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Tomorrow, millions of Super Bowl viewers will return to day jobs that have nothing to do with athletic pursuits. But for Bethesda resident Ricky Mattei, 24, every workday is sports-related.

In January, Mattei began working as an account executive for Washington’s professional men’s soccer team, D.C. United, for which his job focuses on persuading more Hispanic fans to attend games. “I said I’d never go into sales, but I love it,” he said.

Sports management is a $221 billion industry, up from $182.8 billion in 1999, according to the Charlotte-based Sports Business Journal. The field includes advertising, endorsements, facility construction, apparel, broadcast rights, concessions, ticket sales, community recreation programs and much more.

But insiders caution that being an athlete or avid sports fan doesn’t automatically mean you are cut out for employment in the sports world. “There’s a naive sex appeal sometimes among people who read the sports section or watch ESPN SportsCenter three times a day and think that because they know players’ batting averages they should be working in sports,” said Jeff Yocom, vice president for executive search and placement of the Tualatin, Ore., sports-marketing firm Game Face Inc. “At the end of the day, sports is a business,” Yocom said.

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  1. Andres Arcila April 21, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    sport management is an interesting career and it has a lot of demand. Every athlete see sport management as an option to major in because it includes sports, which almost every athlete is passionate about and one cannot imagine a life doing something that we think is boring or something like that. The fact that athletes are always outside playing, running, doing exercise make weird being the whole day wearing pants, tie and being elegant in an office.
    I personally think major in sports management because it includes business stuff and at the same tame you should know things that you learn while competing and feeling the environment of playing sports. It might be difficult to some people that never played make decisions because sometimes sports do not follow a logical path, and learning these little things give you the experience to perform good after you graduate.

  2. er March 2, 2016 at 11:04 am #

    This article on sports management careers is very intriguing to me due to the fact that I want to end up in the business of sports. This article was very informational and filled me in on a lot of numbers that I didn’t know about the industry as a whole. This article states that “sports management is a $221 billion industry that has gone up from 182.8 billion since 1999.” Those are some pretty crazy numbers if you ask me. If the industry of sports in the business atmosphere can go up 20 million in a matter of 17 years that is jaw-dropping . Every industry wishes that they had this steady growth. $20 million is not a number just to shrug off it’s something that’s hard to swallow. The reason why this is amazing and my perspective is because I want a to join an industry that is still growing not one that is plateauing. So this is looking good in my favor.

    On the other hand this article also states that sports management isn’t a field that every can get into. Even if you are a huge sports fanatic sports management and sports marketing are two very difficult fields to get your foot in the door. There’s a lot more that goes into it that people don’t understand. Some things at this article you need to have a good face in the industry. That is very true because if you are a nobody and you don’t try to make something out of yourself you will be nothing. One other thing that this article does not say but I believe is very true with sports management is that you also need to be able to network and have a network prior to getting into the industry. It helps you tremendously.

  3. Peter Romano November 9, 2016 at 9:31 pm #

    Sports management is a growing industry. In 1999, it was an $182.2 billion industry and has increased to $221 billion. It includes advertisement, endorsements, facility construction, apparel, broadcast rights, concessions, ticket sales, community recreation and more. People want to become sport managers because they are an avid sports fan or an athlete themselves. They believe they are cut out for doing anything in sports because they know player’s stats or the rules of a game. It’s much more difficult than that. People see sports as entertainment, which it is for the average spectator, but in the end, it is a business. When applying for jobs in sports management, you need to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in sports marketing or management. Another way is to get an internship with a team at the minor league or college level.
    As a college student with a co-major in sports management, I’m glad to see that it is a growing industry. What I don’t like to see is that people are trying to get jobs in the field because they feel entitled to since they know a player’s and a team’s stats around a league. There’s so much more to it than saying that signing a person because they have great stats. Marketing has a big influence in sports management. How to market merchandise, where to market it, how to pick an endorser, and who is your target market? It is a business more than it is just for fun. It is needed to understand these basic concepts to have an idea of what sports management is. Put yourself out there to those minor league and college teams to learn and make a difference in the organization while you’re there doing an internship. You can learn a lot from the owners, managers and the people you work with. It may not pay much but it gives you a great opportunity. Sports isn’t all about the players and the teams, but what goes on behind the scenes and be a part of creating something great. Just being able to work for a sports team work your way through the ranks and sooner or later your signing that one big free agent on the market. Later that year you’re celebrating a championship win because of the move that you made. That is what it’s about, making a difference in the organization and being a positive influence. The people behind the scenes deserve more credit for what they do in marketing and player signings. They’re forgotten and it falls on the players. They wouldn’t be there without the front office and the people working for them. Of course it isn’t all about you and the difference you can make but it is also about what you can do for the spectator or consumers.
    People should respect sports and understand the importance it has on the spectator. It’s a time and a place for people to get away from the troubles they are facing at the time. A chance for a father to bring his kid to the game and to bond with the kid. Explain the game and enjoy each other’s company. It could also be a place for young couples to go out and have fun too. That’s what sports brings to the consumers.

  4. N.A. October 21, 2017 at 11:29 pm #

    Sports management is one those growing fields in business that is exciting to be a part of depending on what area you specialize in. Although most are exciting in their own way, despite the area, there is still much insight and knowledge to be gained before actually landing that dream job you always wanted, let’s say, with the NY Jets for example. It may have been easier in the past to enter the world of sports through friendships and good recommendations but as the years go by, the demand for more individuals with a sports management degree of some kind has increased exponentially. Education was, is, and always will be an important component in the background of any individual that gets selected into a critical sports management career. Anyone these days can have a general knowledge of the sports world but with the right training, you’ll have what you need to be successful in the sports business specifically.

    The sports industry alone is worth billions with the exact number increasing every year as the worth of many franchises/sports teams increases as well. Those figures may serve as an incentive to want to get into such a career as soon as you can but the reality is that it will take an infinite amount of time and a good reliable record of strong work ethic to make those impressive six figured paychecks you always wanted. Through completing a degree in sports management, the usually required internship or co-op with any desired organization can lay the groundwork for a potential career. Most internships/co-op’s hire students that show great innovation, interpersonal, and strong value system skills among others that are needed to thrive in the sports business. Opportunities such as those are key to start off at the entry level, but ultimately it will be one’s own will and personal dedication that can help successfully land them that dream job they always wanted.

  5. Ramon Roots April 12, 2019 at 6:46 pm #

    Sport management has been something I wanted to study since I was a kid. It is an interesting career and will be always be in high demand. There is so many athletes and sports in the world. In my opinion, when you’re an athlete, it makes things easier to go the route of sports management. This is because you tend to fall in love with being around sports. If your passionate about sports, use just want to be involved in anything that has to do with it. Everyone can’t grow up to become professional athletes. So just imagine of instead of going out running, sweating, and working out, you go to an office looking professional.

    I’m going to peruse my sports management degree because it includes business stuff and it allows me to stay connected with something I love. This blog article talks about how sports management is a billion dollar industry. That is an amazing stat line but the money is not even what it is about for me. I just want to be connected with sports as long as I’m working and having a career. My love for sports is just that deep.

    A lot of people may not be a supporter. I had people tell me that the sports management industry is too competitive and there is major risk. From my viewpoint, you could say that about many different majors we study. To me it is more about how you do than what you do. If you are one of the best in your field, I truly believe that it will be noticed. You have to choose to respect sports and understand what it can bring to spectators. It can almost be like a getaway or change toward a person’s dreams, goals, and even life.

  6. Andrew Kenny April 12, 2019 at 7:37 pm #

    As a sport management major I am aware of how competitive the job market is. The days are long and the internships are a grind. While entry level positions may be underpaid and the hours out of control, the room for growth is extremely appealing. The sports industry is rapidly expanding, and young people are eager to make their mark on it. I understand the argument that just because you know about sports, does not mean that someone would translate well in the business of sports. While that makes sense, I do think it is important to do something you are passionate about. Having worked an internship already with the PGA, I am fully committed to wanting to grow as a professional in sports management.
    It is a little intimidating, because of how much change there is year to year. Knowing that there is not much job security and that I may be moving jobs often does make me nervous. However, I welcome the challenge because it will force me to remain on my toes and experience many different aspects of the industry. My goal is to incorporate my marketing certificate to a sports career. It would be my dream to work in the marketing department of a professional baseball team. The road will be long and the challenges will be plentiful, but I recognize that my dream job can be achievable at this point. Of course I know that anything can change between now and my graduation date, let alone what I chose to be my career. I may even decide to pursue an MBA in sport product development. However, right now, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the industry for me. I look forward to gaining more internship experience and taking more sports classes in my tenure here at Seton Hall.

  7. Devero McDougal II April 12, 2019 at 8:36 pm #

    My life has revolved around sports since I was a kid my father put me into my first sport at the age of 5 so sports is something that has be very special to me for a long time. As I got older, I started to realize that I want to spend the rest of my live doing something that involves sports as its primary task. When I started to think about this more, I ended up doing research and decided that I wanted to major in sports management in college. Just because I know stats or because I have played sports my whole life does not mean that’s all sports management requires to be successful in that field. No matter how you look at it sports management is a business type of field or at least the direction that I am looking to go in. I have done so much extra research on the business side of sports, it takes more that just knowing the sport, its players, or stats. You must know certain things like how to negotiate contracts, you have to know how to handle money properly, and most importantly you have to know how to communicate. I feel that knowing how to communicate with different types of people is very important since you will be dealing with all kinds of people. Knowing how talk to different types of people properly can allow you to build relationships with important people in the industry that you might have to work with in the future. It is also important to understand the sport that you in because every sport is different in the aspect of business for example the business of the NFL night differ from NBA and because different sports are different regarding business. The sports industry has grown to be a billion-dollar business and it is something that I have wanted to do for my entire. I enjoy the sport side of it and the business side as well and that is why I want to major in it.

  8. Melissa Caniz April 12, 2019 at 9:38 pm #

    Sports Management is a very competitive industry, as Cornilles in the article mentions “Sports management is primarily a young person’s industry, with long hours and relatively low pay.” In general, the business feel is very competitive, and only the best of the best will make it to top leagues. If you land a job with professional teams as a sports manager you will be surrounded by many famous athletes, now these athletes win millions of dollars, but that does not necessarily mean that one will earn the same amount of salary. It is essential to get experience beforehand, internships in the sports industry may give you a little taste of reality, and that can help you determine if that’s what you want to do for the rest of your life. This same concept applies to everyone pursuing different careers; it’s one thing to say that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life and it’s another thing to experience and practice what you have learned to a real-life situation. It’s like they say; you don’t know how someone feels until you go through the same feelings as they did. Of course with all this in mind, the number one priority is getting the bachelor’s degree in one’s respective field. Without that certification, one can dream all they want for their dream job, but it will never become a reality until you graduate from college with a degree. The Master’s degree can come later, at least that’s the way I see it, as long as you have your Bachelor’s Degree you are off to a great start. I currently switched my major from nursing to business, I’m not sure what career I want to pursue in the sports industry, but I’m interested in the sports field hoping to double major with accounting, finance, or intrapreneurship. As of right now, I’m getting a little taste of everything with the pre-courses that all business majors have to take and as I get a slight feeling of everything I would hope to choose the path that I would like to pursue the rest of my life. I have always played sports and would love to do something in the sports industry continuing my interest in sports from another aspect. In other words, working behind the scenes, as a sports manager I would be able to attend billions of different games, now that’s something I’m looking towards to enjoy. Sports management may not be the most well-paying job, but it has perks like no other, free ticket admissions.

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