Students Seek Gear With Get Up And Go

from c|net News

Students heading back to campus this fall have plenty of choices when picking a PC, and it’s clear what most will be opting for: anything that can be packed up and taken to go.

“Almost nobody is going to buy a desktop for college,” said Samir Bhavnani, an analyst with Current Analysis West. “This year there’s a lot more to choose from than in years past: Apple’s more broadly distributed than before, Acer’s on the shelves almost everywhere now, and people can go get a Lenovo ThinkPad today on the retail shelf.”

But besides portability, students seek style. The run-of-the-mill black box that just gets the job done isn’t nearly as compelling as a sleek, shiny notebook with lots of bells and whistles, like Bluetooth connectivity, integrated Webcams, and fast boot times. And lightness and mobility are key, of course. But it’s not just PCs students want–it’s extras like smart phones, digital cameras, all-in-one printers, and of course, a hip case in which to lug their new notebook around.

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