Fantasy Football Leagues Score Big with Fans

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Simone Kaplan hated Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms and the rest of the New York Giants as a child.

Her father, a big Giants fan, spooked her on game days with his sudden “shrieking at the television,” said Kaplan, 30. She said she also could never see the entertainment value in watching men crash into each other like rutting deer. That was before she got hooked on fantasy football.

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  1. Andres Arcila February 19, 2015 at 4:38 pm #

    Fantasy sports is a hobby that alot of people do in the United States. I know some friends that would participate in fantasy sports. They would sometimes get to caught up in the fantasy game and lose touch of reality. They would vote against teams that they loved and always followed just to win in fantasy leagues. I think these leagues can be fun but you must remember that in the end they actually mean nothing. Winning a fantasy league can be fun but in the end it means nothing more than bragging rights to your friends.
    At the end of the day you should enjoy fantasy sports but never lose sight of real sports and real success. Fantasy numbers will continue to grow. As generations and generations go by more and more people participate. It is a cool way to support athletes you like and get involved in some competition. The draft can be fun because it makes you feel like a manager picking players and building a team.

  2. Michael W March 20, 2018 at 10:14 am #

    Fantasy football has been increasing in popularity every year. Millions of people play each season, rooting for players on every team. Each week, you choose your lineup based on a player’s performance, their matchup, the weather, and other factors. This article shows the perfect example of this. The father talks about how his daughter grew up hating the Giants, and now due to fantasy football is rooting for them as if they were her favorite team. I do play fantasy football, and I do the same thing. I am a Miami Dolphins fan, but I find it difficult to root for players on rival teams such as the Patriots, Bills, Jets and others. Many fantasy leagues are an “investment”, where you pay to play, with the hope of wining at the end of the season.

    However, fantasy football is all luck. You can draft the best team, and be hit with injuries. For example, this past season, the running back from the Arizona Cardinals David Johnson was the most drafted number 1 pick in all drafts. Week 1, he tore his ACL, and ruled him out the rest of the season. Fantasy football can be played with hours of research, just to see your hopes crushed within the first game of the season. You now lost your best player for the entire season. Websites such as Draft Kings offer you the ability to play fantasy football on a weekly basis with no roster carryover. You are allowed to pick a new team every week. Some are based on salary caps, while other game modes offer typical drafts. This is becoming increasingly popular among fantasy players.

    While I do play fantasy football, I do not do it for the reward. Even though I get angry when I lose, I do it to watch all the games with a purpose. Fantasy gives everyone an opportunity to watch and root for every game hoping for their players to do well. This leads to better ratings, courtesy of fantasy football.

  3. Mark Heath June 5, 2019 at 10:34 am #

    Fantasy football has changed the way fans gamble, watch, and even cheer for their team. This article was written over 12 years ago, but I can only imagine the author would have never guessed it would become what it is today. From online fantasy football gambling sites such as DraftKings and Fanduel, to ESPN streaming live fantasy numbers on the ticker on its most popular sports channels. It has changed. I am a huge fan of football and I have always enjoyed the sport. From watching the games on TV with my grandpa when I was a child to taking my own kids to games every year just to make those memories of time together. It truly is something that you can find common ground on and enjoy with a group.

    I was introduced to the concept of fantasy football several years ago, and I can truly say it has changed the way I enjoy football today. The idea of fantasy sports has also been used in basketball, baseball, soccer, and many other sports. As mentioned before, online gambling over fantasy has become increasingly popular. LegalSportsReport stated last year that the entry fees for fantasy sports betting were $3.2 billion dollars. (Gouker, 2018) With such a large market share, the opportunity has new platforms, marketing, and television networks to get involved has been extraordinary. NFL has even created a new channel called NFL Redzone which is solely geared around showing fantasy statistics.

    I do not use fantasy football as a way to gamble though. The reward for me is just enjoying the game and using is to connect with people. Just as Facebook or Instagram work as a means of connecting people as a social media network, fantasy football can be used for the same purpose. I have played in a fantasy league with 9 other people from a unit when I was in the military with for about 5 years now. All of us have moved on to different states, some living in different countries. You can be assured that when August comes around, all of us make it a point to find some time to talk and plan our fantasy football league. We are so dedicated to it that even one year someone had the idea to rent out a venue to actually do an in-person draft. We contacted each player, who at the time were stationed in different areas, and arranged a date for most of us to meet up. Most of us met up in Jacksonville, FL, and to include the spouses and children, we had about 40 people show up for a fantasy football draft. It was a great time, but more than fantasy football it was a great excuse for people who served in the military together to find a reason to meet after years.

    As crazy as all this sounds, fantasy football is used by fans as more than football. It is used as a means to connect, a chance to have competition with your co-workers/friends and gives a reason to watch NFL games that do not include your favorite team but rather a player on your fantasy roster. For example, when you draft (or chose) your players, many if not all of them will be on different teams. How each player performs grants points to your overall score. You may have famous quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, and running back Marlon Mack from the Indianapolis Colts. When Sunday’s games come on you will find yourself watching players and not the teams.

    It is evident that fantasy football has changed the game, and I can only imagine how it still will evolve for years to come. If you don’t play, I encourage you to find a group and give it a try. It might surprise you how much fun you can have.

    Gouker, Dustin. “New Official Data: Daily Fantasy Sports Generated $335 Million In Revenue In A Year.” Legalsportsreport, 27 June 2018,

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