59 am #

    The playoff system is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Players have something to play for and the fans have the nervous time of watching them play. One sport that is very is easy to predict is basketball, so I am going to excluded them, but of course there are times that a team wins a series they should not have. This does not happen nearly enough to talk about. For baseball and hockey these sports have a several game series to determine who moves on. Hockey every round is a best of seven while baseball it changes every round. The football play is one of the most exciting because it is one and done. Win three maybe four games sometimes three to win the Super Bowl. These types of the games are much more exciting and makes the fans more nervous than any other sport. The story of the New York Giants are one that will never seem to amaze me. Not only did they did they defeat the Patriots once in the Super Bowl they did twice. The first time was the most shocking. The Patriots had pretty much steam rolled the entire NFL. They went eighteen and zero. They looked like the 1972 Miami Dolphins which went undefeated and won the Super Bowl. Then there was the New York Giants. The team struggled all season and played every game to win get to the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick would be the greatest NFL coach of all time if he did not have scandal after scandal with his team. First, it was the spy gate which was clearly wrong and they won a few championships off of it. Then in 2014-2015 season playoffs, the Patriots mainly their Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady, was caught changing the PSI in the football. In this game, neither the giants nor the Patriots had cheated the system. this was an old fashion football game with a score of 17-14. Mainly the game was highlighted by the catch by the David Tyree. This may be the greatest catch or the one of most memorable football play in my life. I remember people saying he most of have chewing gum stuck on his helmet. The game winning catch was caught by a former Pittsburgh Steeler, Plaxico Burress. With the Tyree catch being the best the best catch of Super Bowl history, the following year my favorite team won the Super Bowl in my eyes the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. The Arizona Cardinals are scored leaving little time for the Steelers to drive down the field and needed to score a touchdown to win the game. Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, drove down the field and threw the ball in to triple coverage and Santino Holmes came down with the catch. He placed his one foot on top of other in order to get his feet down for the touchdown. This is only a better catch because it was for a game winning score. The playoff system is the best way to give a team a chance to win a title. People think just placing the “two best” in the championship game will make a better game. This is not true. Look at the Giants and Patriots game, a super team versus a bad playoff team. Sometimes just a chance to win will when a game.

  18. Cliff Nash November 3, 2016 at 10:07 pm #

    Seeing this article makes me extremely happy. Having been a New York Giants fan since birth and being able to witness them achieve not only one, but two Super Bowl victories against the power house team that is the New England Patriots. I recall watching this game live with the rest of my family, the Patriots at the time were hoping to complete the first undefeated season since the Miami Dolphins had done it before the leagues expansion to 16 game seasons. The Patriots were not able to accomplish their goal as the New York Giants were there to stop them. The Giants were extreme underdogs and not only had no business being in the playoffs to begin with but instead should have never made it all the way to the Super Bowl sitting with a record of 9-7.
    Watching this game was an incredible thrill ride. Emotions were high throughout as there was no clear leader throughout the entire game as it always stayed close. In the waning moments the Giants were able to take the lead with an incredible catch made by David Tyree against his helmet to get the Giants the first down there for putting them in a position to take the lead and beat the Patriots.
    This is a very uplifting story as it is a real life underdog and no one thought the Giants had a chance to do anything in that game. The defense held strong throughout and the offense was able to put enough points on the board to secure the victory. The following days were awesome if you were a Giants fan, there was a parade held in the streets of New York that all were welcome to attend in which the players showed off the trophy to everyone attendance. After that they went to their home field and gave speeches to everyone in attendance. I was lucky enough to have been at the stadium that day and hear the speeches first hand and get to chant with all the other excited fans.
    After this miraculous season the Giants did manage to pull off another Super Bowl win in the coming years but have since teetered off and become one of the more mediocre teams. A defense that is a shell of its former self and an offense lead by a Manning that is nowhere near as skilled as he used to be is quite the let down to any current fan. The Giants will hopefully improve in the near future and fans will maybe have a reason to cheer and be excited once again.

  19. Bryan Deleon September 20, 2017 at 12:19 am #

    One of the biggest upsets in the history of professional sports, the New York football Giants overcame the unbeatable New England Patriots. As a Giants fan myself, being able to reminisce about this game always brings back good memories. Giants fans were not the only fans that were filled with joy that day or in February of 2012, the Patriots are the most hated team in the NFL and many fans of different teams were happy to see them lose and not complete their “perfect season”. The combination of Tom Brady and Randy Moss was deadly that whole season; Tom Brady broke the record for most passing touchdowns (50) in a season and Randy Moss broke the record for most touchdown receptions (23) in a season. That high powered offense of the Patriots were able to beat the Giants 38-35 a couple months prior, in the final week of the regular season. That last game for the Giants wasn’t crucial for playoff hopes because of their 10-6 record they entered the playoffs as a wild card team.
    Watching third year quarterback Eli Manning make his super bowl debut against a record breaking team wasn’t what everyone expected. The team favored to make the super bowl from the NFC was the Green Bay Packers. Two weeks prior to the super bowl, the Giants went into Lambeau field and defeated the Packers in overtime. Playing at Lambeau field in January or in the playoffs is a disadvantage because of the arctic temperatures. The temperature in that 2008 playoff game was at -1 degrees. Inexperienced and still young, Eli was able to pull it off and bring the Giants to the big stage. Analysts and sports casters finally started to give Eli the respect he deserved after his super bowl MVP performance.
    Eli can’t get all the credit, even though he was named MVP; the Giants defense deserves the most credit. They were able to hold a historically great offense to 14 points. Tom Brady was confused and under pressure all game. The mixture of veterans and youth on the defensive line made it hard for Brady to connect with his offensive weapons. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo created the perfect game plan to hold their offense; twice (2012 super bowl). Being a Giants fan reminiscing on this super bowl win brings hope going into every season. This season they have started off to a terrible start (0-2), but just Monday night during halftime, the 2007 super bowl winning team was celebrated for the ten year anniversary. That year they started off 0-2 as well, so there is still hope for this season.

  20. N.A September 27, 2017 at 9:49 pm #

    Super Bowl XLII is a Super Bowl that’s going to be remembered for years to come between the New England Patriots and the formidable NY Giants. That was the year the Patriots went undefeated until they lost the Lombardi trophy to the NY Giants at Super Bowl XLII. The Giants win came as a shock to many as they were seen to be the clear underdog in all of their postseason games. Regrettably, for the Patriots and their fans that lost specifically came as a tough one as well considering how hard they worked during the regular season just to shockingly have their well-deserved win snatched away by a wild card team. Subsequently, the night was owned by the more eager of the teams, the NY Giants, which was evident in Eli Manning’s MVP performance.

    One of the plays that will be talked about for centuries to come in the NFL world is David Tyree’s infamous one-handed helmet catch. With all odds against Eli Manning in his collapsing pocket, he still manages to escape an ensuing pass rushing defense and throws the ball across the field for David to amazingly catch the ball pinned in between his right hand and the center of his helmet. Not too long later, with about 35 seconds left on the game clock, Eli connected with Plaxico Burress to score the game-winning touchdown to ultimately seal their win as the NFL’s Super Bowl 42 champions. As a result, the Patriots did not only just lose the championship but in the process, they sadly lost their chance of becoming that one special team in NFL history to ever go undefeated and win the Super Bowl as well. In conclusion, despite their lost, they still managed to attain a legendary undefeated record that still stands unbeaten 10 years later and possibly many more years to come.

  21. Chris O'Handley September 29, 2017 at 4:21 pm #

    Super Bowl XLII is one of the greatest upsets pro football has ever seen. The game featured the powerhouse New England Patriots boasting their 18-0 record looking to become the first team to complete a perfect season since the 1971 Miami Dolphins. On the other side was a New York Giants team that had just barely squeaked into the playoffs by grabbing the final wildcard spot with a regular season record of 10-6. The two teams faced off in the final week of the regular season with the Patriots winning by a score of 38-35. Even though the Giants lost, they played the Patriots as close as anyone had all season and their performance that week seemed to give them some momentum heading into the playoffs. The Patriots rode their home-field advantage right into the championship game and had already been deemed by many the greatest football team of all time. The Giants on the other hand had to go on the road and grind out three tough wins before arriving in Arizona for the 42nd Super Bowl. The lines heavily favored the Patriots as the Giants came into the game as 12 point underdogs. As the game got going, the Giants struck first with a first quarter field goal but the Patriots answered with a touchdown to take a 7-3 lead into halftime. The Giants scored an early fourth quarter touchdown which was quickly answered again by a Patriots touchdown. Now down 14-10, Eli Manning and the Giants got the ball at their 17 yard line with 2:39 left on the clock. The Giants had already gotten the respect of the viewers for even being able to hang in this long with the undefeated Patriots, but could they now possibly win the game? On a 4th down do or die play, Eli Manning somehow avoided being sacked and unleashed a 32 yard pass to David Tyree. Tyree swarmed by Patriots defenders somehow pinned the ball against the top of his helmet and came down with the catch. Eli Manning capped off the Giants game winning 83 yard drive with a 13 yard touchdown pass to Plaxico Buress. This put the Giants up for good as they managed to pull off one of the greatest upsets in sports history beating the Patriots 17-14. Even though I am a die-hard Jets fan and never really root for the Giants, I have to give them credit for this season making one of the most remarkable postseason runs in NFL history and beating the cheating Patriots thus ruining their would-be perfect season.

  22. Adis Hoti September 29, 2017 at 8:49 pm #

    Judy Battista wrote an article on how the Giants topped the undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. This article seems quite irrelevant, as the Giants beating the Patriots is old news; however, this article holds some significance to it. This article essentially shows us that a game is never over until the final whistle or until the clock hits zero. The Giants by no means were expected to win. This team barely found their way into the play offs, but continued to defy the odds. The Giants were down late in the game, quarterback back Eli Manning heaved the ball up to his receiver who came down with a miraculous catch. Life is all about taking risky chances, because sometimes they lead to success.
    The Giants started the season poorly, but finished on a huge win streak. Sometimes it is not how you start but how you finish. The Giants always had faith in themselves, and never gave up. They pushed each other knowing that they had the potential to do something special. Winning a Super Bowl is every players dream, and being an underdog is tough to overcome. The Giants found the motivation within each other to pursue something in which everyone doubted them. They picked each other up when they were down, and always had each other’s backs. Teamwork makes the dream work, playing as a team makes a team’s value much higher. The Giants were doubted in each game they played in during the post season, and won each time. They continued to prove the doubters wrong, but continued to be overlooked. The Giants beat arguably the greatest team in football history. While doing that they stopped the New England Patriots from achieving history, the history of become the first ever team to go 19-0.

    The Giants made a strong point that to win you must stick together. Working together with your team in life can lead to great things. Picking people up when they are down and pushing them to try again and try harder will create a larger amount of success for the team. The same applies for business teams. If your partners make mistakes and are expected to not beat budget, if the whole team works together they can find a resolution to making the budget work. Never let someone tell you that you cannot do something. The Giants beating the Patriots is just another great example of how anything is possible. Never count yourself out of anything because if you find the right motivation, you can achieve anything. This story should serve as a piece of motivation for anyone going up against some tough obstacles, and are expected to fail. Most importantly, if you can believe in yourself the way the Giants believed in themselves, you can find your way to the ultimate success.
    Another lesson that should come of this is that you should never take a team lightly. The Giants were taken lightly in each of their postseason games, and they took advantage of it. The Giants opponents failed to play their hardest as they thought it was not necessary. The second the opponents knew they had to step it up, it was too late. The Giants had gained enough momentum and confidence to propel them over their opponents. Always give your all in whatever you do; you never know how bad someone wants it. Success is earned, not given. To win you must compete hard, and not take things lightly.

  23. Griffin Clark September 25, 2018 at 12:09 pm #

    Super Bowl XLII is regarded as one of the greatest football games of all time, and is definitely one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. It is also regarded as one of the greatest upsets in not only football history, but sports history. The game itself was very entertaining, as it came down to the wire with the Giants taking the lead in the final minutes to win the game. But it was the circumstances around the game that made it unforgettable. Even though this was the Super Bowl, the game to win it all between the two conference champions, the Patriots were still overwhelming favorites to win. The Patriots had come into the game with a record of 18-0 and were one win away from completing a perfect season, the first since the 1972 Miami Dolphins and the only one to do it winning 19 games (Dolphins went 17-0). The Patriots had steamrolled everyone they played and Tom Brady, who was the reigning MVP, had been unstoppable. Meanwhile, the Giants had barely squeaked into the playoffs as a wildcard and had already had to defeat NFC powerhouses that year to get into the Super Bowl. They went on the road to defeat the number one seeded Dallas Cowboys and number 2 seeded Green Bay Packers, which were already two big upsets, and it seemed there was no way they could pull it off again against their toughest test yet, the undefeated Patriots.

    As a Packers fan, I had been heartbroken by the Giants two weeks before when the Giants beat the Packers in overtime in the NFC Championship, and I wanted nothing more than to see the Patriots knock them out. On the other hand, I thought it would be incredible to see the Patriots’ perfect season spoiled when they were only one win away from it, but I thought that just wasn’t possible. Super Bowl XLII was the ultimate David vs. Goliath situation where no one was even giving the Giants a chance, even though they had made it this far. People were saying they shouldn’t have even made it this far in the first place and that the Patriots are just too good. When the game finally started, all the things people were saying went out the window. The Giants took it to the Patriots and the Patriots looked completely out of sorts, it was like watching a completely different team, and that was because of the Giants. They took the Patriots out of their comfort zone, and they truly believed they could win. The Giants were able to keep the game close all the way until the end, and when Eli Manning completed the famous “helmet catch”, and later threw a touchdown to Plaxico Burress, the Giants completed the unthinkable. They ended the Patriots undefeated season and pulled off one of the biggest upsets in all of sports. The Giants proved that anyone can be beaten on any given day. “That’s why they play the game” is what my dad would always say, and the Giants’ victory in Super Bowl XLII is the perfect example of that. No matter how much the odds may seem like they’re against you, you can’ le that stop you from trying to overcome adversity and be successful.

  24. Ramon Roots April 12, 2019 at 10:14 pm #

    For my entire life I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I have never liked the New York Giants because thats a team in our division. However I do give the Giants there credit for that superbowl win. I remember watching there whole playoff run. It was truly something special due to the fact that the Giants where some big underdogs. I never would of imagined that they would beat the powerhouse Patriots. The Patriots were high powered with the legendary Tom Brady and great coach Bill Belichick. Even with this great team the Giants still pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all-time. The Giants were underdogs and went into the playoffs as a number six seed. People did not even have the Giants making it to the SuperBowl. Just watching this whole game was breath taking. Eli Manning made one of the craziest plays in NFL history. Then not only was the throw crazy but the catch the was made was even more spectacular.
    The receiver caught the pass off his helmet with numerous defenders surrounding him. The play will forever be remembered by NFL fans. I could not believe my very eyes when I seen it. Then Eli Manning went on to throw another great pass for a touchdown . The entire football nation was stunned that the Giants beat the Patriots. Not to mention, the Patriots were undefeated that season. This would be the first time the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl but not the last. They would beat them again a couple years later. As an Eagles fan, I hated to see the Giants win but I had to respect it. It was one of those games that you had to congratulate them. That game was truly special and I will never forget it.

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